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Successfully Touching the Core of Human Needs

Mission To provide and advocate comprehensive and culturally relevant human services primarily, but not limited, to the Spanish speaking community

Servicios de La Raza Values At Servicios de La Raza, we value: • The Latino culture, language and the diversity of our community. • The health of the whole individual: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. • The importance of familia (family), both the nuclear and the extended. • The individual through all stages of life: child, youth, adult and the elderly. • The freedoms, rights and responsibilities of the individuals, families, and the community.

Statement of Inclusiveness Servicios de La Raza (Servicios) believes in the dignity and respect for all human beings. Servicios’ ethics, practices and organizational behavior honor, reflect and demonstrate this belief on a daily basis in its service delivery of “culturally relevant human services primarily, but not limited, to the Spanish speaking community.” As a community leader in advocacy for human rights for all, Servicios promotes, supports and actively engages in cultivating an organizational climate of fair and equal treatment for all people, honors and respects each other’s differences, and consistently strives to provide an equal opportunity to all persons to achieve success. A community based organization born out of the struggle for social justice and peace, Servicios maintains, as one of its most precious tenets, the practice of inclusiveness. Servicios aggressively pursues input from its internal and external stakeholders regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, and marital status on all organizational plans, goals and objectives.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Adrienne Benavidez, President Debra Gallegos, Vice-President Patrick Gomez, Secretary John Abrahamson, Treasurer Justice Alex J. Martinez Howard Zoufaly Louise Griego Jorge Corral

From the Executive Director

Greetings, As the new Executive Director, I am excited about the myriad opportunities that lay at the doorstep of this venerable and long-time community institution of welfare and goodwill. At Servicios, we seek the opportunity to serve others, opportunities to bring comfort to the unfortunate, opportunities to proactively affect a positive and healthy change in individuals, families and communities, and opportunities to realign our mission, goals and objectives to meet the challenges of the 21st century in Colorado.

RUDY GONZALES In these tough economic times, the quality services that Servicios delivers to the metro Denver region are now, more than ever, in demand.

In these tough economic times, the quality services that Servicios delivers to the metro Denver region are now, more than ever, in demand. Servicios is under a new and energized leadership and the organization fully intends to aggressively reassert itself at the forefront of “providing and advocating culturally relevant human services” to individuals and families in our communities regardless of race, cultural background, and income (please see our Statement of Inclusion). As an organization, we are committed to ending the culture of poverty and oppression that has plagued our communities for far too long. The staff of Servicios brings passion, energy and love to their responsibilities each and every day. We will consistently strive to demonstrate our organizational values through our behaviors and in our daily contact with our clients, our stakeholders and our communities. We promise to engender personal, professional and organizational integrity in all of our daily routines. We are open, accessible and accountable to our constituency and our communities. Please take some time to visit Servicios’ Website to familiarize yourself with our organization. As a result of our supporter and volunteer contributions and commitment, Servicios continues, as we have been for 36 years, to make our community a better place to live. I encourage you to contact us to learn more about Servicios and how you can be part of our work through donations or as a volunteer. Sinceramente, Rudy Gonzales, Executive Director

About Servicios de La Raza In 1972, Servicios de La Raza spearheaded initiatives to embody its mission, namely to provide and advocate comprehensive, culturally relevant human services to urban, working class Latinos, and Spanishspeaking communities of the metro Denver region. Servicios’ Founders actualized the agency’s mission when they hired a staff of trained professionals, established it as a 501c(3) tax-exempt community-based agency, and received state licensing as a mental health facility. For the past 36 years, Servicios, through a culturally and linguistically proficient service model, has been the only organization of its kind in the state of Colorado that delivers a wide-range of services to the Latino community. Because of the value placed on community, culture and language, Servicios serves as an integral part of the Latino community and is a primary service referral, on their behalf, to many human service agencies and institutions. To effectively serve Latinos, Servicios is staffed with primarily Spanish speaking professionals. As a result, our agency is a trusted and accessible community resource integrally linked with many metro Denver region stakeholders.

Servicios de La Raza Program Descriptions Mental Health A HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant program, Servicios’ Mental Health unit has been an integral part of the agency since 1972. This program is a Colorado State licensed mental health service provider that receives its funding from Colorado Department of Human Services, Mile High United Way and Medicaid. The metro Denver region has many community members who suffer from serious mental illness and are in need of medication to help them remain stable. To help meet this need, Servicios provides low cost service for self pay clients. This program is also a Medicaid provider for adults, adolescents, children and families who can not obtain mental health services (i.e., case management, psychiatric services, medication management, psychotherapy, and family therapy) elsewhere. Because of our broad based experience and well established procedures, client referrals to our program come from area stakeholders and mental health agencies. The Mental Health unit’s staff consists of a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and a case manager. Our psychiatrist and case manager are bilingual and the case manager provides translation services when necessary during client intake sessions.

Basic Emergency Services Basic Emergency Services (BES) program is funded through Mile High United Way, the Colorado Department Transportation (CDOT)/ Hienrich Hispanidad and in-kind donations. This program has provided food and clothing to over 5,000 individuals and families per year. Servicios, a partner and certified fitting station for CDOT, has provided over 500 free Child Restraint Systems (CRS) per year for all ages, and conducted safety training instruction classes on proper installation of the seats to participants and the community. The BES program also offers and assists individuals in retrieving lost wages, rental deposits, attorney referrals and other miscellaneous barriers the Latino community faces.

Domestic Violence The Servicios Domestic Violence program is funded though the Colorado Department of Public Safety and Mile High United Way. Our Bilingual Client Advocate provides individual victim advocacy to over 300 victims of domestic violence annually. At Servicios, domestic violence victims are treated to a holistic array of services that includes, but is not limited to: supporting victims during legal proceedings, providing victims with referrals to legal resource providers such as law enforcement and legal proceedings support systems, development of safety plans, and referrals to outside community programs and safehouses. La Gente HIV/AIDS La Gente is funded through the Mayor’s Office of HIV Resources. Servicios was the first community based agency in Colorado to offer these services to the Latino community. This program offers intensive mental health counseling, medical case management services, emotional and social support programs, counseling, financial assistance, and client advocacy. Annually, La Gente serves over 100 individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program Workforce Investment Act program, commonly referred to as WIA, is funded through Denver’s Office of Economic Development, Division of Workforce Development. This program is designed for youth between the ages 16 through 21 years old. WIA focuses on education, employment, and training opportunities. Servicios, in partnership with Urban Peak, provides case management and guidance counseling to over 200 youth. The WIA program offers tutoring, subsidized/ unsubsidized employment, career exploration, job readiness training, supportive services (i.e., transportation assistance, eye glass exams, clothing vouchers, and work tools), leadership development, goal setting and participant follow-up services. Once a participant has graduated from high school or has received their General Education Degree (GED), the WIA program will assist the graduate with procurement of up to $4,000 for post-secondary educational opportunities or vocational/technical training.

List of Supporters, Associations and Collaborators State of Colorado, Division of Behavioral Health Mile High United Way Urban Peak , WIA Grant through the City and County of Denver Denver Foundation, Critical Needs Grant Giving First Campaign Colorado Access LARASA Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment City and County of Denver, Mayor’s Office of Economic Development Hienrich Hispanidad Marketing Colorado Department of Transportation Colorado Department of Public Safety City and County of Denver, Mayor’s Office of HIV Resources Behavioral Healthcare, Inc University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center arc Thrift Store Escuela Tlatelolco North High School, Denver Public Schools Community First Foundation Foothills Behavioral Health Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council Youth Biz Denver Department of Human Services Denver Health and Hospitals Clinica Tepeyac The Conflict Center Jefferson Center for Mental Health Asian Pacific Development Center Colorado Trust Daniels Foundation Gill Foundation Verizon Wireless Hope Line El Grupo Vida Northwest Denver Family to Family Emily Griffith Opportunity School Trevista ECE-8 School at Horace Mann Aurora Mental Health

Statement of Activities July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008 SUPPORT AND REVENUE Government Contracts Mile High United Way Commercial Rental net of Allocated Costs: Foundations Net Client Fees Special Events: The Adolescent Brain Individuals

$427,610 $105,744 $18,390 $18,372 $17,315 $1,635 $240

Total Support and Revenue:


3% Foundations 3% Commercial Rental

3% Net Client Fees 1% Special Events and Individuals donations

18% Mile High United Way

73% Government Contracts

EXPENSES Personnel Costs Program Expenses Administrative Operational Depreciation Professional Development

$530,405 $112,939 $34,168 $8,691 $3,181

Total Expenses


Staff Contact Information Rudy Gonzales 303.953.5905 •

Kimmy Dumont 303.953.5911 •

Paul Zartun 303.953.5908 •

Juanita Montoya 303.953.5903 •

Fabian Ortega 303.953.5912 • Dr. Ilena Norton 303.953.5921 • Caroline Constantine 303.953.5917 • Angelita Mondragon 303.953.5913 • Edna Guitron 303.953.5916 • Jeramy Olmedo 303.953.5919 •

Flora Simental 303.458.5851 • Jalene Salazar 303.953.5902 • Betsaida Kringel 303.953.5922 • Emily Maez 303.953.5906 • Carol Villano 303.458.5851

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ph. 303.458.5851 fax 303.455.1332

Servicios de La Raza 2008 Annual Report  

Servicios de La Raza is happy to present our Annual Report for the 2008 Fiscal year

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