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ServiceSource ServiceSource is a not-for-profit corporation with regional offices and programs located in nine states and the District of Columbia. ServiceSource’s regional offices share a mission to provide exceptional services to individuals with disabilities through innovative and valued employment, training, habilitation, housing and support services. As a leader in the disability field, ServiceSource develops strategic partnerships with community businesses, government entities and nonprofit leaders to help bridge the gaps for individuals with disabilities and create sustainable opportunities that benefit the entire community and result in greater independence for the individual. Our programs and services are as varied as the people we serve. Whether you are a person with a disability, a government contracting officer or a local business owner, ServiceSource is committed to meeting or exceeding your needs. Learn more about our innovative programs and services online at or call us at 703-354-0900

For more information about ServiceSource, contact us today. Virginia Regional Office Habilitation Services - Central Fairfax 6860 Commercial Drive Springfield, Virginia 22151 Phone 703.354.0900 Fax 703.354.0008

CARF Accredited. CARF is a nationally recognized accreditation body utliziing rigourous standards to assure the highest quality of health and human services.

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The People We Serve

Delivering Exceptional Services

Habilitation Services

The ServiceSource Virginia Regional Office of Central Fairfax provides comprehensive day habilitation services to more than 200 individuals with disabilities. Our services are based on the concept of person-centered thinking, which emphasizes and respects the interests, skills and needs of the individual with input from family members and advocates.

The following is a list of some of the many services we offer. Our services provide opportunities for individuals to earn wages, gain skills, access innovative therapies and participate in community activities.

Therapy Programs ServiceSource offers many physical, speech and occupational therapy opportunities. Each therapeutic plan is designed to provide the most benefit for the individual.

Medical Case Management Many of the individuals we serve have multiple disabilities and require significant medical attention and support. To meet these needs, we have five nurses on staff and all staff are trained to react to medical and other health needs Medical services include the administration of medication, G-tube feeding, seizure management and first aid.

Art, Dance and Music Therapy These “expressive” therapy programs are designed to be engaging and fun social activities, while at the same time, enhance physical and motor development.

Many of the individuals we serve have multiple disabilities, and in some cases, have significant intellectual and physical disabilities. We work to enable people with developmental disabilities to achieve greater self-sufficiency and independence so that every person is a valued member of their community, worthy of respect and capable of contributing to society. We do this by providing services that emphasize: • Individual skill building • Accessibility • Health • Safety • Meaningful relationships • Maximum participation Our programs and services are supported with funding provided by Community Services Boards of Northern Virginia and the Medicaid Waiver.

Person-Centered Activities At the heart of ServiceSource’s Day Habilitation programs are effective, valued and innovative person-centered activities. Person-centered activities include, but are not limited to, training in cooking, recreation activities to increase motor skills, leisure and social activities, current events education and reading and writing. Each participant at ServiceSource has a uniquely designed plan that incorporates the individual’s skills and interests.

Personal Care ServiceSource provides extensive personal care, personal safety and behavior management programs to ensure participants are provided services in a safe and effective environment. Rehabilitation Engineering With support from families, funders and other community providers, ServiceSource uses and supports the use of assistive technology to offer the most effective programs and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Employment Programs ServiceSource provides both center-based and community-based employment options for people with disabilities at our Central Fairfax location. Participants are involved in work activities such as mailing operations, document destruction, distribution, custodial and packaging.