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The Secretary of Tourism under the Ministry of Territorial Development, participated in a training school day for pupils of Tourism Management Caricature that develops in Chas Malal. On behalf of the agency, the director attended

Public and Private Financing in the general direction of Tourism Investments, Patricia Cabrera.

The event, part of the actions for the development of private investment in the area of the province, was organized by the Provincial Board of, with the aim of spreading the work done from the various provincial agencies towards promoting private investment.

He spoke on issues that are of most interest to current and potential micro entrepreneurs the tourist "Patagonia Valleys and Volcanoes". Among them, the new provincial Financial Assistance programs to productive enterprises and calls to Private Investment Tourism Development Area.

The latter consist of the call for proposals for the development of a resort lodge and cabins at Old Invader Varicose-five hostels, three fishing lodges in the Mines Department, three organized camping sites, three tourist stops, a tourist accommodation establishment combined a productive enterprise, a country inn with tourist stop in the gourmet Choral and ventures.

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While Mr. Rossi will speak on "Public Investment and Social Justice." The activity will take place in the lounge Rafael Herrera, Faculty of Economics, with free admission. There will be certified for attending students. La Campora Catamarca announced that their respective groups at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Faculty of Law UNCa along with Youth Works, held today at 19 pm, an academic dissertation on "Territorial sovereignty for a great nation" with the presence of Florencia Gomez Galizzi, rural land specialist, advises the Undersecretary of Planning of public investment advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries on land. There will also be attended by Jorge M. Rossi, BA in Political Science from the UBA, advisor at the Ministry of Public Works of the Nation. For more information visit us :

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