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Keeping you informed, prepared, and connected to your new world of social justice happenings at The Florida State University.

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The Low-Down So you’re fresh out of high school, you’ve accepted your invitation to attend The Florida State University, and you’re on the edge of your seat in anticipation of meeting your fellow Social Justice LivingLearning Community family. You all are undoubtedly beginning a new chapter in your lives and must be experiencing an array of emotions as you approach the big move. However, as a group of 36 freshmen in this program you all have at least one thing in common... YOU ARE WORLD CHANGERS!

As we approach the Fall semester of 2010, we want to do our very best at welcoming you to the SoJust family and preparing you all for this incredible experience ahead of you at Florida State. The information included within this newsletter is catered to the incoming SoJust class of 2010-2011 to ease some qualms and to get you all a bit

more acquainted with the Social Justice Living-Learning Community and The Florida State University at large. Typically, the “SoJust… CONNECT!” is a weekly newsletter that is distributed during the school year by SJLLC Alumni to any and all SJLLC affiliates. What’s the point? To connect civically-minded go-getters with service opportunities and impactful events in and around the Florida State community. However, this edition of the SoJust...CONNECT! is for you and only get ready!

*For the record: The Social Justice Living-Learning Community is oftentimes referred to as the “SJLLC” and “SoJust”.

The Center for Leadership

& Civic Education

The Center for Leadership and Civic Education, often called “The Center,” is the largest resource on campus for civic engagement opportunities and programatic learning of responsible citizenship and effective leadership. In simple terms, The Center is what makes SJLLC such a successful program and experience. SJLLC is only one of a variety of programs that are offered through The Center. Their vision is to create a student body and group of alumni that are aware and engaged in the world around them by way of urging students to use their talents and means to create a more just and humane society. Since you are officially a part of the SoJust family, you are also a part of The Center family as well, which provides many resources, mentors and opportunities

to become engaged in the local, national and global communities.

Can I bring a car to campus?

difficult and both are very reliable! See “Got Mail?” on page 4.

Here are just a few ways to get involved: -Sign-up for the Service Leadership Seminar -Attend weekly outreach programs to local agencies -Mentor a child in Leon County Schools -Study leadership in the Leadership Certificate program -Take a Service-Learning course -Join the Noles Leadership Book Club For more information about The Center, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions Yes, but parking is very limited. As a Wildwood resident, the most convenient and reliable overnight parking is available in the stadium lot. Visit to get your 2010-2011 parking decal which is available at no extra charge and included in your tuition fees.

What is the best way to receive packages and mail on campus?

UPS mail and US Postal mail require two different processes; they are not

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Can I be part of the University Honors Program as well as a LivingLearning Community? Yes! Visit for more information.

Is a meal plan required?

As a Wildwood resident, meal plans are not required. Have more questions? Visit


Floo all



Although Wildwood is one of the newest and most wellequipped residence halls, there are still a few items that we suggest you bring in efforts of being completely move-in ready. Keep in mind, not all of these items are required, just suggestions!

The Basics:

- Reusable Plates, Bowls, and Utensils - Minimal cooking items (small pan, cookie sheet, saucepan) - Shower Curtain - Cleaning Supplies - Floor/Desk Lamp - First Aid Kit - Storage Bins - Flashlight - Plush Mattress Topper

Electronics and Accessories:

- Laptop (visit computerreqs. - Small Television - Small Coffee Pot - Microwave - iPod/MP3 Player/iHome

Other Suggestions:

- Wildwood Hall does have wireless internet, however the most efficient connection is by using an Ethernet cord. - One of the most useful items is a laundry tote/carrier.

College Must-Have’s

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Courses & Curriculum HUM1921: Social Justice Colloquium

This course is designed to introduce the concept of social justice and integrate learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. The colloquium is focused on documentary film, engaging students in conversation around the issues addressed in each film. You will also get the opportunity to create your own documentary film!

ENC1145: Writing About Social Justice Sean Chinn & Edda Santos, SJLLC 09-10

Buddies Program

The Buddies Program is a division of SJLLC that fosters a connection between current SJLLC participants, SJLLC Alumni, and the Florida State community. As a current SoJust participant, your Buddies are your immediate connections to fellow peers that currently attend Florida State and previously were in the Social Justice LivingLearning Community. Your Buddies will provide you with many resources and first-hand advice as role models and friends. Although the official commitment to the SJLLC program itself is during your freshman year, many upperclassmen join the Buddies Program to remain connected to the SJLLC community. Buddies plan socials and retreats, as well as act as the practical contacts for everyday college-life questions. Once you have completed the program, you will have the opportunity to be a Buddy, too!

Meet Your Professors Christopher Cartright

Writing About Social Justice

The purpose of this course is to help students learn to effectively write about the social justice issues that interest them. They will be at liberty to pick their own topics and we write about them in different types of essays. We will read stories and essays that discuss social justice issues in various ways so that the students can appropriate some of the rhetorical techniques used in the pieces.

SPC2608: Public Speaking

Similar to the University English requirement, students are also required to take Public Speaking (this course satisfies that requirement!) If you ask any SoJust Alumnus who has taken this course, it is guaranteed that they will explode with enthusiasm! This course encourages you to begin to look at social justice as an interpersonal phenomenon.

ECO3933: Economics of Compassion

By touching on major economic themes and concepts, the Economics of Compassion course will help you understand the complexity of human behavior. The goal of this course is that the students can become more effective agents of compassion.

“SJLLC definitely made me more motivated to continue to work for social justice outside of the program”

Christopher grew up in Haiti where his parents have a church and a school-sponsorship program. As a kid he worked with them in the church as well as with various construction and medical teams laying brick and painting orphanages and clinics as well as working as a translator for doctors and nurses. He moved to Florida at seventeen and completed his Bachelor’s degrees in English and French in 2009. He is currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing. Andrew Kramer, SJLLC 08-09

Mark Zeigler

Doug Norton

As a member of the Florida State faculty since 1993, Mark Zeigler has continuously made an indescribable impact on his students, co-workers, and the Florida State community. We are extremely privileged to have him on board with the SJLLC, because he is such an esteemed professor and respected individual. Just this past year, he won the Distinguished Teacher Award at Florida State for being such an innovative instructor who both challenges and inspires his students. Basically, he’s a big deal.

Perhaps Doug Norton is best known for his appearance on the news last year when he strangled a disgruntled Grizzly Bear while simultaneously pre-venting a bus full of Cub Scout troops from crashing down into a deep wooded ravine (this was right after he graduated from FSU in 2008 with his Master’s in Economics). Accepting no applause Norton simply said, “I’m only the teacher for the Economics of Compassion course at Florida State University, just doing my job as a citizen.”

Public Speaking

Economics of Compassion

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Kick-off Retreat

Student’s Name U-Box - # _____ Tallahassee, FL 32313

Ioana Bociu Angelie Vasquez

UPS, FedEx and DHL

Wildwood SJLLC RA:

SoJust Team

(Delivered to Wildwood Hall)






O’Keefe Simmons


This free, four and half–day seminar (August 16-20) uniquely provides incoming freshmen with the opportunity to explore leadership and community engagement at Florida State and in the Tallahassee community. To access the application and to learn more, go to thecenter.fsu. edu. Applications are due July 9th!

(Delivered to FSU Post Office in Oglesby Union)

Buddy Program Co-Coordinators:


Service Leadership Seminar

US Postal Mail


To kick the year off on the right foot, there will be a mandatory retreat August 28th-30th. This retreat will allow for some intense group bonding and fun; promise! Looking for some more details? Well you’ll just have to wait! Every year, this retreat is kept a secret until the day of departure! No need to be anxious or feeling left out of the loop, because this is one surprise that will definitely be worth the wait. A few more details will be available as we approach the Fall Semester! Get pumped!

Got Mail?

Live-In Mentors:

Jessica Schwartz Angelie Vasquez

Teaching Assistants: Sean Chinn Seaira Kersch Juan Mendizabal

SJLLC Program Assistant: Amy Derringer

SJLLC Program Coordinator: Antron Mahoney

Student’s Name Room Number, Wildwood Hall 938 W. Jefferson St. Florida State University Tallahassee, FL 32306

Seminole Sensation Week

The week before school starts (August 18-22) is called Seminole Sensation Week. There is everything from outdoor movie screenings to comedi-ans and concerts. Also, many of the 400+ student organizations will participate in the annual Involvement Fair. For more information go to

Until We Meet

We are truly ecstatic to welcome our new SJLLC class of 2010-2011 to Florida State. We want to make sure that you all feel as prepared as possible as you approach the first semester of your college career. Although a great deal of students are on break for the summer, the staff at the Center for Leadership and Civic Education are still sprinting full speed ahead. Therefore, when you come to Tallahassee for orientation make sure you stop by and see us! To find out where the Center is on campus, just look for the Dunlap Student Success Center on your campus map when you arrive for orientation. as an incoming freshman and SJLLC is one of the most beneficial within the Florida State community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you have.

Contact Us! Antron Mahoney SJLLC Program Coordinator 850-645-8825

Amy Derringer SJLLC Program Assistant 850-644-3342

The Center for Leadership & Civic Education 850-644-3342

SoJust...CONNECT! - Summer 2010  

This special edition of the SoJust...CONNECT! Newsletter is produced for the incoming class of Social Justice Living-Learning Community part...

SoJust...CONNECT! - Summer 2010  

This special edition of the SoJust...CONNECT! Newsletter is produced for the incoming class of Social Justice Living-Learning Community part...