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Faster Recovery after a Hurricane and Storm Damage Hurricane and storm damage can be fatal and disastrous. It can wash away all your properties and can endanger our life. Storms are getting stronger and stronger each year. The devastation it brings lasts for a week or month depending to the strength and fatality. After the storm or hurricane you have to face the flood, scattered and broken tree branches and the broken parts of your property. It is important to be cautious and prepared in times like this. As soon as you heard in the news about an incoming storm prepare for it. Here are the list of the things you’ll need to survive the storm and hurricane.        

Water that could last for two days for each member of the family First aid kit that has the entire essential needed such as cold pack, scissors, tweezers, alcohol, sanitizer, and bandage. Ready to eat canned foods and can opener Flashlights and extra batteries Sanitary items such as tissue and wipes Blanket, car keys and fire extinguisher Cash and change Battery operated radio so you can be updated on what's happening

ServiceMaster by Wright had been in this industry since 1978 for almost 40 years and has well trained professionals that can serve you 24 hours a day. Call 941-877-6025 if you’re in Sarasota and nearby Counties. We experience hurricanes and storms almost every 3 to 4 months. Here are some safety reminders from ServiceMaster by Wright. If you smell gas and floodwaters remain around stay away from your home or building to avoid accidents. Call authorities or a restoration company that can handle such case like ServiceMaster by Wright. The safety of your family should be our first priority. You also need to watch out from loose or dangling power lines and call the power company immediately. Stay away from the streets if you don’t have any emergency. If you have to drive make sure to avoid flooded roads and washed-out bridges. Only use the telephone for emergency calls and stay alert for extended rainfall and succeeding flooding. Tune in to your local radio station for news and updates. Use battery-powered flashlights in the dark. Do not use candles.

Faster recovery after a hurricane and storm damage