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Remove Marks and Stains from Fire Damage Fire is a very helpful and dangerous element. There are many things fire can do to help us with our daily lives but it can also ruin everything we have in an instant. It is important that we take precautions when using fire to prevent accidents. Make sure that your matches, candles, lighters are stored in a safe place where children can’t reach and play with them. It is better to prevent the accident than to deal with the damage. Fire damage restoration can be very stressful and it takes a lot of effort. Here are some lists of factors that may start a fire,    

Open electrical wiring- it is important that we check our wirings once in a while to make sure that everything is in good condition Overheated appliances - we should watch over our appliances and make sure that they are not overly used Unclosed gas stove- after cooking or using the gas stove make sure that it is properly closed Lighted candles- when using candles it is important that you put it away from clothes, papers and curtains. It is also important that you place the candle in a steady area that it won’t fall down

If fire damage ever happens to you it’s a good idea that you call a fire damage restoration company to help you with the repair and restoration. It may take some time and effort but there is nothing big when you have people to help you. After putting out the fire that’s where ServiceMaster by Wright takes action. We will take immediate action to prevent further damage to your property. Even a small fire can produce a substantial amount our residual. ServiceMaster by Wright response within the hour you call, we will assess the damage, recover the disaster as quickly as possible and work with your insurance carriers to determine which repair and restoration will be covered by your insurance plan. Fire damage repair can greatly vary. Choosing a professional is always the best choice. At ServiceMaster by Wright, a licensed General Contractor will fulfil your complete reconstruction. We will help you recover until you are back to your normal life without any stain from the fire damage you experienced in your home or office. ServiceMaster services Cape Coral and nearby Counties. Call 239-431-9947 today and restore your peace of mind.

Remove marks and stains from fire damage