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1984-1996 Yamaha Outboard 2HP-250HP Shop Repair Manual - PDF Service Manual


"1984-1996 Yamaha Outboard 2HP-250HP Shop Repair Manual - PDF Service Manual

This is a 630 page pdf Service Manual for all models of Yamaha Outboard Motors made for years between 1984-1996.

If you have a problem with your yamaha this is exactly what you need. This manual covers everything including:

* General Information

* Complete Engine Service

* Fuel System

* Power Unit

* Lower Unit

* Bracket Unit

* Electrical System

* Troubleshooting

* Required Tools

* Detailed pictures

* Periodic Inspection

* Adjustments

* Part Numbers

* Specifications

* Trouble Shooting

* Plus Lots More

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Break down of models covered in this manual:

55 hp 2 cyl. (760cc) 2-stroke 1989-1995

60 hp 3 cyl. (849cc) 2-stroke 1991-1996

65 Jet 3 cyl. (1140cc) 2-stroke 1987-1996

70 hp 3 cyl. (849cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

75 hp 3 cyl. (1140cc) 2-stroke 1994-1996

80 hp 3 cyl. (1140cc) 2-stroke 1994-1996

80 Jet V4 (1730cc) 2-stroke 1987-1996

85 hp 3 cyl. (1140cc) 2-stroke 1989-1996

90 hp 3 cyl. (1140cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

105 Jet V6 (2596cc) 2-stroke 1996

115 hp V4 (1730cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

130 hp V4 (1730cc) 2-stroke 1988-1996

140 hp V4 (1730cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

40 hp 2 cyl. (592cc) 2-stroke 1989-1996

40 hp 3 cyl. (698cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

45 hp 4 cyl. (935cc) 4-stroke 1996

48 hp 2 cyl. (760cc) 2-stroke 1996

50 hp 3 cyl. (698cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

50 hp 3 cyl. (849cc) 2-stroke 1994-1996

50 hp 4 cyl. (935cc) 4-stroke 1995-1996

140 Jet V6 (2596cc) 2-stroke 1987-1995

150 hp V6 (2596cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

175 hp V6 (2596cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

200 hp V6 (2596cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

220 hp V6 (2596cc) 2-stroke 1984-1987

225 hp 76 deg. V6 (3130cc) 2-stroke 1994-1996

225 hp 90 deg. V6 (2596cc) 2-stroke 1987-1996

250 hp V6 (3130cc) 2-stroke 1990-1996

2 hp 1 cyl. (43cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

2 hp 1 cyl. (50cc) 2-stroke 1995-1996

3 hp 1 cyl. (70cc) 2-stroke 1989

3 hp 1 cyl. (70cc) 2-stroke 1990-1996

4 hp 1 cyl. (83cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

4 hp 1 cyl. (103cc) 2-stroke 1996

5 hp 1 cyl. (103cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

6 hp 2 cyl. (165cc) 2-stroke 1986-1996

25 hp 2 cyl. (395cc) 2-stroke 1988-1996

25 hp 2 cyl. (430cc) 2-stroke 1990-1996

25 hp 2 cyl. (496cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

25 hp 3 cyl. (496cc) 2-stroke 1996

28 Jet 3 cyl. (698cc) 2-stroke 1990-1996

30 hp 2 cyl. (496cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

8 hp 2 cyl. (165cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

9.9 hp 2 cyl. (246cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

9.9 hp 2 cyl. (232cc) 4-stroke 1984-1996

15 hp 2 cyl. (246cc) 2-stroke 1984-1996

20 hp 2-cyl. (395cc) 2-stroke 1996

20 hp 2 cyl. (430cc) 2-stroke 1996

30 hp 3 cyl. (496cc) 2-stroke 1987-1996

35 Jet 3 cyl. (698cc) 2-stroke 1987-1996

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1984 1996 yamaha outboard 2hp 250hp shop repair manual pdf service manual  
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