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Who we are In a world where emotions are suppressed, and passions bridled, we dare to embrace the fire that emanates from the core of our being. It is with great joy that music is interpreted into dance and for a moment reality becomes distant and pure devotion to the craft is engaged.  Where culture and history waltz all over the page


 Coupled with narratives best told from the voices descendant of toil, pain and emancipation. Contact Us 13 Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY Phone: [305]699-7775 Email: Web:

William Management 13 Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY


Locations Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater 405 W 55th St

Eastern Parkway Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York

Black Spectrum Theater 177-01 Baisley Blvd Jamaica, NY 11434

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater AHH, 1958, Alvin Ailey and a group of young, black modern dancers (myself included) shook the stage at New York’s 92nd Street YM-YWHA. We travelled all over on these tours, Alvin liked to call the “station wagon tours” driven by his longtime friend Mickey Board. Oh, Mickey was a trouper, we would give that man hell. You put a bunch of young dancers in a confined space with some music, honey we make everybody on the road start dancing too. Two years later we made a home at 51st Street YWCA’s Clark Center for the Performing Arts. I loved to dance when these two ham legs of mine were well oiled and ready to go you couldn’t stop me. But baby, I had a body! I’m talking boobs perky, hips curved in all the right places and a behind that had all the boys going crazy. The typical ballerina didn’t have all that juiciness. There was a great struggle for me to fight that body type. Alvin Ailey open doors for people of color to embrace the body and skin that they are in. He created opportunities for those who didn’t fit what was idealized.

beautiful costume, the package comes with the costume of course , food and drinks before and during the parade.

Eastern Parkway Black culture is deep rooted in slavery and some of which is still practiced to this day. In Barbados, Kadooment otherwise known as Crop over signaled the ending of the sugarcane harvesting. Whilst other traditional carnival seasons are during the Lenten season. New York is referred to as a melting pot and is clearly noted by the Caribbean presence especially in Flatbush. This culture creeped its way onto American soil and every Labor Day these traditions are emulated. When coming to the United States of America, there were few of us that grouped together. This phenomenon first took this land by storm in Harlem. Trinidadian Jesse Waddle organized the parade on 7th Avenue Harlem. But years later the permit revoked and this parade found a new home at the Eastern Parkway. For me, Carnival is just vibes, gather your coin and you are guaranteed to have a good time. Revelers choose from various carnival bands based on loyalty or just love for the costumes. Each band tends to have numerous sections under one theme and allow options for several body types. Once you select your

It is not just the costume you are paying for. Some bands may even have you favorite DJs and artists on their BIG BAD TRUCK. My experience during carnival will always be one of my cherished memories. The process starts months in advance. The Caribbean Parade in on Labor Day which is the first Monday in September. But bands excite the consumers with their extravagant band launches which gives them a preview of what is to come. This experience can be a bit pricy so around JUNE you can start making the

down payment. And on the day when everything is paid off, your make up appointment is all set, the hair appointment is set, the thrill completely takes over your body. The process starts early in the morning. Revelers join at specific location before travelling on the road. They are led by the big bad truck blazing music throughout the entire experience. Anything from soca, reggae, dancehall, but mostly music that brings out your wotless ness. Several masqueraders make their way from Utica Avenue along the Eastern Parkway where they make their way to the judges. This is the day the Section Leaders, the Band coordinator has been waiting for. Who has the best Band? This is the time for Masqueraders to get on stink and duttyyyy.

Black Spectrum Theater Carl Clay created a space place for the expression of African American Culture coupled with the American contemporary theater and film by establishing the Black Spectrum Theatre in the 1970. By doing this it stimulates the social and cultural consciousness in young minds. As my journey for self-expression continued, Black Spectrum Theatre provided an outlet for this expression. Here I am in this strange land, struggling to find my footing. Cultures unlike mine baffled me, it was a culture shock. Black Spectrum allowed me to take a peek into African American issues and it opened my eyes to the similarities faced between both cultures. They embraced me and made me feel like this was where I belonged. It offered a place for many others and kept us out of trouble. And what was really important is that this place gave back to it community. Whether it was keeping black youth out of trouble or just supporting the black community. And continues to do incredible work.

One two buckle my shoes  
One two buckle my shoes