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NEW COMIC: JED & KIRBY by Tristan Davis

Ryan’s Lions: Giving a Gift of Courage During Hard Times

See Page 4

By Student Merit Academy


nybody can make a difference no matter what their age. This was proved by Ryan Allred who started a service organization at age 16. In 2008 for his eagle project, Allred started the Ryan’s Lions organization. It is a service organization that believes at some point in everyone’s life they will face a trial and will need courage. Ryan’s Lions gives a little stuffed lion away to people who need some comfort and courage. A reason for giving a lion to somebody may be because the person (or a loved one) has a medical condition, a loved one who recently passed away, or some type of trial or a difficult time in their life. Some volunteers from Ryan’s Lions came in to talk to our ASK class. The

By Shelly Davis Mother of Tristan


esterday I was a dog. Today I’m a dog. Tomorrow I’ll probably still be a dog. Sigh! There’s so little hope for advancement.” So said cartoonist Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts and volunteers that came and hospital or crisis center. inspiration for 12-year-old talked to us told us about They have a website with Spanish Fork homeschooler their fundraisers and gave us information about how to Tristan Davis, son of David a Ryan’s lion. We are going purchase a Ryan’s Lions and and Shelly Davis. Tristan is to look for someone that has how to track where your lion the creator of Jed & Kirby, a need and then we will pass goes if you want to know. which will be appearing along the lion. They each Also on the website are regularly in Serve Daily. have a collar that says inspiring stories of courage With Jed & Kirby, Tristan “courage, hope, love, about people who have combines his love of dogs empathy”. When you received Ryan’s Lions. To and cartooning. He’s loved purchase a Ryan’s Lion it find out more go to dogs for as long as he can enables the Ryan’s Lions remember, but his interest in organization to donate a cartooning began when he second Ryan’s Lion to a was 10 and he started his collection of Sunday comics. After reading each one, he pressed it flat into a box. The stack has grown considerably since then. Tristan did more than just read the comics. He studied their style of drawing and their method of eliciting laughs with a three- or four-panel mini story. He

Local company builds boat for disabled vets and others

Comic Strip Cartoonist: Tristan Davis

kept drawing him and improving him and named him Jed,” said Tristan. “I also love dogs so I wanted him to have a puppy.” His imagination and steady practice led to the creation of his own comic strip Jed & Kirby. “Jed is a goofy guy,” said Tristan. “He sometimes just wants peace and quiet away from his energetic dog. But most of the time he wants to play with his dog all day long because he thinks he is the cutest puppy on earth, although he hates to use up eight bags of dog food a

day.” Kirby the dog is an integral part of the strip. “Kirby loves to play!” said Tristan. “He always wants

Photo: Family Photo

some company around him. He’s a hungry dog and is always ready to have a big, juicy, tender steak. Although Jed and Kirby sometimes don’t get along, they love each other and have good times together.” Many of the strips have been inspired by Tristan’s own dog, a Jack Russell terrier-Chihuahua mix named Skippy. Tristan’s goal with his cartooning is to make people laugh. “Everyone deserves to laugh at least once a day,” he says. He hopes readers will join his growing number of Jed & Kirby fans.





and in Hand Outdoors LLC, a Spanish Fork based nonprofit company, recently completed building a boat specifically designed to accommodate wounded warriors, disabled individuals and others that are wheelchair bound. Team leader, Captain Steve Henline explained.”Last spring Cary Robarge, Matt Barber and I were discussing doing something that would have a positive impact on our community’s veterans, especially those who had been injured in combat. Since we all have a great love for the outdoors and Cary and I have a outfitting and guided fishing business on Lake Powell we decided to form a nonprofit company that would provide guided fishing and other marine activities at no charge to those individuals as a way to say thank you to those that have paid such a great price for our country.” From that meeting, Hand in Hand Outdoors LLc was born.

created several characters of his own and practiced drawing them. “I especially liked this one character so I

Unable to purchase a boat that would specifically accommodate wheelchairs, Steve decided to build a boat. Word soon spread as to their ambitious project. Kenneth Vaughn of Chairbound Hunters, a Springville based nonprofit that provides opportunity for wheelchair bound hunters, teamed with Captain Henline and provided partial funding and advice on how the boat would best fit the needs of those in wheelchairs. Others in the community stepped forward to provide materials and special skills necessary to construct the boat, all

sharing a common goal; To help those who might never have the opportunity to be on the water fishing and boating and enjoying the great outdoors due to physical limitations. “We soon realized that we would be able to accommodate not only wounded warriors, but many others in the community that suffer disabilities” states Matt Barber. It was decided that the boat, named Freedoms Dream, would be slipped at Utah Lake State Park in Provo to provide access to the many individuals along




S e&

By Karl Jensen Jensen Christmas Trees

In 1958 a young Karl Jensen accompanied his father Budd Jensen into the mountains surrounding the small mining community of Clear Creek, Utah where they would hike through the snow to chop by axe see HAND, page 3 Christmas Trees. Their

Adam, Erik, Carol, Patty (the dog) and Karl

work would commence on Thanksgiving Day. By evening they would have harvested 10-12 beautiful mountain fir trees. The trees were sold from the Jensen home to neighbors and others for $3-$5/tree. Many exciting and memorable trips into the

mountains transpired through the following years. The word spread around Springville about the quality fresh Christmas trees one could purchase from the Jensen’s. In 1974 Karl and his wife Carol assumed management of the seasonal tree business. Carrying on the see JENSEN, page 4


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Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and he Congress, eight shall in any Manner whenever two affect the first and fourth thirds of both Clauses in the Ninth Section Houses shall deem it of the first Article; and that necessary, shall propose no State, without its ConAmendments to this Consti- sent, shall be deprived of its tution, or, on the Application equal Suffrage in the Senate. of the Legislatures of two ARTICLE VI thirds of the several States, DEBTS, SUPREMACY, shall call a Convention for OATHS proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall All Debts contracted and be valid to all Intents and Engagements entered into, Purposes, as Part of this before the Adoption of this Constitution, when ratified Constitution, shall be as by the Legislatures of three valid against the United fourths of the several States, States under this or by Conventions in three Constitution, as under the fourths thereof, as the one or Confederation. the other Mode of RatificaThis Constitution, and the tion may be proposed by the Laws of the United States Congress; Provided that no which shall be made in


Artwork: Robert Schoeller The Constitution - It’s Only Keepers - The People

Artwork Provided by

Roots of Freedom Scott Swain (owner)

Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office

or public Trust under the United States. ARTICLE VII RATIFICATION The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same. Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independance of the United States of America the Twelfth In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names, (Ratified – Sept. 17th, 1787)



262 South Main Street Springville, Utah 84663

By Pamela Tippetts Springville/Mapleton PTA Service Award was presented to Janeen Scott at Sage Creek School on November

20, 2012. In a tribute to Ms. Scott, Facilitator Pam Tippetts said, “When she first came to Sage Creek, she had a dream to start her own

choir, patterned after The Bell Choir at Temple Square, of which she is a member. [Search “PTA Service” for full Story at]

Chris Baird.........Publisher Serve Daily is published monthly on the second Thursday of each month. One copy per person. Please share with people that may not be able to get out and pick up a copy. Email stories/ads to Call us at: (801) 814-8213 Subscribe to our blog at Find our ad rates using a link from the home page. Opinions expressed by columnists, ads, etc. are not necessarily the opinion or policy of BSPF. Submission Price $25 Weddings, Anniversaries, Missionaries, First Birthdays, Eagle Scouts, Young Women Awards, Veterans. All Content ©2012 BSPF, Serve Daily Permission is required to reprint any material from this publication.

CA$HB ACK Janeen Scott at Sage Creek Partial story to up at right.

By Katie Newman and Levi Ward SaJHS Students

songs. “I really liked the song, Viva la Vida” - Ethan Mayfeild. “I liked the song n Thursday Eye of Tiger because it was November 8th, one very upbeat, it was a great of Salem Junior performance.”- Adam High School’s advanced Johnson. “I thought it was choirs performed at Stokes pretty fun!” Levi Ward. “I Market at 4:00 PM. This think my favorite song we wonderful singing group sang sang was Viva La Vida. It was five songs: Jump, Right Here very upbeat and lively, with a Waiting for You, Eye of the group our size, it sounded Tiger, Into the West, and Viva great! I hope we can sing it La Vida. Many of the Choir again!”- Abbie Hawkins. This students and audience was a great performance, all members gave us their who went to Stokes had a comments on some of these great time shopping to music.




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Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013


in wheelchairs at the site helping and providing advice”. the Wasatch Front that have “ Our board of directors disabilities and special and advisory board represent needs, not only veterans but a wide spectrum of the children and others. With community; business construction complete they leaders, educators and others hope to have the boat on the who came together to give water this spring and their time and energy to throughout the summer, accomplish our vision weather permitting, for half statement: To provide and full day excursions. opportunity for disabled There will be no charge for veterans as well as underthese activities. privileged and disabled Robarge states, “It was individuals to experience remarkable to watch the outdoor activities to enhance construction progress. their lives through educaVolunteers showed up from tion, experience and direct across the state to help in participation in fishing, any way they could. It was boating, shooting and common to see young people camping.” From page 1

The Golden Rule is Key The boat is 35 foot long and 10 feet wide and can accommodate six wheelchair bound individuals and 12 others including captain and mate. Constructed to USCG standards, it carries all required safety equipment, state of the art electronics and is rigged to fish and tour the lake. Information on the boat, the nonprofit company and their mission statement can be found on their website; Captain Henline can be reached at or (801) 592- 7809.


Kiwanis & Key Club

of Springville Serve for the Sub For Santa Food Drive - Over 40 people volunteer

By Gina Woolf Springville Resident

chairs the Sub For Santa committee, coordinating efforts in Springville to collect he Kiwanis Club of the donations and ensure deSpringville and The livery to those in need. The Key Club of Springville Sub For Santa 5K held in High School worked tireless- October raised needed funds ly to accomplish the annual to help children and their Sub For Santa food drive families receive Christmas during the first weekend Walmart gift cards. Thank of December. Springville you to all who supported and residents donated enough participated in this comfood to fill over 200 boxes. munity service project! Jay Knight, a member of The Brent Haymond President Springville Kiwanis Club, of The Springville Kiwanis


Julia Murray at Art City Elementary provided the picture and list of names who were Bucket Fillers for December 7, 2012: Our Bucket Fillers decided to be on the silly side to hopefully fill someone elses bucket (not in order): Daniel, Peter, Britton, Tony, Sami, Laruen, Caroline, Lilly, Allison, Cody, Cameron, Sarah, Samantha, Kaleb, Cason, Shayne, Megan, Sawyer, Monty, Kaia, and Sam.

Brenda Johnson at Bronkbank Elementary provided the picture and following: Brockbank third-graders show off their family homework project. The goal for this project was to make homework a time for “homeplay”. Each student was assigned with their families to make a picture out of leaves. The students read the book, “Look What I Did With A Leaf!” by Marteza E. Sohi, at school to get ideas. First the students and their families were to discuss the changes that occur in the fall and then go on a leaf hunt to collect a variety of leaves throughout the neighborhood. Next, they were to sort the leaves by shape, size, and color. Discussing the differences between the edges of each leaf, was it smooth, toothed or lobed? After collecting and sorting the leaves they were to press them between newspaper and put something heavy on them, like a phone book or dictionary. It would take a few days for the leaves to be ready to work with. The leaves needed to be flat, stiff, and dry. Then it was time to get creative. After gluing the leaves to the poster board and letting it dry for a day the students were to bring them to school to be laminated. The students enjoyed the project and the teachers were impressed with the creativity of all the projects. Pictured is third-graders, Chase Jones, Dax Newman, Brenner Shepherd, Hailey Wilson, and Chloe Evans

Tinyville Kids adventureland for imaginary play Activities for 0-14 years. Creative Play, Dress-ups, Put on a puppet show, and much more! 175 North Main St. Spanish Fork (435) 849-2564 $5 for Open Play

Redeem this for 2 for 1 Admission (Valid from in-print newspaper only)

Photo: Ginnie Snyder B.Y.U. performer and student Cameron Gibson who performed in the play.


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Club with 2 SHS Key Club student volunteers Kassitey Craudell and Danica Nusink. Brent Haymond with Jacob Ridge, Danica Nusink, and Gavin Woolf. The SHS Key Club students provided many hours of service sorting food, boxing, and loading finished boxes into delivery vehicles.

Search, “Kiwanis” on to see more pictures.


following: Mapleton Elementary School students and faculty were treated to a performance by the B.Y.U. Theater Department recently. Theater students turned Mapleton’s Auditorium into a “Theater in the Round” to present a delightful rendition of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Second and Third Grade students attended a workshop after the performance to learn about reading with Voice. They were instructed in the use of roll play, sound orchestration, onomatopoeia ( words that represent sounds) and analysis of the play. Students sat quietly in their designated areas, enjoying the performers as they moved about the audiences. Some students were chosen to dawn costumes and become a part of the play while others became galloping horses, choir singers and creaking gates. The performance was delightful and captured the attention of everyone. Congratulations to students and thanks to the B.Y.U. Theater Department.

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Brookside Accounting A Home Based Business Specializing In Bookkeeping And Taxes

801-687-2836 642 E 400 S Springville, UT 84663

innie Snyder at Mapleton Elementary provided the


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outdoors provided a strong culture for honest work and connection. tradition of fresh mountain Many conditions have trees Karl and his brother changed during the passing Chris would begin cutting a years. Artificial trees, variety of trees early in plantation grown trees, and November. Freezing cold economics have altered the temperatures, deep mountain demand for the mountain snow, broken vehicles, and trees. Today, Karl & Carol other obstacles went Jensen, their sons Adam and hand-in-hand with cutting Andy and Karl’s brother trees. The passion to labor Chris carry on the season with your own family in the tradition. Carol shares that, From page 1

“the Christmas season returns many familiar faces to the tree yard. We are happy to share our family gift with them.” The Jensen’s invite anyone seeking a quality Christmas tree to visit them at the 950 West 400 South location in Springville. The lot is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Merry Christmas!

Sierra Bonita’s Got Talent By Janna Slye Sierra Bonita


very Monday morning Sierra Bonita students and faculty stand in honor of the National Anthem. Most often it is a recorded version played over the intercom. Recently though, the student body and staff were treated to a live performance by a very talented third grade student from Mrs. Robin Wheatley’s class. Halee Crowther delighted everyone with an amazing rendition of the country’s anthem. Principal Mike Larsen is so impressed with Halee’s talent that he encouraged Mrs. Susan Crowther to have her daughter professionally recorded singing the National Anthem. He feels that Sierra Bonita, as well as other schools throughout the


Larraine Nelson at Mt. Loafer provided the picture and following: We are proud to announce the Mt. Loafer Elementary Students of the Month for the month of November! These students have set such a great example for our school and we appreciate all they do to help the other students in their classrooms. They are: Front row—Brock Mason, Ben Merrill, Aliza Mason, Aisha Paxton, Trevin Richards, Tayten Banks. Middle row—Ethan Lemon, Caselyn Grover, Kelton Young, Kaitlynn Swensen, Gavin Rees, Callie Geertson, Preston Wallentine. Back Row—Sam Spencer, Ammon Wallace, Julianne Steck, Miriam Nelson, Taylie Mayfield, Bryn Riley, Jarel Estrada.

Photo: Terena Anderson. ... ,Janna Slye, Halee Crowther, ..., Principal Mike Larsen

district, should benefit weekly from Halee’s beautiful voice. Music has been part of Halee’s life since the very young age of two. She would hear a song and repeat it back in perfect pitch. Halee’s passion for singing is heard everywhere she goes. Crowther states “music is a part of Halee and

she knows this gift is from God.” She also acknowledges that Halee’s talent helps her get through personal struggles as well as bless the lives of those around her. To see the full article search “Got Talent” at Learn more about the Crowther’s at

Cherry Creek third graders spent much of the month of November learning about our bodies and how to keep them healthy. We even got to go on a field trip to Allen’s grocery store. At Allen’s we learned about the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in order to get all of the different vitamins our body needs. We also learned that fresh produce is the best way to get our fruits and vegetables, and we know how to make the best choices when drinking juice and eating canned fruits and vegetables. -Article and Photo by Erica Boyer

trafficking. He is currently working on an educational project that aims to teach kids about the dangers of drugs. What drives Michael is the opportunity to breathe life and emotion into projects that change the world in some way, ichael Bahnmiller whether that’s working on is a husband and documentaries that show the a father of two lives of other cultures or children. He takes great joy in fictional pieces that teach his wife and in his children. children about living in a Michael is also a film and difficult world. media music composer. Honing Michael is most inspired by his craft at Brigham Young films that are unashamed of University, Michael has showing people who do the worked on a number of student right thing, despite great odds projects, including writing the and criticism, as well as by music for a children’s project uplifting, beautiful music, and in collaboration with other especially of his wife and her students (through BYU’s dedication to her family, but Laycock Center). The project most of all by the teachings of encourages children to read by Jesus Christ. taking them through an Michael strongly believes interactive story. that doing something you love Michael has also worked on is the only way to live. This is a number of professional why, though he is a web projects, most recent of which developer, he focuses on his is a fictional drama that seeks music. He is passionate about to raise awareness about human the wonder and joy of music,


and he believes that if you truly believe in something you can do it. Because of this strong belief, an idea that Michael keeps toying with is teaming up with a film maker in creating a television or web series in which Michael learns to do something new each episode and then teaches that new skill to someone who can benefit from it or wants to learn but doesn’t think they can. Although Michael has not yet released any albums of his film music, he periodically posts demos of his music and works in progress (with permission) to a social music site called SoundCloud. (His music feed can be found at mbahnmiller). He has recently purchased michaelbahnmiller. com and (as a Web Developer) is in the process of getting it online. Michael would love to encourage the youth to dream big. Dreams and hard work are the gateway to reality.

For those of you that used to love playing pool at The OZZ in Provo it has new owners and changed name to The Game Room. It’s at 490 North Freedom Blvd. Phone (801) 607-1201. Find, The Game Room on Facebook for more information. Great rates for Family or Student budgets!

ROOMIES [View prior ones online]

Michael Bahnmiller: Follow Your Dreams




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A Pizza Place with Staying Power Two Jack’s Pizza 171 North Main Street Springville Mon-Thurs 11 am - 10 pm Fri - Sat 11 am - 11 pm Closed Sunday By Kaye Nelson Restaurant Reviewer


ong-time Springville folks fondly remember pizza places of the past – the Rusty Nail, Grobben’s Pizza Pan, even Pizza Hut. Each had its own following of pizza lovers. Current pizza enthusiasts can savor great pizza at Two Jacks Pizza. One might not think Two Jacks is worth checking out. It is, after all, in a gas station. But don’t let that stop you from walking in the door and turning left. Two Jacks serves tantalizing, memorable pizza. Our group ordered standards like a meat lovers and a Hawaiian but also Alfredo Chicken and Barbecue Chicken pizza, plus sides like Baked Alfredo Penne and Lasagna and their incredible dessert pizza – Cinnamon Sticks. Nothing disappointed. Here’s the bottom line. A pizza doesn’t work if the dough isn’t good. Riley Nelson commented on the dough, the base for the pizza, the cheese sticks and the hot cinnamon sticks, more than once.

Delicious Two Jack’s Pizza

one cranked out assemblyline style. The meat lovers and Hawaiian pizzas were packed with fresh toppings, so much you could barely see the cheese, also plentiful. I savored every bite of the Canadian bacon, pineapple and mushrooms on my default favorite pizza. Jera preferred the Alfredo Chicken pizza. “It’s just … mmmmm … it makes me smile,” she said, wanting to eat, not talk. “It’s so creamy and tasty.” The Baked Alfredo Penne was just as flavorsome. It reminded me of a dish on a local fine dining restaurant’s menu. Jack said pizza is definitely ordered more than the sides but if you love pasta, Alfredo sauce and bacon, you should think outside the pizza box and order this dish. You won’t be sorry. And I usually shy away from ordering lasagna at restaurants because I make good lasagna but Two Jacks lasagna made me want their recipe! I already have a game plan for when I go back.

Cheese sticks are a must. I’ll need to share an order of penne or lasagna, then flip a four-sided coin for any of the aforementioned pizzas. I’ll end with cinnamon sticks again too, licking my fingers and wanting more just like this time. Two Jacks easily won over our taste buds. There really is a trick to making a great pizza – crust (if Riley the dough connoisseur liked it, you will); sauce – tangy but not overpowering; cheese – plentiful; toppings – more is always better. Two Jacks comes through on all counts. Visit The other Two Jacks are at 30 North Main, Spanish Fork and 80 West Center, Provo.

he’d like Jon’s music. A day or two later, he asked his mom to come to his room to In January the Sunday show her something. He sat Concert Series will present down at his keyboard and Hunter Gifford, a gifted piano started playing Jon Schmidt’s player on Sunday, January “Waterfall”. In shock, she 20th at 5 p.m. Hunter, age 16, asked him how he learned it. started composing and He simply replied, “I listened playing the piano at age 11. to it over and over again and After receiving a handful of just figured it out.” He hasn’t lessons, his mother gave him stopped playing since. a Jon Schmidt CD, thinking Two of his compositions

won several awards, both including 2nd place in State in Utah’s Inspirations Art Contest two years in a row. Most recently he won an award for the accompaniment he wrote and performed with singer/songwriter, Rosie Lopez. Their song was awarded third place in the Vocal Sport Singing Competition at the Covey Center for the Arts. He was also the

winner of Jon Schmidt’s “Road Trip” YouTube contest. Hunter is the oldest of six siblings and lives in Springville, Utah. He enjoys creating 3D animation, drawing, writing, Chinese, listening to music, and watching movies. He currently attends 11th grade at Merit Academy, where he has performed at many assemblies, concerts, and events.

Kaye Nelson, Restaurant Reviewer, grew up in Springville and is a true Red Devil. She knows good food and pays attention when restaurants entice customers with something out of the ordinary. Check out previous reviews at

Sunday Concert Series - Springville

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Photo: Kaye Nelson

“I really like the dough,” he said at least 14 times. It’s soft and chewy but not work-your-jaw-to-death chewy and makes a nice bed for the toppings they pack on. The cheese sticks came out first. Riley likes grease. “They’re good and greasy,” but not in a bad way. Jera Parker noted they “melt in your mouth.” We all decided before we even tasted the pizza we’d be back for cheese sticks. Server McKenzie said the most ordered pizza is the combo but her favorite is the Barbecue Chicken. We tried it and loved the tangy sauce and succulent chicken. “This is a taste of Texas,” said Dave Parker, who lived many years in Texas and knows good barbecue like the back of his hand. Jack Gathercoal is one of the two Jacks. The other is his son. Jack. Together they run three Two Jacks pizza restaurants in Spanish Fork, Springville and Provo. That way more people can experience a pizza made with attention to detail, not

By Ginny Ackerson Springville Resident





Day Date W/L Opponent Tue Nov. 20 (W) N. SANPETE Tue Dec. 4 (L) @ Hillcrest Fri Dec. 7 MORGAN Fri Dec. 14 @Westlake Thur Dec. 20 @Cedar(endowment) Fri/Sat Dec. 21,22 Desert Hills Tourney Wed Jan. 2* MAPLE MTN Fri Jan. 4* TIMPANOGOS Tue Jan. 8* @Orem Fri. Jan. 11* @Provo *Indicates Region Games. SOPH 3:30, JV 5:15, VAR 7 till 1/2, SOPH 7, JV 3:30, VAR 5:15 thereafter



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By Katherine Smith Springville High


company cannot hope to succeed unless it has strong owners, dependable employees and loyal customers. Johnson Tire Service has just that. Because of this it has been able to thrive in Springville for over eighty years. In a world where large chain stores are taking over, Johnson Tire Service is still going strong because of the quality of service they provide. Created in 1924 by Carl Johnson, Johnson Tire Service has remained a family business and is now into its fourth generation. Riley Johnson and his cousin Jeff Jackson are the current owners and take pride in the reputation and success of their business. When I asked what qualities make Johnson Tire Service so great and successful, Riley said it was honesty, hard work and loyal customers that keep them going. One of their hard working employees is Chance Warburton. He has been with them for only

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MORE DETAILS: 801-489-3456 Photo: Katherine Smith Riley Johnson (Manager) and Chance Warburton

about a year and yet he has become one of their most valued employees. “He came in as green as anyone could be, and now he is one of the best employees we have,” Riley said. Chance isn’t all work however; he is known to serenade people with the “Happy Birthday” song when it’s their special day. The 21 year old has an excellent upbeat attitude, is always on time, is easy to get along with and is always happy. He helps to create a positive atmosphere at work. When asked to tell about himself Chance jokingly said he “likes long walks on the beach”. After further thought he decided a big part of who he is was that he likes do to almost anything that has to do with the

outdoors. If he ever had a day off he would like to go to the Idaho dunes with four wheelers. Chance was born and raised in Pleasant Grove and was introduced to Johnson Tire Service by his older brother who is also an employee here in Springville. He was told about an opening and decided to apply, and has happily been working with them ever since. As he coming to the end of his first year with them, an impressive note on his character is that Chance has not once called in sick. He always puts forth his best effort and it’s because of people like him that Johnson Tire Service is where it is at today.



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Ginny’s Genealogical Gems

1) Santa’s workshop is located at the South Pole. Fact or Fiction?

2) Santa used to have another workshop on the moon. Fact or Fiction?

3) Toys are made at Santa’s workshop. Fact or Fiction?

4) The reindeer make most of the toys at the workshop. Fact or Fiction?

5) Mrs. Claus and her sisters also work at the workshop. Fact or Fiction?

6) Mrs. Claus’ sisters wrap all of the toys. Fact or Fiction?

7) Santa receives many letters from children at his workshop each season. Fact or Fiction? 8) Rudolph is in charge of sorting through all of the children’s letters. Fact or Fiction?

9) Santa keeps a list of all the children who are naughty and nice. Fact or Fiction? 10) During the summer, Santa gives tours of his workshop. Fact or Fiction?

Name That Toy Santa’s workshop is filled with toys for kids of all ages. Fill in the blanks to name some of the toys that might be found in Santa’s workshop. 1)

D O __ __ S


T E __ __ Y B __ __ R S

2) 4) 5) 6) 7)

What Rhymes with…

T R __ __ N S

C __ R S & T __ U C __ S B __ K __ S B A __ __ S

S K __ T __ S


List 10 words that rhyme with “make.” 2.










Take someone a plate of cookies or brownies! Open the door for someone with full arms at the store. Pray for your enemies!

Joke s and Riddle s

Q: How long does it take Santa to burn down a candle in his workshop?

Q: Why does Santa keep a garden outside his workshop?

A: Because he likes to hoe, hoe, hoe!

Day Date W/L Opponent Took 3rd at Skyhawk Showdown, 4th at Juab Winter Classic, beat Timpview and Provo. Up next: Thur. Dec.13 SPRINGVILLE Fri/Sat Dec 14-15 Viewmont Invitational Wed Dec. 19 JUAB (games at 5 and 7)

Santa is very busy at Christmastime. Here are some questions about his workshop and helpers. How many can you answer correctly?

A: About a wick!


Santa’s Workshop Challenge Fact or Fiction?

There are books about Santa’s workshop and movies too. There are amusement parks based on Santa’s workshop There are even replicas of Santa’s workshop. That’s right. People around the world have set up their own Santa’s workshops. The owners of these workshops have used their imaginations to recreate what they think is Santa’s workshop, complete with toys of all types. There are replicas of Santa’s workshop in Europe, the United States and elsewhere. For those that don’t have a chance to visit these workshop replicas, there are websites that focus on Santa’s workshop and what you might see there if ever given the chance to visit. As for visiting the actual Santa’s workshop, well, there’s only one person you can ask about that—the man in the red suit himself! What will he say?

Some answers: bake, brake, break, cake, fake, lake, rake, steak, take, wake


A Glimpse into Santa’s World

Answers: 1) Dolls, 2) Trains, 3) Teddy Bears, 4) Cars & Trucks, 5) Bikes, 6) Balls, 7) Skates


re you looking for a meaningful, cost effective and quick Christmas gift idea for your family? Heritage coloring books could be just the gift you are looking for! Heritage coloring books are both fun and educational for children. Family stories lend themselves particularly well to coloring books as do scripture stories and historical vignettes. Some ideas that have worked well include: 1)Pick one ancestral person or family and create a coloring book around their adventures. 2)Select one big adventure to illustrate such as when the family immigrated to America, or joined the church or grandpa’s adventures in the Army. 3)Pick a political or historical event and write about how it affected your family. Many people immigrated to America because of political unrest in their former country. 4)Tell the story of how couples in your family met and married. Kids also love to hear about how Mom and Dad,

to color and ask them to tell you the story in the picture. You will be amazed by their fertile imaginations and the creative thinking processes they have! Googling “free coloring book images” will give you many sites to get illustrative images from if you don’t happen to be an artist. Some of my favorite ones include: Grampa and Grandma grew up. coloring.html 5)Tell the story of the country of you ancestry. Tell free-coloring-pages/ about their customs, language http://www. and dress. 6)Make a coloring book freecoloring.html/ about your family traditions. 7)A number book can be coloring.htm made.... 5 is the number of Uncle George raised and raced. 10 is the number of cats http://www.coloring-pagesAuntie Leah has. 8)Family alphabet books The pages you create can be can be done the same way... A placed in a three ring binder or is for Alfred who loved to ski you could have them bound by in the mountains. any publisher like BYU 9) A book of values is fun, printing office, Stevenson’s too. Pick members of the Genealogical Supply or FedEx/ family who have had to Kinko’s. This will be a gift that determine what their values are will not only be cherished for and may have had to defend generations but will bind those them at some point. generations together. 10) Give the kids a picture

Answers: 1) Fiction, it is located at the North Pole, 2) Fiction, 3) Fact, 4) Fiction, the elves make most of the toys, 5) Fiction, 6) Fiction, no one knows if Mrs. Claus even has sisters, 7) Fact, 8) Fiction, Rudolph leads the sleigh, 9) Fact, 10) Fiction

By Ginny Ackerson Springville Resident

262 South Main, Springville, UT

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Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013

The Golden Rule is Key


History of Utah State Mental Hospital By Janina Chilton Utah State Hospital Part 2 of 3: Treatment


Proposed name:


The Joseph Stacy Murdock Alumni Center

aming Rights are being acquired for the Murdock Estate purchased by Utah Valley University. Proposed name: The Joseph Stacy Murdock Alumni Center Utah Valley University has acquired a large home and 3-acre estate in Orem, Utah adjacent to the University to serve as the school’s Alumni Center. Former owners, George & Mimi Murdock, residents of Las Vegas and Midway, are acquiring the Naming Rights after which it will be called The Joseph Stacy Murdock

Alumni Center at 519 West 1200 South in Orem. George’s 2nd Great Grandfather, Joseph, was an early pioneer and prominent leader in Heber Valley. George & Mimi have donated 50% of the Naming Rights fees and look to the thousands of JSM descendants for the remaining $175,000 dollars. News releases, social media and word-ofmouth will alert descendants about this important and worthwhile Naming Project. Events will be hosted during 2013 including a summer

or the first 70 years of the institution’s history, it remained primarily custodial. Therapeutic care was almost unknown in those early years. Over the years, various forms of treatment were used including the Utica Crib, Oregon Boot and a variety of Original Utah State Hospital - circa 1892 devices which by today’s standards would be financial embarrassment, These medications began to Courtesy of UVU Marketing considered punishment rather disappointment, mental strain, reduce or even eliminate than treatment. Other overwork, fear of poverty, psychotic thinking in some “Peace Treaty BBQ” on treatments such as religious excitement, fright, patients. August 3, 2013 at the hydrotherapy were less remorse, sedentary life, over These medications, the Murdock Center. A Faceinvasive, but most likely only study in school, hypnotism phenothiazines, continued to book page has been set up in effective as a sedative or as and domestic infelicity. be used with success in the the name of Joseph Stacy stimulation. By today’s standards those treatment of psychosis and Murdock. The Joseph Stacy In the 1934, a new are flimsy reasons for years of have heralded a new epoch in Murdock website www. treatment known as hospitalization. Currently, research and treatment of the hosted by convulsion therapy was State Statue requires that a mentally ill. Alan Humpherys, a descen- added. First the drug Metrozol person must be harmful to Theories of supposed dant, offers the excellent was used to produce the themselves or others before action of these drugs have biography “The Life & required convulsions, by 1947 being given an order of lead to new ways of looking Times of Joseph Stacy a new safer method of commitment. The law also at the illnesses and have lead Murdock”. Photos of the convulsive therapy, requires that a person must be to startling research findings home are available on the Electroconvulsive Therapy treated first in the least about differences between the UVU website: (ECT) was introduced. This restrictive alternative before brains of those affected by method used electrical current being hospitalized. Currently, these illnesses and those who Search UVU on to produce the same results as most of Utah citizens needing are not. Metrozol. Hypoglycemic mental health treatment will Growing by leaps and for the full article. Therapy better know as be treated by their own bounds each year; our Insulin Shock Therapy was community mental health increased understanding of added in 1937. All of these center and never require the function of the methods were discontinued in inpatient hospitalization. neurostransmitters, the just short of first base, the mid 1950’s with the In spite of their best efforts, chemical messengers of the whether she forgot her lines development of medications. the Utah State Hospital and brain, holds great promise in or neglected to turn off the Along with a discussion of hospitals across the country, future treatments. Over or microphone while the actor treatment methods, it is remained little more than under activity of various of went to the restroom, a interesting to note the variety human warehouses. Then in these neurotransmitters has parent’s job is to make sure of reasons that people were the 1950’s, the entire field of already been demonstrated in that their child knows that no committed to the institution in Psychiatry was revolutionized many common mental matter what happened, he is the early years. Some of the when a new group of illnesses, e.g. depression, wonderful! He tried, he was more interesting ones were: medications, the first one schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s there, he did his best (probreading novels, solar heat being chlorpromazine disease, etc....TBC... ably) and even if he didn’t, exposure, spiritualism, (Thorazine) was introduced. he can try harder next time. And you were lucky to get to be there and experience it with him! Not to tell him what to do better, but to let him know that you are proud of him no matter what. While being there for your child’s life’s efforts, and at his crossroads – coming and going from school, etc. – is critical to his self image, this is not the only, nor the most This year’s Reflections theme was “The Magic of a Moment….” The winners for East important thing parents can Meadows Elementary are as follows: Visual Arts: Mason Woodruff, Cameron Marshall, do to help him develop good Makenzie Christensen, Brielle Bills, and Ashton Hunt. Dance: Brighton Bills, Emily Monself-esteem. For more roe. Film Production: Holden Bayless, Jordan Tingey, Grace Fillmore. Music Composition: information, tune in next Jenna Williams, T.J. Evans. Literature: Elle Hancock, Hailey Campbell, Morgan Ivie, Bryce week. Same bat time. Same Marshall. 3D Art: J.D. Crotts, Nathan Coyne, Lindsey Ivie, Leah Jensen. Photography: bat station. Zachery Campbell, Andrew Hill, Bailee Bills, Eden Smith, Brielle Karp. The winners were [Also find this at awarded with a donut and apple juice party on Tuesday, November 6, 2011. The winners under will advance to the area contest and those winners will be announced sometime in January. the secondary menu and East Meadows congratulates all those who participated in Reflections this year. Thank you columns!] to all the judges and PTA volunteers who helped. -Provided by Trisha Olsen Or email your questions or comments to

The loudest cheer! On self-esteem didn’t take me places in the car but taught me I could be independent and by getting myself where I wanted to go. They didn’t buy me name brand clothes but showed me how to feel good in whatever I could afford. Most of all, they were there for me as often as they could be. And By Trudy Peck cheering louder than all the Parenting 911 other moms and dads! ear Mothergoose, Attending events that your I don’t have child participates in does children yet, but more than you know. Giving when I do, the thing I’m most up your valuable time to worried about teaching them spend sitting on hard is self-esteem. What can you bleachers at swim meets, at tell me about that? baseball games, at dance “GO TRu mffug”… competition, at school (breathe)…“faster!” gurgle, performances sends a silent gurgle (breathe) “Swim but powerful message: “You FAS…glug, glug….” are more important than No, this is not my twoanything else I could be year-old taking over the doing right now!” And “I column. It is what a support- really love watching you ive parent sounds like from a dance around in right field swimmer’s perspective. If while the ball sails over your there were five parents in the head and you drop your bleachers at my high school clover and chase it down.” duel meet, you could be sure Well, there are some mesthat at least one of them was sages that are more true than my Mom or Dad. In thinking others. back on my childhood and What you say after the what my parents did to help game also has a huge bearing me feel good about myself, I on what your child feels realize that they didn’t about himself. Whether he hit always give me stuff. They a home run or tripped and fell


Ready or Not #190: Gifting Preparedness By Dawn Van Nosdol

Ready or Not

This is the season to be jolly – and prepared. The jolly part can be hard especially if you are lacking funds and have special people that you want to show your love to by giving gifts, but the prepared part can be a bit easier. I can’t solve all your problems, but I can share with you what we did as a

family when I was young and my parents were financially challenged. One year we made all of our gifts for each other and it was my favorite Christmas ever! My mother had some material on hand and we used it to make gun socks and denim purses and a variety of other useful fun things. Christmas doesn’t always have to be digital or electronic or make lots of noise and be expensive. Let’s take Christmas

back from the advertisers and retailers. Christmas represents an attitude of love and giving from the heart and if you approach the holiday with that attitude it will open the season up to a whole different level. [Find the full article on the Serve Daily website. Use the secondary menu, Columns, and Ready or Not. This will also link you to the home page where 100’s of more articles are on preparedness.]

“Students at Brookside Elementary have had a fantastic start to their school year! They’ve participated in a variety of activities – including their annual carnival, participating in Red Ribbon Week, and parading on the playground in their Halloween costumes. The 5th and 6th graders also were able to continue the tradition of dancing to “Thriller” at the end of the Halloween parade. They did a fantastic job! A big shout out to the teachers who take their time to teach them “the moves”! Also a big THANK YOU to the local businesses who generously make donations to help support Brookside’s activities – especially Harward Farms, for pumpkins, and Two Jack’s Pizza! We really appreciate you!” - A message from the Brookside PTA via Janet Merrell


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Anniversaries, Awards, Births, Graduations, Obituaries, Religious, & Weddings Includes picture (size may vary) and up to 250 words in-print. Longer story may be posted online!

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Albert David Christensen Our Silver-haired Daddy Our beloved David passed away at Lisa’s home in Orem, UT, 1 Dec 2012 from complications linked to prostate cancer. David was born 13 Aug 1936 in rural Idaho to Albert and Martha Howell (Johnson) Christensen. He served an LDS mission to Australia and married Joan Carol Newman in the Logan Temple on 16 Oct 1959. They were the parents of seven children, and later divorced. He is currently married to Carolyn Farley Groce of Glasgow, KY. Funeral Services will be held at 10 a.m. on Sat, Dec 8th at the LDS stake center at 60 E 1600 N in Orem, UT. Family and friends may call Fri, Dec 7th from 6:30p-8:30p at the LDS chapel at 1405 N Main in Orem, UT, or at 9am on Saturday morning prior to the funeral at the Stake Center. Interment will take place at 3pm in the Downey, ID cemetery. To read the full obituary search “ALBERT” on and to send condolences visit


ervice is the key to enriching lives—both the one offering and the one receiving the service are blessed as a result of it. At Landmark High School, the Nebo School District’s alternative high school, students are given the opportunity to perform meaningful service throughout the school year. It is an integral part of the culture we are trying to build and the experience we provide. Service opportunities are organized with the help of teacher advisers and student senators. The Student Senate at Landmark is a group of students selected by their peers for having a positive influence around the school. Each senate works with their adviser to facilitate a service project in each advisory class. Projects include: blood drives hosted at Landmark throughout the year, canned food drives, clothing drives, visiting local senior citizen centers, recycling, visiting the Christmas Box House, sub for Santa etc. Students organize and carry out the projects. Recently, students had the

opportunity to visit a local retirement home with several flower pots of mums. The flowers were grown in the Landmark greenhouse under the direction of greenhouse manager, Mark Van Wagoner. Many are sold throughout the community. On this particular day, however, the flowers were presented as gifts to the many residents at the home. Mark had this to say about the project, “As part of our service field trip we took several flats of 'garden mums' that the students grew in the greenhouse and handed one to every resident at Orchard Park. A total of 51 plants were handed out. There was a huge response from everyone, even the staff. The residents were so grateful that a bunch of high school kids would take the time out of their learning time to come and 'brighten their day'. I don't think there is any better way to help these kids learn about loving and caring for people then by sharing something you've put time and effort in growing and caring for, as the mums they handed out.”

Ryan Kay of Taylor Elementary provided this image and information: Congratulations to the following Taylor Tigers for working hard, setting a good example and always doing their best. Back row: Gabe Small, Ashley Liston, Sierra Edmundson, Kat Larsen, Cheyenne Hermanson, Janey Jacklin, Adrie Hill Front Row: Allie Hansen, Payton Buys, Addison Corbin, Gary Taylor, Anna Bronson, Jason Flinders and Solace Rose.

Across 1. Beg 6. Wallop 10. Lowlife 14. Cliffside dwelling 15. Corn ___ 16. Decline 17. Long 18. Beef buy 19. Final notice 20. Break into fragments 23. Filter 25. One way to stand by 26. Speculative 30. Enlarge, as a hole 31. Corrode 32. Big ___ Conference 35. “___ on Down the Road” 36. Lawn mower’s path 38. “Buona

___” (Italian greeting) 39. “... ___ he drove out of sight” 40. Water-filled ditch surrounding a castle 41. Shed tears of grief 42. Committed to live and work in a specific place (2 wds) 46. Strong woody fiber 49. Druid, e.g. 50. Clergyman who also has a secular job (hyphenated) 54. “Mi chiamano Mimi,” e.g. 55. Long, long time 56. In pieces 60. At sea

61. “Cast Away” setting 62. Come again 63. “Trick” joint 64. Airhead 65. Pirate’s pal Down 1. Be worthwhile 2. “Malcolm X” director 3. Victorian, for one 4. Military air base 5. Unit of fineness of silk fibers 6. Rigid support for a broken bone 7. “Crazy” bird 8. Condo, e.g. 9. Characteristic carrier 10. Weapon with a long, pointed blade

11. Conspiratorial group of plotters 12. Accord 13. Allocate, with “out” 21. “Comprende?” 22. Covered with gold 23. Clip sheep’s fleece 24. “Cut it out!” 26. Diagram showing family lineage 27. About to explode 28. Director’s cry 29. ___ Wednesday 32. Parenting challenges 33. At attention 34. Back of the neck 36. “My boy”

White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

37. “This means ___!” 38. Flowering vine 40. Bit 43. Small harpsichord 44. Anger 45. Render harmless 46. Element B 47. Come to mind 48. Glide along on ice 50. Move by taking steps 51. Bust, so to speak 52. 100 centavos 53. “Let’s ___” 57. Appear 58. Morgue, for one 59. “Don’t give up!” Answers pg 7

By Kari Odum Kari’s Kitchen

The Sixth Grade Students at Mt. Loafer Elementary School took the audience back in time to Egypt so that we could learn about pharaohs, mummies, pyramids, and the Nile! The students sang many wonderful songs and danced to some cool tunes! Thanks to Mrs. VanLeeuwan and Miss Dolman for their hard work in putting this together! Pictured here is: Back Row-- Annie Jones, Miss Dolman, Mrs. VanLeeuwan, Josh DeNaughel and Preston Muench. Front row: Tyler Cook, Alyssa Merrill, James Hansbrow, Beau Johnson, Evan Shepard, Josh Turner and Dallin Concoby. Provided by Larraine Nelson

Instructions: 1. Line a 9 inch square pan with foil. Grease foil elcome to with 1/2 tsp butter. Kari’s Kitchen. 2. In a large saucepan (Payson) I have combine sugar, sour cream, been learning the art of and remaining 1/4 cup cooking for 20 plus years. butter. Most of the recipes that you 3. Cook and stir over will see in the time to come medium heat until sugar is were handed down thru dissolved. Bring to a rapid generations of fabulous boil, cook and stir for five cooks in my family. If you minutes until you reach the want some yummy in your “soft ball stage”. tummy stay tuned for recipes *Soft ball stage is when to come. you drop a little drop of mixture into a bowl of water White Chocolate and it will form a flexible Peppermint Fudge ball. 4. Remove from heat, stir Ingredients: in marshmallow cream and -1 1/2 tsp plus 1/4 C. white chocolate until melted. Softened butter 5. Pour into foil lined pan. -2 C. Sugar 6. Chill until firm -1/2 C. Sour Cream 7. When ready to serve, -12 Squares or 1 Package of using foil, lift fudge out of white baking chocolate pan and peel off foil. chopped 8. Cut into one inch -1 Jar (7 oz) Marshmallow squares and serve. Cream Be sure to search Kari’s - 1/2 crushed peppermint Kitchen (check pages) on candy and feel free -1/2 tsp Peppermint Extract to email me at to request recipes, get tips, or make suggestions.


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Answers on page 7.

264 North 100 West Provo (801) 374-3400

Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013

The Golden Rule is Key

MERIT ACADEMY Content by Staff and Students.

PAGE 11 1440 W. Center - 84663 801.491.7600 Home of the Knights!

A Christmas Present for our Sister Karen Davis: The Puppeteer Who School in Kenya, Africa Brings Holiday Cheer By Josh Davis Merit Student

By Sequoia Knippenberg Merit Student


n Kenya, Africa Merit Academy has a sister school--Mtulu. Merit Academy has raised money for Mtulu so they could have textbooks and classrooms for attending school. Over the past few years, we have raised money to build a bathroom and started constructing a school building. As a school, we have hosted a “Run for the Bathroom” marathon and raised money through bake sales as well as donated books to help the children in Mtulu. Children in Mtulu travel as much as 10 miles on foot to get to school. They start walking around 4 AM so they can be at school on time. Since it’s such a long trip, some children sleep at the school during the week because of the distance. Food is scarce for these children and some attend Mtulu in order to receive a meal. Our school had the opportunity to have a representative from Kenya


or the past four years, Karen Davis has been serving others by doing puppet shows for homeless people, handicapped people, children, and others in need. Karen’s friend gave her this great idea. She told Karen that they go as a family and Courtesy Photo share their musical talents at come speak to us during our students were planning on homeless shelters. Karen Kenya Keys assembly. He putting on a fundraising wanted to serve the homeless told us all about his school, meal during the school’s people too and she came up his life, and his students’ Academic Showcase and she with the idea of performing lives in Mtulu. It was really had the thought that we puppet shows for them. interesting to hear his should send the money we Karen started this stories. He told us how they raised to Mtulu to help. On tradition in 2008 with her use a bucket of water to November 16th, she and her family. Now, she and her clean off instead of staff cooked a wonderful family have a Christmas showers—if you were Café-Rio salad meal and holiday tradition of visiting fortunate enough to have a charged $5 a plate. After the homeless shelters in Salt bucket of water. He told us event was over, she learned Lake City. She loves going that most children go hungry that the meal had raised to the homeless shelters and never really have $1,700! Merit would like to because the children are so enough to eat. He talked to send a check to Mtulu for happy and grateful to see us about how much the $2,000—which is the them. “You should see the money we had formerly amount they need to finish children’s eyes light up when raised had really helped in the classroom for the they see the puppet shows!” Mtulu and encouraged us to children in Kenya. If you she says. continue to give. would like to donate some Karen has written many During this assembly, our money to this cause, you can of the Christmas shows that wonderful chef at Merit, bring it in to our front office her family performs and Sharon Warner had a great at Merit Academy. idea. She and the ASK

Hats that Help Heal Hearts

memory box that included casts and prints of her son’s hands and feet, notes from the nurses, as well as the two little hats. In our ASK (Ameritus Service Knights) class at Merit, after Celeste came to share her story, we have been crocheting and using looms to

Discount Glass


Your auto and f lat glass specialist

Auto Glass • Residential

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816 North Main Springville • (801) 489-9500

Photo: Merit Staff

of story time for children under the age of six and regularly includes puppets in her presentations. She has performed her shows at the Timpanogas Storytelling Festival, school events, the Springville Art Gallery, and anywhere she has been invited. Karen is a great example of service. By performing her puppet shows she has bonded with her family, inspired people to serve and help others, and blessed many people’s lives during the Christmas season. She is a great puppeteer, a joyful person, and someone who brings holiday cheer to those in need.

“Home for the Holidays”

portfolio. These were small starter homes, 1000-2000 square feet, purchased with Is a “Home for the small down payments. In Holidays” on your many cases purchased with Christmas list? I once had low or no down and seller a client who every year for financing. about ten years bought a To read the rest search small “fixer upper” home “HOME” at for his investment


Celeste Albright with her memory box

made the puppets for her shows. One holiday show she wrote is called Sick Rudolph—a funny show about Santa trying out other animals to pull his sleigh while Rudolph is sick. She involved her audiences by encouraging them to sing carols so Rudolph will get better and he does. The Davis family has also taken their holiday puppet shows to daycares, RAA (a center for handicapped adults), women and children’s shelters, the Utah State Hospital, as well as assisted living centers. Karen has worked for the Springville Library for over three years. She is in charge

By Bill Brown Real Estate Today

By Trista Linder Merit Student

hen Celeste Albright first began making hats for premature infants with her church group, she never imagined that one day she would end up receiving one of those hats. In December 2011, she was sixteen weeks pregnant when she went to the doctors for a routine checkup, but this doctor’s visit was far from routine, instead there was difficulty finding the baby’s heartbeat. When the ultrasound confirmed Celeste’s worst fears, reality set in. The baby boy was delivered at 16 weeks with the cord wrapped around its little neck and no heartbeat. It was a depressing time for the Albright family, but the outpouring of love in response to their loss was heart warming. The sweet ladies from Celeste’s church group found out about Celeste’s loss and brought two little crocheted hats to the hospital. Celeste’s nurses made her a

Courtesy Photo

Gas, Wood Pellet, Wood Burning Fireplaces & Freestanding Stoves. Pellet Fuel Available

I-15 Exit 260 East Frontage Road 955 South 1950 West


making hats. We have spent several hours making hats for premature infants as well as for cancer patients and we are planning to donate them to a hospital. We hope the hats will bring warmth and love to babies and cancer patients during this holiday season.

ALL TICKETS $3.50! BUY 1 TICKET GET ONE TICKET FREE! Offer good at Spanish Fork location only Not valid with any other offer Expires 2/28/2013

790 EXPRESSWAY LANE SPANISH FORK, UT 84660 (801) 798-7991


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Local Artist Creates Hope with Snow

ARTWORK: Jerry Gardner

Snow Sculptures from Winter 2012


erry Gardner - Local starving artist gives of his time and talents to help bring joy to young and old. He has been doing these scenes for 20 years and usually does 10-15 per season, depending on snowfall. Many people this time of year seem to be down for one reason or another and its hoped that through sharing his talent with others happiness may come and hope


may be in the people’s hearts. He is available for hire for snow formations, oil painting, autobody painting. Charitable donations to help cover expenses are appreciated. Contact Jerry Gardner at (801) 376-2895 or drive on by during the next snow storm at 476 South Canyon Road just south of the Fire Station on the West side of the road.

t. Loafer Elementary students got a real treat attending the Fifth Grade Wax Museum! The fifth grade students researched famous people who have made a difference in history. They wrote reports about the person they chose, collected artifacts that represented what that person stood for, and came dressed as that person. The students and teachers went to a lot of work for this activity and we learned many fun facts about some pretty famous people! Pictured here is Taylie Mayfield, as Molly Brown and Brandt Wilcox, as George Washington. Submitted by Larraine Nelson

CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES Dr. Darren B. Obrey returns to practice in Utah County. Dr. Obrey practiced in Springville for ten years before moving to the mid west to take advantage of special schooling for his autistic boys. “It’s been a great experience but it’s good to be back home.” For all those patients who have seen Dr. Obrey previously or if you would like to use our services for the first time, here is what we offer:

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$35.00 1 hour massage with our LMT, Lisa Christensen. $25.00 1st time fee which covers consultation, exam and first treatment.

We need help doing random acts of kindness. Please do a kind deed daily. Imagine, what GREAT POSITIVE CHANGE can come about as we SERVE DAILY!

Be sure to mention SERVE DAILY Obrey Chiropractic & Massage LLC

Office Hours 1928 N. 1120 W. Provo M-F (Pinnacle Park off State Street) 9-12, 2-6

(801) 377-2344

14’’ Large 2- Topping Pizza



Carter ’s Christmas gift of Love

Photo: Staff Photo Clockwise, Christmas Geese, Santa in window, Large Snowman. For 17 years Carter’s have enjoyed providing Christmas Cheer for all of us.


n Thursday, December 6, 2012 I went with a friend, Stephanie, to the Copies Plus Printing (Great Services for all your copying needs) Christmas party up at Timberwolf Grill (Loved the buffet dinner, the food was excellent). On the way up, we passed the house of Pete and Audrey Carter and saw it decorated to the hilt with Christmas lights, figures, trees, candy canes, and more. I had never seen the decorations on this house before and come a few days later on Saturday, I had to drive back up and knock on the door. Pete and Audrey are a friendly couple, full of love, and they shared their story with me. About 17 years ago (1995) Audrey convinced Pete to stop at a yard sale where they brought home a life-size Santa sleigh with reindeers. It was in horrible condition with legs broken and antlers missing. Pete went to work and with the assistance of a neighbor they fixed the legs and recast some antlers. This simple act started a journey of giving to the community that would help bring smiles to thousands of residents, for years to come. Each year, two weeks before Thanksgiving the

Carter family and friends get to work pulling out boxes of lights, ornaments, PVC pipes, lights, cords, and decorations to put together their award winning Christmas decorations. When I asked them why they do it, Audrey replied, “It is a gift that we give to Mapleton and Springville at Christmas time.” It truly is a gift and an easy to access location. Take the family for an evening drive. Be sure to stop and pull over so you can take in all the details. The train engine and front half of the track were a gift from a local resident. Pete created the first car and added the back half of the track. Someday, possibly, a caboose may be added. It is beautiful woodwork, a hobby Pete enjoys. I was shown a beautiful jewelry box he had made for a grand-daughter and a couple of other beautiful treasures he has made out of wood. Pete has made most of the decorations. The 14 foot Christmas tree is a frame of PVC pipe and assembled in two large sections. The large snowman was made by heating PVC pipe, bending it into circles, covering it with chicken wire, paper mâché and then transporting it to a

shop in Provo to have it covered in fiber glass. The employees of a Provo fiber glass shop had never done such a unique project and had to get a picture with the snowman. Each of the 28 candy canes are hand crafted with strands of 35 lights, each light individually checked and secured by Pete before being carefully placed as orchestrated by Audrey. They have appreciated all the kind notes, plates of treats, and small donations to help cover the cost of electricity. In 2011 “Carters Christmas Tree Lane” at 1755 Canyon Road took first place in the Springville Recreation Department Outdoor Lighting Contest. About five years ago they won 3rd place in a city-wide contest sponsored by The Springville Herald. Serve Daily would like to thank The Carter’s and all others that share their talents, hobbies, and passions with the community during the Christmas Season, and for that matter at any time. It truly is a blessing and a welcomed gift. Search “Carter’s” to find more pictures on


12” Medium 2-Topping Pizza + Cheese Sticks & Sauce

Mon-Thur 11 - 10 Fri-Sat 11 AM - 11PM AM


Springville Store Closes at 10PM

Closed Sundays

Springville 171 North Main St 801.491.2861



Pizza Pasta Salads Calzones

Spanish Fork 30 North Main St 801.798.8601

Two 12’’ Medium 1 - Topping Pizzas

$15.99 Must Present Coupon

Provo 80 West Center St 801.377.4747


Apply Now - Get An Answer Now!

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