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Feb./March 2013

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Vol. 2 / ISSUE 9


Springville City Offers Emergency CERT Training

SPRINGVILLE CERT hat, vest and manual. If is offering CERT classes to anyone wants to share a the community beginning on manual the cost for the February 19th. CERT couple would be $40. (Community Emergency Classes are held at the Response Team) training is a Springville City Fire Station great way to get a commutraining room, located on nity ready for a disaster. west Center Street. Classes include training in Please preregister for the disaster preparedness, class by calling Karrie at disaster fire suppression, 801-722-9666 or Martin at Aven Richmond, Drew Richmond, Pat Amadon, Anna Lee Foster disaster medical operations, 801-489 -5328. Anyone light search and rescue younger then 16 needs to be operations, disaster psychol- accompanied by an adult. By Patricia Amadon Health care professionals ogy and team organization, The classes start at 7:00 p.m. wanting to “make a differcourse review and disaster but please arrive 15 minutes Medical Intuitive ence” have become “class simulation. early to the first class in ne may question,” sponsors” donating not only The CERT classes begin order to pay fees and get Is there life their expertise, but nutriat 7 pm and last 2 ½ hours. signed in. For more inforbeyond the pain tional supplements to heal If there is a large enough mation about CERT training of addiction?” Ask the group the physical body. Twin Labs group, the classes will be please visit http://www. of holistic energy workers Corp. has provided hundreds offered twice a week so if who gather @ Beehive of dollars of nutritionals free someone has a conflict on shtm. Health Essentials in Spanish of charge to those who one night, they can make the Fork every Wednesday night attend the Wednesday night training on another night. Let us know about your beginning Feb. 27 from class. Chiropractic care is The cost of the class is $25 event and it can be posted. 7-9pm. donated by Dr Jay Anderson per person and includes hard Submitted by Lorena Moody The group is the brainof Spanish Fork, and Dr child of Beehive Health Gordon Stapel, of SpringEssentials store owner, Aven ville. Acupuncture profesRichmond and Energy sional, Nina Issacson, of Healer, Patricia Amadon, Spanish Fork, “pins” willing whose long-time friendship class members to assist in began by sharing that they easing with-drawl cravings. both had family members “The love and service given who were experiencing drug to class participants is addiction. Frustrated with inspiring! We have created a the “revolving doors” of safe healing group in this conventional drug treatment community where graduates centers, they both knew they of the class still participate could make a difference! to “Pay It Forward” to all, Utilizing their holistic seeking to make permanent Ray Crandall and Assist. Gov. Dean Robinson Mikell Johnson knowledge, they created a lifestyle changes!” program that has changed The class is free of the lives of the estimated charge, but attendees are 275 class participants over encouraged to donate $5.00 the last two years. In 2012, per class or canned food the class became recognized items. All proceeds are by Drug Court in Utah donated to “Teen Challenge ON WEDNESDAY FEB. 6 A number of years ago the County, to fulfill classroom USA”; food is donated to Ray Crandall graciously Springville Club set a goal to requirements. local food banks. accepted an award on behalf make every member a Paul of the Springville Club for Harris Fellow and has being number one in the proudly maintained the goal district for per capita giving since. Several members have to the Rotary Foundation. also committed to higher The award was presented by levels of foundation giving. Assistant Governor Dean Continuing this tradition of Robinson during the club’s giving, along with local and weekly meeting at the international service is the T-Bone restaurant in ongoing mission of the Springville. Springville Club.

Life after addiction


Dreaming of a new playground for Salem

By Holly I. Meagher Local Resident


he temperatures outside may be freezing, but for Dream View Park in Salem the vision is for warm sunny days, and children playing on new playground equipment. The project is being driven by a neighborhood mom who was a child herself when the current playground was installed more than 20 years ago. The dream is to replace the tires, swing set and geo-dome with a modern playground complete with slides, swings and climbing accessories. Salem’s Mayor Brailsford and the City Council are highly supportive of the project, however, construction of a new playground in not part of the City’s budget. The new Dream View playground will have to be funded by private contributions coming from residents and area businesses. Planning, researching and fundraising for a new

playground can take a long time. But with the support of the community the hope is to have it ready for installation in three months, not the typical three years. The fundraising goal for the new playground is $25,000. That is only 25 contributions $1,000 or 50 of $500. Donations are tax deductible. All donors will have their name listed on a commemorative plaque displayed at the new playground. This project will transition Dream View Park from Salem’s ‘forgotten park’ to one of its best playgrounds. More information is available by contacting: Salem City Councilman Aaron Cloward 801-372-9190 or Holly I. Meagher 801-368-9327

Springville Rotary #1 in giving, per capita

Students of the Month at Mapleton Jr. High. See MAPLETON on page 10 for the list of names. Congratualtions. Continue to work hard!



ANY $30 PURCHASE Expires: 4/30/13

Springville HS student promotes ABS Towing, pg 4! Vitamins Supplements Essential Oils Fresh Sandwiches Sports Nutrition

Seniors cite the Pledge of Allegiance

Serve Daily

Payson Senior’s at Citizen Center


ach month at the Payson Senior Citizen Center on a Friday they host a monthly birthday party to celebrate at Noon. At 11, they have live entertainment. Judy (Reimschiissel) and the Rest, from Payson, provided beautiful guitar music and songs. A few of

the song titles: “Meet me on the North Side of Heaven” (wrote this for her mom), “Please don’t take my Sunshine Away”, “Wrinkles” sang to the tune of “Count Your Many Blessings”, and “I Love to Dance and Love to Sing”. Judy loves to sing as it is runs in the family for see PAYSON, page 4

846 Expressway Lane • Spanish Fork (801) 794-9912 • Next to K-Mart


Love Your Neighbors

Vol. 2 ISSUE 9


of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures. He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people. He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within. He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands. Find more online and at: He has obstructed the 1200 Towne Centre Blvd #2060 • Provo Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws (801) 319-7219 establishing Judiciary Serve Daily would like to thank Jon McNaughton for promoting for powers. Liberty & Freedom and providing this artwork for print. He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, hen in the institute new Government, The history of the present for the tenure of their offices, Course laying its foundation King of Great Britain and the amount and payment of human on such principles and is a history of repeated of their salaries. events, it becomes necessary organizing its powers in injuries and usurpations, all He has erected a multitude for one people to dissolve such form, as to them shall having in direct object the of New Offices, and sent the political bands which seem most likely to effect establishment of an absolute hither swarms of Officers to have connected them with their Safety and Happiness. Tyranny over these States. harrass our people, and eat another, and to assume Prudence, indeed, will To prove this, let Facts be out their substance. among the powers of the dictate that Governments submitted to a candid world. He has kept among us, in earth, the separate and equal long established should He has refused his times of peace, Standing station to which the Laws of not be changed for light Assent to Laws, the most Armies without the Consent Nature and of Nature’s God and transient causes; and wholesome and necessary of our legislatures. entitle them, a decent respect accordingly all experience for the public good. He has affected to render the to the opinions of mankind hath shewn, that mankind He has forbidden his Military independent of and requires that they should are more disposed to suffer, Governors to pass Laws superior to the Civil power. declare the causes which while evils are sufferable, of immediate and pressing He has combined with others impel them to the separation. than to right themselves importance, unless to subject us to a jurisdiction We hold these truths to by abolishing the forms to suspended in their operation foreign to our constitution, be self-evident, that all men which they are accustomed. till his Assent should be and unacknowledged by are created equal, that they But when a long train of obtained; and when so our laws; giving his Assent are endowed by their Creator abuses and usurpations, suspended, he has utterly to their Acts of pretended with certain unalienable pursuing invariably the same neglected to attend to them. Legislation: Rights, that among these Object evinces a design to He has refused to pass other For Quartering large bodies are Life, Liberty and the reduce them under absolute Laws for the accommodation of armed troops among us: pursuit of Happiness.-Despotism, it is their right, of large districts of people, For protecting them, by a That to secure these rights, it is their duty, to throw unless those people mock Trial, from punishment Governments are instituted off such Government, and would relinquish the for any Murders which among Men, deriving to provide new Guards right of Representation they should commit on the their just powers from the for their future security.-in the Legislature, a right Inhabitants of these States: consent of the governed, Such has been the patient inestimable to them and For cutting off our Trade --That whenever any Form sufferance of these Colonies; formidable to tyrants only. with all parts of the world: of Government becomes and such is now the He has called together For imposing Taxes on us destructive of these ends, it necessity which constrains legislative bodies at places without our Consent: is the Right of the People to them to alter their former unusual, uncomfortable, and For depriving us in many alter or to abolish it, and to Systems of Government. distant from the depository cases, of the benefits of Trial



by Jury: For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies: For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments: For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us. He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people. He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation. He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands. He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions. In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler


of a free people. Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our Brittish brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends. We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. In Congress July 4, 1776 . Be the lucky person to find the copy of issue 1 that was delivered to some store. Call the number for Serve Daily on page 3. Must Provide copy of paper and location. Paper is marked. Gift will be provided.

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Feb./March 2013

Do A Kind Deed Daily


Ginny’s Genealogical Gems Auditions for Art City Days By Ginny Ackerson Talent Festival on April 13th. Springville Resident Families and school groups are encouraged to participate. The Talent Festival, a All Springville residents kick-off event for Art City are encouraged to audition Days, will be held Saturday, for the annual Art City Days June 1 from 7 to 9 p.m. and Talent Festival sponsored by is free to the public. Audithe Springville Arts Comtions will be held on mission. Soloists, groups, Saturday, April 13th at the vocalists, instrumentalists, Springville Museum of Art dancers and other entertain- in the Grand Gallery from 10 ing talents are welcome. in the morning to 4 in the

By Ginny Ackerson Springville Resident

Women’s maiden names are sometimes difficult to determine, especially if the family was moving frequently and the marriage record hasn’t been found. There are several ways of determining the birth name of a woman if you are unable to find a marriage record. First try and locate her death record. If you are searching before local governments kept official records there are several alternatives. Obituaries and wills frequently mention parents or brothers and sisters. If they mention parents or brothers, you will have her maiden name. However, if they only mention sisters you may have to find the sisters’ death records, wills or obituaries to see if their maiden name is mentioned. Check the birth or christening records of all of the woman’s children. Also check the children’s marriage and death records to see if their mother’s maiden name was mentioned. Another alternative is to check burial records from the local churches or cemetery sexton’s office. Also check headstone inscriptions as some women have their maiden names as

part of the inscription. Census records are also a good place to check. Sometimes you will find parents or siblings living with the family or the young couple may have been living with her parents at some point. Check all the wills and land records that mention her married surname. Many times family members will mention something like “To my sister, Mary, and her husband John Smith” or “To my daughter, Susan Jones” thus establishing the familial relationship and her maiden name. Court records are a great place to find maiden names. It is amazing how many times you will find family members suing each other over land, personal possessions or money. Military pension records

are another place to look. Most pension applications were filed when the former soldiers were older or deceased and their children were married. The soldiers or their widows would list when and where they were married and then list their adult children; the daughters would appear with their married names. Naming patterns also help determine maiden names. My 2ggfather was named Wacey Clarke, his father was George Wasey Clarke and his father was John Wasey Clarke who was born to Daniel Clarke and Lydia Wacey. If one of the children has an unusual name, it may be a clue to the mother’s family name. Contact if you need genealogical help.

The annual South Davis Regional Family History Conference is coming up on Friday and Saturday, April 19th and 20th. The conference has grown so much that it has been moved to Woods Cross High School. Regis-

tration and class details are at Classes range from beginner to advanced, from local to foreign, from journaling to family reunions and there will be many classes on applying technology to your

research. If your calling is in family history, there is an entire track available to help you with your calling. Many vendors will be there and there will be a drawing on Saturday for several wonderful prizes.

South Davis Regional Family History Conference

SERVE DAILY PO Box 204 Springville, Utah 84663 Serve Daily is published monthly on the second Tuesday of each month. One copy per person. Please share with people that may not be able to get out and pick up a copy. Email stories/ads to Call us at: (801) 477-6845 Subscribe to our blog at Find our ad rates online under Advertiser Services. Opinions expressed by columnists, ads, etc. are not necessarily the opinion or policy of BSPF. Submission Price $25 Weddings, Anniversaries, Missionaries, First Birthdays, Eagle Scouts, Young Women Awards, Veterans. All Content ©2013 Been Served, Pay Forward, created Serve Daily. Permission is required to reprint any material from this publication.

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor of Serve Daily, I recently met a lady at work that changed my view of Valentine’s Day. She goes to one of the local Senior Center’s here in Springville and gives each senior a Valentine. She has done this for many years. She makes little treat bags with a little saying stapled to the bag. The little saying says, “Everyone Deserves A Valentine.” She loves giving them out. Even if she knows them or has just met them she still wants them to know that they are loved. We all know that being single on Valentine’s Day can be hard. Many have called the day “Single Person’s Awareness Day!” but as I listened to this sweet lady and what she does on Valentine’s Day I quickly learned that if we want to be loved we have to give love even if we don’t get any love back. We don’t always have to show romantic love on Valentine’s Day. We can show our love through the little acts we do for each other everyday. Little random acts of kindness can grow into something bigger than we thought. So on this Valentine’s Day I would challenge each of us to think “Everyone Deserves A Valentine.” Valentine’s come in all kinds of ways from a smile in passing tohelping someone in need. Who will you give a Valentine to this Valentine’s Day? [Editor comment- Granted, this paper came out on Valentine’s Day, but, if we pretend every day is Valentine’s Day or Christmas, imagine how caring we can be ALL YEAR!] From, Your Neighbor in Springville.

Sunday concert series

By Ginny Ackerson Springville Resident

and Central America. In Europe, he has conducted in Germany, France, and the February Czech Republic, recording Springville Arts Commisin 2000 with the Moravian sion is pleased to feature the Philharmonic. He has been UVU Horn Choir on the Music Director of the February 17th at 5 p.m. in Athenaeum Pops Orchestra the Springville Museum of Symphony Orchestra of in Indianapolis, the WestArt. The concert is free to musical excellence and minster Symphony in the public and is family and unusual versatility. Each Denver, and has conducted Sabbath friendly. year, the orchestra enthralls professionally in five other The UVU Horn Choir is audiences in a wide variety states. comprised of French horn of venues, ranging from By performing great students from Utah Valley formal concerts to fairs and music in classical and University and is conducted rodeos. On March 17th they popular styles, the NPO by UVU faculty, Dr. Jeb will perform their “Celtic provides our friends and Wallace. The horn choir will Cruise” program at the neighbors with the opportuperform sacred and secular museum at 5 p.m.. nity to hear live performancselections from composers Maestro Winkler brings es of music that has such as Bruckner, over 30 years of internation- shaped the world in Tchesnekov, Perrini, and al performing experience to which we live. We Mendelssohn his conducting. He has invite you to join extensive experience with us for an evening March both instrumental and choral of good music, The Nebo Philharmonic groups, and has conducted in great fun, and a Orchestra is a 75-piece fourteen countries in South grand time for everyone.


ACROSS 1. Neon, e.g. 4. Medieval name for China 10. Tooth on a gear rim 13. Agreement 14. Brooks Robinson, e.g. 15. Victorian, for one 16. Low female singing voice 17. ___ Tower in Chicago 18. ___ Zeppelin 19. Small plaque with occupant’s name or house number 21. “___ Cried” (1962 hit) 23. “___ Along the Mohawk,” novel 24. Final transport 27. “Are we there ___?” 28. Death on the Nile cause, perhaps 31. Meeting devoted to a particular activity 32. Janitor 34. New Mexico art community 35. Where ship’s passengers can leisurely walk (2 wds) 38. Attendee 39. Gloomy 40. Llama relatives 42. Armageddon 43. “I” problem 46. Bull sound 47. Retire from military service 49. Balaam’s mount 50. Phone customers’ shared service (2 wds) 54. Buff 56. Hard cattle fat 58. Baker’s dozen? 59. Appropriate 60. Anatomical ring

61. Algonquian Indian 62. “Absolutely!” 63. Confederate soldiers 64. “First Blood” director Kotcheff DOWN 1. Aplenty 2. Represent an incident by action, esp. on stage (2 wds) 3. Attack 4. Hood 5. “Mi chiamano Mimi,” e.g. 6. Knight fight 7. Burrow 8. “Aladdin” prince 9. Acceptances 10. Celery variety with a large turnip-like root 11. Bauxite, e.g. 12. “Crikey!” 13. Rice ___ 20. Church song 22. Move or act swiftly 24. In this place or document 25. Crybaby 26. U.S. Navy junior commissioned officer (abbrev.) 29. Go up and down 30. Imitates a hot dog 31. Bulrush, e.g. 32. Reef components 33. Negative vote 35. John Paul II, e.g. 36. Places in the ground again, e.g.

Platinum Members Triple T Heating America First Credit Union South Valley Gym Salem/SF Chamber Awards at Robert and Barbara Palfreyman tor’s Assistant for all Big O Tires Installation Mtg. on Jan 25: Spanish Fork Mayor’s Award she does. Clegg Automotive Business of the Month Dr. Don Robertson Business Person of the Year Dirty Jo Punsters Macey’s Stores Presidents Award Susan Larsen Taylor Jimmy Johns Business Person of the Year Bridges Program, Kyra 2013 Executive Board Heideman, McKay, Heugly Susan Larsen Taylor Benson, Kay Thomas Perkins, President Law Community Action Award Lenna Mendenhall Brad Tanner, Triple T Heating mTech Payments Systems Steve Henline Director’s Award President Elect Blaine Hone Excavating Total Citizen of the Year Randi Kaufman Becky McConnell, Maceys Mountain America Credit Cary Ludlow Hanks Special Recognition Past President Union Business Educational Partner Karen Payne for her years of Cary Robarge, Robarge Collision Spanish Fork City Nebo Credit Union service to our community. Executive Director Salem City Salem City Mayor’s Award Jolyn Adams, Chamber Direc- Cary Hanks, Cary’s Designs Floral Wiggy Wash

To advertise call (801) 477-6845 • Online at &

afternoon by appointment only. Please contact Ginny Ackerson at 801-489-4994 or to make an appointment for your audition. In addition, you will need to bring the filled in application to the audition. The application can be found at http://www. See you there!!

perennials 37. Papa 38. Blah-blah-blah 41. Actor given equal status with another 43. Someone who leaves one country to settle in another

44. Struck and sounded a tam-tam 45. Corpulent 48. Choose someone by voting 50. Commoner 51. ___ vera 52. “Let’s ___”

53. “___ the night before ...” 54. Wray of “King Kong” 55. “Tarzan” extra 57. “___ we having fun yet?” Answers Pg. 9

Springville Community Pool 1015 East 900 South (801) 489-2731 The Springville Pool is CLOSED for maintenance until February 23.


and swim at the pool party on Sat. Feb. 25 at 6:30 pm

There will be games, prizes, treates, and activities for all ages! Family admission is $12. ALSO... On Feb. 27 join the Historical Society at 7pm at the Art Museum for the history of Springville Herald and Springville Independent.

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Love Your Neighbors



From page 1

many generations. If you are interested in learning more about Judy and the Rest call (801) 798-7075 or www.judysings.blogspot. com. Judy Reynolds, Director, invites all local seniors, 55 and above, to come and participate in the activities at the Senior Citizen Center, with $10 annual membership. There are many activities to choose from: Monday: Exercise 11 am, Oil Painting 1 pm; Tuesday: Line Dance 10 am, Sing along 11 am, Wood Working 10 am, Swedish Weaving 1 pm; Wednesday: Ceramics 9am, Tops 9 am, Wellness Checks 10:30 am (1st and 3rd ), Wood Working 10 am, Exercise 11 am; Thursday: Tai Chi 11 am, Education Classes 12:20 pm, Crocheting 2 pm; Friday: Exercise 11 am, Bingo after lunch. Also, Monday – Friday from 8 am – 4 pm, you are welcome to use the computers, exercise equipment, library, puzzles, games, organ, pool tables, ping-

Would you like to share a special event with the “neighborhood”? For only $25 we provide you space for a picture and up to 250 words!

DO YOU HAVE A CHILD who is Five or going to be Five by September 1, 2013? Registration for next year’s Kindergarten Serve Daily Judy and the Rest. Family and Judy on Right will be held on the following Anniversaries, Awards, Births, pong, and TV. Lunch is You can’t beat a meal for $2 days: Graduations, Obituaries, Religious, served at Noon, Monday to and enjoys eating one Tuesday, March 12, 2013, Friday call for details. everyday rubbing shoulders for the Spanish Fork Area & Weddings! John Saimbene, Insurance with the senior citizens. Schools; Wednesday, March Call (801) 477-6845 for more details. Suite of Utah (Spanish Kathryn Wilkinson, from 13, 2013, for Payson, Salem, Fork), provides the cake and Elkridge, enjoys coming to and Santaquin Area Schools; ice cream once a month for the birthday Fridays. Went and on Thursday, March 14, the senior birthday party. down to Tuacahn last year 2013, for the Springville, Thank You! with the center. Took the ABS towing is defined in three words: Absolute Best Mapleton Area Schools. Dawn Perry, of Payson for busses to the canyons. Service. Ken Shaw is the name, towing cars is his game. Your child should be Five 65 years, enjoys seeing all Loves to hike, bike, snowBreak downs, accidents, impounds he does it all! Local years old before September the people and the entertain- shoe, and cross-country tows are $55 which is the average amount for most towing 1, 2013 in order to enroll in ment. It’s a pleasant place to skiing. companies. He has been running the business for thirteen Kindergarten. You will need come, tables are decorated Edna Mount, 82, enjoys years around Utah County. Ken is the main operator and he to bring with you the beautifully, and they make dishing up meals for around has his sons run the business when he is unavailable. He is following items: A Record of you feel very welcomed. 30 - 40 people Monday a reliable worker and does the job quick. What makes him immunizations, his or her Madison Jack Argyle, through Friday and then different from all the other towing companies? He has an Birth Certificate, and Proof Payson resident, since 1940, around 50 - 60 for the awesome tow mater sticker on all his trucks which makes it of Residency. If you have moved from Lakeshore. monthly birthday party. simple to spot him and also remember him! Sound familhappen to miss Kindergarten Loves to play the Harmonica Visit our website a iar? All his kids have his logo on their cars; it helps him enrollment, feel free to ever since he was 5 years or call with advertising and getting noticed! So next time your car contact the school in your old. On Tuesday’s Jack us at (801) 465-5215 for decides that it doesn’t want to leave for work or just doesn’t area to find out what they plays the Harmonica or more information. have the energy to start he is available 24 hours call if would like you to do. Organ at the Sing Along. needed at 801-489-1276. Submitted by Julia Murray Submitted by Natalie Shaw

SHS student Promotes ABS!

A Perspective on Popularity

The Comics Section

By Tristan Anderson ing popular really mean? you. They will stand by your SF Junior High Having more friends or side for the most ridiculous

of reasons, even if they do not agree with it themselves. Although they may be crazy, your friends make you feel happy about yourself. Being popular is having friends who learn to deal with you and your faulty side. Popularity is how many lives you have touched, and how many smiles you have created. Popularity is about how many people are lined up to see you one last time before your body is buried. Throughout our lives, we have to decide whats important; how cool we are or how many people we can give our love to. After all, we will never know just how popular we are until the day we die.

Ribbon Cutting Feb.21 at 11:30 Marci Aston, owner of Classic Beauty & Barber LLC enjoys fishing, watching football and relaxing at Lake Powell. Graduated

©2013 Been Served, Pay Forward

Valedictorian from the Aveda Institute in Provo and worked at a local Payson barbershop until now. Her shop was to be unlike any

other barbershop/salon in Payson, so she invited her brother Wes to hang some of his fantastic Utah Photography as decorations in the shop. Lisa, her sister, does massage by appointment. With the help of an amazing antique dealer, they were able to create the classic atmosphere. My future plans are to grow and expand as the community does, as well as assist my fellow stylists in becoming successful professionals.” Call the shop at (801) 310-2213 or come by for a haircut at 875 East 100 North St. 6 Payson. Find us on Facebook. Call and schedule your massage today!

JED & KIRBY by Tristan Davis

more enemies? Being so called “popular” changes people. I have had many good friends in my childhood who were taken in by popular people, and they transformed into a new person. They had a different personality, different likes, and obviously different friends. Those friends decided that I was not cool enough to hang out with them anymore, and as a result, I was pushed out of their lives. Popularity, in my mind, is about having friends or people in your life who care about you and your goals. They will help you succeed and progress. They’ll help you see who the real you is, and not try to change you or your opinions, but help you find better solutions for hard to solve problems. They will teach you and learn from

All comics are by locals. If you would like to submit comics on a monthly basis please contact (801) 477-6845 or email Tristan (12) and Will (20) are talented and enjoy providing the comics.

ROOMIES by William King

Society tries to trick us into thinking that popularity is about the people we hang out with, the way we dress, and the things that we do. Many of us have fallen for it; look at the way our schools have turned out. Children are being bullied and teased about the clothes they can’t afford, and the things that they can’t afford to do. Teachers and Administrators are blinded; they cannot see the way that students are treating each other. To our teachers, the students who are well behaved, have good grades, and strive to do their best are considered popular. Sometimes popularity is attached to peer pressure; a student may pressure another into doing something wrong and their reward -popularity! However, what does be-

Vol. 2 ISSUE 9



1. “I have gained their trust. They still do not know I am a human.” - Taylor Davis 2. Now why did I come in here again?- Quinn Stickney

Current Cartoon

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Feb./March 2013

Hobble Creek

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Springville High

RED DEVILS DROWN SKYHAWKS Springville has been victorious over all opponents including Maple Mountain, Orem, Timpview, Timpanogos, Mountain View, Payson, and Provo including numerous 5A foes. Springville traveled in December to the Judge Memorial Christmas Classic in which the boys took first and the girls took third. Pictured is Gabe Hargett. Submitted by Carey White Article by by Ezra Hopoate SPRINGVILLE CITY OFFERS many different activities, events and etc. to the community to participate in. They offer dance, swim, pottery, culinary and many more classes, for citizens to participate in and explore things they love. People of all ages are active in the city sports, with ages ranging from four to however long your love for a sport continues. Some of the most popular sports are volleyball, basketball, softball and baseball. Almost 300 community members participate in the recreation program yearly. So much time and effort is put into the program. Recreation workers put in many hours of their spare time to keep the program running, fun and safe. The refs that are hired are just your average teenagers spending time to earn a little money and getting involved in the community. SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS were displayed in the Thanks for all the time and hard work, Springville gym on February 7th giving the judges a chance to look and Recreation puts in for the community The Springville listen to the science experiments sixth grade students have Recreation is an all year program. For more information been working on since December. Some of the winning visit . Submitted by student Amanda Sly projects were: “The Power of Fruit “by Jensyn Black, “ Saliva’s Defense Against Acid “ by Andrew Thomson, “Which Fruit Tested has the Greatest Amount of Vitamin C” by Gabi Smith, “Can People Tell the Difference Between Generic and Name Brand Foods” by Samantha Strunk. Kelsey Corfield, Jacob Richey, Maddie Cars • Trucks • SUV’s • RV’s 356 N. Main Street Frischnecht,and Emme Smith were also winners. The Diesels • Utility Trailers Springville, UT winners will compete at the Nebo District Science Fair. Commercial Vehicles 801-372-0248 Submitted by Carol Day Motor Homes Generators PENNY WARS FUNDRAISER donated to South Valley Animal Shelter The Hobble Creek student council visited the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork to deliver the money and goods raised by the school through our Penny Wars charity fundraiser. Hobble Creek students raised over $1200 for the animals, which will go towards supplies, medicine, and vaccinations. The South Utah Valley Animal Shelter would like to thank all of Hobble Creek Elementary for their generosity! Submitted by Carol Day


Maple Mountain

MAPLE MOUNTAIN FFA recently attended the Area 5 contests. Malinda Olsen was named the area winner in Sheep Production. She currently owns and manages 4 head of breeding ewes, 5 show sheep and leases 14 ewes. She has been able to learn a variety of husbandry skills and has done well at competitions throughout the state with her show lambs. Malinda will also be representing the area in the Star State Farmer competition. She will move on the state competition later this month. Pictured: Malinda and her award for area Sheep Production Proficiency winner. Submitted by Tyler Lewis. Story and photo by Kaylee Liddiard.


“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” - - Mother Teresa

Mt. Loafer

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THE STUDENTS AT MT. LOAFER ELEMENTARY School in Salem had a special assembly that promoted reading with magic! Magician, Mike Hamilton performed many fun magic tricks, while encouraging the students to read! He included many students in his magic show and gave books to some of the students. He even left a magic card on the ceiling of the auditorium so that the students would be reminded to read! Pictured: Amanda Andrews, Zach Linton, Magician Mike Hamilton, Brooke Bradshaw, and Josh Jones. Submitted by Larraine Nelson

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Wednesday, November 28, Sonic sponsored a Brockbank night, between 5 and 8 pm, a percentage of all sales was given to our school. Because of the wonderful support of our Brockbank families it was a great success! On January 24, Sonic representative Skyler Stevens came to Brockbank to award us a check for $393.33! We would like to thank Sonic for their continued support and all of our amazing Brockbank families that participated in that fun evening! Pictured is Sonic’s Mascot, Skyler Stevens, and Principal Alison Hansen. Submitted by Brenda Johnson

IFA 250 Arrowhead Trail • Spanish Fork (801) 798-7418

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Love Your Neighbors

Vol. 2 ISSUE 9

As Good As Mom’s But You Won’t Have To Do The Dishes

Amber’s Family Restaurant

Get recipes to


2. Get recipe book to Copies Plus Pr inting n, (store: 7 17 Nor th Mai Springville or online at ) copiespluspr

180 W. 1000. N Spanish Fork Hours: Mon: 6:30 am-9:00 pm Tues-Thurs: 6:30 am - 9:30 pm Fri-Sat: 6:30 am - 10:00 pm Above:The Amber Family Restaurant’s Monte Cristo sandwich is easily one of the best items on the menu. Below:The skillet breakfasts, like everything else, taste like mom’s good ole’ home cooking.

t To Do Lis gether


(801) 794-0533

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includes off retail pricing and 20% off discount is esetting. typ or ign des c graphi printing, binding and /13 3/31 Expires

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syrup. She added a side of hash browns - not regular grated potatoes – these were thick shavings of skilletKaye Nelson browned potatoes! By Kaye Nelson We chose items from mind blowing. “This is the perfect thing Restaurant Reviewer several headings including “It’s a heaping, steaming for someone who wants We walked into Amber something many diners ask pile of deliciousness,” breakfast at dinnertime,” she Family Restaurant tired and for Andrea said. We happily said. hungry from a day of snow “The country fried steak stole bites of her incredible The dinner rolls are Lion fun. We found a restaurant is our most popular item,” sandwich. House worthy. If you’ve probably cleaner than mom’s said Cassidy Barney, server. Riley Nelson ordered the ever had Lion House rolls, but the food was as good as She also said the skillets are seafood combination plate: you’ll know that’s a lofty hers for sure - wonderful ordered a lot, along with two beautiful fantailed compliment. comfort food cooked from their homemade pies. shrimp, halibut and a pile of “They are dense, soft and scratch. I started in on the country- breaded clam strips. The flaky all at the same time,” The menu is diverse and fried steak with a knife to shrimp had a delicate batter Todd said. everything sounds good. We cut the first piece but was and although all were Todd noticed something started with an appetizer happy to find it was fork deep-fried, none had a about the potatoes. We had a combo plate of mozzarella tender. It was the most greasy, heavy taste. baked potato, hash browns, and zucchini sticks and tender, tastiest I’ve ever had. Amy ordered breakfast home fried potatoes, French onion rings. Amy Smith proclaimed it for dinner, something fries and mashed potatoes. Todd Smith and Andrea “melt-in-your-mouth.” Cassidy said many people “The potatoes are equally Nelson dug in. Manager Jackie do. The skillet came with as good,” he said. “The cheese sticks taste Marchbank’s favorite item chunks of fried potatoes, “Sometimes a place makes like a Super Bowl party,” easily became ours – the diced ham, abundant cheese good hash browns but not Andrea remarked. Todd Monte Cristo grilled and two eggs – a whole meal French fries or good French noted they were crispy and sandwich: ham, turkey, even without the pancakes fries but not good mashed gooey – just the way they Swiss and American cheese that came with a carafe of potatoes. These are solid all should be. I love onion rings. served on egg dipped Texas It’s the batter that really toast. To look at it is a defines good onion rings and pleasure. To bite into it is these were perfect – flaky divine. It came with a bowl and surprisingly not too of strawberries in sauce that, UTAH COUNTY Foster help a child over the course greasy. drizzled on the sandwich, is Grandparents don’t just help of a weekend when they are children at school during the away from their school’s week they took time to make breakfast and lunch proa difference in children’s grams. The meals are L. FREEMAN DESIGN lives on the weekends as distributed by the Food Bank well. through the schools, for those Dedicated To Excellence As part of the Martin kids who are already Luther King Day of Service receiving free or reduced they chose to make a lunches and are in a situation ADVERTISING INVITATIONS contribution to the America at home where they would BUSINESS CARDS EVENT FLYERS “Backpack” Program by not receive regular, nutritious assembling over 447 food food over the weekend. LOGO DESIGN BROCHURES backpacks. Each backpack consists of The “Food Backpacks” a Ziploc bag with a juice box, LISA FREEMAN provide nutritious and a package of peanut butter 801 623 3969 easy-to-prepare food that can cracker sandwiches, a

the way around.” Amy has been a connoisseur of mashed potatoes her whole life. “The mashed potatoes with country gravy are whipped to just the right consistency and they are savory,” she said. The brown gravy on Todd’s potatoes was just as tasty – ordering either is a great choice. The split pea soup was as good as my homemade. Andrea noticed a smoky flavor and large chunks of ham, just as it should be. “This is solid home cooking, like being in mom’s kitchen,” she said. Riley felt the food was fairly predictable, “but a comfort food kind of predictable – it’s really good food.” We were a bit stuffed with the goodness of a robust meal but we wisely saved room for some homemade

pie. “Holy Moses, this is good apple pie!” Andrea exclaimed. Riley, who always chooses cherry, declared it tart and tangy. Amy said, “it’s so fresh you’ll want to slap its face.” It’s best ordered warm with ice cream. You can find the Amber Family Restaurant, owned by Randy and Paige Adams, near the freeway right off Main Street and on Facebook. “It’s great value for the price – you get a lot of really good food,” Todd concluded. Kaye Nelson, Restaurant Reviewer, grew up in Springville and is a true Red Devil. She knows good food and pays attention when restaurants entice customers with something out of the ordinary. Check out previous reviews at

Foster Grandparents at it again...Serving!

Buy ONE Sandwich Get ONE Sandwich

E FRE 865 SR 198 • Payson

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granola bar, fruit & grain bar, fruit snacks, fruit cup and a meal item like microwavable mac & cheese, ravioli or a cup of soup. According to The Food Bank about 700 of these “backpacks” are distributed each week in Utah County. Besides the backpacks, the Foster Grandparents donated another 106 items for use at a later date. The Corporation for National and Community Service, which the Foster Grandparents program falls

under, encourages the sponsorship of a service project each year. The Foster Grandparent Program, a volunteer program for limited-income seniors, provides opportunities for seniors to tutor and mentor children with special and exceptional needs in schools and other facilities. Volunteers must be 55 years of age or older to participate and volunteer a minimum of 15 hours a week. Call (801) 851-7784 for more details. Submitted by Mike Stansfield


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Feb./March 2013

Do A Kind Deed Daily

Spanish Fork-Salem Area Chamber of Commerce awards “The Dug Out” as February Busines of the Month!


“Rapunzel: A Very Hairy Fairy Tale”

Rapunzel, Scera Theatre

February Business of the Month: The Dugout

Rich Harris, Museum Editions

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DUG OUT for being chosen as February Business of the Month! Blake Barney and Bob McConnell welcomed Dale and Ila Mae Barney and Chamber members at the celebration held on Feb. 5. There to congratulate the Dug Out were Brad Tanner, Bob and Becky McConBuy One 32 OZ nell, Rod Dart, Eric Fountain Melander, Heathre Hone, Drink Chris Baird, Ron Payne, Frank Lillywhite, Amy Get One 32 OZ Dickerson, Terri Fountain Williams, Brent Wignall, Ed Jeffrey, Carol Ford, Drink Wendy and Jody 866 South Main•Spanish Fork Osborne, Lance Wilson, (801) 798-7499 and Cary Hanks. Photo Find us on Facebook courtesy of Museum Texaco-Dug-Out Expires: 4/30/13 Editions, a delicious cake from Macey’s and Thanks Spanish Fork Channel 17! Serve Daily wants to provide the local chambers (Springville - Santaquin) limited free space to promote the Business of the Month. Business of the Month winners will be provided a one month free small ad to go with the information. We are here to Serve our community and bring us together to build the economy. It is the belief of the Serve Daily staff that we can create a sure future. Thanks for reading!

Grimm meets Disney. That’s how director Chase Ramsey describes his concept for SCERA’s upcoming Theatre for Young Audiences production of “Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale.” That’s because the Utah premiere of the production combines many of the elements of the original Grimm story but puts a happy twist on it reminiscent of Disney’s animated hit “Tangled” - making it a charming new musical. The one-hour musical will offer public performances on Mondays and Fridays @ 7pm from Feb. 18 - March 8. Reserved-seat tickets are for $6 for


SPANISH FORK CITY Councilman Richard Davis is looking for a volunteer to run the Fiesta Days craft fair. He is seeking someone to commit to two years of planning and oversight of this event held during Fiesta Days. This would include signing up vendors, assigning booth space, and collecting the booth rents. This individual would work closely with the Fiesta Days Committee and Davis. Contact Richard at if you or someone you know is interested. SF loves volunteers!

SPRINGVILLE CITY Be a friendly visitor volunteer and provide a break to family caregivers. By providing a few hours of companionship each month to an elder, you can preserve the well-being and quality of life for both the caregiver and the elder they are caring for. for more information, call (801) 229-3818 or email

Volunteer for Meals on Wheels. For information visit www. or call (801) 229-3821

OTHER IDEAS • If it snows, shovel a few extra driveways and sidewalks • Take a plate of cookies to a neighbor and talk for a while. • Take a bag full of groceries or warm clothes to a neighbor who stands in need. • If prompted, give someone you see on the street food or money. Or, better yet, take them to get some food at a local restaurant. • Think positively about yourself and others. Eschew negativity. • Cover someones grocery order • Pick up trash whereve you are.

Come Enjoy Magleby’s Award Winning Breakfast Endless French Toast With In-House Syrup Saturdays, 8AM to 2 PM

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Offer valid only at Springville location: 198 S. Main Street Springville, UT 84663 (801) 374-6249 To advertise call (801) 477-6845 • Online at &

pers, potato chip bags and whatever litter she has gleaned from the forest. Ramsey is thrilled about his cast, including popular actress Kelly Coombs Johnson as Rapunzel, who is regularly seen in lead roles at theatres up and down the Wasatch Front. The set, designed by Nat Reed, has a large tower that turns and opens into Rapunzel’s room. Reed also created a 20foot puppet for the dragon, Socrates, which will be operated and voiced by Shawn Mortensen, and is sure to be an exciting highlight for kids of all ages. Other performers include Taylor Eliason, Julie Nevin, Samantha Frisby, Brandon Haden, Jillian Ormond, and Justin Stockett. SCERA President & CEO Adam J. Robertson loves the Theatre for Young Audiences program. “It’s so neat to see kids experience the magic of live theatre, many for the very first time. And for parents, it’s witty and fast-paced and entertaining for them as well.”



(Note to Chambers: information needs to be provided on a timely basis, call (801) 477-6845for details)

adults and $4 for children (age 3-11), $4 seniors (age 65 and older), and students (w/ID). They may be purchased in advance from 10am-6pm weekdays and Saturdays from Noon6pm at the main office of SCERA Center, 745 South State, Orem, by calling (801) 225-ARTS, online at www. or 30 minutes prior to performance. Chase Ramsey is directing the familiar tale about the girl with outrageously long hair trapped in a tower deep in the gloomy forest. The evil Lady ZaZa needs Rapunzel to stay hidden so she cannot inherit the kingdom. If Rapunzel escapes before she turns 18, Lady ZaZa’s plan will fail. She has put a spell on a once regal fire-breathing dragon to guard the princess but doesn’t count on the handsome knight Sir Roderick and his hairdresser friend Edgar to thwart her plans. In the classic battle of good versus evil, Roderick and Edgar seek to rescue the princess with the help of a crazy gypsy women who wears a cloak fashioned from newspa-


Serve Daily would like to thank Rich Harris of Spanish Fork Community Network for providing the CheapShots and The Dugout pictures for this paper. We hope to work together and support other local newspapers, radio/TV stations, coupon packs, ad magazines, and so forth. We operate with a mindset that there is no competition between businesses, we are all here for a given purpose and to serve. NEW PHONE # Call today and see how we can work together.

(801) 477-6845

“Yes U Can”

Budget Bankruptcy 801-379-0300 Dane Hines Atty.


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Love Your Neighbors

Vol. 2 ISSUE 9

CheapShots Ribbon Cutting

Fact or Fiction?

Movie Character Challenge


Many movies have been made for kids. Here are some questions about some kid movie characters. How many can you answer correctly? 1) Winnie the Pooh is a rabbit. Fact or Fiction?

2) Woody does not like Buzz Lightyear in the beginning. Fact or Fiction?

3) Dorothy Gale lands in Oz with her dog Bobo. Fact or Fiction? 4) Shrek is married to Princess Adrianna. Fact or Fiction?

5) Snow White lives with 10 dwarfs for a time. Fact or Fiction? 6) Luke and Princess Leia turn out to be brother and sister. Fact or Fiction? 7) Cinderella has a stepmother and two stepsisters. Fact or Fiction? 8) Pinocchio’s nose grows with every truth he tells. Fact or Fiction?

9) Frodo Baggins must destroy the necklace before it destroys him. Fact or Fiction? 10) Harry Potter is a genie. Fact or Fiction?

Rich Harris, Museum Editions

Q: How did the bee greet the flower in the movie? Q: Why did the skeleton go to the movies alone? A: Because he had no body to go with.

South Utah Valley author publishes his first fantasy book

Joke Jokess and and Riddle Riddless A: Hi, honey!

Congratulations to CheapShots Photography on their new studio located at 1271 E. Expressway Lane in Spanish Fork. Owner Christy Hair and staff made the Chamber welcome with headshots, crepes, and lots of networking. Some of those attending were Mason Torres Mountain America Credit Union, Terri Williams Rise Prioritize & Organize, Mike Mendenhall Central Bank, Sam Barker Little Ad Mag, Dr. Baggaley Back on Track Chiropractic, Brad Tanner Triple T Heating, Randy Asay Sam’s Club, Cary Robarge Robarge Collision, Dean Wride Clegg’s Automotive, Stacy Beck Utah Valley Magazine, Cary Hanks Cary’s Designs Floral, Rod Dart Spanish Fork City, Randi Kaufman RK Creative Consulting, John Salimbene Independent Insurance Agent, Heather Wolsey Daily Herald, and many others. Congratulations to Christy and her staff of professional photographers! Support your local chamber and support your local shops. Keep working Hard!!!

Answers: 1) Fiction, Winnie the Pooh is a bear, 2) Fact, 3) Fiction, Dorothy’s dog’s name is Toto, 4) Fiction, Shrek is married to Princess Fiona, 5) Fiction, Snow White lives with seven dwarfs, 6) Fact, 7) Fact, 8) Fiction, Pinocchio’s nose grows with every lie he tells, 9) Fiction, Frodo must destroy the ring, 10) Fiction, Harry Potter is a wizard

CheapShots Ribbon Cutting

Name Name That That Title Title

A Big Job When a movie begins, the names of people that helped make it are usually listed. At the top of the list is a person known as the producer. Producers have a big job. They are the ones who make the movie happen. They find a script, hire a director, help cast actors and put together a film crew. They are also in charge of the money needed to make the movie. Because the job is so big, movies often have more than one producer. While one producer might deal with the money, another might deal with the film crew and actors.

What Rhymes with…

It takes a lot of people to make a movie. Fill in the blanks to name the job titles of some people that might be found on a movie set.

D __ R __ C T __ R


M A __ __ U P A __ T __ S T


A C __ O __


List 10 words that rhyme with “show.”

C A M __ R A __ P E R __ T O __


G R __ __


H A __ R D R __ S S __ R











P R __ P M A __ E __



Answers: 1) Director, 2) Makeup Artist, 3) Actor, 4) Camera Operator, 5) Grip, 6) Hairdresser, 7) Propmaker

Some answers: bow, grow, hoe, low, mow, no, row, sow, stow, tow

For those kindle readers out there, The Dragon Ruler is available for only $9.95 on Amazon. Support local talent and buy this book today. Chris is working on books 2 & 3 follow him on facebook or Read Daily! 262 South Main, Springville, UT


Book Cover provided by author. (Below is a Professional Review)

By Jaime Polychrones

Publish America


n this powerful fantasy novel about the ageold battle of good vs. evil, Chris J. Slaugh develops a unique plot that will appeal to readers worldwide. Humans have stopped believing in magical creatures, and as a result, their existence is depleting. In a last-ditch effort to survive, the magical creatures have used their remaining abilities to transform themselves into humans. They intend to mate with other humans and carry on their powers in a new race known as the “Fallen.” But it isn’t only the good magical creatures that reproduce; the evil creatures have also merged with humans, and their offspring are in a battle with the others to take back the land. Enjoy a quest for redemption in The Dragon Ruler: Book 1 Revenge. Drake must carry on his father’s birthright and fulfill his duty as the descendent of the Dragon Ruler. He absorbs the powers bestowed upon him by his father and discovers them little by little throughout his journey,

©2013 Been Served, Pay Forward

amazed by each ability he possesses and is able to use in his fight. The characters are in a constant state of war, both sides putting all of their power and energy into a cause they believe to be their destiny. Chris’ description of battle scenes and the command behind the magic are evident in the details behind each character’s ability. A play-by-play of the action surrounding each encounter between characters is the glue that holds together a novel with so many dimensions that otherwise would cause confusion. His tale is visually graphic, so much so that readers will envision this prose in their minds as if it’s a movie in their minds without a pause for reflection. The intensity with which each creature handles the struggles and battles that stand as obstacles in the way of progress is unmatched in today’s fantasy literature. The characters battle ghosts, werewolves, skeletons, and vampires as they strive to uphold the legacy of their parents. Dragon Ruler: Book 1 Re-

Chris J. Slaugh

venge is Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings where elements of magical creatures and devotion to friends and family combine with an epic battle for the preservation of the world in its peaceful state, battling the forces of evil at every turn while maintaining bravery and morality. By combining many elements of fantasy, Chris J. Slaugh has managed to create an all-encompassing novel that will amaze fantasy readers and fulfill the desire for magical creatures of every kind instead of lumping together specific groups that have typically co-existed. With an ending that only invigorates the reader more Dragon Ruler: Book 1 Revenge will have readers thirsting for the next installment of the Dragon Ruler series. Chris J. Slaugh knows how to end a novel with an event that’s sure to provoke a flurry of speculation about what is in store for Drake and his followers. You can find The Dragon Ruler: Book 1 Revenge at http://www.publishamerica. net/product46862.html or on Amazon.


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Feb./March 2013

Do A Kind Deed Daily


Demolition Destruction or Dismantling Is a Reverse Mortgage right for you? an inanimate thing instead of a pesky little brother is still a hole in the wall. But big brother might be commended for not putting a similar hole in his young sibling’s shin. Anger aside, some kids just like destroying things. They like the dust, the sound of falling stuff, the feeling of By Trudy Peck power they have over objects Parenting 911 and possibly the people who ou could hardly made them. It might begin blame his mom if with block towers and she was upset. progress to personal property Destroying a new guitar does if not checked. Destruction not seem like a good thing at for the sake of destruction is first glance. But wise parents to be discouraged or perhaps like her look into the re-directed. Perhaps if you situation and allow explana- are taking out a wall to build tion. What were his reasons a bigger room, destructofor taking a perfectly good child might be allowed to guitar apart? Was he angry help. Chopping up a log for a that he couldn’t figure out fire, knocking down an old how to play it? Was he bored rickety shed, tearing up old and just not thinking? Had he kitchen tile or cabinets for dropped a crayon inside and replacement are all great wanted to get it out? We are activities for a demolitionally all sympathetic with his minded child. Just teach him mother. What was he how to clean up after himself THINKING?! And what do after the fact. Or repair things parents do with children who he destroyed that were not play Destructo every chance meant to be. And apologize if they get? (And this is not a appropriate. new game from Hasbro.) Destruction for the sake of While some kinds of destruction might indicate destruction are truly naughty some underlying issues that and need to be discouraged, need to be handled. Is the you may want to determine child acting out frustrations the reasons behind your buried inside and knows no child’s seeming misbehavior. other way of expressing Was it… them? Most children are not Demolition? A hole in the mean just to be mean but if it wall due to anger directed at seems that way, someone


might need to encourage them to talk. Are things tough at home? Is school overwhelming? Is someone bullying them and they are retaliating? Acting out by destroying things may be a symptom of deeper troubles. Dismantling looks the same as demolition and destruction unless a lot of patience is applied. Curiosity is the driving power behind a good dismantling job. The brain wheels are turning, the mind full of wonder as the guitar parts become a pile of rubble and strings. You can just see him thinking, “How does this WORK?” “How can I make it better?” “I’ve got an IDEA!” So, apply a little patience, deal with your own impulses to stop the “misbehavior” and watch and see what happens. You may have to give up some perfectly good items in your child’s search for knowledge. Because that is what dismantling is, figuring out how things are put together and how they do what they do. And you might be pleasantly surprised when you see the final product – an acoustic guitar converted into an electric one. And yes, you can try this at home, if your parents let you, that is. Share your demolition, destruction or dismantling story with mothergoose@

By Bill Brown Real Estate Today


uy a home and have no mortgage payments for life? Does that sound too good to be true? Not if you are 62 years of age and older. Anyone who watches T.V. has been bombarded with advertising of the “reverse mortgage,” by the likes of movie stars Fred Thompson or Robert Wagner. Driving down I-15 toward St. George, I saw a billboard proclaiming, “Buy this $250,000. Home for $100,000 and have no mortgage payments for life.” My first thought was “what kind of a scam is that?” After further


he Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center is a historical landmark in Payson. The Victorian style building was designed by a local Utah County architect, Richard C. Watkins. He also designed the Knight Block and the Maeser School in Provo, and the public school in Spring City. He also designed the home of C. F. (Jack Dixon) in Payson among other residences. The building was initially designed for a school and was built on a hill east of the business district. The site had been the city gravel bed prior to the time the city agreed to let the Payson School District have it for the location for a new school. The double block was signed over to the school district April 2, 1897. Initial construction on the school started later and the building was ready when classes started in January 1901. First through Eighth Grades attended the school in the beginning. When Nebo School District was created several years later, the building and property were turned over to them for operation. The building served as an elementary school for Payson students until 1988. The Peteetneet was named after the Ute Indian Chief, Peteetneet, who lived near the creek that runs through what is now Payson. Although he died on December 23, 1861, the Peteetneet School was named

By Dawn Van Nosdol

Ready or Not


ease porridge hot, Pease porridge cold, Pease porridge in the pot – nine days old. Some like it hot, some like it cold, Some like it in the pot – deductible to the individual nine days old. donors. I was in a class once The building serves as a where the teacher was home to the Peteetneet Arts talking about the meaning of Council, Payson Historical nursery rhymes. With this Society, Payson Cultus Club particular rhyme, I’m sure and the Payson Jr. Cultus Club. that there are several The Daughters Of Pioneers also different interpretations, but utilizes the building for many the one she shared made Peteetneet - Prior to 1957 additions in his honor. of their meetings and banquets. sense – and it made me want In 1988, due to state and The building is used by to build a complete food federal safety concerns, the members of the community for storage with a large variety school was abandoned by Nebo weddings, plays, conferences, of options. School District and the students classes, recitals, reunions and She said that in ye’ merry were moved to newer schools many other activities. old England that there were in the city. When the property The building is owned by a lot of people who didn’t was returned to Payson City, Payson City but it is operated have the money to afford a the city wanted to demolish the by the PPP (People Presrving really good nutritious meal beautiful, old building and put Peteetneet) and is staffed by and they often ate just to fill the grounds to other uses. volunteers who conduct tours their stomachs. A lot of Larry Brown and Dr. Gordon of the building and the twelve families would start out with Taylor led a group of citizens display areas within the walls a vegetable stew (that is and formed People Preserving of the historic structure. The where the peas come in) or Peteetneet to save the historical building tours are held from porridge, and as the week building from the wrecker’s 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday would go along they would ball. It was this concerned through Friday. Other continue to add whatever citizens group who took a stand volunteers help with the they could bring home to to preserve this beautiful displays, maintain the grounds add to the pot. edifice. and do whatever else they can For the evening, the During the first few years of do to help with the porridge would be hot the restoration, it was not improvement of the facility. because the fire had been uncommon for many members Today the Historic stoked throughout the day of the committee and other Peteetneet Museum and (“some like it hot”) and in volunteers to work 8-16 hour Cultural Arts Center represents the morning the porridge days helping to restore and an ongoing act of love would be cold because the maintain Peteetneet. They were expressed by the community to fire was out (“some like it willing to do hard manual work all visitors. Not only is it the cold”). Some of these stews to help restore the building to its original beauty. Through the efforts of Dr. Taylor grant monies were obtained to help with the restoration of the building. Today, Peteetneet (People Preserving Peteetneet) is operated as a non-profit organization. All donations to the Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center are tax

restoration and preservation of a beautiful historic school building, but also it is a gathering place for children and adults who want to enjoy the facility and what it has to offer. During 2012, volunteers donated almost 12,000 hours of their time to share Peteetneet with the many visitors to our beautiful building.

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$200,000 in equity. You also have $100,000 in savings or in your 401K. This would enable you to pay $300,000 for your “dream home.” This would probably be the last home you would buy in your lifetime. This would exhaust your available cash reserves. Not a very wise decision for a senior citizen. You could still make that “dream home” purchase by investing $120,000 down and getting a “reverse mortgage” for $180,000 and have no payments for the rest of your life. Plus you would still have $180,000 in the bank for emergencies. In simple terms this is an overview of the possibilities for this type of mortgage. This type of loan is not for everyone. You must know the pitfalls and the cautions. Contact a loan officer who is familiar with this program. It is complicated, but it may work for some. Until next month, keep smiling. Email your questions to billbrown@

#223: Pease Porridge Hot  •  Food Storage

Peteetneet Museum & Cultural Arts By Dee Stevenson President of PPP

inquiry, I found out it had something to do with a “reverse mortgage,” officially known as the FHA insured HECM mortgage. This mortgage is a device to help senior citizens free up some of their equity. They may use these loan funds any way they wish—take the money in monthly increments to supplement their social security or retirement income. Or, they might take the complete loan proceeds in a lump sum. This could be helpful to those who lost great sums in their retirement savings through their 401K programs or individual stock and bond portfolios. Not only can you refinance your present home under this loan program, you can also purchase another home. The catch is that you must purchase it with a rather large down payment. Your down payment plus the proceeds from the new HECM mortgage would pay for the new home purchase. Let’s say you wanted to buy a new home. You have sold your present home and have

would last for quite some time – even longer than the nine days that the rhyme talked about. (Maybe that is where I envision the porridge being green.) Knowing that they didn’t enjoy the wonders of refrigeration in those days and thinking about the stew sitting in that hot and cold pot day and night, and day and night, and day and night, well, it just made me want to build a really good food storage with lots of variety so that I could avoid eating the same stuff over, and over, and over. Actually, my dad did make a variation of that stew once. He put together a delectable soup that was tomato based, instead of pea based, and he added zucchini and beans and a variety of other vegetables. Then he decided that the soup needed a grain and the grain of his choice was barley. I love barley, and I still do – in spite of that soup. We knew that barley expanded, but what happened to us was ridiculous. We ate our fill that night and then we put the leftovers in the fridge for lunch the next day. The next morning when we opened the fridge we were all shocked – the soup had grown. We had as much soup by volume as when my dad had first made it! It was actually quite solid and not much like soup anymore.

My dad added another quart of stewed tomatoes and warmed it up. It actually tasted better the next day because the spices had developed and melded with each other and it tasted great. No big deal; it wasn’t as if we had never eaten leftovers. But then, it just kept on growing. It really did get to be a bit of a joke and every day we would go to the fridge to see how much it grew during the night. After about of week of teasing him, and eating the soup, my dad couldn’t take it anymore and he threw the rest of it away. I’ll bet that if he had let it go, it would probably still be growing today. Now when I add barley to my soups, I am very judicious with the amount I add. Tailor your food storage to your families eating habits, work on building it every week, and maybe you won’t have to sit in the corner eating your Christmas pie and pulling out plums. Instead you can sit at your table eating anything you want and sharing with your friends and family. Love that food storage! And remember that if you have a soup you really like, just add barley – it will last longer. Browse on over to to find more articles.

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Love Your Neighbors

Vol. 2 ISSUE 9

Pic k up a c o p y o f Thoughts on Zion: Deductive Reasoning


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By Jesse Fisher

Although it doesn’t appear to have helped my career much, studying Mathematics at BYU did actually benefit me — I learned deductive reasoning. “If all frogs are green” and “Johnny has a frog”, then we can deduce “Johnny’s frog must be green”. Simple logic. Now let’s apply the same deductive reasoning to the topic of this column, Zion, and see what happens. President Benson said that “Pride is the great stumbling block to Zion” And Elder D. Todd Christopherson said, “The antithesis and antagonist of Zion is Babylon”, which we’ll simplify here as “Babylon is the opposite of Zion”. It should also be obvious that the opposite of a


From page 1 (see picture)

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the January 2013 Students of the Month. Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month. In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship. The MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to

stumbling block is a stepping-stone; one limits progress, and the other assists it. And, the opposite of pride, of course, is humility. So, if we assume that: Pride is the great stumbling block to Zion, Babylon is the opposite of Zion, The opposite of a stumbling block is a steppingstone, and The opposite of pride is humility… Then, we can deduce the following: Pride is the great steppingstone to Babylon. Humility is the great steppingstone to Zion, and Humility is the great stumbling block of Babylon. The tricky thing about deductive reasoning is that just because a deduction follows logically does not necessarily mean it is true. It may only be a valid conclu-

sion. It may also be false, if one or more of the given assumptions upon which the conclusion is being made is false. For example, our first deduction above, “Johnny’s frog must be green” may actually be false, given that all frogs in fact, aren’t green. In short, if we make false assumptions, our conclusions are likely to be false as well. I first made these deductions over a year ago, and have yet to find anything that contradicts them in the writings of the prophets and apostles, ancient or modern. I believe that both my assumptions and the deductions that spring from them are both valid and true. If you want to try your hand at applying deductive reasoning to the subject, you may learn a few interesting things. Sit down with a copy of President Ezra Taft Benson’s landmark talk,

celebrate this fantastic accomplishment. The students of the month for January are (listed by academic area): CTE- Amy Williamson, Aaron Andrew, Nicole Trapnel, Colby Gillies, Travis Farley English- Alec Cahua, Marijia Farris Fine Arts- Quinn Morrill, Savanah Wilson, Zoe Gould Foreign Language- Mattison Wood, Devin Twede, Connor Lunt Health- Delaney Rose, Rachel Brown, Magan Child Life Skills- Daniel Whitney, Steph

Ulbricht, Cole Neilsen Math- Alanna Hess, Kristiona Banks, Brandon Simpson PE- Tau Mulipola (Junior), Ryan Jenkins, Clayton Alvey Science-Philip Richey, Allison Ells, Truman Miller Social Studies- Cayla VanDerwalt, Weston Murdock, Cathleen Keliiiki Congratulations to the Students of the Month for January. Submitted by Jeff Nelson

Miss Teen Extraordinaire

“Beware of Pride”. Extract from it simple statements concerning pride, such as, “Pride is essentially competitive in nature” and “Pride leads to national destruction.” Then, substitute an even number of terms in each statement with their opposites and ask yourself if the results are true. For example, “Pride is essentially competitive in nature” turns into “Humility is essentially cooperative in nature.” Does that ring true? Does it fit with the scriptures? What about, “Humility leads to national prosperity.”? This exercise brought me to a greater understanding of both pride and humility; I believe it will do the same for the reader who makes the effort. © 2013 by Jesse Fisher, Salem, Utah.

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.” - Lewis Carol

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Feb./March 2013

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Hope on Strings

Lorena Moody

playing friends but soon By David Ahlborn their potential led to the Merit Student beginning of their bandSYNERGY, (A UTAH -Synergy. Synergy started CELLO BAND) had the out playing for rest homes opportunity to play for the and school assembly’s, School Jam USA National slowly working their way Battle of the bands in up, until finally they made it downtown Disney on to School Jam. January 24, 2013. Through their school’s But how did this band help and from some loyal come to be? Afterall, it’s not fans they became finalist and every day you hear of a cello had the opportunity to go to band. Soren Peterson, Trevin California to perform live. Powell, Jordan Nelson and They enjoyed the Disney Jared Snelson didn’t know Resort Hotel and the All what to think when they Music Nam Show. Finally found their bands name in after four relaxing days, the top eight finalists for Synergy was able to play. In School Jam’s National Battle the end, Synergy didn’t place of the Bands only two years but still they lift their heads after their band got started. high and only look forward Synergy started out as to a successful future as they part of Reagan Academy’s ride the road to fame. Philharmonic Orchestra. Synergy now is a symbol of Under the direction of their hope for beginning band teacher, Mrs. Ahlborn, they players all over the world. first came together as

CERT trains ASK

By Sequoia Knippenberg Merit Student

CERT IS A PROGRAM that trains people for disaster preparedness. It teaches you skills for when a natural disaster happens and what to do during and after the disaster. You learn important skills such as light search and rescue, fire safety, medical operations, disaster psychology, organization, and what to do during a terrorist attack. Here at Merit Academy we have the unique opportunity to have two CERT members (Karrie Beardall and Martin Palmer) come and take our ASK service class through the eight week CERT training course. So far we have learned light search and rescue, some medical operations, and now we are going into the psychology of a natural disaster. So far this class is very helpful and it’s

very fun and exciting to learn about. In January the CERT members came in to teach us about light search and rescue and how to carry injured people out of a disaster situation. Our class practiced cribbing to help remove someone trapped under an object and we learned how to quickly remove debris from an area. We then learned how

Just Like Me Doll for Millie

Blythe’s mother (Jill) and Blythe - Creators of “Just Like Me” dolls.

By Cat McNeece Merit Student


wanky Janes is a local mother/ daughter business that sells “Uniquely handmade cloth dolls, whimsical softies, Miss Jane purses, and more” ( It’s this mother/daughter duo’s mission “To design and create quality, one of a kind cloth dolls, softies, and other items to help bring smiles to faces, comfort to hearts, and joy to souls.” One of their most recent additions is their Just-Like-Me dolls and buddies. While in the designing stage, P.S. I Adore You, an online market that raises

money for children with cancer, contacted them and asked if they wanted to sell their other dolls on the site and a percentage would go to a cancer patient every month; they decided to take it a step further. The Gifford girls have the family send in pictures of the cancer patient, then they create a doll to look like him or her, complete with a removable wig and cap. Now they donate a “Just Like Me” doll every month to P.S.’s spotlighted cancer patient, along with a Just-LikeMe story book with pictures of the child and their story. Jill and Blythe love the idea of girls being able to play with their Swanky

Jane doll, and then keep them to pass them on. These are unique and one-of-a-kind dolls that they hope girls of all ages will cherish and love. The Gifford girls come up with each design so they are each different and unique, by using a variety of up cycled, vintage, and new materials. They’ve designed several different doll lines to suit different ages. They say, “Every girl should have a Swanky Jane” For more information, to buy, or find more details on their other dolls and soft toys go to You can also find some of their dolls and softies for sale at The Nest on Main, a local boutique in Springville.

Annual Inspirations Art Contest By Courtney Garcia Merit Student


very year, the students at Merit Academy (7th-12th grade) participate in the annual statewide “Inspirations” art contest. The contest is a way for charter schools to come together and celebrate the arts. This year the theme for the contest was “Beauty is...” Students were able to enter their creations into any of the eight categories: Visual Arts, 3D Art, Photography, Music Composition, Literature, Dance, and Graphic/Visual Arts. Students can submit any art work they would like (a maximum of one in each category) that they feel goes along with the theme “Beauty is...” which can be portrayed in a variety of ways. It could be a dance

that shows beauty, a photograph or drawing of something beautiful, lyrics to a song, or poetry that shows beauty. Many students from Merit entered the contest but only 16 first and second place entries will move on to the regional competition. Here are our school winners: In visual arts, 6th-8th grade, first place: Courtney Bouwnuis and second place: Ellie Tobiasson. In the same category, 9th-12th grade, first place: Keaton Gaskill and second place: Arielle Lupo. In the category of 3D art, 6th-8th grade, first place: Jorgeann Koffman. And for 9th-12th grade, first place: David Ahlborn and second place: Mckay Muhlestein. In Photography, 6th-8th grade, first place: Kaya Bassit. And for Photography 9th-12th

grade, first place: Courtney Garcia and second place: Jenilyn Shiles. In the category Music Composition, 9th-12th grade, first place: Hunter Gifford and second place: Kaden Sego. In Literature, 9th-12th grade, first place: Blythe Gifford and second place: Jose Montoya. In the category of Dance, 6th-8th grade, first place: Kaya Basset. And for Graphic Design, 9th-12th

grade, first place: Hunter Gifford. Merit Academy has a strong fine arts program and we should go far in this competition. All of the winners listed above will move on to the regional competition to be judged in the next two weeks, where the winners will then move on to state.

to do a one-person carry, two-person carry, chair carry and blanket carry. We also learned the proper ways to drag someone from a disaster situation. Our class looks forward to our next training session!

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Swanky Janes—A Unique Duo Business

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Love Your Neighbors

Vol. 2 ISSUE 9

Salem Elementary Art City Elementary

Nebo District

A big change happened at the Nebo School Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, January 9, 2013. The 6:00 p.m. School Board meeting started with Rod Oldroyd expressing his gratitude for the School Board, employees, students, and patrons of Nebo School District. He said he was proud of being a part of the many accomplishments in the district over the past six years of his service. Rod said, “The employees of Nebo work for more than money. Their work shows the love that they have for the students of this district and their desire for the student’s success.” Then he thanked the voters for allowing him to serve and stated obligations to his family, career, and ecclesiastical calling as Stake President as the reasons for his resigning effective on February 13, 2013. Four school board members were sworn back into office for a returning term. They are K.L. Tischner, Dean Rowley, Christine Riley, and Randy Boothe. Rick Ainge was then voted in as the new Board President and Kristen Betts as the new Vice President. Submitted by Lana Hiskey

SALEM ELEMENTARY STUDENTS are given the challenge to work on academic and personal goals throughout the year. When students complete the required number of goals, students are awarded the Star Award during a school assembly, the first of which was held on January 25th. During the assembly we were priveleged to hear the kindergarten classes recite the Preamble to the Constitution. Congratulations to those who earnied the Super Star Award. For a list of students who won the award look up Salem Elementary on Submitted by Dorie Thatcher

BUCKET FILLERS for the week of January 25th are as follows: Garrett, Issac, Robbie, Chase, Jason, Samantha, Jaxson, Jacob, Matthew, Annika, Jake, Zachary, Jocilyn, Braden, Drake, Breanna, Frida, Fatima, Maddison, Josh, Whisper, Kaden, Matt, and McCade.

Mt. Loafer


Cherry Creek

My dad and I were walking around the Orem Wal-Mart around Christmas time, and money was tight for our little family. We were looking for a gift for my sister, who had just turned 12. We were seeking something more functional than just a “toy”, so we were searching in the bicycle isle. As we were walking through; my dad and I spotted two kids who were riding bikes through the section. They looked happy, and were enjoying their short ride. One of the little kids, who couldn’t have been older than twelve, ended up running over my foot. I was fine with it, since I wear boots, but their mother stormed up immediately and grabbed both of the kids. “But mom,” one argued, “we like those bikes.” “Yeah,” the other agreed, “can we have them for Christmas?” She shook her head as she pulled them away from the isle. “You know we can’t afford them,” she stated. And what happened next still shocks me. My dad pulled out his wallet, looking at the lady. “Hey,” he had called after her, “ma’am; no child should be without a bike on Christmas.” He handed her enough money to buy the bikes. The boys were beaming like kids in a candy shop, and the mother was actually crying, thanking my father repeatedly. To this day, I know that any kind act, no matter how big or small, can go a very long way. Submitted by Davy Hollingshead student at Springville High School



AT SALEM JR. HIGH the hardworking, fantastic students of the month for December were: Mariah Sainsbury, Yvette Lazarte, Sam Lofthouse, Tanner Palmer, Sienna Pfaff, not pictured Spencer Crow. Congratulations to our December Students of the Month!” Submitted by Jo Lynn Ford


Over-coming the winter blahs

By Trista Linder Merit Student

winter blahs. One way is to wear bright clothes. Other ou know that feel- ways include exercising ing you get regularly and getting out of during the winter the house for a while. Make months, when you just feel sure to soak up some vitamin sad, and just want summer D when the sun comes out, back again? When you are even if it is just by opening tired of the cold snow, ice, your curtains. Most of all, and freezing temperatures? find things that distract you The time of year where you from the weather. Discover long to see the colorful a new hobby, read a good flowers and the leaves book, or talk to someone you blossoming on the trees like. And remember, winter again? Well, luckily, there won’t last forever—spring are ways to overcome the will eventually come.


Get your Valentine a Heavenly Gift!



Nothing Says “I Love You”, like a relaxing massage from Heaven!

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Hours: Sun-Mon: Closed Tue-Thu: 11 - 7 Fri: 11 - 9 Sat: 3 - 8


Abbey Eriksson, Miss Springville/Mapleton, came to Cherry Creek and visited with the 6th graders to teach them about the importance of voting. She came prepared with a powerpoint to talk about the history of voting, why we vote and how important it is for everyone to make the decision now to vote when they are old enough. Abbey hopes to have an additional voting booth for young voters at the next formal election to allow them the experience of voting, even if it won’t count in the final tally. She left voting stickers for each student and a voting treat to sweeten their desire to vote in the future. Cherry Creek 5th and 6th graders did hold a mock vote during the last presidential election to help them appreciate the power of the vote. Submitted by Sarah Sumsion

Brookside Elementary in Springville has some terrific kids who deserve recognition for their hard work and good citizenship. One student is chosen from each class. Our January Students of the month from 1st through 6th grades the students are as follows: 1st Grade: Aubrie Tranchell, Caleb Mecham, Mason DeLlamas, Ashtyn Saybolt 2nd Grade: Aida Negrete, Paityn Clegg, Will Emmett, Alex Acero 3rd Grade: Sarah Liddiard, Josh Larson, William Ellis, Halley Caldwell 4th Grade: Annai Diaz, Ashley Donahue, Dallon Kershner, Emma Creer 5th Grade: Shylee Stone, Grace Elison, Chris Hernandez 6th Grade: Sopia Wasden, Morgan Johnson, Alex Middlebrook Congratulations, we are proud of you! Submitted by Ann Makin

AT MT. LOAFER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, we feel that we have kind and caring students! We want them to know how much we appreciate the good things they do! Our student council members decided to take the time to really watch what good things are happening at school, and let the students know that their good works are appreciated! When the student council members see someone doing something nice, they give them a “Cool to Be Kind” card, and a little treat! We hope this will help all students continue to be nice and remember, It’s Cook to be Kind! Pictured here is Kira Mickelsen, Etnie Presser, and Sophie Neria. Submitted by Larraine Nelson




! E E R F

Serve Daily Issue II.IX February 2013  

Serve Daily Issue 9. Promoting Service, The Constitution, and Local Business

Serve Daily Issue II.IX February 2013  

Serve Daily Issue 9. Promoting Service, The Constitution, and Local Business