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“Before the entire heavenly court, I choose thee this day as my Mistress and Mother.” ~ St. Louis de Montfort (from the Total Consecration to Our Lady)

Volume 3

Issue 3

May/June 2008 add so much to the newsletter! So please, don’t be shy! You may discover a new talent, or revive a forgotten one. My mum also had the wonderful idea of interviewing some of the priests and religious we know. The stories of how they were called to their vocations are quite inspiring. This issue the interview is with my great aunt, Sister Raymunda Brooks, O.P. Of course we’ll continue having the regular interviews from the readers too! It’s fun to learn a little bit about the other readers. I hope you all have been having wonderful summers! God bless you!


Hello Friends, Finally, welcome to the May/June issue of “SOQ”! I’m SO sorry about the wait! I will skip the July/August issue so that I can get caught up with getting the issues out on time and give everyone time to submit things. I sent out an email to several of you informing you of the change in the newsletter. From now on, I will be e-mailing the newsletter to those with internet access. It will be free! If you don’t have e-mail, I can continue sending it to you via snail mail, but the old subscription rate will apply. We were able to get upgrades on our computer for a very reasonable price, and someone gave us a brand-new printer/scanner/copy machine that they didn’t need. God is good! However, with this edition of Microsoft Works we don’t have all the fonts we used to, so the newsletter will look a little different – perhaps not so cluttered! Since we have a scanner, I am now able to accept drawings for publication! My dad, sister, and I did some drawings for this issue, and I did the one for the heading. If you have Internet access, check out “SOQ”’s new website! The address is You can read more about the newsletter, get updates, and I’m sure I’ll think of more to put on it too! There will be some more new columns in this issue. My mum has offered to write a column, and I’m hoping that some more of the adult readers will also submit their writing. It would

Ivy Rose Therese B. P.S: To those who still subscribe through regular mail, I am sincerely sorry that it’s taken so long for this to be sent out! I trust that it will not happen again…the computer seems to be in good working order now. I will still welcome submissions for the next issue… And I’m sorry the drawings didn’t show up too well, we’re almost out of ink on the printer.


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events, and more. Another club is Jazz Band. It's for those band geeks who love to play music, especially jazz! There are about 15 of us, and we get together every Thursday after school, and practice our songs that we plan to play at a concert. I play the drumset and piano, so it's loads of fun to do! Finally, the sports I participate in are volleyball, cross country, and track. They were all very fun to be in and be part of!" Haille B.

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“I am homeschooled, and we use mostly Seton Homeschool Curriculum Books, although I use different books for a few subjects. I enjoy being homeschooled because your schedule is so flexible. I can take a day off whenever, and just make up for it the next day. Also I can do my work at any of the day! Or if I’m having trouble with something, I can stop and work on it, or if something is really easy I can just skim ahead. I can do everything at my own pace! It’s really nice.” Elizabeth N.

E-mail: FREE! Mail to: Email: The newsletter is published bimonthly. If this is your first issue or if you need to renew, please find enclosed a subscription form. You can also request them for friends. Thank you so much for

“I am homeschooled. We’re not really involved in any curriculum that you use, but we use mostly books from Seton Homeschool Curriculum. And then for sports, my sister and I are on homeschool volleyball and basketball teams.” Rachel N.


Question of the Issue

Last issue’s question was: “Are you homeschooled or public schooled, or something else? If you're homeschooled, what curriculum do you use? If you go to public school, what school do you attend, and what sorts of things, such as sports, are you involved in?” Thank you to everyone who sent in replies! The next question is: “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and how long would you stay there?” (By the way, thank you to my mum for thinking up a lot of these questions! )

“I’ve been homeschooled since I was in 3rd grade. We started using Our Lady of Victory Home Study’s full enrollment for me when I entered high school this past school year. We’re probably going to be using the full enrollment again next year, but we haven’t decided for sure yet. We might end up using some other provider. As far as extracurricular things go, I take voice lessons at the Wausau Conservatory of Music, am in both of the choirs at church, take ballet at the YWCA, and am a member of Allegro. I enjoy being homeschooled. It’s nice to be able to proceed at your own pace, spending more time in subjects you’re behind in and finishing up easy things. It’s also great to not have to deal with all the peer pressure, etc. that often goes on at public schools – you’re freer to be yourself! You also learn discipline, because you have to take a lot of initiative to actually get all your work done!” Ivy B.

"I am public schooled, and attend Gladstone Middle School. I'm in 8th grade, so next year I will be going on up to Gladstone High School. But I'm involved in many things at my school. I do E.A.R.T.H. Club (Environmental And Recycling Teen Helpers). We do a variety of things, such as sell magnets used out of reused bottle caps, and we recycle school paper, and we get together and have fun! I also am in National Junior Honor Society, which is a club for students with a grade point average of 3.5 and higher. We do community services and put on programs for our school such as tutoring, helping and working at sport


“I’ve been homeschooled ever since I was little, and we’ve always used the Seton Homeschool curriculum. However, starting next year when I enter 9th grade, I’ll be attending the public high school. I’ve been on a swim team for two years now, and I’m hoping to join the high school swim team next year. I might run track during the swimming off-season.” Ilsa H.

CD Reviews “50th Anniversary Collection” by John Michael Talbot “This CD is a collection of songs by John Michael Talbot, a monk. The songs are beautiful, and all Catholic. I love to listen to him!” Elizabeth Nelson, MI “Riverdance” by the Riverdance Orchestra and Choir “If you enjoy Irish music (and some Spanishsounding songs as well), this CD is for you! It’s mainly instrumental, and contains music that the famous dance group Riverdance uses. It’s a fun CD to listen to! You can hear the dancers’ shoes beating out the percussion in some songs…it’s pretty cool.” Ivy B.

MEDIA REVIEWS Movie Reviews "I Am Legend" rated PG-13 "This movie is an action movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat! It's rated PG-13 for some sequences of violence, science fiction, and brief language. The main character is Robert (played by Will Smith) who is a man left alone in the world. There was a terrible plague that wiped out everyone who used to live, and so he and his sidekick dog, Sam, are left to fend for themselves. He is a doctor who performs many tests and experiments to try and find a cure for the plague that struck out mankind. There are also creatures that live in the darkness and eat human flesh. They're after Robert, who tries to keep away from them. Will they kill him? Will he find the cure? It's very interesting, and I bet you'll like it!" Haille B.

Book Reviews “James Herriot’s Dog Stories”, by James Herriot “These are true stories told by James Herriot, a country vet from England. Every chapter tells about a different dog that he encountered and helped, and most of them can be hilarious! Dog-lovers and non-doglovers alike will love the very good and funny stories of a country vet’s life, and of the people and dogs he meets.” Rachel N.

“Prince Caspian” rated PG “The sequel to “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” is still only in theaters, but is worth seeing! It’s another wonderful, exciting movie with great acting that will stay with you! “Prince Caspian” continues the story of the four Pevensie children, who have been living in England for a year after their adventures in Narnia. They are called back to save Narnia from the Telmarines, who have captured Narnia and brought it to ruin, chasing all of its true inhabitants into hiding. With Prince Caspian, rightful king of Narnia, they set out to take Narnia back from Caspian’s usurping uncle Miraz. This movie is a bit “darker” than “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” (both literally and figuratively – much of it takes place at night! ), and I didn’t really like how they changed some of the characters and parts of the storyline, but it was nonetheless a great movie!” Ivy B.


About eighteen -- Mabel Koechlin, my mother's good friend, said she knew I would be a Dominican when I was in the second grade. What drew you to your vocation? The grace of God working through the Dominican priests and sisters I knew. What is your favorite prayer? Favorite prayer changes with the seasons and years of my life -- Right now probably "Remember, oh Virgin Mary that anyone . . ." (Memorare) Who is your favorite saint, and why? Saint Thomas Aquinas -- having been baptised in that parish, attended the school for twelve years, and studied his teachings. I especially like the story of his vision after which he refused to write because "All that I have written seems like so much straw." Revealed his vision to his companion and had him promise he would speak of it only after his (Thomas's ) death.

Drawing by Ivy B.


St. Raymond of Pennafort mainly because of the fascinating stories of his long life. What is something that happened during your religious life that you will never forget? Many things I will always remember from the day of reception, of profession; first assignment at Holy Name Cathedral School, Steubenville; silver and golden jubilee celebrations; an explosion at St. Vincent Ferrer Convent, NYC, that caused the evacuation of the convent; sabbatical at Holy Name College, Oakland, California; etc.

August Queen of Heaven! Sovereign Mistress of the angels! Thou who from the beginning hast received from God the power and mission to crush the head of Satan, we humbly beseech thee to send thy holy Legions, that, under thy command and by thy power, they may pursue the evil spirits, encounter them on every side, resist their bold attacks and drive them hence into the abyss of eternal woe. Amen. ~ Submitted by Haille B.




Name: Sister Raymunda Brooks. What order are you a member of?

Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs How long have you been a member of it? Entered novitiate September 8, 1947; made first profession July 9, 1949 Where are you originally from? Zanesville, Ohio Where do you live now? St. Mary of the Springs Motherhouse, Columbus, Ohio Why did you choose the religious name you did? For my father, Clark Raymond Brooks How old were you when you first started thinking about the religious life?

“The Creation” by Bailey B.

St. Philip Neri Page 1. JOKES Once a man was driving around the parking lot, looking for an open space to park. Unable to find one and becoming frustrated, he lifted his eyes to Heaven and prayed, “Oh Lord, if you grant me a parking space, I’ll pray 5 Rosaries every day, give half my possessions to the poor, and go to


grace”, the means chosen by Jesus to lead us to Him, and through Him to the Father. St. Bernard says that if Jesus is the Head of the Mystical Body, Mary is the Neck. Everything goes through her from the head to the body, the body to the head.

confession every day.” Then looking ahead, he spotted a convenient open space. He smiled cheerfully, “Never mind, Lord, I found one!” ~ Elizabeth N.


How long did Mary lived after the Pentecost? It is difficult to say for sure since the traditions are divergent. The most ancient Tradition places the Dormition of Mary (meaning the Mother of God didn’t technically died, but “felt asleep in the Lord” before being raised into Heaven with her Body) in Jerusalem. A church dedicated to this event has been rediscovered during the last Century (we always knew about this Church dedicated to the Assumption, but that is only recently that a flood revealed the existence of a crypt dating from the 3rd century dedicated to this event!).

Geographical Puzzle You’ll need to get out a map to do this one! You may learn the names of places you never even knew existed… Once again, I found it in an “Our Wonder World” book! Supply geographical names for the italicized words: A city of Italy (1) went to visit a river of Siberia (2). The city of Italy (3), being used to a warm climate, dressed herself in an island of Scotland (4), with a jacket of one of the Channel Islands (5), and she wore an Italian city (6) hat. The river in Siberia (7) wore a city of Russia (8) cloak and a cape of Nova Scotia (9) cap. The weather was the southern part of Ireland (10), but also a country of South America (11). So the two, guest and hostess, ran a cape in North America (12) to get warm. They took some very brisk plains in Russia (13), and then, for lunch, ate an island in the Pacific (14) and a city in Italy (15). They had a strait of Australia (16) and a cape of Massachusetts (17) for the main course, and after that, a country of Europe (18) cooked in another country of Europe (19). For dessert they had a river in Africa (20) and a river in Michigan (21). Everyone drank a cup of an East Indies Island (22). And then, though some people might think it an island in the English Channel (23), they all ate some islands in the Pacific Archipelago (24). Then the city of Italy (25) bade a gracious cape of Greenland (26) to the river of Siberia (27), and went home no more to chief city of Italy (28). Answers on page 6!

A more recent development guided by the private revelations to Mary D’Agreda make Mary’s Assumption in Ephesus, where she would have followed St. John in his mission. In favor of this second opinion comes the fact that we can find in Ephesus a very ancient tradition speaking of the “House of Mary”. It seems that the first opinion makes more sense. It would have been very strange for St. John to have uprooted Mary from the places where she was with her Divine Son. The mission of Mary was over, and she probably wished with her whole heart to join her Son in Heaven… prayer that was certainly granted as fast as possible, before the separation of the twelve (We can see in Jerusalem a beautiful statue of the 12 apostles surrounding Mary laying on her bed, at the moment of the Assumption). About the “house of Mary” in Ephesus, it doesn’t imply that the Blessed Mother went physically there… but it is for certain that St. John will have dedicated his chapel to the memory of the one he received in heritage as his own Mother.

ASK FATHER Question: "After we are told how Mary is present at the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles, do we know what the Blessed Mother did or where she lived after that?"


Answer: It is difficult to say too much about the life of Our Lady after the Ascension of her son. Mary was present at the moment of the Pentecost. She had fulfilled her vocation of being the link between the Old and the New Testament, the mean chosen by God to give us Our Lord Jesus Christ.


A RE Y OU A N A NGEL ? By Cynthia B.

After the Resurrection of Her Son, her role takes a new turn. She is chosen not only to give us Jesus Christ but also to prepare the foundation of the Church. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the image of the Church. She doesn’t have a hierarchic function in the Church but she is the “full of

I started thinking more about angels after reading a book about them that a friend had lent me. It was like it was Christmas and one more present for me had been discovered way in the back under the Christmas


tree. (This happens to me often when exploring different aspects of our faith – constant, delightful discoveries). My thinking went kind of like this: Oh, yeah, that’s right – there ARE angels! Just imagine… What do they look like? Where are they? They must be terribly wonderful creatures! Oh my gosh, God gave me one to have all to myself and I bet it’s beautiful! Oh my gosh!

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen Pronunciation: Sahnk-tah Mah-ree-ah, Mah-tear Dayee, oh-rah pro noh-bees peck-ah-toh-ree-boos, noonk eht in oh-rah mor-tees noh-stray. Ah-men.

Saying Deo Gratias – Thanks be to God. Pronunciation: Day-oh graht-see-ahs

You get the picture – I was impressed! So the first book that I consulted was the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Surprising idea Number 1 came from St. Augustine. “Angel is the name of their office, not of their nature. If you seek the name of their nature, it is ‘spirit’; if you seek the name of their office, it is ‘angel’: from what they are, ‘spirit’, from what they do, ‘angel’.” So they fill a position in heaven, like president or vice-president here on earth and they are spirits (all of whom have been named individually by God, by the way) who hold the office of Angel.

Vocabulary salus – safety, salvation (derivative: salutary) sanguis – blood (derivative: sanguine) benevolus – kind, obliging (derivative: benevolent) carnis – flesh (derivative: carnivore) caritas – love, esteem, charity (derivative: charitable)

* * * * *

Answers for the St. Philip Neri Page 1. Florence. 2. Lena 3. Florence 4. Mull 5. Jersey 6. Leghorn 7. Lena 8. Astrakan 9. Sable 10. Clear 11. Chili 12. Race 13. Steppes 14. Sandwich 15. Bologna 16. Bass 17. Cod 18. Turkey 19. Greece 20. Raisin(s) 21. Java 22. Scilly 23. Phillipines 24. Florence 25. Farewell 26. Lena 27. Rome

Surprising idea Number 2 was this information; “With their whole beings the angels are servants and messengers of God”. Now that sounded familiar to me. “With their whole beings” reminded me of the exhortation to let God’s will be our will. We need to try to listen to and follow God’s will. And the word “servants” brought to mind the objective of serving other people as so many saints have done and of course, as Jesus and the Virgin Mary did.

“Farewell and pray for me, and I shall pray for you and all your friends, that we may all merrily meet in Heaven.” ~ St. Thomas More, moments before his death

So I began to put together a brighter, improved picture of what I should look like in this world. I could emulate Jesus, Mary, the saints and the angels and ask for their assistance in my new way of living and I may discover a whole Heaven of Helpers – Heavenly Helpers! Then that Red Guy With the Horns who seems to find my shoulder such a comfortable perch will just have to find a new place to hang out because I want my ‘office’ to be Angel, too. * * * * *

LEARNING LATIN By Ivy B. Prayer The Ave Maria (Hail Mary) – Part 2 Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen


the even verses.

“The Annunciation” by Ivy B. (2005)


The “Magnificat” is an ancient, very beautiful hymn. The words are the lovely prayer of Our Lady after Gabriel told her she would become the Mother of God. You can find the English translation Luke 2:4655 in your Bible. The following arrangement is Gregorian chant (even though it’s not in chant notation), the music of the Church for hundreds of years. The St. Cecilia Choir at my church sings this piece with 3 or 4 people singing the odd verses alone, and the rest of the choir coming in with the 2-part chorus at the bottom of the page for

Check It Out A new column – send me the addresses of good websites that you’ve found and I’ll list them here! - This is my website for writing. Most of it is mine (so far!) but I would love to see more by other people! Check back periodically to read new chapters of my story “No Greater Love”.


Bailey B. for her drawing Cynthia B. for her article

Thank You To‌ Haille B. for her question answer, movie review, prayer, and interview Elizabeth N. for her question answer and CD review Rachel N. for her question answer, pen-pal request, and book review Ilsa H. for her question answer


“Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.� ~St. Therese of the Child Jesus


May/June 2008  

The May / June issue of Servants of the Queen Newsletter.

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