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COMO CONFIGURAR UNA FC PARA ACEPTAR TICKET PREPAGADOS DE UNA CENTRAL CASHIER There are several parameters related to the ticket exiting time limitations at the DP5800 exit stations: Grace Period – the time which is allowed to a patron to freely exit the garage without payment Ticket Exit Time – the time which is allowed to a patron to exit the lot after the entry ticket has been paid on a central Pay Station or Fee Computer Complimentary Period –/calculation parameter/ - this is the time which is deducted from the length of stay as a ‘discount’ for the patron staying in a queue waiting to pay, etc. These three parameters are set from two different applications: Set25.exe – “Grace Period” and “Ticket Exit Time” “Calc.ini” – “Grace Period” /again!/ and “Complimentary Period” [Calculation Options] DayChangeTime=00:00 WeekChangeDay=Sunday GracePeriod=5 ComplimentaryPeriod=5 Which “Grace Period” is in effect when this parameter is set twice? – The answer is “The Greater Grace Period of the two” DP2500 accepts paid tickets which payment time is within the TICKETS_EXIT_TIME period as defined at Set25.exe. Tickets are accepted at exit lanes without payment when: a) Tickets are unpaid - within TICKETS_GRACE_PERIOD or if after the calculation the amount is ZERO b) Tickets are paid - within TICKETS_EXIT_TIME or if after the calculation the amount is ZERO (_GRACE_PERIOD! ) The Complimentary Period is always deducted from the _exit_time_ and of the resulting stay period is negative, the amount is set to zero. Please note, that although the GRACE_PERIOD is related to unpaid tickets, the grace period in [Calculation Options] section in calc.ini file is checked even if the ticket is paid, and if the time difference is less than 0, then the amount calculated is 0. Conclusion: - Define the “Grace Period” parameter from Set25.exe application to the desired time in minutes - Set the “Grace Period” at c:\datapark\calc.ini file to 0 /zero/ so that only the value defined from Set25.exe application is in effect. We may have free tickets exit within defined time periods also, if the special option is allowed from Set25 – ‘Tickets’ property page -> ‘Free Tickets Exit between hh:mm and hh:mm” Note:the prepaid tickets has only one time encoded on them:the entry time on entering, when they are paid the payment time, when they are prepaid the expiration time. So the expiration time is checked on exit so you need to set the expiration time on the central pc as the ticket exit time on the exit station as far as I may conclude.

DATAPARK Support,Lilia

From: Alvaro Luna [] Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2007 2:58 AM To: Datapark Support Group Subject: FC accepting prepaid tickets Lilia: I have a parking lot that has 2 exits, one is an exit with a n FC ant the other one with an exit station (they have another FC as a central cashier) They use the FC configured to accept prepaid tickets, because sometimes people pay at the central cashier and want to exit on the line that has the FC. I configured this FC with the option ACCEPTPREPAIDTICKETS= YES My question is if the exit station has a grace period of 20 minutes, how I configure that time in the FC with the prepaid tickets? Regards, Alvaro Luna

Datapark Configuracion de Ticket Prepagos  


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