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Wedding Collection

B L UE M E A D O W C A N I S T ER S ET Set of 3. Craft Link, Vietnam. 92358 $75

DELI CATE VINE VASE Craft Link, Vietnam.  92698 $25

AB S T R A C T B L U E T R IVET Asha Handicrafts, India. 34722 $14

BO LD V INE VASE Craft Link, Vietnam.  92699 $25

YE L L O W F L O WE R S T R I VET Asha Handicrafts, India. 34721 $14

NES TI NG ACACIA BOWLS Saffy Handicrafts, Philippines.  74274 $78.98 O VA L W OOD T RAY Saffy Handicrafts, Philippines.  74292 $34

What makes a meaningful wedding gift? To us, honoring a special love should be done with something that was made with love. A unique gift of beauty created with dignity and joy in safe and respectful conditions – the best way to send your wishes of warmth and positivity to the couple. In this collection, we’ve selected our favorite treasures that will delight and inspire their recipients for years to come!

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S E R R V. O R G / W E D D I N G

R O U NDED CA MA RI CRO S S O VER B A G Small brown leather bag is superbly crafted with a handwoven wool inset in traditional Ecuadorian colors and patterns. Zip top with magnetic flap closure. Additional small zip pocket under flap. Strap has leather reverse and adjusts to 55”. Camari, Ecuador. 18172 $88 M E L O N S C A R F   |  Silk-linen Craft Link,TVietnam. 92752 $22 I NDI GOblend. S PI CE CHES Stained wood spice cabinets with ceramic drawers LO N G FL OR A C A R D I G A N mango   |   100% cotton. Sizes S-XL. Kumbeshwar Technical School, Nepal. $88 screenprinted by hand. Tara Projects, India.  34542  $55

skillfully hand-painted

BLUE MEA DO W TEA PO T Beautifully hand-painted ceramic with all-natural bamboo handle. Craft Link, Vietnam. 92700 $35

M O DERN BLUE F LO WER TEA S ET Contemporary and elegant hand-painted ceramic set. Craft Link, Vietnam. 92674 $55

G L OB AL V E G E TA R I A N C O O K I NG  |  Over 130 recipes from around the world.  95077 $19.95 S T O N E - C A R V E D MO R TA R & PES TLE  |  Natural carved gorara stone. Tara Projects, India. 34934 $20

JAI PU R D U C K S H A K E R S   |  Hand-painted ceramic. Asha Handicrafts, India. 34917 $20 FL O R A L T I L E T R I V E T   |  Hand-painted ceramic. Asha Handicrafts, India. 34918 $14

MA NGO S PI CE CHES T Charming, hand-painted drawers of porcelain with smooth mango wood frame. Noah's Ark, India.  34299 $72

A CA CI A S ER VEWA RE S A LA D S E T Saffy Handicrafts, Philippines. 74739 $120

A CA CI A F RUI T BO WL Saffy Handicrafts, Philippines. 74297 $54

hand-carved sustainable woo d

A CA CI A S ER VING BOARD Saffy Handicrafts, Philippines. 74284 $40

THIEU THI HIEN Ceramic Artisan Craft Link: Handmade in Vietnam

At Serrv, we believe that cultural continuity and pride in heritage sustain the spirit of individuals and communities, and that the continuation of indigenous cultures is intrinsically important. The artisans and farmers we work with preserve traditions and skills through their work, which convey a richness of cultural identity and history.

L E A R N M O R E AT S E R R V. O R G / A B O U T U S

A R C O I R I S H AMMO CK Woven in a rainbow of colors in Peguche, Ecuador by traditional weaving families who purchased looms from factories when the textile industry collapsed. Peguche, Ecuador. 18833 $89

C O O L S TRI PE B O LGATA NGA BI K E BA S K ET Trade Aid Integrated, Ghana. 25076 $50 B R I G H T S TRI PE BO LGATA NGA BI K E BA S K ET Trade Aid Integrated, Ghana. 25124 $50

(AT LEFT ) SWEET SCROLLWORK DECOR Recycled iron. Noah's Ark, India.  TABLE 34424 $70 TALL P LANT STAND 35353 $20 LOW P LANT STAND 35354 $22

MASON BEE H OUSE Natural, weather-resistant bamboo. CCAP, Philippines. 74176 $25

T REE OF LIFE P LANT ER Whitewashed terra cotta planter. CORR - The Jute Works, Bangladesh. 46431 $25

moulded by hand

elegantly carved

HA MMER IRONWORKS Hand-hammered antiqued copper. Noah's Ark, India. TA LL PI TCHER 34560 $30

MANDALA T RAY 34786 $28

MA NGO W OOD DECOR Hand-carved mango wood. Noah's Ark, India. WA LL MI RRO R 35355 $48

P ICT URE FRAME 34893 $28

B R I G H T GA RDEN EMB RO I DERED PI LLO W Coconut button closure, insert included. St. Mary's, India. 35340 $45

B R I GHT PA I S LEY WA LL HA NGI NG Traditional paisley embroidery. St. Mary's, India. 33019 $88

hand-embroidered details

B L U E - G R EEN K A NTHA THRO W Created with recycled saris and hand-stitched kantha embroidery. Sasha Craft, India. 34712 $62 L A R G E J UTE F LO O R TO TE Densely woven jute fibers. CORR - The Jute Works, Bangladesh. 46033 $58 M E D I U M J UTE F LO O R TO TE Natural suede handles. CORRE - The Jute Works, Bangladesh. 46032 $48

Serrv creates long-term connections with disadvantaged artisans and farmers. Together we build handcrafted product collections that serve as a tool for positive change worldwide. Through our fair trade partnerships, artisans and farmers lift themselves and their families out of poverty and communities are transformed by the impact.

Serrv Wedding Lookbook  
Serrv Wedding Lookbook