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It’s my magazine. Review it and know about my school.

is a place geared to educating children and youth of all ages an the premises are 25 modules that have issues in various ares knowledge and art

my company, wise crackers our company called Dabian biscuits which we want children in grades 6,7,8, and seated Paravas learn a cookie ense単ansa through mathematics and mathematical symbols. we want our project is done and out for sale and for them to realize that by this means can eprender and improve ense単ansa in schools entrepreneurial class lleba us to better learning the business we are hangs with which we quue do everything possible to get through and the product also

This course seems to me a cheerful room is a bit away but each person is gay is because they share, smile, cry but they are felt as students excellent. spend pleasant moments and are united when there is a particular activity but I still like and are happy not forget that they are united with the other onces and not forgetting that my brother is tiring

was at first a very cold day but we left corferias not mind with joy as hibamos known texts or documents which we could collect school painted their faces and a good time, pays attention wonderful things they did in polystyrene target. samurai met a rapper think his songs analyze and met the woman of the cool school.

sexual education projects We advise on sexual education, planning methods Fontibon hospital come and give us lectures and guiding us acompa単anban. I think it's very good because there are many girls are pregnant and those of twelve and thirteen years and are its future co unplanned child reading done by students in the water which we did campaigns

Born September 5, 1941 Moniquirá (Boyacá) ColombiaDied August 30, 2010 (68 years)D.C. Bogotá, ColombiaAmadeo pseudonym Zoro [1]Occupation Writer, poet, playwrightNationality ColombianGenre fiction, short stories and poetryMovement Children's LiteratureJairo Aníbal Niño (Moniquirá (Boyacá), September 5, 1941 [2] - Bogotá, August 30, 2010 [3]) was a writer, poet and playwright Colombian, who stood out mainly in the field of children's literature youth [3]. [Edit] BiographyHe began studying in Bucaramanga, but abandoned his studies. First dabbled in the fine arts and painting. He was a member of the group of painters La Mancha. Later he was an actor, theater director, puppeteer and playwright. Was a university professor and director of university theater groups. He wrote over 40 books and occasionally signed his articles with the pseudonym of Amadeo Zoro. He belonged to several theater groups called "protest" and the Teatro Libre de Bogotá. In 1988 he served as director of the National Library of Colombia.


It0s the first publication in my online magazine