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Name: Worksheet 1.




Worksheet 2.

Andalusia´s relief In Andalusia there are two types of landscapes: the interior landscapes and the coastal landscapes. The interior landscapes In these types of landscapes we can find mountains, valleys and rivers. The most important mountains in Andalucia are “Sistemas Béticos” and “Sierra Morena”; and, the most important river is Guadalquivir.

The coastal landscapes In Andalusia, the landscapes near the coast have: • Beaches – They are flat and have sand. • Cliffs – They are high ground next to the sea or lower ground. • Capes – They are landforms that go out into the sea. • Gulfs – They are parts of the sea that cut into the land.

Activities 1. Write the names in the map: Guadalquivir´s Valley Sierra Morena Guadalquivir river Sistemas Béticos Cordillera Subbética Cordillera Penibética

2. Write each name in its picture: Mountain

Cliff River














Worksheet 3.

Types of landscapes in Andalusia Rural landscapes Rural landscapes are similar to natural landscapes, because they are in the mountain or in the coast, but they have little houses and their inhabitants work in the country.

Urban landscapes Urban landscapes are big cities where we can find a lot of houses, flats, roads and big industries.

Activities 1. Write if it is a urban landscapes or rural landscapes:



________________________________ _____________________________ 2. Translate the vocabulary: Natural:___________ Man-made:________ Relief:___________ Landscape:___________ Interior landscape:___________ Coastal landscape:____________ Mountain:________________ Valley:___________ River:______________ Beach:_______________

Cliff:____________ Cape:_______________ Gulf:_____________ Rural landscape:_______________ House:______________ Urban landscape:_______________ Flat:_________________ Road:___________________ Industry:________________




1. Write the name of each letter: b)_________________ c)_________________ e)_________________ f)_________________

2. Write the name of these landscapes (Rural landscapes or urban landscapes).



Andalusia landscapes  

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