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Welcome to Colourful Nuuk


Nuuk is the modern capital of Greenland, balancing commerce and culture with fresh air and stunning views. Nuuk’s embrace of both the traditional and modern can also be seen in the city’s dynamic cuisine. Local delicacies are elevated to new heights in the city’s gourmet restaurants, while the kaffemik, a celebration with cakes and coffee, remains the authentic cornerstone of social gatherings. While Nuuk hosts a distinctly urban feel (despite its small size), nature is never far. The i­conic mountains of Ukkusiaat/Store Malene and Quasussuaq/Lille Malene can be tackled on a hike just outside of downtown, but the real adventures lie in the Nuup Kangerlua fjord — one of Greenland’s most beautiful and accessible natural attractions. It’s not long after departing ­Nuuk Harbour before the fjord transitions to a true wilderness of snow-capped mountains and barren islands inhabited only by nesting seabirds.


Colourful Culture

Nuuk means ”the headland” in Greenlandic and hence the name. The city lies at the edge of a large peninsula at the mouth of the vast fjord system Nuup Kangerlua. Nuuk is also the oldest established city in Greenland. It was founded in 1728 by the missionary Hans Egede after he left his first settlement at the Island of Hope. Hans Egede’s house still stands to this day, at the very same spot where he built it, in the idyllic area near the old town in the colonial harbor.


Guided tours Enjoy a fascinating walk in the oldest part of Nuuk - the Colonial Harbour - as a guide relates the history of Nuuk from its earliest times to present day. Learn about the people who lived here in bygone ages, and about the residents of the modern city. This fascinating tour is ideal for real history buffs as well as anyone who just enjoys a good story. You can also learn more about the wildlife of Greenland with a guided tour at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources that studies the wildlife and advises the Government of Greenland on its protection and conservation. A hiking trip to one of the prehistoric food stocks is also a fascinating tour for anyone with an interest in both food and history. Our ancestors used rock boulders to storage dried food, through generations until the 1960´s. The trip has tastings included.


CULTURAL SCENE Nuuk has a vibrant cultural scene with music, dancing, theatre, art and events. So whether you are into concerts, exhibitions or drama there are lots in store for you.

Katuaq As a guest you can experience the Greenland Culture Center Katuaq in various ways; Katuaq houses a café, exhibitions, concerts, theater and dance productions, cinema and a conference center. Enjoy CaféTuaq’s delicious Greenlandic kitchen, where you can enjoy various dishes ranging from tapas with all Greenlandic courses to a musk ox hotdog.


The National Theatre of Greenland The National Theatre of Greenland is rooted in the Greenlandic Inuit cultural expression, but is open to Greenlandic minorities, the artistic diversity of the Arctic and also neighboring indigenous people’s culture. The theater is not afraid to work with circus performers, ballet dancers, rappers or American drum dancers among others.


Greenland National Museum Travel back in time and explore 4500 years of Greenlandic history at the Greenland National Museum. Learn about the first Arctic Stone Age cultures, meet the ancestors of the present-day Greenlanders, discover the unique Mummies of Qilakitsoq and experience the development of Greenland through seven permanent exhibitions.

Nuuk Art Museum The Museum itself is an old church about five minutes on foot from the downtown area and has more then 500 pieces of historical Greenlandic art such as paintings, graphics, drawings, tupilaks and arts and crafts. The exhibition was originally a private collection that is now maintained by the Municipality of Sermersooq. Besides the permanent exhibition the museum also features changing exhibitions, displaying established and upcoming Greenlandic artists. So if you are interested in art, the Nuuk Art Museum is the place to visit.


The House of Niels Lynge What did a Greenlandic middle-class home look like in the 1960’? Travel back in time and find out by visiting the historic pearl of Niels Lynge’s house. In the house you will find well kept and fully decorated rooms with tools and furniture from the 60’s. The owner of the house was a priest, a poet and an artist – which the paintings on the walls of the house beautifully show off.

Nuutoqaq – Nuuk City Museum The City Museum in Nuuk is the result of a local desire to tell the history of Nuuk. The museum opened its doors in the summer of 2016 with an elaborate description of the history of Block P, the Health Care system, lives of children and of course the colourful people of Nuuk.


Kittat In the old colonial area of Nuuk, just across Greenland National Museum, lies Kittat, the fur-sewing workshop. The work that is done here is mostly with the production and maintenance of the traditional national costume. Besides the national costume, Kittat also works on producing other traditional accessories such as hand bags, purses, etc. In 2013 Kittat was transformed into an Economuseum in close collaboration with ÉconomusÊes Northern Europe, the Municipality of Sermersooq, Greenland National Museum, Visit Greenland and Sermersooq Business Council. Meaning that today the workshop serves as a living museum, which helps to preserve old traditions.


Kaffemik “Kaffemik” means “coffee please” in Greenlandic. Kaffemik is a celebration event where beverages such as tea and coffee are served with tasty treats, cakes and sweets. Not only will you get a glimpse into the domestic life of a Greenlandic home but the kaffemik is also an excellent cultural exchange opportunity. You may be interested in the local culture but your hosts will be just as curious about yours.

Storytelling Greenlanders, like other Inuit kinsmen, have always loved to pass on stories from their ancestors, and now you can hear the stories as well. Several stories from ancient times are identical to the stories that our Inuit kin in Siberia, Canada and Alaska still tell their descendants. The storytelling takes place in nature - outside of Inuk Hostels - and indoors in the café when the weather is bad. A skilled storyteller tells the stories and listeners will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions.


Shopping In downtown Nuuk, there are several possibilities for shopping. You can visit the Nuuk Centre, which is the first and only shopping centre in Greenland. Here you can go hunting for fashion, design and more in two floors of both modern and traditional products. Another option is to walk down the shopping street that starts at the Community Hall, strolls through the centre of Nuuk with different shops, the library, the culture house Katuaq and ends by Nuuk Centre.


Local design If you are looking for a one of a kind souvenir there are several local designers and craftsmen that offer handmade decorations, interior design and modern and traditional fashion. Keep your eyes out for shops like 3900 Nuuk, Dooit Design, Anori Art, Inuk Design or even the local market.


Fitness Besides exploring the nature, there are many opportunities to stay active during your stay in Nuuk. You can test your golf skills at the short, but challenging 9-hole golf course situated in beautiful surroundings. At 2,109 metres (yellow tee), and 1,790 meters (red tee) the course is a par 33 that still offers challenging shots as you must avoid cliffs, lakes and ravines. You can also go for a swim in our public indoor pool; an award-winning architectural masterpiece, or drop by at one of the fitness centers, or the cross-fit club, Crossfit Inua. If you are more interested in skiing there are vast opportunities for cross-country skiing in the middle of the city and also in the backcountry of Nuuk. If you are more into alpine skiing, Sisorarfiit offers a green, red and black ski slope where you can rent skis and have a hot cup of coffee.


Are you the running type? Then do not cheat yourself of mesmerizing runs in some of Nuuk´s races. Test yourself at the annual Nuuk Marathon in August, at the Landing strip Team Race at Nuuk Airport in May or at the extreme race in july from Nuuk to the settlement of Kapisillit – a 75 km. race in rough terrain.


Colourful Nature

Combine Nuuk with exploring the Nuup Kangerlua fjord system, where you can visit the settlements of Qoornoq, Qooqqut, Kangeq and Kapisillit. Feel the nature through all sorts of activities - the backdrop is ideal for hiking, fishing, kayaking, wildlife viewing, or simply watching the scenery unfold. Meet the diverse wildlife with whales, seals and and vast variety of birds. Experience the midnight sun from June to August or discover the northern lights from August to April. Whatever experience and activity you dream about, you can have it in the colourful nature of Nuuk.


Hiking One of the ways to explore the vast and beautiful nature is by strapping on your best shoes and go hiking. There are several hiking routes that start just at the edge of the city, just like you can take guided tours to the top of the local mountains. If you want to combine sailing and hiking the Nuup Kangerlua offers many opportunities by the settlements of Qooqqut, Qoornoq and Kapisillit. Hiking Tips: Good walking shoes or boots are a must, as is a light windbreaker jacket and mosquito repellent. A small light rucksack is recommended for your belongings – and remember to bring a bit of food and a water bottle so you can sample fresh, cold water from a mountain stream.


Ukkusissat/Store Malene: This trip is for those who are in good physical condition, and who are ready for an adventure. Those who conquer the 760-metre (approx. 2,500 feet) summit are rewarded by an absolutely unbeatable view of the city and the surrounding fjord system.


Quasussuaq/Lille Malene: This hike follows a small trail to the summit of Quasussuaq. Those who conquer the summit will be rewarded with unparalleled views of the fjord and the town.

Around Quasussuaq/Lille Malene: Not far from the capital you can enjoy the quiet wilderness by hiking around the beautiful Quasussuaq. It passes brooks and streams cascading with fresh, clean, drinkable water, and takes in spectacular views of the mountains and fjord system.


Along Ukkusissat: The ultimate sightseeing tour in Nuuk’s immediate backcountry. The trip starts at Ukkusissat behind the suburb of Qinngorput, and continues along the mountain ridge to the north-east and ends at the highest points of the mountain chain with a spectacular view of the mountains Sermitsiaq and Storø. Views of Nuuk, the fjord, and glaciers, can be enjoyed along the way. The tour is challenging with 1600 vertical meters spread over approx. 20 kilometers in highly rough terrain.

Kingittorssuaq/Hjortetakken: Only a 30 minute boat ride from Nuuk lies one of the area’s best hiking experiences; Kingittorsuaq, its spectacular peak can be seen from all over Nuuk. On the way to reaching the mountain’s top of 1,188 meters, you can enjoy views of the glacier and fjord. The ride is very steep and demanding, with a 1,188 vertical meter descent in highly rugged terrain.


KangNu Hiking tour: Let your inner explorer out and strap on your best hiking shoes. On this tour you will be travelling in a small boat inside the picturesque Kobbe Fjord. After arriving at the drop-off point, you will be equipped with a satellite transmitter, and then you’re off on your own adventure hike (15 km) bound for Nuuk.


Adventure If you are the adventurous type Nuuk offers several opportunities to explore the nature and get a kick of adrenaline at the same time. If you visit in the winter season you can go off piste skiing. You will be driven by snowmobile to the glaciers and hills around the Kangerluarsunnguaq Ski Center and enjoy the fast descent on skies. Or put on snowshoes and go for a walk around the valley, where it also is possible to go ptarmigan hunting.


Go higher and faster by heli-skiing where Greenland offers world-class snow. The certified guides will take you on an amazing trip and the magical views from the peaks will simply take your breath away. Heli-skiing can be booked for durations of one day (7 runs) or one week, the weeklong trips are based out of a settlement near Nuuk. Or maybe take a guided snowmobile trip to The View - a mountaintop that is 740 meters above sea level. There is a 360-degree view of the mountains, fjords and sea. In clear weather it is possible to see all the way to the mountains of Maniitsoq, which is a town located north of Nuuk - over 160 kilometres away.


If you visit in the summer, trips by boat or helicopter are ways to get around to explore the fjord and it’s vast opportunities for adventure. But if you are an adventure enthusiast why not exploit the possibility of enjoying the nature like the Greenlanders have throughout history? By kayaking around the fjord you can feel just how tall the mountains are, how clean the water is, how powerful the waterfalls are and how close you can get to whales and seals.







Boat trips When you reach the end of the roads in Nuuk the only way of getting further is to sail or fly. Therefore a trip by boat – whether it is visiting the abandoned settlement of Kangeq or seeing the edge of the ice fjord - it is something to which you should treat yourself.

Fjord Safari A one way to get good glimpse of the surroundings of nuuk is to go on a fjord s­ afari trip into Nuup Kangerlua. The focus of the tour is to see and experience the rugged nature that surrounds Nuuk. Along the way you can experience the birdlife and perhaps even see whales, seals or majestic eagles. So keep your camera ready and enjoy the scent of the sea and hear the water lapping against the boat as it rocks gently from side to side.


Ice fjord Experience an amazing cruise deep into the fjord of Nuuk. The boat will go as far as the ice conditions allow, providing views of the amazing ice floes, wildlife and the turquoise sea. Depending on the weather, the boat arrives at the mouth of Kangersuneq after approximately 2 hours of sailing. From here there will be a perfect view of the Narsap Sermia glacier.

Kapisillit Near the ice fjord is small settlement with around 80 inhabitants. There is a small hostel, a good chance to explore the nature by hunting, fishing and hikes to the ice fjord. On your way there you might be so lucky to see jumping salmon. It is an unusual sight in Greenland but not in Kapisillit – because the river here is the only one in entire Greenland that has a natural, breading tribe of salmon.


Sermitsiaq Sermitsiaq is a majestic mountain that has become an icon for Nuuk, and a trip around the island of Sermitsiaq shows the nearly vertical walls on the east side, a stunning view of the top and the glacier, and breathtaking stop at the roaring Sermitsiaq waterfall.


Kangeq The abandoned settlement Kangeq lies at the mouth of Nuup Kangerlua. The settlement was the first place the founder of Nuuk – Hans Egede – settled down, and it was inhabited until the 1960´s. Kangeq is also the birthplace of the famous Greenlandic artist Aaron (1822 - 1969), who painted stories from traditional myths and legends.

Qoornoq You can visit the abandoned settlement of Qoornoq that is now place where locals stay for their vacation. It lies ideally in the fjord, and during your visit in the beautiful settlement you have a chance to visit the charming Qoornoq church.

Sarfaq Ittuk If you are up for a longer trip by boat or maybe a small cruise, the ferry M/S Sarfaq Ittuk travels up and down the west coast of Greenland all summer. Here you can meet the locals while sailing along Greenland’s longest navigable route. Attend the short lectures by our marine guide which will be offered along the way.


Qooqqut After an hour of sailing you arrive at Qooqqut – a collection of huts and cabins with a playground, a streaming river and a restaurant. Here you can enjoy delicious food in the Qooqqut Nuan restaurant. Situated in an isolated location, Qooqqut is surrounded by an awe-inspiring natural landscape as far as the eye can see, with untamed expanses of land and majestic mountains that you will definitely want to photograph. Each year in September Qooqqut hosts the Qooqqut Festival – an alcohol-free family festival with music, theatre, sports activities and other types of entertainment. It is free to participate in the festival – you just have to arrange transport with a boat operator or with the ferry Sarfaq Ittuk.


Fishing & Hunting Since the first wave of immigration via Thule around 4000 to 5000 years ago, the Greenlanders in Greenland have been dependent on nature’s resources in the form of fish, birds, land mammals and marine mammals. Hunting and fishing have always been about the question of survival in a country, in where the summer is short and the climate unsuitable for effective farming.

Fishing Several outfitting companies offer fishing trips for fish like halibut, big cod, redfish and arctic char. With a little more patience it is possible to catch huge spotted wolf fish, Greenlandic halibut and even a salmon from the only natural living tribe in Greenland! The tours include an experienced guide who will take you to fishing spots known to have the kind of fish you wish to catch. One of the most attractive fish to catch is arctic char because the taste and fight amazingly. Arctic char is fished mostly in the mouths of rivers or at the boundary between rivers and lakes. As a rule, char are found where the concentration of food is greatest, the water is deep enough to cover their dorsal fins, and where the water is relatively still. In the rivers you can test your fly fishing skills, try your luck with spinning lures or event try with your bare hands. Fishing permit is required, which can be obtained at the local police station.


Hunting When going hunting you have to remember that this is a part of daily life in Greenland - not all the meat in Greenlandic homes comes from supermarkets. The people of Greenland are close to nature and view themselves as a natural part of the food chain. The Nuuk area offers trophy hunting for reindeer, seals and some bird species like ptarmigan and eider ducks. A typical reindeer hunt is for the fit hunter, since it mostly includes a long hike in rough terrain with backpacks. There are two ways to get to the hunting areas, either by helicopter or boat. The coast and fjords nearby Nuuk offer spectacular scenery and excellent hunting for every level of hunter. A hunting permission, as well as a reindeer license is required. For more information contact the local municipality office or policestation.


By Helicopter Coming to Nuuk by airplane is one thing. Seeing Nuuk from a helicopter is something entirely different. The options for helicopter flights in Nuuk are endless. Whether you are a small group wanting to be on the top of Sermitsiaq, for an unforgettable proposal, sign a business contract or you just want to get out heliskiing, the options are infinite.


The helicopter tours have room for 5-11 people and provides you with an opportunity of combining flying with other activities. Fly to the Northland of Nuuk, to Qooqqut or Kapisillit as transportation for your fishing trip, hiking trip or restaurant visit. Experience the vast masses of ice from the glacier Narsap Sermia from above and remember to keep your camera ready. Different animals such as whales, seals and eagles are often spotted, and the helicopters offers passengers a unique platform for taking pictures and filming the Greenlandic wildlife.


Eat & Drink How does Greenland taste? Well, discover and explore the different restaurants, cafÊs and food events in Nuuk to get a taste of traditional and new Greenlandic ingredients and dishes. The opportunities are vast – from highend gourmet to Greenlandic specialities like tapas and muskox hotdogs as well as classics like steaks, pizzas and burgers. One thing you can be sure of, though, is that loads of freshly caught fish and seafood are always found on the menu.


At Inuk Hostels you can try barbequing ammassaat (capelin), arctic char, seal and/or reindeer on the rocks like the Greenlanders have done for centuries to get an authentic taste of the culture. Or maybe the Fish&Dish where you can catch your own redfish and cod for lunch, which the skilled chef at the restaurant Qooqqut Nuan will prepare and cook for you while you enjoy the picturesque view.




You can choose one of the city’s hotels; go for a hostel, a bed & breakfast, a rentable apartment, AirBnB or one of the cottage solutions. You can even spend the night in a traditional turf hut with a view to the iconic Sermitsiaq. Become one with nature and get your breath taken away by silence, stunning views and undisturbed northern lights by spending nights outside of Nuuk. There is accommodation in Kangerluarsunnguaq Ski Center (The Kobbe Fjord), Qooqqut, and Kapisillit, just waiting for your arrival. Get a quick overview of accommodations options and contact information in the Yellow Pages of this catalogue, or contact a travel agency for further information.




In Nuuk, you’ll find a well-connected network of roads with bus connections to all districts with three regular bus services from early morning to late evening. With several companies in the city, there are also good opportunities to catch a taxi. If you prefer to use two wheels or to walk, there are combined cycling and walking paths. There are even marked trails for snowmobiles. At sea, there is the opportunity to use one of many boat charters, as well as the coastal ship Arctic Umiaq Line. The ferry ports at Nuuk two times a week, and it takes passengers to either North or South Greenland. Finally, there are daily departures/arrivals through the airport in Nuuk, operated by Air Greenland and Air Iceland. There are flights to/from other cities in Greenland, as well as direct connections to/from Iceland. There is a daily flight from Copenhagen during the summer season. Depart Copenhagen in the morning, and you can arrive in Nuuk around lunch local time.


Business Travel Nuuk is a city with a growing development within international and national business and with the Government of Greenland situated in the centre of Nuuk, the facilities for conferences; business meetings, courses, and workshops are well established.


Hotel Hans Egede, 5-star Meeting & Conference Centre HHE Conference & Events have wonderful, large and bright rooms that are carefully designed for meetings and conferences. Many of the rooms have a magnificent view of the mountains and fjord, and the facilities provide a setting for day meetings, courses or conferences for up to 350 participants. With six well-equipped rooms, 17 meeting rooms (of 6-12 persons), a recognized team of talented chefs and waiters and a top meeting and conference department, we can handle large meetings and conferences.


Katuaq – Greenlandic Culture Centre with 5-star Conference Centre The Greenlandic Cultural Center Katuaq houses a unique opportunity to combine professional events with nature and artistic experiences in a modern Arctic community. The facilities in Ka­ tuaq are spacious and flexible, making it possible to organize everything from small meetings to larger conferences with up to 500 participants. Katuaq has a technical staff with extensive experience in sound and lighting, as well as great cuisine and friendly service.

Seamen’s Home – 3-star hotel The Seamen’s Home is located near the harbour in Nuuk, which provides a stunning view of the ocean, mountains and the docks. There are 41 rooms in different categories of which 37 have a bath and toilet and 4 rooms are handicap friendly. The hotel has meeting- and conference facilities with technical equipment and services op to 30 conference guests with tables or 50 with a cinematic setup. The Seamen’s Home has a cafeteria that is also the livingroom of the entire city.


Inuk Hostels Inuk Hostels is a good place for hosting smaller seminars and meetings for up to 28 participants. If you wish to have single rooms for everyone in the group, the size limit will be 14 participants in four cottages. The common house is equipped with modern conference facilities, including a projector, whiteboard, and Internet access. Breakfast and lunch will be consumed in the individual cottages, while dinner will be served in the conference house. Lunch and dinner are largely comprised of Greenlandic ingredients.

Z Meetings – Professional Greenlandic Conference Bureau Over the last ten years, Z Meetings has offered conference & event management services to clients with high expectations for an efficient and professional event. Z Meetings focuses on the details so your conference or event is of the highest quality. Z Meetings has coordinated and managed the majority of major conferences held in Greenland with both national and international participation. Contact Z Meetings will arrange everything from booking to accommodation and meals, the right venue and settings.

Tour Operators There are several of the tour- and boat operators that have specialised services and products for business clients or b2b-relations. They also offer teambuilding trips and guide services. Get a quick overlook of tour operators and contact information on the Yellow Pages in this catalogue or contact a travel agency for further information.


Yellow pages




3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 55 12 20

C/O Susanne Andreasen 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 29 22 46

Arctic Boat Charter

Greenland Extreme

P.O.Box 1355 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 53 38 80 Facebook + Instagram: Arctic Boat Charter

Tuapannguit 7-103 3900 Nuuk Tel.:(+299) 55 45 00

Arctic Guide Fishing

Inuk Hostels

3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 68 03 Tel: (+299) 25 42 00

Qernertunnguit kangerluat P.O.Box 7028, 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 48 35 35

Asimut Tours & Camp P.O.Box 457, 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 55 74 88

Kangerluarsunnguaq Ski Center 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 55 98 88



Touring Greenland

C/O Anders & Ellen Pedersen 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 55 55 77

Hans Egedesvej 29 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 529 529

Martek ApS (primmarily B2B)

Tupilak Travel

Industrivej 1, P.O.Box 1473 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 48 73 48

P.O.Box 2291 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 31 32 18

MR Charter (primmarily B2B) P.O.Box 5064 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 53 05 31

Nuuk Tours Greenland Innannguaq 21 A 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 48 25 02 Tel: (+299) 32 30 83


TR AVEL AGEN CI E S Air Greenland

Tupilak Travel

Siaqqinneq -B1842 P.O.Box 1012 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 34 34 34 Fax: (+299) 32 72 88

P.O.Box 2291 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 31 32 18

Air Iceland

Nuukullak 4 P.O.Box 1410 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 28 99

Reykjavik 101 Reykjavik Iceland Tel: (+354) 570 30 00 Fax:(+354) 570 30 01

VR Travel


Asimut Tours & Camp


P.O.Box 457, 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 55 74 88

C/O Susanne Andreasen 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 29 22 46

Greenland Travel Aqqusinersuaq 3-5 P.O.Box 330 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 34 85 85

Z Meetings Saqqarliit 2 B P.O.Box 1361, 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 24 48




Air Greenland Charter

Arctic Boat Charter

Siaqqinneq B-1842 P.O.Box 1012 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 34 34 34

P.O.Box 1355 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 53 38 80 Facebook: Arctic Boat Charter

Air Iceland

Arctic Guide Fishing

Reykjavik 101 Reykjavik Iceland Tel: (+354) 570 30 00 Fax: (+354) 570 30 01

3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 68 03 Tel: (+299) 25 42 00


Aqqusinersuaq 48A P.O.Box 1580 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 34 91 90 Fax: (+299) 32 24 50

3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 55 12 20

Arctic Umiaq Line

Asimut Tours & Camp P.O.Box 457 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 55 74 88


Br. Pedersen Charter Service

Martek (primmarily B2B)

Iggiaanut 6-8 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 55 85 91 Tel: (+299) 31 15 40

Industrivej 1 P.O.Box 1473 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 48 73 48

Greenland Boat Charter

MR Charter (primmarily B2B)

Tel: (+299) 36 35 70 Facebook: greenlandboatcharter

P.O.Box 5064 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 53 05 31


Nuuk RIB Service

P.O.Box 492 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 39 66

P.O.Box 589, 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 48 71 12

Kang Ski Center

Touring Greenland

3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 55 98 88

Hans Egedesvej 29 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 529 529

Kisaq C/O Anders & Ellen Pedersen 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 55 55 77

Tupilak Travel P.O.Box 2291 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 31 32 18


TR ANSP OR T - L A ND LP Biludlejning (car rental) Industrivej 2D 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 55 77 55

Nuuk Biludlejning (car rental) Iggiaanut 3A P.O. Box 1491 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 31 25 58

Nuuk Taxi (taxi) Industrivej 55 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 36 36 36

Nuup Bussii (bus) Industrivej 10-12 P.O. Box 449 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 34 23 00


Sermersooq Auto Marine Service (car rental) Industrivej 29 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 37 05 Fax: (+299) 32 44 05

Taxagut (taxi + car rental) Industrivej 18 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 321 321

ACCOMMODAT I O N Arctic Boat Charter

Hotel Hans Egede

P.O.Box 1355 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 53 38 80 FB: Arctic Boat Charter

Aqqusinersuaq 1-5 P.O.Box 1049, 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 42 22

Arctic Guide Fishing 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 68 03 Tel: (+299) 25 42 00

Arctic Hostel Kapisillit c/o Anso Grødem Tel: (+299) 55 68 55/55 05 55 anso@grø

Asimut Tours & Camp P.O.Box 457 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 55 74 88

Hotel Centerbo Samuel Kleinschmidts vej 11 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 66 44

Hotel Nordbo Vandsøvej 13, 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 66 44

Hotel Nordbo Apartments Samuel Kleinschmidtsvej 11 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 66 44

Hotel Sydbo P.O.Box 1624 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 58 36 40

Inuk Hostels Qernertunnguit kangerluat P.O.Box 7028, 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 48 35 35


Kang Ski Center


3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 55 98 88

Noorlernut 37a P.O. Box 773 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 48 77 27

MR Charter P.O.Box 5064 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 53 05 31

Nuan ApS C/O Mads Bek 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 48 25 55

Nuuk Illu P.O.Box 4035 3900 Nuuk

Nuuk Inn & Wellness Noorlernut 15 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 55 06 33


Seamens Home Marinevej 3 P.O.Box 1021 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 10 29

Tupilak Travel B&B P.O.Box 2291 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 31 32 18

Touring Greenland B&B Hans Egedesvej 29 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 529 529

Vandrehuset Børnehjemsvej 7, 3900 Nuuk, Tlf. (+299) 55 06 33, Mail:,


Kilu Ujaloq

Aqqusinersuaq 1-3 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 23 30 11 FB: 3900 Future

Jens Kreutzmannip aqqutaa 2 3900 Nuuk Tel.: (+299) 31 31 78 FB: Kilu Ujaloq

Anori Art Indaleeqqap Aqq 14 P.O. Box 890 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 78 74 Facebook: Anori Art Nuuk Center, 1st floor Imaneq 1 P.O. Box 890 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 57 32

Dooit Design Indaleeraqqap Aqq. 12, 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 27 31 09

Inuk Design

Qiviut Imaneq 27 3900 Nuuk Tel.: (+299) 32 55 90

Tupilak P.O. Box 2291 3900 Nuuk Tel.: (+299) 32 32 18

Unik Imaneq 29 P.O. Box 1018 3900 Nuuk Tel.: (+299) 32 40 96

Aqqusinersuaq 4 P.O. Box 1760 3900 Nuuk Tel.: (+299) 55 94 11




Nuuk Center

Galleri - Glas & Ramme

Imaneq P.O. Box 2080 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 539808

Indaleeraqqap Aqq. 8 P.O.Box 348 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 13 93 Fax: (+299) 32 23 93

Galleri - Malînánguaq Avannarliit 17 P.O. Box 431 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 54 15 60 marcussen-moelgaard@

Katuaq - Cultural House Imaneq 21 P.O. Box 1622 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 36 37 70

Kittat - Econo Museum Hans Egedesvej 29 P.O.Box 1355 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 55 57 Fax: (+299) 31 15 75


National Museum & Arkiv

Nuutoqaq - Nuuk City Museum

Nunatta Katersugaasivia Allagaateqarfialu Hans Egedesvej 8 P.O. Box 145 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 26 11 Fax: (+299) 32 26 22

Hans Egedesvej 29 Tel: (+299) 32 77 33

Niels Lynge´s House Gertrud Rasksvej 24 3900 Nuuk Opening after agreement with Nuuk Art Museum Tel: (+299) 32 77 33

The National Theatre of Greenland Industrivej 27 P.O. Box 1627 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 38 13 70

Nuuk Art Museum Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 5 P.O. Box 78 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 77 33


LEISURE Crossfit Inua

Nuuk Fitness

Samuel Kleinschmidtsvej nr. 5 Postboks 683, 3900 Nuuk Tlf.: (+299) 483525 / (+299) 482424

Sarfannguit 4B 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 31 40 40


Nuuk Golfklub

Prinsessevej 2 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 55 55

Siaqqinneq B-3194 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 53 61 Tel: (+299) 58 85 90 Facebook: Nuuk Golfklub

InuFitness Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 2 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 16 54

Katuaq - Cinema Imaneq 21 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 36 37 80

Malik Swimming pool Sarfaarsuit 4 3905 Nuussuaq Tel:(+299) 36 63 10


PL ACES TO DI NE A Hereford Beefstouw

Café Mamaq

Hotel Hans Egede Aqqusinersuaq 1-5 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 42 22

Nuuk Center Imaneq 1, 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 38 11 00


Café Manna

Imaneq 30 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 34 80 80

Hans Egedep Aqqutaa 29 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 14 50

Café Brugseni

Café Mik Catering

Aqqusinersuaq 2 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 11 22 Fax:(+299) 32 95 22

Industrivej 4, 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 15 06 Fax: (+299) 32 35 06

Café Esmeralda

Katuaq Imaneq 21 P.O.Box 1622 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 36 37 70

Aqqusinersuaq 6 1st floor 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 90 95 Facebook: Esmeralda

Café Tuaq


Café Wok


Aqqusinersuaq 9 3900 Nuuk Tlf: +299 34 85 08 Email:

Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 2 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 16 54

Café & Restaurant Iggu Sipisaq Avannarleq 10 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 9555 FB: cafeiggu

Centrum Grill Qullilerfik 14 P.O.Box 504 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 42 74

Grillen Aqqusinersuaq 7 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 34 80 97 Facebook: Mario’s grill – og restaurant

Grill & Pizzabar Kuussuaq 1, 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 59 01

Igaffik C/O Nuuk Transport Qasapi 2 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 34 24 86

Pascucci Corner Nuuk Center 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 60 65 Facebook: Café Pascucci

Pizzahuset & Snackbar H.J. Rinksvej 43 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 31 19 19 Facebook: Pizzahuset og Grill

Restaurant Bones Nuuk Center 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 34 85 30


Restaurant Charoen Porn

Seamens Home

Aqqusinersuaq 5 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 57 59

Marinevej 3 P.O.Box 1021 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 10 29

Restaurant Isikkivik Narsaviaq 26 3905 Nuussuaq Tel:(+299) 34 85 06

Restaurant Nasiffik Iggianut 3905 Nuussuaq Tel:(+299) 32 91 90

Spisestedet Sarfalik Hotel Hans Egede Aqqusinersuaq 1-5 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 42 22

Steak & Grill Sangoriaq B-3109 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 58 56

Restaurant Qooqqut Nuan Qooqqut 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 48 25 55

Sarfalik Lunch Hotel Hans Egede Aqqusinersuaq 1-5 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 42 22


B ARS & PUBS Café Esmeralda (bar)

Nasiffik (pub)

Aqqusinersuaq 6 1st floor / 1.sal 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 48 22 03

Iggiaanut 3905 Nuussuaq Tel:(+299) 32 91 20

Daddys (pub) Godthåb (bar) Manhattan Nightclub (bar) Takuss (pub) Cocktailbar (bar) Imaneq 30 3900 Nuuk

Kristinemut (pub) Tullemut (pub) Tugto (pub) Aqqusinersuaq 7 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 34 80 90

Maximut (pub) Aqqusinersuaq 6 3900 Nuuk Tel: (+299) 32 25 44


Skyline Bar (bar) Hotel Hans Egede Aqqusinersuaq 1-5 3900 Nuuk Tel:(+299) 32 42 22



Colourful Nuuk - A City Guide  

Welcome to Colourful Nuuk! Explore the colourful culture, unique nature and inspiring people of Nuuk, the Arctic capital of Greenland. Sha...

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