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Kinds Of Hemorrhoids

There Are Two Kinds Of Hemorrhoids: Internal Ones, Which Occur In The Lower Rectum, And External Hemorrhoids, Which Develop Under The Skin Around The Anus.

External Hemorrhoids Are The Most Uncomfortable, Because The Overlying Skin Becomes Irritated And Erodes.

Internal Hemorrhoids Are Typically Painless, Even When They Produce Bleeding. You Might, For Example, See Bright Red Blood On The Toilet Paper Or Dripping Into The Toilet Bowl.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Researchers Are Not Certain What Causes Hemorrhoids. It's Likely That Extreme Abdominal Pressure Causes The Veins To Swell By Blocking The Flow Of Blood Through Them. They Then Become Susceptible To Irritation.

The Increased Pressure Can Be Caused By Obesity, Pregnancy, Standing Or Sitting For Long Periods, Straining On The Toilet, Coughing, Sneezing, Vomiting, And Holding Your Breath While Straining To Do Physical Labor.


The Symptoms Of Pathological Hemorrhoids Depend On The Type Present. Internal Hemorrhoids Usually Present With Painless Rectal Bleeding While External Hemorrhoids May Produce Few Symptoms Or If Thrombosed Significant Pain And Swelling In The Area Of The Anus. Many People Incorrectly Refer To Any Symptom Occurring Around The Anal-rectal Area As "Hemorrhoids" And Serious Causes Of The Symptoms Should Be Ruled Out.

Internal And External Hemorrhoids May Present Differently; However, Many People May Have A Combination Of The Two

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