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Electric Car Conversion DIY

Home Brew Electric Vehicle Conversions

The process of turning a gasoline power vehicle into a vehicle that runs off of only electricity is called an electric vehicle conversion. If you're not aware, there is a big movement going on across the country in which people are doing "home brew" electric vehicles in order to initially beat the ever-growing gas prices across the nation and to end up ultimately end up making money by saving money in the end.

After all, it was Benjamin Franklin that said the famous quote, "A penny saved is a penny earned. " In the case of electric car conversions, this quote is not only true, but it is also a life style.

Electric Vehicle Conversion Motors

In order to do your own electric vehicle conversion you have got to be confident that you are knowledgeable in the field of electricity, mechanics, and automobiles in general. If you're not, individuals can always hire a mechanic in order to operate on your electric vehicle conversion motors.

DC Electric Car Motors

If you are confident working on electric motors, then this article is for you. Electric motors come in AC or DC versions. DC motors are usually motors that have a wide range in voltage. Electric car conversion motors can range anywhere between 96 and 192 volts. In fact, almost all electric vehicle conversion motors come from the forklift industry.

Many lower power fork lifts are electrically powered motors in order to do their lifting where as the heavy duty for lifts generally use propane gas tanks which ride on the back of the fork lift.

AC Electric Car Motors

If the electric car conversion motor is of the AC variety it is most likely threephase running at 240 volts. Generally the 240-volt electric vehicle conversion motor is accompanied by a 300-volt battery pack.

AC installations allow the individuals handling the electric car conversion motors the use of almost any industrial motor. AC electric car conversion motors are actually much easier to find in any size, shape, or power rating.

Regardless of if you're the type of person that prefers one of the electric car conversion motors over the other, it should be known that if you are going to undertake the process of doing an electric car conversion to your motor then you should be thanked and praised for doing something that not only saves you money but also saves the environment at the same time. For that, we salute you.

How To Convert Your Car To Electric?


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