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If You Are A Newcomer To This Disease, I Hate To Be The Bringer Of Bad News But You Should Know That The List Of Potential Symptoms Is Depressingly Long.

A General Feeling Of Muscle Pain To Begin With, Almost Like Flu

A Tingling, Burning Type Sensation In A Specific Area Of The Skin

Fever And Headache And Sometimes A Swelling Of The Lymph Nodes

A Band Of Spots And Then A Rash At A Specific Part Of Your Body – Very Often The Head Or The Side Of The Trunk

Infection Over The Site Of The Rash – Leaving It Prone To Additional Tissue Damage From Bacteria

Postherpetic neuralgia leading to chronic nerve pain

Ulceration Of The Eye – In Those Cases Where The Shingles Rash Occurs In The Area Of The Eye – Known As Zoster Ophthalmicus.

Stress And Depression – Particularly Where The Illness Lingers On For A Long Period

Everyone Is Different And Not Everyone Will Experience All Of Those Symptoms. However Even The Most Mild Case Of Shingles Can Be Extremely Debilitating – Something Of Which I Am All Too Aware.

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