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Team Project Making a display

1. Form a team with four or five students. In your team, you need: Position Student 1 Leader Student 2 Artist Student 3 Writer Student 4 Spokesperson

Job Student Name See that everyone speaks English. See that everyone participates. Arrange a display with help from the team. Help team members write. Prepare a presentation.

2. Draw information about yourself on the team sheet. Draw a picture of yourself. Draw a map of your favorite country. Draw a clock with the time in your favorite country. Draw the weather in your favorite country.

3. The display can be made using different online tools: Youblisher: Slideshare: CX: Calameo. Issue:

Proyecto de equipo Unidad II  
Proyecto de equipo Unidad II  

Instrucciones para realizar la actividad integradora de la Unidad temática II de prgrama de asignatura Idioma Inglés I