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Feb. 13th - Feb. 19th In God We Trust FREE

(2014, Vol.14th, #32) P.O. BOX 27, Poteau, OK 74953 Email: FAX: 1-866-651-3098


You Won’t Believe out Prices! Open: M-F 8-5 & Sat. 8-Noon

15021 Hwy. 71 S., Ft. Smith (Jenny Lind)

(479) 996-3006


FT. SMITH: Place ads at Sunshine Resale Located at 7712 Hwy. 271 S. Poteau: 205 Dewey, Suite 7 (inside Dewey Plaza) Phone: 918.649.0581 Mail: PO Box 27, Poteau, OK 74953 Email: FREE CLASSIFIED ADS UP TO 30 WORDS FOR 2 WEEKS, non business special

8’x12’ Barn Style.. $795 8’x12’ Tall Wall ......$895 8’x16’ Barn Style.. $995 8’x16’ Tall Wall.... $1095


See the Real Estate Section inside each week! This Week’s Feature: Cecilia Reed Realty




Hwy 59, Shady Point


Tubs Starting @ $229

25 lb. Bucket Sheet Rock Screws


for Salvage Autos $200 to $1000 Will Haul

Other Styles & Sizes Available



Cocco says Come See Us!

1 1/4” 1 5/8” and 2”

$25.95 Heat & Air 2-T. 13 $1,450 Seer Electric Any Size Available

30 yr. Architectural Shingles Several Colors $59.95 sq. 7/16 4x8 Masonite $15.65 Masonite 6 Panel 24’ to 36’ $45.95 1x8 Cedar Lap Siding .45 cents bf 1x6 & 1x8 Bead Board in Stk Knotty Pine 2’to3’ Pre-Hung Interior Door $109.95 3/4” Plywood $19.95 4” T-1-11 $16.95 Mahagany Door 8” Stainless Steel Sink $59.95 with Side Lights Rod Iron Staircase Spindles 10 Different Styles $2 to $6 $1,095







FREE FEDERAL TAX FILING!* Bring in your last paystub or tax documents & in a matter of minutes we can finance you a vehicle using your tax refund for down payment *Zero Down & Free Federal Tax Filing with finance purchase

‘05 Chevy Tahoe 3rd Row Seat

‘04 Jeep Liberty

‘07 Chevy Cobalt 5-Spd

‘07 Pontiac G-6

Locally Owned & Operated for Almost 30 Years!

‘03 Dodge Neon Yellow 4 Dr.

Blue 4 Dr.

117K Miles

‘05 Nissan Altima

‘03 Chevy Avalanche Z-66 Pkg.

116K Miles

111K Miles


‘02 Dodge Crew Cab

2800 N. Broadway, Poteau, OK 918.647.8933 See more @

More in Stock! Check our inventory at:

‘06 Toyota Camry White 4 Dr.

‘08 Dodge Caliber 110K Miles

BEST PRICES! We beat Regal & Carmart Everyday!

Classic 1970 Cutlass Supreme New paint, new motor new tranny newly painted lime green Gorgeous car! Book is 17 grand, asking $8500. Open Till 7pm Treasure Island Pawn and Gun Ft.Smith 479-434-3880

Mayberry Auto Sales & Salvage 1525 N. 5th, Ft. Smith, AR.



23200 US Hwy 271 SPIRO, OK



M-F 8am-5pm

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2005 Chevy Colorado #30295 $6,995

2002 Nissan Altima #30259 $7,995

2007 Mercury Mariner #30243 $7,995

APPLY FOR CREDIT & SEE OUR INVENTORY AT: 2003 Dodge Neon SE 4 Door, Automatic . . . $3,995 $ #30336 2000 Ford Windstar Minivan Automatic. . . . . 3,995 $ #30329 2000 Chevy Camaro Coupe, Silver . . . . . . . 4,995 $ #30000 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sedan, Automatic . 4,995 $ #30241 2004 GMC Safari SLT Van, Automatic. . . . . 4,995 $ #30244 2001 Pontiac Grand Am 4 Door, Automatic. . 4,995 $ #30343 1997 Chevy S10 2 Door, Automatic . . . . . . . 4,995 $ #30377 2000 GMC Jimmy SLS 2 Door, Automatic . . 4,995 $ #30413 1999 Chevy Silverado X Cab, Automatic. . . 4,995 $ #30244 2001 Pontiac Grand Am 4 Door, Automatic. . 4,995 $ #30221 2003 Buick LeSabre 4 Dr., Automatic . . . . . 4,995 $ #30227 2001 Ford Expedition 4 Dr., Automatic . . . . 4,995 $ #30251 2002 Ford Windstar Minivan Automatic . . . . . 4,995 $ #30274 2001 Mercury Sable 4 Door, Automatic . . . . 4,995 $ #30082 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo 2 Dr., Automatic. . . 4,995 $ #30172 1999 Buick Regal 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . . 4,995 $ #30253 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 Door, Automatic 4,995 $ #30200 2004 Pontiac Grand Am 4 Door, Automatic . 4,995 $ #29672 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix 4 Dr., Automatic . . 4,995 $ #29737 1999 Ford Windstar Van, Automatic. . . . . . 4,995 $ #29848 2001 Pontiac Grand Am 2 Dr., Automatic . . 4,995 $ #29904 2002 Pontiac Gr Prix GT 4 Dr., Automatic . . 4,995 $ #29936 2004 Dodge Neon 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . . 4,995 $ #30068 2003 Ford Taurus 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . . 4,995 $ #30094 2000 Ford Taurus SE 4 Door, Automatic . . . . 4,995 $ #30106 2002 Chevy Cavalier 4 Door . . . . . . . . . 4,995 $ #30125 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo 2 Dr., Automatic . . 4,995 $ #30122 2004 Chevy Aveo 4 Door . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,995 $ #30026 2003 Ford Explorer 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . . 5,995 $ #29932 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, Automatic . . . 5,995 $ #29897 2002 Chrysler Voyager Minivan, Automatic . . 5,995 $ #29745 2006 Chevy Uplander Wagon, Auto. . . . . . . 5,995 $ #29614 2001 Mazda Tribute LX SUV . . . . . . . . . 5,995 $ #30390 2003 Ford Ranger 2 Door. . . . . . . . . . . . 5,995 $ #30262 2004 Ford Taurus SE 4 Dr., Automatic . . . . . 5,995 $ #30083 2005 Chevy Impala 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . 5,995 $ #30312 2003 Dodge Neon SXT 4 Dr., Automatic . . . 5,995 $ #30194 2002 Chevy Silverado 4 Dr. Pick-Up, Auto. . . 5,995 $ #30234 2004 Chrysler Sebring TO 4 Door, Automatic. 5,995 $ #30273 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan 4 Dr. Auto. . . 5,995 $ #30231 2003 Nissan Sentra 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . 5,995 $ #30225 2003 Chevy Impala 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . 5,995 $ #30144 2001 Ford Ranger XLT Ext. Cab, Automatic . . 5,995 $ #30162 2001 Nissan Altima GXE 4 Door, Automatic . 5,995 $ #30384 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada SUV, Automatic . 5,995 $ #30348 2001 Dodge Ram Pick-Up 2 Dr., Automatic . . . 5,995 #29528

2004 Dodge Ram #30299 $7,995

2006 Ford Expedition #30389 $12,995

2005 Suzuki Forenza Station Wagon, Auto. . . $5,995 $ #30157 2002 Chevy S-10 Extended Cab, Automatic . . . 5,995 $ #30328 2006 Pontiac G6 Sedan . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,995 $ #30401 2003 GMC Sonoma SLS 4x4, Automatic . . . 6,495 $ #30403 2002 Dodge Ram SLT 4 Door, Automatic . . . 6,995 $ #30407 2004 Isuzu Rodeo 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30207 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 Dr., Automatic . 6,995 $ #30084 2002 Nissan Xterra SE 4 Door . . . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30338 1997 Ford F-150 3 Door Pick-Up, Automatic . . . 6,995 $ #30339 2002 Chevy Venture Minivan, Automatic . . . 6,995 $ #30004 2003 Ford Expedition 4 Door SUV, Auto. . . . 6,995 $ #30084 2002 Nissan Xterra SE 4 Door. . . . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30304 1999 Dodge Dakota Ext. Cab, Automatic . . . 6,995 $ #30354 2001 Ford Explorer 4x4 4 Dr. SUV, Automatic. 6,995 $ #30395 2004 Dodge Caravan Wagon, Automatic . . . 6,995 $ #30398 2002 GMC Yukon XL 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . 6,995 $ #30269 2007 Chevy Cobalt Coupe, Automatic . . . . . 6,995 $ #30226 2003 Dodge Ram Pick-Up 4 Door, Automatic. 6,995 $ #30304 1999 Dodge Dakota Ext. Cab, Automtic . . . . 6,995 $ #30295 2005 Chevy Colorado 4 Dr. Pick-Up, Auto. . . 6,995 $ #30309 2000 Ford Mustang 2 Door, Automatic . . . . . 6,995 $ #30276 1997 Ford F-150 3 Door Pickup, Automatic . . . . 6,995 $ #30339 2002 Chevy Venture Minivan, Automatic . . . . 6,995 $ #30340 1996 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab . . . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30193 2006 Dodge Durango 4 Dr., 3rd Row, Auto. . . 6,995 $ #30004 2003 Ford Expedition 4 Dr. SUV, 4x2, Auto. . . 6,995 $ #30246 2004 Ford F-250 Ext. Cab, Automatic. . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30350 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Auto. . . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30353 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2 Door, Std. . . . 6,995 $ #30392 2004 Buick Rendezvous 4 Door . . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30218 2006 Pontiac Montana Minivan. . . . . . . . . 6,995 $ #28970 2003 Chevy Trailblazer 4 Door, SUV, 4x2 . . . 6,995 $ #29460 2003 Chevy Trailblazer 4 Door, Automatic . . 6,995 $ #30169 2005 Buick Terraza Wagon, Automatic . . . . . 6,995 $ #30260 2006 Ford Fusion 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . . 6,995 $ #29954 2006 Chevy Malibu LT Sedan, Automatic. . . . 6,995 $ #30142 2008 Ford Fusion 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . . . 6,995 $ #29343 2007 Chevy Cobalt LS 4 Door, Automatic. . . 6,995 $ #29433 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 Door, Automatic. 6,995 $ #30386 2000 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab, Step, Auto. . 6,995 $ #30203 2006 Dodge Caravan SP Minivan, Auto. . . . 6,995 $ #29443 2008 Chevy Uplander Wagon, LWB . . . . . . 6,995 $ #29636 2004 Buick Regal LS 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . 6,995 $ #29725 2003 Chevy Impala 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . . 6,995 $ #29749 2006 Chevy HHR LT 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . 6,995 $ #29743 2006 Chevy Impala 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . . 6,995 #30156

2006 Chrysler Pacifica #30396 $8,995

2003 Mitsubishi Montero SP 4 Door . . . . $6,995 $ #29869 2003 Honda CR-V 4 Door . . . . . . . . . . . . 6,995 $ #29925 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 Door, Automatic. 6,995 $ #30041 1999 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab, Auto.. . . . . 6,995 $ #29992 2006 GMC Envoy 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30062 2003 Kia Sorento SUV, Automatic . . . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30104 2002 Jeep Liberty 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30116 2006 Kia Sportage 4x4 4 Door . . . . . . . . 6,995 $ #30118 2001 Ford F-150 Super 4 Door, Automatic. . . 7,995 $ #30137 2002 Chevy Tahoe LS SUV, Automatic . . . . 7,995 $ #30067 2004 Ford Expedition 4 Door, Automatic. . . . 7,995 $ #30101 2006 Hyundai Accent 4 Door, Automatic . . . 7,995 $ #30049 2006 Dodge Dakota Ext. Cab, Automatic . . . 7,995 $ #30394 2005 Dodge Ram SLT 4 Door, Automatic . . . 7,995 $ #30264 2004 Jeep Liberty 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . . . 7,995 $ #29649 2003 Chevy Trailblazer 4 Door SUV . . . . . 7,995 $ #30376 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe 4 Door SUV, 4x2. . . 7,995 $ #30385 2002 Ford F-350 XL 6 Speed . . . . . . . . . . 7,995 $ #29906 2007 GMC Sierra Reg. Cab, Automatic. . . . . . 7,995 $ #30299 2004 Dodge Ram SLT 4 Door, Automatic . . . 7,995 $ #29867 2002 Nissan Xterra 4 Dr. SUV, Automatic. . . . 7,995 $ #30153 2007 Dodge Caliber SX 4 Dr, Hatchback, Auto 7,995 $ #30318 2002 Dodge Dakota 4 Door, Automatic . . . . 7,995 $ #30391 2005 Chevy Equinox LT 4 Door, Automatic. . 7,995 $ #29562 2005 Chevy Impala 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . . 7,995 $ #30258 2007 Kia Rio 4 Door, Automatic. . . . . . . . . . . 7,995 $ #30292 2007 Dodge Caliber 4 Door, Automatic . . . . 7,995 $ #30259 2002 Nissan Altima 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . 7,995 $ #28784 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix 4 Dr., Auto., Sunroof 7,995 $ #30243 2007 Mercury Mariner 4 Door, Auto.. . . . . . 7,995 $ #30381 2000 Chevy Silverado 2 Door, Ext. Cab . . . . 7,995 $ #30320 2001 Chevy Suburban 4 Dr. Automatic . . . . 7,995 $ #30233 2002 Nissan Frontier 4x4 4 Dr., 5 Speed. . . 7,995 $ #30315 2002 Jeep Liberty SP 4 Door . . . . . . . . . 7,995 $ #29960 2004 Ford Escape 4 Door, 4x4 . . . . . . . . . 8,995 $ #30364 2008 Ford Fusion 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . . 8,995 $ #30399 2007 Dodge Caliber 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . 8,995 $ #30396 2006 Chrysler Pacifica 4 Door, Automatic . . 8,995 $ #30393 2005 Ford F-150 4 Dr, Automatic . . . . . . . . . 8,995 $ #30344 2007 Nissan Quest Wagon, Automatic. . . . . . 8,995 $ #30409 2004 Chevy Silverado 4 Door, Automatic. . . . 8,995 $ #30265 2008 Dodge Caliber 4 Door, Automatic . . . . . 8,995 $ #30120 2005 Dodge Magnum Wagon, Automatic . . . 8,995 $ #30389 2006 Ford Expedition SUV, Automatic . . . . 12,995 #29891

Serious Shopper, February 13 2014. Page 3


MISCELLANEOUS HANDY MAN SERVICE Home Repair to Yard Work to Cleaning up storm damage. Senior Citizens get a Discount. For more information call Thomas at 479759-0899. pd/0213

Like us on facebook:

UTILITY TRAILER 12 ft X 5 ft 3 in with double frame and extra long tongue.It has a tail gate ramp for loading and 14 in wheels.There is expanded metal around the sides to help hold small objects in on a load. $750.00. 918-448-3479. pd2/tfn







Industry Leading Technology


LIFT KITS Starting at




FOR SALE: Saddle, Pad and Saddle Axe Like New $850. Oak China Cabinet, 1980 Signed Framed Print by Chuck Deon, Make Offer. McCullag Electric Chain Saw, make offer. 918-413-8454. s/0213

Polyurea Spray-In Bedliner

SWB Under the rail $






FOR SALE: Camper Tail Gate, will fit from 1999 to 2007 Ford F-250. $100 Firm, excellent condition. 918-448-0072. s/0206

Over the rail





Every color in the rainbow available!

918.208.1899 504 GRACE ST. •POTEAU, OK 74953

(From BMF, Incubus, Fuel, RBP & More)

AVON Start for Free when you Call this week.. Call 918-721-3000. c/0116


LWB Under the rail


DS Games Starting at only $2.99 Treasure Island Pawn and Gun Ft Smith Open Till 7pm 479-434-3880


Over the rail

Sharp 04 660 Raptor Racing 4 wheeler $1900. TREASURE ISLAND PAWN AND GUN, YOUR FRIENDS in the PAWN BUSINESS! 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open Tues.Sat. Noon till 7pm, 479434-3880

RH BUILDING & REMODELING Roofing, Siding, Drywall, Flooring and Basic Home Repairs. Local Company. 479-216-2333, c/0213

Brand New in the Box 14” 100 Spoke Mags! $350 TREASURE ISLAND PAWN AND GUN, YOUR FRIENDS in the PAWN BUSINESS! 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open Tues.Sat. Noon till 7pm, 479434-3880

5x7 TRAILER with Motorcycle Chock. $400. Call 479-709-9474. c/0206

Drug Store & Gifts on Historic Mainstreet! DRIVE THRU





Larry Young, R.Ph. 219 Dewey ~ Poteau, OK 918-647-2113 Put your Tax Refund to work for you! Receive 10% rebate credit during the Tax Season. This will allow you to save 10% off any installation of our High Efficiency System. Upgrading your existing equipment will not only keep you more comfortable but will also save you money all year long. To find out more Please Call Ben Owens Heating & Air today @ 918653-7673. pd/0130 . Craftsman Industrial Table saw like new!! $450 , Power Paint sprayer $250 Open Till 7pm $250!! TREASURE ISLAND PAWN AND GUN, YOUR FRIENDS in the PAWN BUSINESS! 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open 5 Days per week. Noon till 7pm, 479-434-3880

FOR SALE: Merrick Wheelchair, electric, very nice, hydraulic seat, $400. Nice, Easy Handle, for right handed driver. 479437-6587. 479-222-3877. s01mw/trn Need AMMO? .22LR .223? HI CAP AR15 MAGAZINES? Try Treasure Island Pawn .223 rounds $1ea .22lr $5/box and in stock. Now for sale: AR15 with 1 box free ammo we have most rounds and clips still in stock! Open Till 7pm 479-434-3880 Open until 7pm 5 nights per week Guitars, Drums, Musical Instruments Galore!! Stop and shop! Treasure Island Pawn The funnest place on earth to shop!! Open Till 7pm1700 Towson 479-4343880



13 CHEVY 15-PASS. VAN 12,957 Miles

ONLY 1,675 Miles


 

$23,900 $0 down $23,900 or

 


 



per mo.*

per mo.*

Red, Auto, AC, Stereo w/XM Radio, PW, PL, Chrome Wheels & More!

Silver, LT Pkg 32 MPG



 

17,021 Miles


$26,900 $0 down $26,900

 



per mo.*

per mo.*

Red, Auto, AC, Tilt, Cruise, PW, PL, A/A Wheels, Keyless & More!

Cream, Auto, AC, Tilt, Cruise, PW, PL, AM/FM Stereo w/CD, Alum Wheels & More!

2013 Nissan Murano

2013 NISSAN VERSA 13,181 Miles


 

$16,300 $0 down $16,300 or


10,908 Miles

$12,900 $0 down $12,900 or


per mo.*

White, Auto, AC, PW, PL, Tilt, Cruise & More!


$18,900 $0 down $18,900 or


4,373 Miles

33,416 Miles


$22,700 $0 down $22,700 or

 

19,651 Miles

$13,995 $0 down $13,995 or

$16,900 $0 down $16,900 or



per mo.*

per mo.*

per mo.*


 




Silver, Auto, AC, Tilt, Cruise, PW, PL, AM/FM Stereo w/CD, Alum Wheels & More!



Blue, SV Pkg, Automatic, Tilt, Cruise, CD, Power Windows & More!

Auto, AC, Tilt, Cruise, AM/FM/CD, PW, PL, Keyless Entry & More!

*payments based on zero down, 5.9% apr, 72 months, subject to lender approval of credit, rate and terms

2605 N. Broadway, Poteau, OK



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KEITH GLASS MOTOR SALES Just a Short Drive! 1 Mile East of Greenwood, AR ‘08 Ford F-150 STX Xcab, 4 Dr. V8, Auto, A/C, AM/FM/CD, Black



‘12 Nissan Altima 2.5S 4 Cyl, Auto, Air, AM/FM/CD, PW, PL, PM, White



‘07 Hyundai Santa Fe

Limited, V6, Auto, A/C, CD, All Pwr, Leather, 3rd Row, Sunroof, White



‘05 Cadillac Escalade 4 Dr.

AWD EXT. V8, Auto, Air, CD, Leather, Sunroof, Loaded, Black


‘05 Dodge S/B 4x4 SLT ‘06 Ford Mustang Pony Black, 5.7 Hemi, Auto, A/C, CD, New Tires, Local Trade-In




V6, Auto, A/C, CD, All Pwr, Charcoal Super Clean, 54K miles



‘04 Volvo XC90 AWD


Leather, All Pwr, MoonRoof, 2.5 Auto, CD, Hard Loaded!






‘07 Toyota Rav 4

4 Cyl, Auto, A/C, AM/FM/CD, All Pwr, Red


TM723- 2004 HUMMER H2 4X4, WHITE, V8, AT, LOADED, LEATHER, SUNROOF, $14,950.00



‘08 GMC Envoy SLE

V6, Auto, A/C, All Power, Black




‘07 Chevy Tahoe LT

V8, Auto, A/C, CD, All Power 20” Wheels, 3rd Row, Sunroof



~ 1.888.359.1700

M423- 2008 HONDA PILOT, 6CYL, AT, GRAY, PS, PB, PW, PDL, A/C, $14,950.00



New Inventory Arriving Daily

M849- 2009 NISSAN MURANO S AWD, BLACK, 6CYL, AT, PS, PB, PW, PDL, AC, $13,950.00

Shop & Compare! Graceland offers Superior Quality @ Competitive Prices

Blue, Pony Pkg, V6, Chrome Wheels, Super Sharp!

M839- 2009 FORD EDGE SE AWD, BLACK, 6CYL, AT, PS, PB, PW, PDL, AC, $14,950.00


M655- 2007 HONDA ELEMENT SC, SILVER, 4 CYL, AT, PS, PB, PW, PDL, AC, 92K, $12,950.00

CRAWFORD COUNTY 425 W. Kibler Hwy. VAN BUREN, AR. 479-670-4730

M819- 2009 FORD ESCAPE XLT 4X4, WHITE, 6CYL, AT, PS, PB, PW, PDL, AC, $12,950.00

M523- 2009 FORD EDGE SEL, MAROON, 6CYL, AT, PS, PB, PW, PDL, AC, $15,950.00

COTNER SALES 2510 N. Broadway POTEAU, OK. 918-413-1084



M559- 2009 DODGE M742- 2007 CHEVROLET JOURNEY SE, GREEN, SUBURBAN LT, TAN, V8, AT, 4CYL, AT, PS, PB, PW, PS, PB, PW, PDL, AC, 3RD PDL, AC, 88K, $11,500.00 ROW SEAT, $13,950.00


COME SEE US AT WHOLESALE MOTORS ON HWY 64 IN ROLAND, OK. OR CALL US AT 918-875-3900 Easy On The Spot Financing or Pay Cash & Save! File Your Taxes Here! 60 Day Lawaway Available Open: Mon-Friday 9-6 and Sat. 9-4 SE HABLA ESPANOL

Serious Shopper, February 13 2014, Page 5



MART TION mera/ ...has ghner 8 413 me!

IMICES tions, RoofWinConendly, uanti9-226-

HINO arage Super 8,500 -6919 718

NorDeco cates, till in old LP 70’s, uding wood ssical , LP Very have cords. 918ssage

am 79 Edger; udent hecter hldorf ystem ut Off wn & 8-655-

oosel work travel 0072.

ATER new , onths. sk for

board almost if in8-471-

HINE: ar or 8-653

Yo u 1st each y 2nd ast of 270. 418

TERS dow s 2332.

40 or ractor 8-471-

RNER ustom 271 479

1920 N. Broadway Poteau 918-647-2701

also buying gold coins, 7 GOOD REGISTERED days a week, call 479COLTS FOR SALE: 2 883-2475. s10/tfn

Good Registered Colts, One is a Steel Gray 2 year old Gelding, very gentle and has been rode 10 or 12 times; one is 7 month old Palomino Horse Colt, very gentle, broke to lead, load and trailer. ALSO: 4 Horse Supreme Walker, Just like New; Also: 16 ft. Bumper POOR BOY 918Trailer, Just Like New. LIVESTOCK 315-0234. pd/1226 AUCTION TRANSMISSIONS good Sale E very Saturday; used, most types, guaranHogs, Goats & Horses tee, at $299 exchange. 47912:00pm and Cattle 996-3102. pd/1212 at 3:30 pm. Wister, Oklahoma pd-1111 Affordable Powerful Legal Protection when you need mostOLD Talk SPORTS to an AtWEitBUY torney about GUNS legal matters CARDS, AND for COINS: as little as $20 a month Cal l 918-655Get3223 Answers. Not a Bill! or 918-839-7035. 479-689-4240 ronaldjk.lepd/tfn Boutique Style Hair APPLIANCES OFds, ALL Bows, Headban Ponytail FOR Streamers & KINDS SALE from Sale @ $60FlipFlops to $150.for 918-448Wister Pawn & Gun in 0621. pd11/jh Wister, Oklahoma s/tfn

FOR SALE: Zero Turn ATTENTION WANTED Mower, Hustler Sports, 21 buy $2500; Old Vintage HP,to 48”, (2) HonBath da 50, 70, 90, 250 Mirrors 32x36 and100, 32x32; up Minibikes 5 and HP Electric Motor and 3/ motorcycles (479) 883Phase; 15 Cedar Trees; 2475. c5/tfn Timing Light; Dewell Tack Meter, Large Truck TANNING BED Wheel, FOR 4 Plots Heavener Memorial, SALE paid $3,000, w ill Mother’s Day and928-499Easter take $1,500. Plates 918-653-2398. 9452(24). Greenwood area. pd/0109 TRANSMISSION


FOR SALE: Wood BUILD Maj orBox rebuilt kit, Stove extrasclutches, $100; high with energy high energy band, bashKubota L235 Diesel with ing kit,Hydraulic washer kit, harden Front Blade pump 12 rings,Acres, input sprag, $3600; 70% shift solenoids, soleWooded, StorageEPC Building, wiringwith harness, Oldnoids, RV, both Eleclockup solenoids, new tric, Phone, Water, 490’ converter. Transmission road front, partly fenced Doctor, 218 S. Coker, for Greenwood, goats, sheep,AR. fruit(479) and nut996-3100. trees, grapes, goldc/tfn fish pond, $48,000 with or $41,000 without, cash, 918654-3150. pd10-0114 IRON WAGON WHEELS: 4 ft. dimensions, solid iron, over 100 years old. $200. 479-437-6587 or 883-3120. s09mw/trn

GOLDEN PONY COWBOY PIZZA, BBQ & MORE! Open Thurs, Fri, Sat, 4 pm to 8 pm. 34668 Reichert, ½ mile East of Hwy 271 at Summerfield, OK. 918-677-2277. c/0116


SHARP DOZER D4H High Track 1500 actual hours, like new. 918-4480621. jh4/tfn

CATTLE HOG & GOAT Kirby vacuum cleaners SALE SAT. SALE SAT. Starting at only $100 Treasure Island Pawn AT: NOON AT: 10 AMand Gun, Fort Smith’s favorite pawn and gun! Open Till 7pm IN W ISTER, OK SATURDAYS Stop and see why! 1700 Towson. Open till 7pm 5 MAINper STREET nights week! LAUNANIMALS / PETS DRY NOW OPEN Open

Laptop Computers starting at $100!! Treasure Island Pawn and Gun Open till 7pm 5 days per week 479-434-3880


Eastern Red Cedar Lumber FOR SALE #1 starting at .85/bdft and #2 starting at .55/bdft. Also buying cedar saw logs. Call 918-6494889. pd1-0403

8 am till 8 pm. Wash 2003 FEATHERLITE ALU$2.00 3-HORSE then Dry SLANT FREE. MINUM 812 Main St.Rear Arkoma, Dressing room, tack, OK. pd/0523 new tires, good condition, black and silver,WANTING $11,500. An Individual Hackett. 479-638-0398 ver dol lars, TO BUY sil or halves, cell: dimes, 847-744-2624. quarters, pd/0109 etc. 1 or whole collection,

Concrete Finishing machine $450 Treasure Island Pawn and Gun Open Till 7pm 1700 Towson Ft. Smith AR Open until 7pm 5 nights per week. Pawn Shop Open Till 7pm Treasure Island Pawn and Gun 479-434-3880


Danny Justman Profe ssional Farrier 25+ years experience. Correcti ve and Therapeutic . I will call you back and I will show up! 918-202-3225


KUHN 8 ft. Rotary Disc Mower w ith 2 w heel dolly, field ready, excellent condition, $6,500. 918839-4888. s/0725


120v MIG welder, w orks, some wire included, $100. Miller auto-darkening helmet, less than 8 hrs. use, $75.00 918-647-6888.


TWO PAINT GELDINGS FOR SALE: Grade Sorrels and Registered Blue Roan; (excellent trail), Barrel or Roping prospect, Black mini-stud, too big to register, ok to ride, 479-3579667. s/0718

LIVESTOCK FOR SALE: Pigs 35 to 40 lbs $35 each; 2 Horse Trailer $800; Goats, kids and adults $40 and up;V8,Donkey and 4Min. AUTOMATIC, WD Mule, both saddle broke. 918-721-5188. s/0718




1986 FORD 3/4 Hydraulic Twin Stinger, 4WD, good rig. $2,900. 918-4480621. jh5/tfn PARTING OUT 1990 CHEVROLET SUBURnt cli p, BAN excellent V8,fro AUTO, MAROON have doors, glass except windshield, gas tank, no power train, other misc. call 1-918-302-7722. location near Talihina , Oklahoma. s/0711

SALE PRICE: $13,995

SHIZ-TU Pupp y, 3 w eeks old, $100. 479-437-6587. s6/mw


SALE PRICE: $11,995

SALE PRICE: $10,995


86 F250 4X4 4 speed transmission, Transfer case, Leaf spring front end, Rear End, Driveshafts, Clutch and Pressure Plate and Flywheel off of a 460 or 429 ford engine. Call:918-4718688, pd2/tfn


SALE PRICE: $3,995

YORKIES FOR SALE: Males $250; Females $150. 918-370-9989. s/0718


WANTING TO BUY Roller Pigeons. Call 918-4480621. s6/jh

APRI FRENCH BULLDOG Male Puppies, 12 weeks old, cream color, $1000 obo; Also: 12 mo. old Female, cream, French Bulldog $800 obo. Selling due to health. 479-997-2377 or V8, AUTO,s/0725 A/C, LEATHER 479-430-956.





SALE PRICE: $7,295

AUTO PARTS: 2000 VW VR6 Engine and 5 spd Trans, Front end, ECM, alt, starter. compressor, power steering, 91 Ford Explorer 4.0 auto trans and transfer case front and rear ends, tailgate etc.; 96 Ford Ranger II 4 cyl engine (8 spark plugs) fenders, doors, interior, front end etc.; 89 Ford 300 cid engine and Ma zda 5 spd transmission, radiator 33 1050 tires and wheels, 96 Olds 3800 V8, AUTOMATIC front wheel drive trans struts and front end. Many more parts. Radiators, alternators, starters, coil packs computers throttle bodys, injectors, carburetors, distributors. We Buy and Sell all type of cars trucks and tractors $$$.00 no title necessary. pickup and delivery possible, parts near Stigler Okla. 918-471-8688. pd1/tfn


SALE PRICE: $9,995


SALE PRICE: $4,995

‘08 FORD F-150 XL




SALE PRICE: $3,995

SALE PRICE: $6,995

SALE PRICE: $5,995

‘11 KIA SOUL +




V8, AUTO, 4X4

FIBERGLASS CAMPER SHELL: sli din g screened in windows, locking tail gate, dark blue in color, fits Dodge pickup, very nice condition, includes bed mat, $200CHEAP obo. ON 918-GAS 689-2792. s/0725

SALE PRICE: $12,995

SALE PRICE: $2,495

SALE PRICE: $1,595

2612 W. CENTER STREET, GREENWOOD, AR 479-996-6810

Page 6, Serious Shopper, February 13 2014




1 mile East of Greenwood, AR. 479-996-4129 or 1-888-359-1700 2006 Chevy Trailblazer LS, Pewter, V6, Auto. AM/FM/CD, Charcoal Local Trade $3,995 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe V6, Auto, CD, A/C, Local Vehicle, #567607 $4,250 2003 Pontiac Grand AM V6, Auto. AM/FM/CD, A/C, Local Trade, Silver, #176551 $4,995 2009 Chevy Equinox LT 2WD, V6, Auto, CD, Super Clean, Very Sharp, #243037 $10,995 2001 Chevy Suburban V8, Auto. CD, Leather, Gray, #227094 $6,995 2003 Pontiac Montana Van V6, Auto. A/C, Tan, stk#125503 $2,995 2005 Grand Caravan V6, Auto. A/C, Gray, #345579 $3,995

See Our Selection Of Brand New FREE TOWING with Transmission Overhaul 49-1/2 cc & 50 cc New Tire Sales: Mounting & Computer Balance Scooters $40 WK TOW SERVICE AVAILABLE DAILY






$80 WK



Buy Here ‘04 CADILLAC Pay Here

$80 WK 1204 Hwy 112 Pocola, OK Arkoma Exit off 540 Fax: 918.626.3740

PO Bx 2068 Ft. Smith AR 72902 Call RICK Sales


OU stoplight ‘01 NISSAN XTERRA$200 SE TREASURE ISLAND, YOUR FRIENDS $70 in WK the PAWN BUSINESS! 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open Tues.-Sat. Noon till 7 pm, 479-434-3880 Brand new Skid steer Tires on rims set of 4 for $1200 12.5x16 Treasure Island Pawn and Gun 1700 Towson Open Till 7pm Ft. Smith AR 479434-3880



$80 WK Fully Loaded Motorcycle. For Sale at Cardinal Motors on Towson in Ft. Smith. Call 479-646-2302. Financing Available.

Broadway Motors ‘02 Chevy Avalanche Z-71 Leather, Sunroof, 4X4

‘94 Jeep Wrangler 4WD 4 Cyl, 5 Speed, Super Nice

‘06 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab, LT, 47K Miles

‘05 GMC Sierra Z-71

Stepside, Leather, Bose Stereo


‘04 Chevy Cavalier 4 Cylinder, Automatic

$75 WK 479-806-5200

$75 WK 5 Acres of Top Quality Used Cars, Trucks & Vans






We BUY GUNS! Cash paid directly on firearms no amount too big or small. Bring in your working guns and we will buy them with cash on the spot! TREASURE ISLAND, YOUR FRIENDS in the PAWN BUSINESS! 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open Tues.Sat. Noon till 7 pm, 479434-3880

Professional DJ Setup: Speakers, mixer, lights, mics, amps everything needed to MAKE MONEY!! $1200 TREASURE ISLAND PAWN AND GUN, Open Late! Open Till 7pm 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open Tues.-Sat. Noon till 7 pm, 479-4343880



‘06 GMC Yukon Denali XL

‘10 Honda Accord

1-Owner, Loaded

4 Cyl, Auto, 1-Owner, Local Car

‘07 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD

‘01 Ford Mustang

Loaded, Leather, Factory Sub Woofer

V6, Automatic


‘03 Dodge Ram 1500 V8, Automatic, 2WD

‘07 Dodge Caliber

4 Cyl, Automatic, 99K Miles


CHECK OUT THESE GREAT DEALS! NEW A 2012 Toyota Corolla S Model

2007 Toyota Tacoma SR5

2005 Chevy Avalanche

4 Dr., Bluetooth, USB & Aux input, Keyless Entry, PW, PL, Cruise, Ground Effects, Rear Spoiler, Alloys Nice Safety Features

PreRunner,13 Matching bed topper, Keyless Entry, Alloy Wheels, Serious Shopper, February 2014. Page 7 Keyless Entry, 4.0 V6, Cruise, 17” Rear Air, Luggage Rack, Alloy Sport Wheels, Local Trade In Automatic Headlights & Much More!

Hertz Special

On Sale Now!






4 Dr. Sedan, Nice 17” Alloy Rims, Cruise, Keyless Entry, Aux Input, PW, PL, Much More! Great Gas Saver!

2011 Chevy 15 Passenger Van

2012 Toyota Camry SE

Very Clean, New Arrival!

4 Dr. Sedan, 21K miles, Gloss Black, Front Row Special!



$17,995 Shop Anytime online at: www.BuyFromH

LOW MILES Call for Special Pricing


Hertz System Licensee, Part of the Carco Transp

2810 Midland Blvd. Ft. Sm 479-783-1722 Check out our website at: Hertz System Licensee, Part of the Carco Transportation Family

2010 Chevy Malibu Sedan

Low Miles, Local Trade, Nice Options

‘12 Honda Civic

‘12 Honda Civic 46K Miles

$12,495 / $1,200 down

‘12 Ford Fusion

‘12 Nissan Versa


$12,995 4 Dr. Sedan, New Arrival, Nice Options, Bring Your Trade

‘12 Chevy Malibu







4 Dr., Push Button Start, PW, PL, Aux Input, Steering Wheel Mouted Controls

28K Miles $13,495 / 1,300 down





$70 WK

$60 WK


Nice Safety Features

2002 GMC ENVOY, 3rd Row Leather

$70 WK Gold

Starting @

12K Miles $9,995 / $1,000 down

2000 GMC YUKON 4X4

Sunroof, Lots of Nice Features

2012 Nissan Altima S Model

‘11 Chevy Aveo


2012 Nissan Murano SV AWD


$12,995 / $1,300 down

6308 Hwy. 271 South, Ft. Smith

$70 WK


Only 500 Miles

79K Miles $13,495 / $1,300 down




2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS

9K Miles $13,495 / $1,300 down

2007 Toyota Tacoma SR5

PreRunner, Matching bed topper, Keyless, 4.0 V6, Cruise, 17” Alloy Sport Wheels Local Trade


$70 WK

$13,995 2810 Midland Blvd. Ft. Smith 479-783-1722


ackler’s uto ales,

Financing Available w.a.c. POCOLA: CARPORTS




$500 DOWN $500 DOWN $500 DOWN

1202 N. Pocola Blvd

2601 N. Broadway

$600 DOWN $600 DOWN

$75 WK



$600 DOWN $600 DOWN $700 DOWN

$80 WK

Extra Clean, 60K Actual

$700 DOWN $700 DOWN



$75 WK

$700 DOWN $700 DOWN $700 DOWN $700 DOWN

$75 WK Like us on Facebook

Page 8, Serious Shopper, February 13 2014 MISCELLANEOUS


COMPUTER CORNER Sales, Repair, Custom Build, 8800 Hwy. 271 South, Ft. Smith, AR. 479434-2332. pd/11

An Individual WANTING TO BUY silver dollars, halves, dimes, quarters, etc. 1 or whole collection, also buying gold coins, 7 days a week, call 479-8832475. s10/tfn

ATTENTION WANTED to buy Old Vintage Honda 50, 70, 90, 100, 250 and up Minibikes and motorcycles (479) 883-2475. c5/tfn HOT DOG MACHINE: great for snack bar or group fundraiser, 918-653-2187 $250.00. bt/

Boutique Style Hair Bows, Headbands, Ponytail Streamers & FlipFlops for Sale @ Wister Pawn & Gun in Wister, Oklahoma STARTER COMPUTERS for sale, $35 windows XP. 479-434-2332. pd/11


and Leveling 40 Years Experience! All Work Guaranteed. FREE ESTIMATES 918-423-4591 or 918-465-3030 APAX FOUNDATION



GOLDEN PONY RV PARK 34668 Reichert, ½ mile East of Hwy 271 at Summerfield, OK. Complete Hook Ups. Call 918-7219097. c/1121

ELDERLY VETERAN would like to meet a petite woman with computer skills, good driving record, prefers country to town living, who would enjoy growing abundance to share with (others) those in need. A pal, girl friday or companion, write to Maveric, 18588 Poker Bend Road. Cameron, OK 74932. pd/0116

REDEEMED FURNITURE: 313 Dallas Talihina,Ok. Quality used furniture,painted repurposed, vintage, antiques,rustic. Come take a look around, we’re sure you’ll find a treasure or two. Follow us on facebook. @ Redeemed Furniture & Decor. c/0801

2600 Midland Blvd. Fort Smith, AR 479-434-5620 NEW SHIPMENT OF BATH TOWELS BLANKETS, COMFORTERS & MORE!

Lots of Items in Stock for your Home at

Bargain Prices! Mattress Sale! Name Brands Huge Discounts



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FOR SALE: STIHL Straight Shaft Weedeater; Craftsman Power Washer; Tons of Dallas Cowboy Memorabilia; Electric Guitar; Walhldorf Surround Sound System new in box.. Wister Pawn & Gun, Wister, OK 918-655-3223. pd01/tfn Huge selection of Guns found at: Treasure Island Gun and Pawn. One the leaders of gun stores in america! Treasure Island Pawn and Gun Open Till 7pm 1700 Towson Fort Smith 479-434-3880 1991 TOYOTA 4X4 EXT. CAB automatic 22re motor $3000. TREASURE ISLAND, YOUR FRIENDS in the PAWN BUSINESS! Find out why? 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open Tues. -Sat. Noon till 7 pm, 479434-3880 CASH LOANS NOW! Available at TREASURE ISLAND PAWN & GUN. No credit, just instant cash for you! Bring your items in, We will loan on most everything of value! Absolutely Top Prices Paid for Gold!, Silver, coins and Guns! and Platinum! TREASURE ISLAND, YOUR FRIENDS in the PAWN BUSINESS! 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open Tues.-Sat. Noon till 7 pm, 479-4343880 TOP PRICES PAID!! WE BUY OLD COINS, SCRAP GOLD, BROKEN JEWELRY Gold Jewelry, GOLD WE BUY MOST ANYTHING OF VALUE !! SELL YOUR GOLD & SILVER at TREASURE ISLAND PAWN AND GUN, The safe place to sell your gold, silver, and coins! Absolutely TOP PRICES PAID!! We are YOUR FRIENDS in the PAWN BUSINESS! Open Till 7pm 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open Tues.-Sat. Noon till 7 pm, 479-4343880 Now Open Charleston Laundry Downtown Charleston AR Clean neat cheap! Browning .308 Rifle w/ scope Very clean! Many guns available We have an Ithaca model 37 Featherlight 12 ga $650, AR 15 $1000 comes with free box of AMMO AR 15 magazines $20 and ammo Hi Cap clips and .22LR ammo 9mm .40 .223 ammo Can be found at: Treasure Island Pawn and Gun. Open Late till 7pm 1700 Towson Ft. smith Ar 479-434-3880 Remington 1100 Left handed 12GA like new! $650 Browning Silver Hunter $800 Like new! Treasure Island Pawn and Gun Open Till 7pm 1700 Towson Ft. Smith AR 479434-3880

SeriousSerious Shopper, February Page9 9 Shopper, February13 13,2014. 2014, Page

Cecilia Reed Realty 1004 N. Broadway, Poteau, OK 918-649-0659 Cecilia Reed, Broker. Cell: 918-413-0417 Email:


5 Acres & Cabin


#1645 Big Cedar, 5 acres, with log sided cabin, one large bedroom, with separate bedroom, kitchen, small office space, large laundry, one bath with shower, storage building, one car garage, beautiful setting, just off Hwy 63 about 1/4 mile. Offered at $74,500.00




# 1637 Poteau. Listed with The National Register. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, large dining room, library, basement. 2 bedroom upstairs and bath. 2 bedroom down stairs. Home remodeled, complete new kitchen, with stainless steel appliances, large laundry room, chain link fence yard about half acre. Fruit trees, new CH/A, was $187,500. Now Reduced to only: $118,000. Motivated Seller!




#1598 Albion: Beautiful 160 Acres with Creek, Barn with 5 stalls, 5 ponds, crossed fenced and good pasture. Brick home sits on hill site looking out over the 160 acres. 2 bed,1 bath, new large dining room, laundry room, high tech water system, large carport, 2 nice storage bldgs, 3 room 1 bath Guest house / office, 40x60 insulated shop with 3 overhead doors and bathroom. Great Shape, also a hook up for RV. Must See! Was $399,000 Reduced to: $315,000.




# 1636 Mt Pleasant RD, 3 miles from Lake Wister, 7.86 ac. w/Large 4BR, 2BA. large front porch across front of house wraps around side and deck in back, must see this home. Must see this home! With Spectacular View, large pond a short distance from the home. About 3 acres clear around home, rest wooded. Large kitchen with a lot of cabinets, approximately 2,000 SQ. FT. Reduced to $115,000

Call for Details

#1646 Talihina: Traditional 3BR1BA Brick home on a large corner lot, remodeled in 2009, near shopping and schools, CH&A, Stainless Steel Appliances, laminate flooring, ceramic tile. Offered at $85,000.00.


#1615 Poteau Building Lots in Meadow Estates off Pleasant Valley Rd, Rural Water & Sewer, Beautiful Setting for New Homes, #1628: 10 ACRES WITH SHOP Spiro, at sunset corner beautiful pasture land all Nice Street Opened up, Great Location & fenced with two entries, with iron gates, has a large shop 24x42 plus a 24x60 canoneighborhood. Call 918.649.0659. py, one entry off Hwy 59 the other on sunset lane w/iron gates. $ 105,000.00.




# 1633 40 Acres with electric, septic & water. Good pasture land. 60 X 30 barn. 20 X 20 hay barn. 30 Acres to cut hay on, the rest is good pastures. All this, only $79,900.00.



# 1643 Poteau, 104 Woodrow, 3 BR, 2BA, brick home, large rooms, keep in excellent condition, large storage building, fenced back yard, central heat and air new. Must see to appreciate, only $85,000.00. Great neighbor hood! Very Nice Home! Reduced Price!


#1629 Spiro HWY 59, Commercial 1 acre with 30x60 shop, 2 over head doors, large lift like new, small lift, balance machine, flat fixer machine, all like new, half BA in the shop, there is a office in the shop, with desk, plus kitchen with nice cabinets, table chairs, area for bed, plus BA with shower hook ups, circle drive with iron pole gates, also a single car garage, all on one end of the acre other half acre for parking or another building. Great buy. Only $ 75,000.00.




#1596 SPIRO Great Starter Home : Nice two bedroom home with one bath home sits on .46ac with attached garage fenced in back yard. Located on dead end street . $56,000

More pictures & info online at:

y 13, 2014Page 10, Serious Shopper, February 13 2014

ile or . Utilislab, MLS# d Reoteau, 918-

210 S. Broadway ~ Poteau 918-647-2212 Vickie Barnes, Owner/Broker

WITH ential Stores for hwy 4

Serving LeFlore County & Eastern Oklahoma

y, Po918-

oteau 8,000. close MLS# d Reoteau, 918-

HOOL ooms room ceiling wood If you he at4,500. 8-647Realty,

3 M/L achita l and roperntage MLS# entury oteau,

HEAVENER: Older home with lot's of character. 2 or 3 bedroom, privacy fenced back yard, deck & detached garage. $47,500. (MLS# 698592)

WISTER Spacious home with est 2205 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on large lot. $105,000. (MLS#695830)

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY WITH ROOM TO GROW Income potential with this 4.95 acres m/l. Mini Storage. Fenced. Lots of possibilities for building on this busy 4 lane hwy 4 corner stop. (MLS#690893)

POTEAU FOOTHILLS: Open living room, kitchen/dining, includes all appliances, built in China hutch, isle bar in kitchen, split floor plan, security system. Located at end of cul-de-sac. $141,500. (MLS# 698782)

#1000: HEAVENER, TIMBER RIDGE RD 3 bed, 2 bath brick home sits on 1 1/4 AC Home has many updates, laminate floor, tile in wet areas & carpet in bedroom. Sellers are in the process updating the kitchen & both bathrooms, counter tops. It’s move in Ready! $137,500.

GET OUT OF TOWN! Home with a view and just a few miles from town. 30 ac.m/l. 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a family room that could be used as a 4th bedroom. Pond. $225,000. (MLS# 695524)

#1007: RED OAK, LIKE NEW! 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Brick Home, new in 2005, just minutes from Red Oak on 1 Acre lot, 10x12 storage building, 31x8 covered patio, fenced in back yard & safe room. $132,500 #1007 #1010 6.6 AC WITH BEAUTIFUL VIEWS Home has 3BR 2BA with 2 Living Areas, Wood Burning Fireplace, Large Kitchen, 2 Car Detached Carport, 20x24 (1) car garage w/small apt., bath needs some TLC. $110,000.

Check out all of our fine listings at

CHARMING 2 STORY BRICK HOME! 4 bedroom, 2 bath, with lots of room for every one. Fenced front & back yard. Enjoy the wood burning fireplace. REDUCED: $65,000. (MLS# 676116)

12 ACRES m/l WITH HILL TOP HOME! Enjoy the view from the front and back of this 3 bedroom brick home. Attached 2 car garage. White pipe fencing & your own pond. Reduced $165,000. (MLS# 671547)

LOVELY HOME on cul-de-sac, 3 BR, 2 Bath, fireplace, privacy fenced back yard, located close to Fort Smith with all amenities available. $79,900. (MLS# 694593) 3.08 ACRES IN STONEWOOD MEADOWS $15,500. MLS#695833 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY 9.3 M/L ACRES- At the edge of Ouachita National Forest. Vacant motel and Convenience Store. Creek on property and mountain view. Hwy. frontage on busy intersection. $59,500. (MLS# 697309) NEW LISTING WISTER: 2 bedroom, 1 bath home on corner lot on the east side of Wister. $27,500. (MLS# 687835) TALIHINA: 3 bed 2 bath with study, 2 living areas, hobby room on 2.4 acres m/l , $118,000. (MLS# 688103) POULTRY FARM 48.25 acres m/l. 2 barns 510x43, Compost liter barn 40x50. City & well water. 3 bedroom brick home, attached garage, Horse barn with tack room, water & electric. $547,000. (MLS# 605414) SECLUDED 70 m/l ACRE FARM with totally remodeled home, 2 ponds, good hay pasture. Fenced and cross fenced and a great view. (MLS#659080) 2 CITY LOTS: Electric, Water and Storm Cellar! Close to Ft.Smith. REDUCED. $14,000. (MLS# 689743) REDUCED: 1 acre m/l, near Poteau Elementary School Only $8,000. utilities available, needs septic, close to schools and shopping. (MLS#677449)

Office: 918-647-2212

FLICKA HALL 918.963.4172 DAVID BARNES 918.839.4425 WANDA BROWN 479.629.2116 ANN HILL 918.647.6197

#100 4 B Hom minu Acre ing, fence room Rive 918-

NEE PRO teau today POCOLA: GREAT STARTER HOME! #1003: home on 2 Acres Corner Lot, needs some TLC, owner has already painted the outside and is going to put a new metal roof, also has a mobile home on the backside of the 2 acres that could be rental. $69.000

POTEAU: 3 Bedroom 2 Bath home located on 2 acres m/l with open floor plan. $134,900. (MLS# 682688)

SHA Over 1.25 drive Dinin dinin 1/4 b shelt Grea $108 Pote 0111

2 STORY BEAUTY ON 15 ACRES #1002: Heavener. Main floor is 2080 sq. ft. features split floorplan, open kitchen, living & dining area, laundry rm, safe rm, master bedroom, 2 more bedrooms & full bath. Upstairs is 20x20 and full bath. 30x30 shop, covered porches, patio and pool. $279,900. PANAMA: GREAT STARTER HOME! 3 Bedroom, 1 1/4 Bath, 2 Living Areas, CH/A, Covered Patio and Storage Building. $62,500. #1005 REDUCED!

POTEAU: 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH #1001: This home has had a total make over from top to bottom!! 1 car garage, fenced back yard and covered patio. Sits on 100x139 lot. REDUCED from $82,500 to $79,900.

#1008 WISTER : Cute Starter home 3/1 with many updates 2 car covered patio storage shed w/elect and lean to for extra storage.$39,000.


Area 2.50 ac Lot with beautiful views over looking Man made lake with utilities .$17,500.

Tonya Rivera, Owner/Broker 918.635.0111 Like us on FACEBOOK for new properties & more pictures, search Poteau Valley Realty

Listings on, Facebook and on our website

BEA RIDG beau Man ties vera, -635

2 S ACR Main tures en, l dry r room bath. bath. porch $279 Pote 0111

#100 home 2 ca shed extra Tony Real

Serious Shopper, February 13 2014. Page 11



Darali Mixon, Broker 918.647.6664 Sandy Hiller 918.413.3240 Amy Snapp Hall 918.649.7121

#7444 -A 59 A. CATTLE & HAY FARM: 2 large ponds, 30% woods, hilltop modular home new in ’10 has 2,540 sf., 2 steel clad barns, Kubota 51 hp 4WD tractor, loader, box blade, brush hog, JD 4WD gator and more! County Line rd W. Spiro. All goes $210,500.

#7448 – HILLTOP HOME – 5 AC: End of pvt drive, 8 rms, 2.5 baths, CH&A, 25 ft kitchen/dining combo, lots cabinets, 3 or 4 bedrms, 26 ft porch, several outbldgs, panoramic valley & mtn views, West of Heavener. $82,500.

#7442 – BEAR PROOF CABIN – 9.5 A: Get-away-from-it-all country hunting retreat at base of Blue Mtn. Cabin has kitchen, living rm, sleeping loft, wood stove, wired for elect, generator hookup, propane tank, good well, deer & turkey abound. $39,500.

#7438 – COZY COTTAGE – 3 LOTS: Charming little Poteau home couple perfect. Living rm, 2 bedrms, kitchen with built-ins, hardwood floors, detached garage, 18 x 40 metal shop, small barn. Nifty place for $68,000.

#7376 – COUNTRY GENTLEMAN’S RANCHO – 20 acres prime pasture, lots shade trees, Over 2,200 sf two story brick ranch home, living rm plus family rm with fireplace, 3 bedrms, 2 baths, double garage, shop bldg, horse barn and more. Spiro area -$179,900.

#7417 – COUNTRY PLACE – BIG SHOP - Brick home atop hill, few neighbors but 5 min to Poteau. Has 3 bedrms, 2 baths, living/dining combo, beautiful custom kitchen has all appliances, paneled den with fireplace, big screened rear porch, carport plus 22 x 32 steel shop bldg. Now vacant - $120,000.

#7456 – COUNTRY HOME – 5 ACRES: Over 1,800 sf, open floor plan, 17 x 27 greatrm has vaulted ceilings, brick hearth for the wood stove, 3 bedrms, 2.5 baths, CH&A, thermal windows & doors, wood flooring, screened rear porch, 2 car garage. Fenced for pasture, fruit or berries. Spectacular views of Sugar Loaf and Poteau Mtns. $147,000.

#7359 – HILLTOP HOME ON HWY – Over 3,300 sf, 3 bedrms, 3 ba, greatrm w/fireplace, dining area, huge custom kitchen, glassed sun-rm w/ storm shelter under, theater rm, 2 car garage, detached 2 car garage w/bath & office, 38x39 shop w/bath & heat, 7.5 acres pasture. None like this for $280,000.

#7462 – MOCKINGBIRD LANE: Over 2,700 sf in hillside home on half acre. 3 bedrms, 2 baths, 2 living areas and 2 fireplaces. 15.5 x 20 living rm, formal dining, lower level 23 x 30 family rm, plus a hobby rm & double carport. Lots of home for $135,000.


SOLD #7460 – COUNTRY HOME – 4 BEDRMS – Near new stone & brick, all custom built, over 3,000 sf, theater rm, 19 x 20 great rm, granite counter-tops, high ceilings, arched doorways, formal dining rm, 2.5 baths, double garage, surrounded by 2.5 ac scenic Cavanal views. Much more! $284,000.

#7373 – WINRIDGE BRICK – 4 BEDRMS: Over 2,600 sf, split level, 3 baths, 25 x 30 garage, 14 x 18 bonus rm to finish, 10 x 20 rear deck, formal dining, 400 sf den w/fireplace, sloping tree-studded lot has over half acre. $165,000.

SOLD #7455 – BIG LOG-SIDDED POTEAU HOME: Open floor plan has great rm with kitchen, dining and living areas, appliances included, 3 bedrms, office, 2 baths, garage, 23 x 28 patio, has basement but it leaks. Lots of home for $89,500.

#7402 – BRICK HOME – MAXEY HILL ADD – You will love the open floor plan of this home with over 2,000 sf. Has 18 x 25 living rm w/gas log fireplace, 3 bedrms, 2 baths, formal dining, ideal kitchen arrangement w/ appliances. Great neighborhood. $110,000.

#7434 – FOOTHILLS – 4 BEDRM: New in ’06, 2,033 sf w/open floor plan, 4 bedrms, 2 baths, formal dining, 20 ft living area, fireplace w/gas logs & cathedral ceiling, 23 ft kitchen has breakfast nook, laundry, double garage, covered patio, 14 ft front porch. Move in ready for $149,900.

#7464 –BRICK HOME – DOGWOOD – Over 1,600 sf in this pretty 3 bedrm, 2 bath with fireplace in living rm, large master suite, near new carpet & appliances, 24 x 24 wood deck plus double garage. Nice one for $115,000.

#7435 – POCOLA – ELLIS LOOP: Country setting for this 5 bedrm brick on 1.25 fenced acres. Wood fireplace in living rm, 2 baths, custom cabinets in 20 ft kitchen, bar, appliances builtin, laundry, 22 ft front porch. 30 x 40 insulated shop, 2 overhead doors. A great place for $130,000.

#7459 – HOME ON CAVANAL - 2.5 wooded ac, 4 bedrm brick rancher, 2 baths, all kitchen built-ins, double garage, tiled patio, pool with 30 ft pool house w/kitchen & appliances. Awesome home for $165,000.

#7425 – BRICK HOME – N. POTEAU – Gray brick, white trim, 3 bedrms, 2 baths, kitchen/den combo, CH&A, garage, rear patio, fenced rear yard pet proof, 25 ft front porch. It’s a dandy for $85,000.

#7467 – TOM THUMB RANCHO – 2.69 ac fenced pasture, fishing pond, garden, 3 bedrm, 2 bath brick home, 2 car garage, entertainment center in LR, 10 x 22 glass enclosed family rm, double detached carport, workshop w/office, loafing shed. 5 min to Poteau. $145,000.

#7463 – CHARMING CALHOUN COTTAGE: Nice small home new in ’92 with 100 x 175 tree surrounded lot. Has 2 bedrms, bath, kitchen with pecan cabinets, pantry, 12 x 18 living rm, parking shed with stg area. Far less than cost at $35,000.

D L O S #7433 – TWO STORY LOG HOME: 8.8 acres joins Nat Forest, paved rd, creek, open floor plan, granite counters in kitchen, appliances, two 36 ft porches, 2 or 3 bedrms, wood stove, CH&A, cozy 3 rm modern guest cabin, 30 x 50 barn/shop. Awesome mtn views. $135,000.

#7401 – METAL HOME ON 1 ACRE: New in ’96 Morton barn type home has all steel frame and metal sides & roof. 900 sf walkout basement. 1,125 sf heated living area top floor w/open floor plan. 2 baths, office nook, covered deck, stg bldg & double carport. $70,000.

#7446 – 101 REDWOOD – WOODS ADD: Brick 3 bedrm, split plan plus open dining/living area with wood fireplace, custom kitchen w/oak cabinetry, appliances, 2 baths, double garage, trees & nice shrubbery. $115,000.

#7379 – SUPERB STONE HOME – 30 A.: Nestled at base of Sugar Loaf, studded with pine & oaks, executive-type home has open plan, 3 bedrms, 2.5 baths, formal dining, 750 sf living area has wood fireplace, granite in kitchen, stainless appliances, sun room, double garage, secure, private & much more! None like this at $277,900.


VIEW PICTURES & MORE LISTINGS AT: UNITED HAS BUYERS: Record sales have caused a shortage of listings in our agency. We have out of state & local buyers contacting our office daily searching for homes, land, farms, and commercial property. If you are interested in selling, call today for a freww evaluation of your property.

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Page 12, Serious Shopper, February 13 2014Serious Shopper - February 6, 2014

2713 N. Broadway, Poteau, OK 74953


au ld00 cial ya nd od is 00. Allies,

Bob Hill, Realtor Associate Broker Laurence Duffy, Realtor Broker Kenneth Patton, Realtor Associate Lonnie Merriman, Realtor Associate Rosa Zearley, Realtor Associate Carla Hoyer, Realtor Associate

#1882 Poteau: Traditional brick home features, 3-bedrooms, 2-baths, 1-car attached carport, central air and heat, all electric home, great location, fenced backyard. Asking $79,900

#1896 Traditional brick home features,3 bedrooms, 2-baths, home sits on a large city lot. Home has been beautifully updated, this is a must see home. $85,000

#1865 Poteau. 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home with central heat and air, 2 car garage, new flooring, fenced backyard for only $95,000. Please go to for more pictures.

#1872 Large and Spacious 4 bedroom, 4 bath home with pool on 2 acres. Home has approx 2721 sq ft of living space plus pool house, covered patio, two car attached garage. barn for only $179,500. Lots of recent upgrades on this home!

Alliink call


Greg Acord, Broker Email: Mandy McClenndon, Sales Associate Sherryl Riddles, Sales Associate


918-649-7603 918-635-5379 918-721-4355 918-635-0848 918-647-6061 918-839-5317


#1880 Custom built 2 or 3 bd, 2 bath log sided 2x6 constructed home on 8 acres. CH&A, beautiful birch cabinetry, decks, cedar closets. Large 660 sq ft attached garage is heated and cooled. Fireplace, TV, sofas, dining sets, hutches all stay with the home. offered at $ 156,000.

# 1864 Remodeled 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath brick home with 1113 sq ft of living space, central heat and air, storage buildings. Home has new flooring, paint and even new windows. Move in ready! $63,500.

556 acres near Muldrow, Oklahoma with home, in ground pool, guest house, large shop building, 4 poultry houses, 2 pole barns, cattle pens, storage shed and trailer pad w/hook ups. The 556 acres is all fenced and crossed fence ready for livestock. The property has three (3) large ponds with a year around Bayou Creek running through property. If you are looking for a large affordable home/ranch don’t miss the opportunity to check this out. Call or email for appointment. $1,295,000.00

This very nice three (3) bedroom two (2) bath, 2,089 square foot home has been recently remodeled and includes a large kitchen and living/dining area. It has great bonus room off the covered patio, shop building and a childrens play house. It has central heat/air with all furniture and appliances that can be included with sale, in Howe. You dont want to miss out on this beautiful home. Priced at $124,500.00. Showed by appointment only.

#1895 Traditional brick home features, approximately 2,275 sq. ft. of living space, 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 bath, located on approximately 6 acres. $135,000

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#1877 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home with attached 2 car garage, vaulted ceilings, whirlpool tub for only $118,000.

#1868 Beautiful log sided 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with 1920 sq ft of living space. This home sits on approximately 5 acres and has views of Wister Lake. 175,000.

# 1869 3 bedroom 2 bath brick home on 2 acres. Beautiful brick home in a country setting. This home has vaulted ceilings, whirlpool tub, storm door, attached 2 car garage, shop, lots of upgrades - must see to appreciate. Approx 1787 sq ft of living space. $ 159,900.

#1849 Poteau. Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home sitting up on a hill. Home has approximately 2140 sq ft of living space, 2 car attached garage, fireplace, beautiful back deck, whirlpool tub and more. Home sits on approximately 4.42 acres. $199,000.

#1787 Traditional brick home features, 3-bedrooms, 2-baths, 1 car detached garage, fenced backyard, located in a good neighborhood on a cul-de-sac. $77,900

View More Pictures & Listings online at:

This could be your chance to own a successful business servicing the beautiful Wister Lake area in Southeastern Oklahoma. This business offers gas (unleaded and diesel), full commercial kitchen and bait shop. The convenience store has walk in coolers for beer and soda, and a full deli with commercial refrigerators and monitoring system. The building itself is solid and inside has been recently remodeled. It has great potential for owner-operator. $150,000.00 Located on U.S. Highway $271, less than a mile from Wister Lake and Wister Lake State Park.

Exquisite tri-level house with 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, fully equipped exercise room with sauna, study, wet bar, kitchen with lots of cabinet space, sunroom, green house and 4 car garage. Located in the central part of Poteau, Oklahoma on six (6) acres it has 7,000 square feet under roof and 5,640 square feet heated/cooled with geothermal technology. $515,000.00 Call today to view this property and all the extras it has to offer.

This property has 19.95 acres that joins the Ouachita National Forest on the north and east side and everything that an avid outdoorsman desires with Red Lick Creek running through the property and all the game for hunting this area offers including deer, turkey, bear, hogs and more. This property is just a few miles from Cedar Lake and Cedar Lake State Park it has access by a private Forest Service road, no utilities but does have a remote and isolated feel of the wilderness. This would make an excellent getaway cabin location. $27,930.00

Two (2) acres south of Hodgen near the Black Fork River. The property has good road access with electric and water just a few feet away. Property has lots of mature pine and hardwood trees and less than a mile from the National Forest. Would make an excellent hunting/weekend retreat cabin or remote home location. $16,500.00

This nice fixer upper has two (2) bedrooms one (1) bath and is down a secluded dead end road. It has a pole barn on the property, electric, rural water and gas, A/C wall units for cooling. On approximately 2.5 acres fenced with a pond, which would be great for a horse. It’s located in Monroe, Oklahoma. Priced to sale $48,000.00.

Dont miss this opportunity to build your home on this 1 acre in the Springhill Community near the Town of Monroe, Oklahoma. This property has two (2) buildings recently constructed with metal roofs that can be finished to suit your own needs. The property comes with a nice storage building, paved road access and electric service. $25,000.00

100 ACRES of pasture land in Cameron, Oklahoma next to State Highway 112. The property is all fenced with 1 large pond, 1 small pond and horse barn. This property would make an excellent livestock ranch and home site. $300,000.00

MUST SEE CABIN AND 12.55 ACRES with great mountain views, Hontubby area. Very clean (2) bedroom (1) bath, all electric and has rural water with a new septic tank. Comes fully furnished, including all appliances. Beautiful view. Owner financing available. $94,500.00

Office: 205 Dewey, Suite 8 ~ P.O. Box 503, Poteau, OK 74953

Office: 918-647-2067 Cell: 918-647-5904

40 acres with larg Oklahoma fenced an Property road with This piec a beautif view of S the North tains to th with addi owner fin For You P Broker. Cell: 918-6

15 acres faula Lak of the E in Pittsb ma. This with lots 4-wheelin electric o erty has building s small hun water we available. You Prope ker. Offic 918-647-5

160 acre bers Cav timer Cou property ture pine an excell Property site locat For You P Broker. Cell: 918-6

7 acres land just homa. small pon fenced w pipe and lots of m shade tre a recently a smaller perfect fo age. The septic sys water also road acce ing for a small hor this is co nity. $64 Properties Office: 91 647-5904

19.16 acre LeFlore Co erty has p would ma site. The with a few tially fence near prope financing Properties Office: 91 647-5904

Serious Shopper, February 13 2014. Page 13 MISCELLANEOUS

FREE CLASSIFIED up to 30 words for 2 weeks. 918.649.0581 HUGE Assortment of Jewelry Gold and Silver More can be found at: TREASURE ISLAND PAWN, YOUR FRIENDS in the PAWN BUSINESS! 1700 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, Open Tues.-Sat. Noon till 7 pm, 479-434-3880 WE BUY OLD SPORTS CARDS, GUNS AND COINS: Call 918-655-3223 or 918-839-7035. pd/tfn ATTORNEY AT LAW: Stanley K. Garland, General Practice, specializing in family law, Oklahoma. 918647-2160. Cars and Trucks Drive away from Treasure Island Pawn and auto Open Till 7pm 1700 Towson Ft. Smith AR 479-434-3880 The best place for shopping for Valentines day gifts! 1 & 2 Bedrooms Apartments for rent in Ft. Smith $350 & $450 Call Walt At: 479-252-2162

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We support the Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Home Program Remax Champion Land Brokers donate from each sale on behalf of buyers and sellers to the Tulsa Hospital. This is very dear to our heart. Our grandson’s birthday would have been February 18th. Liam is pictured at right with PaPa Ricky. RE/MAX is the exclusion estate sponsor of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. RE/MAX Sales Associates have donated more than $128 million to 170 children’s hospitals since 1992. 100% of funds raised in a community stay within that community and the local children’s hospitals affilliated with this worthy cause are the premier facilities in their respective communities and some of the finest hospitals in the world. Each year, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals treat more than 14 million children suffering from all types of afflictions and provide charity care worth billions. The dedicated professionals of these hospitals are real-life champions for millions of kids. RE/MAX...Helpiing families is what we do.

We Love & Miss You Baby Liam Lyon With our group of Outstanding agents, we are versed in all needs whether it is Residential Ranches or Recreational Properties Each office independently owned and operated

Remax Champion Land Brokers


Rick Ward, Broker/Owner: 918-658-8067 Trina Ward, Broker/Owner: 918-658-8010 Sales Associate: Brittany Scott Ward: 918-721-1915 Sales Associate: Mike Duplissey: 918-413-1974 Sales Associate: Roger Holley, DVM: 580-889-0857 Sales Associate: Michelle Green: 918-413-2046 Sales Associates: Debra Gentry: 918-649-5115

Page 14, Serious Shopper, February 13 2014

2205 N. Broadway Poteau, OK 74953

#1315 - 77 ACRES, LIKE NEW CUSTOM HOME, THIS IS ONE OF A KIND! 30x30 detached garage, 30x40 shop w/side shed. Private location with spectacular mountain view. $340,000.00.

#1406 - SPECTACULAR VIEW from 6 acre Cavanal home. Spacious 3300 s.f. (m/l). Huge Deck,winding driveway to this private, wooded location. New appliances - just painted interior immaculate condition. Plus low cost geothermal H/AC, and for the man of the house, a wonderful detached shop/garage! $265,000.00.

#1341 - WINTERHAVEN ESTATES: Executive home, unique details in this custom designed home. Gorgeous cherry cabinetry and trim, special ceiling treatments. Huge back porch, oversized garage, spectacular Cavanal view! $400,000.00.

#1464 – LIKE NEW HOME ON 2 ACRES, WONDERFUL WORKSHOP, AND EVEN A SAFEROOM! – You can’t build this home for this price! Open living plan, formal and informal dining, all kitchen appliances included in this 4BR/2BA beauty. $205,000.00.

#1350 - EDGE OF POTEAU - HOMESHOP-CARPORTS ON 2 ACRES (M/L) 3BR/2BA, beautiful natural stone exterior, fireplace in LR, wonderful kitchen. Sunporch+Front Porch. Guest quarters in shop. Private location. $126,000.00.

#1451 - CHARM OF YESTERYEAR WITH UPDATES OF TODAY - Spacious LR open to Kitchen, abundance of cabinets, appliances, 3 or 4 bdrms, 2 bath, lg utility/ bonus area, Updates: paint, windows, flooring, total bath updates. Detached Workshop, Storm Cellar, $64,000.00.

#1457 - FOOTHILLS ESTATES: 1 ACRE, 3BR/2BA, large living room w/vaulted ceiling, abundance of kitchen cabinets. Deck and fenced yard. $132,000.00.

#1444 - THE RANCH AT MORRIS CREEK SOUTH - Stunning and Spacious with over 4000 s.f.!! Well designed, quality built, and like new. Detached shop/ garage, attached garage, roofed porches front and back, saltwater pool, on 4 Acres. $399,900.00.

#1447 - TIMBER RIDGE BEAUTY 3BR/2BA, fireplace in LR, formal & informal dining, new carpet. 2 1/2 acres with beautiful mountain and lake view. $159,000.00

#1442 - DEER CREEK DELIGHT - Terrific location on 1 acre, m/l. Minutes to bypass, CASC, conveniences of Poteau. Walk-in closets in the 3BR, dual vanities in both baths, LR has fireplace, open to kitchen, dining rooms. A well maintained home, inside and out! $144,900.00.

#1466 – COZY AND COMFORTABLE – Corner location in small town. Immaculate home, 3/2, screened porch, garage. Pretty landscaping and only $79,900.00.

#1467 – SPECTACULAR HOME! SPECTACULAR VIEW! – Cavanal location on 2 acres. Family friendly floor plan. Great outdoor living area. A well-maintained property in choice spot. $179,000.00.

#1463 - A HOME TO BE PROUD OF! Character from the past with updates from today in this 3BR/2BA, LR, Dining, kitchen and HUGE family room with fireplace. Fenced yard, corner location. deck, workshop. $84,000.00.

#1445 - NOBLES ADDITION 3/2 - Great family home in a great location! Fireplace in living room, nice kitchen, screened porch, inground pool in fenced yard. Attached garage w/extra parking. $125,000.00

#1449 - STUNNING SUGARLOAF MTN. VIEW FROM THIS 3 ACRES in the country- One of a kind home--1 1/2 story, 3BR/2BA, new laminate wood flooring, really nice workshop, carport, outbuildings. Reduced. $79,000.00. (Owner says take a look and make an offer).

#1452 - FOOT OF CAVANAL FAMILY HOME - 3BR/2BA, large living and dining rooms, nice kitchen, huge utility room. Two car garage. Only: $77,000.00.

#1432 -MOVE RIGHT IN! New floor coverings, beautiful wall colors, new kitchen appliances, new windows and siding, numerous updates in this 3/2 charming home. Fenced yard. 24x30 garage/shop, storm cellar. $92,500.00

#1459 - DREAM HOME WITH A MILLION DOLLAR VIEW - New in 2013, spacious #1079 - 35 ACRES, 3 Ponds, 3BR, metal rooms, kitchen w/granite & stainless/black roof, maintenance free siding, family kitchappliances, beautiful wood plank flooring, en, fenced yard w/lovely landscaping. A large attached garage AND spectacular really nice place!! $225,000.00. view. Minutes from Poteau. $187,000.00.

#1448 - COZY FAMILY HOME - 3BR/1BA on two lots. Exterior is siding, roof 3 yrs. old, fenced yard, storm cellar, detached garage. NEW PRICE: $38,000.00.

#1460 - COUNTRY HOME ON 2 ACRES Cozy 2BR home, neat and clean w/new central heat/air, new windows, freshly painted, new carpet, large family kitchen and deck. Barn, workshop, carport, storm cellar. 4 miles from Poteau. $55,000.00.

#1435 - HOLIDAY HILLS 4 BEDROOM FAMILY HOME - you will love the space in this home and the price is right! On 2 lots with 2060 s.f. living space, huge LR open to DR and kitchen, large utility, office and 2.5 baths. Wonderful deck with scenic view; nice outbuilding for shop and storage. $98,500.00.

#1453 - BRICK HOME ON 4 1/2 ACRES (M/L)- Super nice home, 2 living areas, family kitchen w/dining, 2 lg bdrms, 2 baths recently rebuilt (new fixtures, granite, flooring), fireplace, new roof, oversized carport. 18x11 storage, 40x30 insulated metal shop, storm cellar, fenced 12x14 cottage style outbuilding. $129,000.00.

#1423 - COUNTRY MEADOWS - Like New! Large LR w/vaulted ceiling, split BR plan in this 3BR/2BA home with attached garage. Privacy Fence. All appliances included along with washer and dryer! $122,000.00.

#1438 - PERFECTION ON POPULAR PICKLE LANE - 3BR/2BA, fireplace in LR, better than new, totally updated home! Family friendly floor plan, attached garage (finished), large deck. Chain link fencing on 1 acre, m/l. $119,000.00.

#1439 - COUNTRY HOME ON 5 PARKLIKE ACRES - Hard to beat this pretty location! Home meets FHA specifications. LR with fireplace, great kitchen, office nook, split BR plan in this 3BR/2BA. $99,000.00.

#1465- 2003 CLAYTON HOME ON LARGE CORNER LOCATION, WISTER Great kitchen, large LR, family room, 3BR/2BA. Only $57,000.00.

#1391 – HISTORIC POTEAU HOME – Owners restored the majority of this stately home to its original with lots of labor and love. It is a showplace and makes a comfortable home, but could be a business or event center. This is a must see . Only $65,000.00

Serious Shopper, February 13 2014. Page 15

2825 N. Broadway St. Poteau, OK 74953 918.647.4257

Let Our Award Winning Office Work For You!

NEW LISTING 15 ACRES IN A GREAT AREA! Perfect for building a new home or even your business. So many different possibilities! $55,000. MLS#671475

Americana at it’s finest! Circle drive. Large front porch. White post fence along road and sides. Backyard is fenced. $175,000. MLS#685321

NEW LISTING! BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN LAND: 283.48 acres! Great for hunting, perfect place for a cabin. Great road access. $283,480. MLS#689996

A GREAT PLACE TO CALL HOME IN HOWE. 3BR/2BA, gas fire place, open floor plan, laminate wood floors, workshop, great garden spot all on 2.5 acres. $ 124,000. MLS# 696253

Location, Location, Location! Great Price for 3 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath, 1 block from the school, fenced back yard. Cameron. $59,900. MLS#695572

PRICE REDUCED! 2 Bdrms 1 Bath. Nice large kitchen and laundry room. Great lot, nice large trees and side deck. A must see for this price! $49,900. MLS#682441

SOLD! NEW CONSTSRUCTION: Wapiti St, Poteau. Beautiful brick home with Cathedral ceilings & arched openings. 3BR/2BA, $139,900. MLS# 689133

NEW LISTING N. POTEAU 3 BDRM, 2 BATH, secluded yet close to shopping! New paint and well-maintained. Large bedrooms featured in this split bedroom plan. Price right at $169,900. MLS# 698144


Contract Pending PERFECT WEEKEND GET-AWAY! 1000 SqFt. 3 bdrms & loft. Lg wood deck, gazebo, beautiful mountain view. $64,500. MLS#694078

OUTSTANDING Architecture & Landscaping. 3 car garage w\safe room. & 3 car detached. Beautiful hardwood, ceramic. $339,000. MLS#673227.

MULDROW HOME ON 30.90 ACRES with inground pool, 3 bdrms, 2 baths, 4 chicken barns, 2 ponds, $539,900. MLS#678156

COUNTRY SETTING IN HOWE ON 15 ACRES. 3BR/2BA, screened in porch large pond all fenced, great view of the Mtns. $189,000. MLS# 685079

NEW CONSTRUCTION on 1 ac. Deer Tail St, Poteau. Brick, Cathedral ceilings. Beautiful view of Cavanal Hill. 3BR/2BA, $144,900. MLS# 689134

BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM HOME/WOLF MTN: 4 Bdrm/3 Ba, sprinkler syst, landscaping, Extra- large master. 3 HVAC units. $325,000. MLS#622690

GREAT PASTURE LAND perfect for new development, beautiful views, paved roads, between Poteau & Ft.Smith. 57.31 Ac. $315,500. MLS#691027.

NICE & COMFY 3 bdrm 2 bath, brick home w/split floor plan, formal dining, breakfast room, gas fire place, built-ins, $119,500. MLS#693455

Gorgous Hm+10 ac. Stonewood Addition, Shady Pt, 4BR/4 1/2BA, exercise rm, 3 car, office, outdoor kitchen, pool. $375,000. MLS# 671644

READY FOR YOUR HOME! Property is a little more than 2 lots with a pad and utilities. This is a great buy! $6,250. MLS#627647

NEWLY REMODELED HOME 3 Bed 2 Bath. Hardwood Floors thru out, Ceramic Tile, Walk in Closets. Spacious Living Room. $69,900. MLS#678379

Contract Pending

NEW LISTING! 395.4 ACRES OF BEAUTIFUL LAND WITH LOTS OF WATER IN CAMERON AREA. Great for hay meadows. You can have the best of both worlds, Country with convenience of being close to lg town. $869,880. MLS# 696147

NEW LISTING! LOVELY PLACE TO CALL HOME! 3 BR, 2 1/2 BA, Gas log fireplace, 18x28 den, built ins, nice large kitchen, breakfast rm, $126,500 MLS#698343



POTEAU 3 BR, 2 BA home on a large lot with mature trees, refrigerator and stove. Berber carpet. Ceramic tile. $84,900. MLS#689267

GREAT HOME W/BEAUTIFUL SCENIC VIEWS! on 10.99 wooded acres that feels like country only 8 miles to Ft Smith! $134,000. MSL#698464

NICE SIZE HOME IN HOWE. 3BR/2BA laminate and ceramic flooring. New stove, dishwasher, new roof, siding and 2 out buildings. $98,900 MLS# 682432

Call 918.647.4257 or visit our website for more:

Page 16, Serious Shopper, February 13 2014 MISCELLANEOUS






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1992 CHEVY SWB SILVERADO V6, 5-Speed, Nice, $2,995. Victory Auto Sales, Arkoma, OK. 918875-3063. s/0206 1978 FORD F700 FIRE TRUCK 14,000 miles, Showroom new, See to believe, $10,000. 918-4480621. pd11/jh WE BUY GOOD CARS & TRUCKS No Junk please. Call 479-996-6810. Greenwood Auto.

EQUIP / PARTS SHARP DOZER D4H High Track 1500 actual hours, like new. 918-448-0621. pd11/jh TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT 25-45 HP Gas and Diesel, with and without loaders, $2500 to $5000, consider trade, 580-3061949. s/0206 1986 KW SLEEPER $6,500. 918-448-0621. pd11/jh ALMOST NEW 2 Headache Racks, 8 Chains, 8 Binders, 14 Straps, 4 Coil Racks, Too much to List. $1500 obo. 479-806-5243. s/0206 2003 FEATHERLITE ALUMINUM 3-HORSE SLANT Dressing room, Rear tack, new tires, good condition, black and silver, $11,500. Hackett. 479-638-0398 or cell: 847-744-2624. pd/0109 TRANSMISSION REBUILD Major rebuilt kit, high energy clutches, high energy band, bashing kit, washer kit, harden pump rings, input sprag, shift solenoids, EPC solenoids, wiring harness, lockup solenoids, new converter. Transmission Doctor, 218 S. Coker, Greenwood, AR. (479) 996-3100. c/tfn

BRAHMANS BULLS FOR SALE light birth weight, R.D. Ranch, Greenwood, AR. Call 479-252-0215. HORSES, SADDLES & TACK: Bought, Sold, Traded, Daily, Hwy 112, Across from Smart Mart, Cameron, OK 918-413-3755. MALE BAY MINIATURE YEARLING $75.00 or trade for nanny goat 479227-1786. s/0213 2 BARROWS PIGS average weight 100 pounds, $65 each. ALSO: 1 Butcher Hog, 325 pounds $160. 918-721-5188. pd/0109 BULLS - BRANGUS GELBVIEH 16-17 month old, Excellent Quality, Gentle, 918-448-5472, Jerry Lessel, Panola. pd/0109 EUFAULA ANIMAL SHELTER: 18 month old male Catahoula mix, 14 week Male Dachshund, 15 mo. Spayed female Jack Russell Terrier mix, 1 year old female Rottweiler Mix, Also: Cats: 4 mo. old male orange cat and 1 yr. female striped white cat. They are looking for furever homes. 918-490-0600 call ask for Missy. c/1229 GOOD REGISTERED COLTS FOR SALE: 2 Good Registered Colts, One is a Steel Gray 2 year old Gelding, very gentle and has been rode 10 or 12 times; one is 7 month old Palomino Horse Colt, very gentle, broke to lead, load and trailer. ALSO: 4 Horse Supreme Walker, Just like New; Also: 16 ft. Bumper Trailer, Just Like New. 918315-0234. pd/1226 POTEAU POUND PUPS NEEDS BEDDING: WHO HAS DOUBLE KNIT FABRIC OR OLD BLANKETS to donate for dog beds? Also need towels. 918-6473563. pd11/tfn EUFAULA ANIMAL SHELTER: go to Facebook and search Friends of Eufaula Animal Shelter to view pets available for adoption. 918490-0600. 2003 FEATHERLITE ALUMINUM 3-HORSE SLANT Dressing room, Rear tack, new tires, good condition, black and silver, $11,500. Hackett. 479-638-0398 or cell: 847-744-2624. POTEAU POUND PUPS ANIMAL RESCUE “No Animal Left Behind”. If interested in helping with this program: foster care, adoption, donations appreciated. See our pets on facebook and on our website at www.

Visa, Mastercard, Diners Discover SHARPClub, DOZER D4H

High Track 1500 actual HINO hours, like new. 918-448Small generator 1000w Need a gun you can’t 0621. arage jh4/tfn $120 Treasure Island find? We w ill f ind it for Super HOG & GOAT Pawn 1700 Towson 479you at aCATTLE good price! Just KUHN 8,500 8 ft. Rotary Disc 434-3880 $30 over our SAT. cost! Pre- Mower SALE 6919 SALE SAT. w ith 2 w heel dol7pmexcellent 6 nights paid We get most all ly, open 18 field till ready, AT:can NOON AT: 10 AM per week! weapons and get them in condition, $6,500. 918about a week! Treasure 839-4888. s/0725 NorSATURDAYS IN WISTER, Big Bucks for old or IslandOKPawn and Gun Deco scrap Dollar 1700 Towson Fort Smith 120v cates, MIG gold! welder,To wporks, Paid!! We will come AR 479-434-3880 till in some wire included, $100. to MAIN STREET LAUNyou!auto-darkening Call Walt ld LP ANIMALS / PETS Miller helDRY NOW OPEN Open 70’s, met, less than 8 hrs. use, 8 am till 8 pm. Wash uding $75.00 918-647-6888. $2.00 then Dry FREE. Danny Justman wood 812 Main St. Arkoma, Profe ssional Farrier ssical 1986 FORD 3/4 Hydraulic OK. pd/0523 25+ years experience. LP Twin Stinger, 4WD, good Correcti ve and Very rig. $2,900. 918-448An Individual WANTING Therapeutic . have 0621. jh5/tfn TO BUY sil ver dol lars, I will Assorted call you back cords. Jewelry Vintage to New halves, dimes, quarters, 918and I will show up! PARTINGGlassware OUT 1990 VHS & DVDs, Books, etc. 1 or whole collection, ssage CHEVROLET SUBUR918-202-3225 also buying gold coins, 7 Collectibles, Variety Items, BAN excellent fro nt cli p, days a week, call 479Snack Bar & More! have doors, glass except 883-2475. s10/tfn m 79 windshield, gas tank, no SHIZ-TU Pupp y, 3 w eeks dger; power train, other misc. old, $100. 479-437-6587. REAL & locaM.H. Offer Free Bibles & ESTATE Free Coffee FORWeRENT udent call 1-918-302-7722. s6/mw ecter tion near Talihina , Okla104 N. Witte, Poteau ABM ADDITION, FOR RENT: Near Down- FSBO: hldorf homa. s/0711 TWO PAINT GELDINGS (next to Main St Matters) POTEAU 3 bedroom, 2 ¼ town SALE: Sallisaw 2 Bed 1 bath ystem FOR Grade Sorrels bath, 2 ½ 4X4 acres,4 2508 sq. ut Off mobile home $325 /mnth 86 F250 speed and Registered Blue Roan; detached oversized wn & plus utilities, electric transmission, Transfer 2 (excellent trail),allBarrel or ; ft., NEW HOLLAND 775 garage with workshop, -655and 1Snap bed $290 / car case, Leaf spring front Roping prospect, Black Ontrailer wire feed WeldSKIDSTEER. Turns over new metal roof, new winmnth er pluson utilities, all elecend, Rear End, mini-stud, too big to regiscart w ith gas but doesn’t start. Trane $3000 w/warranty, tric. ok Quiet big spaces Driveshafts, Clutch and ter, to park, ride,Treasure 479-357$2500. Island dows Good unit tires, bucket needs POOR BOY Heat/Air w/warranty, 2 ose918-617-8051 Diamond Pressure Plate and Fly9667. pawn s/0718- Simply the best some maintenance. storage buildings 8x16 and work LIVESTOCK Villagelocation Familyon Park off of a 460 or 429 earth 300 for all wheel Treasure Island and bonus roomPawn 21x21, travel N. Cherry St, Sallisaw. AUCTION ford engine. Call:918-471LIVESTOCK FOR SALE: those great deals you 14x16, Gun.beFt 4th Smithbedroom, AR 479could 0072. pd/0116 pd2/tfn Sale Every Saturday; Pigs 35 to 40 lbs $35Come each; see 8688, hear about!!! 434-3880 2 Horse $800; Ft. 2 large decks, extensive us at Trailer 1700 Towson Hogs, Goats & Horses 1 & Smith 2kids Bedrooms landscaping, $234,000. NEW HOLLAND Goats, and $40 or adults call Apart479-434at 12:00pm and Cattle 16 Foot trailer Douments forDonkey rent inand Ft. Smith 918-649-0691 by$650. appointATER SQUARE BALER extra and up; Min. 3880 at 3:30 pm. Wister, bleonly. axel,No needs boards & $350 & $450 Call Walt At: ment Real Estate new , good, field ready $1,550. Mule, both saddle broke. tires, nice heavy duty trailOklahoma pd-1111 479-252-2162 Agents. pd10/tfn onths. We Buy s/0718 Stuff!!! Treas- 918-448-0621. 918-721-5188. er need gonejh5/tfn soon! 479sk for ure Island Pawn Fort 252-2162 FOR RENT: 2BDR/1BATH MOBILE HOME & LAND AUTO PARTS: 2000 VW Smith FOR AR YORKIES TRAILER, 311 479-434-3880 NSALE: MCK- FOR SALE 1979 DouWE BUY OLD SPORTS VR6 Engine and 5 spd Males $250; Females You will be surprised how CARDS, GUNS AND ENNA IN POTEAU $400/ blewide, 30x66 with 2.79 oard $150. you get for YOUR Trans, Front end, ECM, MO. much CALL 918-370-9989. 918-230-1865. COINS: Cal l 918-655Acres, fixer up, liveable, lmost alt, starter. compressor, Treasures!! s/0718 pd/0206 3223 or 918-839-7035. North Alma, 3 miles from if inpowerofsteering, 91 Ford pd/tfn town, $31,000. Call Lonnie -471STUFF! Ful l Explorer 4.0 auto trans WANTING TO2BUY FOR TATTOO RENT: bedRoller 2 bath at 479-783-1722. c11/tfn TattooCall Kits 918-448starting at and transfer case front Pigeons. mh near downtown SalBoutique Style Hair andACRES rear ends, $100, parts, Guns, Nee0621. s6/jh lisaw Quiet park, big spaces 9 BEARtailgate HOLBows, Headban ds, PoHINE: dles (liners and shaders), etc.; 96 Ford II 4 $375 / month plus utilities, LOW ROADRanger Greenwood HORSES, SADDLES nytail Streamers & ar or cyl engine (8Paved spark plugs) caps, $100 power supplies, Schools, APRI FRENCH BULLDOG all electric, deposit. Road FlipFlops for Sale @ & TACK 8-653 pedals, anything fenders, doors, Male Puppies, 12ink, weeks Available Janand 15th. Call Frontage, Beautifulinterior, Building Wister Pawn & Gun in tattoo!. TREASURE IS- Site, front end etc.; 89 Ford old, cream color, $1000 Jarrod at 918-617-8051 $45,000. 479-883Bought, Sold, Wister, Oklahoma s/tfn LAND,12 YOUR 300 cidpd11/tfn engine and Ma zda obo; Also: mo. oldFRIENDS FeDiamond Village Family 2083. Traded, Daily, in the &St.TATTOO Yo u male, cream, French BullPark 300 N PAWN Cherry #30. 5 spd transmission, radiaATTENTION WANTED BUSINESS! 1700 1st tor 33 1050 tires andto dog $800 obo. Selling dueTow- Click on Realtor’s names Hwy 112, Across c/0109 to buy Old Vintage Honeach son 479-997-2377 Ave. Ft. Smith,orOpen view wheels, 96 Olds 3800for to health. classified listings dafrom 50, 70, 90, 100, 250 Smart Mart, Mon-Sat.s/0725 Noon till 7 pm, local y 2nd front Realtors: wheel drive trans 479-430-956. and up Minibikes and 479-434-3880 ast of struts and front end. Many Cameron, OK motorcycles (479) 883PLACE YOUR CLAS270. REAL ESTATE & M.H. morePROFESSIONAL parts. Radiators, 918-413-3755. CAR2475. c5/tfn ‘79 HD Frame and tank, SIFIED in the next issue 18 alternators, starters, PET CLEANING coil SYSNEED ANtitle. $1000 of pd/10-0114 etc With OK the computers Serious Shopper. packs throttle TEM for sale. Retiring , TANNING BED FOR 3+ ACRES OF HUNTING OKLAHOMA Split tank style, no motor CLASSIFIED OFFER: TERS bodys, injectors, carbure479-806-3227. s/0711 SALE paid $3,000, w ill LAND (near Page, OK) ATTORNEY? or tranny or wheels but TWO WEEKS FREE up to dow s tors, distributors. We Buy take $1,500. 928-499that has joinssweet thousands paint jobofand 30 2332. andwords Sell or all pay typejust of $10 carsfor RECREATIONAL 9452 Greenwood area. acresready of National for your Forest build out! one month (non business) trucks and tractors $$$.00 CALL FOR SALE:: Dou ble Land.Treasure Accessible viaPawn com-and or Island for one month (busino $20 title necessary. pickup seated Adirondack Style STANLEY K. 3-WHEELER 1986 Honda TRANSMISSION REmercial auto. $5,000.00. Gun 1700 Towson Ft. ness.. Email to: seriouss40 or and Red delivery possible, Cedar Chair. It is 65 200x, needs rear brakes, BUILD Maj or rebuilt kit, GARLAND No minerals. Possible Smith AR 479-434-3880 Seactor partsinches nearlong Stigler Okla. and has clear $600. 479-709-9474. high Call energy clutches, owner finance AT($500 rious ATTORNEY Shopper, PO Box takes 27, -471918-471-8688. pd1/tfn finish. First $475.00 c/0206 high energy band, bashdown). 479-459-4169. Chop saw by Dewalt LAW Poteau, OK 74953 (918) it home. Call-918-420ing kit, washer kit, harden pd09-12 $150, Generators $250 649-0581. www.serioussFIBERGLASS CAMPER 5866-Mcalester, s/0627 1982 KAUFMAN MOBILE pump rings, input sprag, ea. 5000 watt onan $400 NER SHELL: sli din g screened HOME 14X52 2 Bedroom, 918-647-2160 3+ ACRES of Hunting shift solenoids, EPC soleRacing Go Cart $1200, in windows, locking tail ustom Tonoids, Be Moved. 918MAIN STREET LAUNLandTools, (Near Page, wiring$1200. harness, tools, tools!OK) Rare # 1616 Sets onin 5color, acres 271 gate, dark 655-7615 or 918-655-7907, DRY IN blue ARKOMA Open that joins thousand of lockup solenoids, new LOCATED John Wayne Large loop 3BD 2BA, large carport, 479 fits Dodge pickup, very 8 am till 8 pm. Wash After 5, 918-721-1816. acres of National Forest converter. Transmission 30-30 Winchester $500 some pine tree’sincludes up the DOWNTOWN IN nice condition, $2.00 then Dry FREE. s/0206 Land,Pontoon Land Accessible viaand drive way,a small pound Doctor, 218 S. Coker, boat ,motor, DEWEY PLAZA, bed 812 mat,Main $200 918-OK. St.obo. Arkoma, commercial auto, $5,000. Greenwood, AR. (479) See Our Selection trailer $3500, Mac sets back s/0725 of the rd. Real689-2792. SUZUKI DIRT BIKE 1992, POTEAU No Tools minerals,BottPossible, 996-3100. c/tfn New om Too l ly pretty setting. All this for Of Brand 350, 4 Stroke.. $1500. Call FIBERGLASS CAMPER Owner Financing ($500 Chest $550 All can be only $ 69,900.00. 660ft. Rd 49-1/2 ccc/0206 & 50 cc 479-709-9474. SHELL w ith sli din g Down). 479-459-4169. found at:Treasure Island frontage,330 ft. back. Could screened in windows, Scooters $40 WK s/0206 Pawn and Gun 1700 Tow- build another house with BASS BOAT 100 HP Molocking tail gate, fits son Ft. Smith AR 479-434 all the Rd frontage. Cecilia tor. $2,500. 918-448-0621. FINANCE SCOOTERS! Dodge Dakota, Dark blue, FOR-3880 SALE: House on 1 Reed Realty, 918very nice Poteau, condition, inAcre $70,000 north side 4-WHEELER DO 2500 POLARIS ‘73 CHEVY 649-0659. www.ceciliareecludes bed mat, $200 obo. of Ft. Smith, AR. 479-414350, 2MONTE Hours on Newly ReCARLO 918-689-2792. s/0718 3843. pd01/tfn built Motor.. $1400. Call $75 WK 479-709-9474. c/0206


0 WK

5x7 TRAILER with Motorcycle Chock. $400. Call 479-709-9474. c/0206 Gas SCOOTER 150 cc $1,310. Call Todd at Hack‘06 SUZUKI BOULEVARD ler Motors. 918-649-0200 MOTORCYCLE

Join us Sunday!

Heavener Roger Himes, Pastor

$80 WK

Fully Loaded Motorcycle. For Sale at Cardinal Motors on Towson in Ft. Smith. Call 479-646-2302. Financing Available.

Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am Children’s Sunday School: 11:00 am Adult’s Sunday School: 6:00 pm

300 East Ave. B Heavener, OK (918) 653-2590

TOTAL HOME IMPROVEMENT SERVICES Carpentry, Additions, Painting & Drywall, Roofing, Vinyl Siding & Windows, Remodeling, Concrete, Insurance Friendly, REAL M.H. Where ESTATE Quality Not&Quantity Still Matters, 479-226LOT SALE on Smith 6212.FOR c/07-10 Street, Poteau, OK $9,000. Cecilia Reed Realty, Po2008 YAMAHA RHINO teau, www. Sport 918-649-0659. Edition, Garage Kept, Extras, Super Clean, 800 miles, $8,500 #Cash. 1622 Large lot, need 479-650-6919 some clean up,s/0718 for tree leave message. branches, has good storm cellar, home there COLLECTIBLES: 18 burned Nordown, water, electric, sewman Rockwell Deco er on lot. only $ Plates withAsking Certificates, 7,500.00. Cecilia Reed Reperfect condition, still in alty, Poteau, 918-649-0659. packages, also: 27 old LP Records from the 70’s, Various Artists including # 1610 Located in Muse, James Taylor, Fleetwood on Lenox miles out Mac, etc. Rd. Also:3 Classical ofMusic, Whitesboro. This home Pop Singers, LP could 2 or 3 beds,Very 1 full Mo viebeSoundtracks, bath 2 half baths. Large Goodand Quality. Also have rooms. Needs some work. several 45 rpm records. Asking Call for$52,000.00. more info. Cecilia 918Reed Realty, Poteau, 918message 567-3600 leave 649-0659. www.ceciliareeif no answer. s/0627 Airstream 79 FOR SALE: #1645 Big Cedar, 5 acres, cc Gas Powered Edger; with log sided cabin, one Gillett & Sibert Student large bedroom, with sepMicroscope; Schecter arate bedroom, kitchen, Electric Guitar; Walhldorf small office space, large Surround Sound System laundry, one bath with new in box; STIHL Cut Off shower, storage building, Saw. Wister Pawn & one car garage, beautiGun, Wister, OK 918-655ful setting, just off Hwy 63 3223. pd6/tfn about 1/4 mile. Offered at $74,500.00. Cecilia Reed WANT TO BUY gooseRealty, Poteau, 918-649neck adapter that will work 0659. on 5thwww.ceciliareedrealwheel hitch travel trailer 918-448-0072.

s/0704 Talihina: Traditional #1646 3BR1BA Brick home on a GAS WATER HEATER large corner lot, remodeled FOR SALE Very new , in 2009, near shopping and only used for few months. schools, CH&A, Stainless $75. 918-429-5116 ask for Steel Appliances, laminate Chris. s/0627 flooring, ceramic tile. Offered at $85,000.00. CeOLD WAGON buckboard cilia Reed Realty, Poteau, style, very old and almost 918-649-0659. www.cecilicomplete condition, if terested call 918-4718688. Poteau. pd1/tfn Listed with #1637 The National Register. HOT 2BA, DOG large MACHINE: 4BR, dining great library, for snack bar or 2 room, basement. group fundraiser, 918-653 BR upstairs and bath. 2 BR -2187stairs. $250.00. bt/ remoddown Home eled, complete new kitchen, TNT AUCTION Yo u Bring it...We Sell It! 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month beginning May 2nd at 7 pm. 2 miles East of Wilburton, OK. Hw y 270. 918-297-5062. pd/0418

Serious Shopper, February 13 2014. Page 17


SHARP High Tra hours, lik 0621. jh



SATURDAYS IN WISTER, OK with stainless appliMAIN STREETsteel LAUNances, large OPEN laundryOpen room, DRY NOW chain about 8 amlink till fence 8 pm.yard Wash half acre. Fruit new $2.00 then Drytrees, FREE. CH/A, was $187,500. Now 812 Main St. Arkoma, $118,000. Motivated Seller! OK. pd/0523 Reduced!! Cecilia Reed Realty, 918-649-0659. An Poteau, Individual WANTING TO BUY sil ver dol lars, halves, dimes, quarters, #1384 3 BEDROOM etc. 1 or- whole collection, BRICK, wood laminate also buying gold coins, 7 flooring, open living plan, days a week, call 479fenced yard, shop. Handy 883-2475. s10/tfn location in small town. $65,000.00. Kay Sullivan Real Estate. 918/647-3131. www.kaysullivanrealestate. com #1462 A PLACE TO CALL HOME – 3BR/1 BA, hardwood floors in this comfortable home on large lot. Privacy Fence. Huge Family POOR BOY Room, LR, Kitchen/Dining. Only $62,000.00. Kay SulLIVESTOCK livan RealAUCTION Estate, 918/6473131. Sale Every Saturday;

Hogs, Goats & AHorses #1422 - WORTH LOOK! at 12:00pm and Cattle Hardwood floors, newly at 3:30 pm. abundance Wister, painted interior, Oklahoma pd-1111 of storage. Front and back porches, attached garage, nice shop. On 1 Acre. WE BUY OLD SPORTS $81,500.00. Kay Sullivan CARDS, AND Real Estate. GUNS 918/647-3131. COINS: Cal l 918-655www.kaysullivanrealestate. 3223 or 918-839-7035. com pd/tfn #1366 - 20 ACRES, PRIME Boutique POND, Style BUILDHair PASTURE, Bows, Headban ds, Po- at ING SITE. Located nytailedgeStreamers & North of small town. FlipFlops for Sale @ Water, electric available. Wister PawnKay & Gun in $60,000.00. Sullivan Wister, Oklahoma 918/647s/tfn Real Estate. 3131. www.kaysullivanATTENTION WANTED to buy Old Vintage Honda 50, 70, 90, 100, 250 and up Minibikes and motorcycles (479) 8832475. c5/tfn

#1335 - CAVANAL CUSTOM HOME -/Tucked ANIMALS PETS back in a private location, new in 2009, 3BR/2BA on 1 Acre, Danny Justman m/l. Beautiful kitchen, exProfe ssionaldining Farrierroom/ tra spacious 25+ years experience. family room, living room and View! hasCorrective fireplace. Great Therapeutic . Great Home! $139,000.00. I will call you backEstate. Kay Sullivan Real 918/647-3131. and I will show www.kayup! 918-202-3225 #1451-MOVE RIGHT IN! New carpet and SHIZ-TU Pupp y, 3 wtile, eeksnew fixtures in 2 updated bathold, $100. 479-437-6587. rooms, 4BR. Large living. s6/mw Large lot with workshop and PAINT storm cellar. Can’t TWO GELDINGS beatSALE: this price! FOR Grade$64,000.00. Sorrels KayRegistered Sullivan Blue RealRoan; Estate. and 918/647-3131. www.kay(excellent trail), Barrel or Roping prospect, Black mini-stud, too big to regis#1347 OKLAHOMA ter, ok to ride, 479-357COUNTRY 33 ACRES, m/l, 9667. s/0718 scenic mtn.view, 3BR,2BA, metal roof, FOR large SALE: porches, LIVESTOCK 3 ponds, fruit trees, storm Pigs 35 to 40 lbs $35 each; 2cellar, Horse RV Trailerconnection, $800; 50x36kids Barn, large $40 equipGoats, and adults ment and up;shed. Donkey$155,000.00. and Min. Kay both Sullivan Realbroke. Estate. Mule, saddle 918/647-3131. www.kay918-721-5188. s/0718 YORKIES FOR SALE: #1462 – PRIME PROPMales $250; Females ERTY ALONG U.S. HWY. $150. 918-370-9989. 59 – 1 ACRE m/l, HOME/ s/0718 OFFICE and more! Great place for a business, chain WANTING TO BUY Roller link fenced, live 918-448in the home Pigeons. Call or use as office. In Shady 0621. s6/jh Point, about 5 miles from Poteau. Check out the difAPRI FRENCH BULLDOG ference in price property Male Puppies, 12ofweeks and taxes. Move in ready! old, cream color, $1000 OnlyAlso: $72,000.00. Kay obo; 12 mo. old Fe-Sullivan cream, Real Estate, male, French918/647Bull3131. dog $800 obo. Selling due to health. 479-997-2377 or 479-430-956. s/0725


NEED AN Green Country Zone Holiness Convention TANNING BED FOR OKLAHOMA STARTER COMPUTERS SALE paid $3,000, w ill for sale, $35 w indow s take $1,500. Feb. 14th928-499- 16th ATTORNEY? XP. 479-434-2332. pd/0614

9452 Greenwood area.

Fri. & Sat. at 7 pm, Sunday 6

CALL pm & 10:45 AM STANLEY K. TRANSMISSION REWANT TO BUY: a 340 orMake Plans to attend the Nazarene Green Country Zone Holiness Convention BUILD Maj or rebuilt kit, GARLAND 350 International tractor With Speaker: Susie Shellenberger in Poteau at Faith Community Nazarene high energy clutches, ATTORNEY AT for parts Call: 918-471Friday nightenergy there will be all church fellowship following service. high band, bashLAW 8688, pd1/tfn Saturday night is Youth Night with fellowship following service. ing kit, washer kit, harden

pumpwillrings, input sprag, Susie Shellenberger be our speaker. Her ministry emphasis is on Holiness, Women’s COMPUTER CORNER solenoids, EPC Ministry, & Youthshift Ministry, Evagelisim. Shesolehas written over918-647-2160 40 books which have sold Sales, Repair, Custom more than 1.5 million combined copies. She is an ordained minister in the Church of the noids, wiring harness, Build, 8800 Hwy. Nazarene. 271 We are very blessed to have her coming to share with us. lockup solenoids, new LOCATED South, Ft. Smith, AR. 479 Susie is also the editor for Sisterhood Magazine, and the former creator of Focus On the Family’s acclaimed converter. Transmission DOWNTOWN IN -434-2332. pd/0614 teen magazine, Brio. Susie and the Sisterhood staff pack the pages of each magazine and the Sisterhood online Doctor, S. Coker, community with all the features Christian teen girls 218 have counted on for years from her and her PLAZA, team. Sisterhood DEWEY AR. (479) Magazine aims to cover deep, relevant,Greenwood, hard-hitting topics—topics that make a difference, change lives and help POTEAU girls survive in this rugged world. 996-3100. c/tfn

Susie Shellenberger served as Brio’s editor for 19 years before publisher Focus on the Family discontinued its teen ministry and ceased its publication. She quickly made the decision to partner with Premier Studios to launch a new magazine. “I have had the incredible opportunity to help motivate and shape an entire generation of girls, and I’m now even more excited about ministering to girls on a new level through Sisterhood Magazine,” says Shellenberger. Shellenberger has debated Dr. Ruth on Fox News and has been featured as a teen expert on The Montel Show. Her university alma mater named her “Woman of the Century” in 2000 and honored her with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. You don’t want to miss out on these services.

FAITH COMMUNITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 411 Clayton, Poteau, OK (Corner of Clayton & Walter) 918-647-3470 You can also find us on Facebook

KUHN 8 Mower w ly, field condition 839-4888

120v MIG some wir Miller au met, less $75.00 9

1986 FO Twin Stin rig. $2,9 0621. jh

PARTING CHEVRO BAN exc have doo windshie power tr call 1-91 tion nea homa. s/

86 F250 transmiss case, L end, Drivesha Pressure wheel of ford engi 8688, pd

NEW SQUARE good, fie 918-448-

AUTO P VR6 En Trans, F alt, star power s Explorer and tran and rea etc.; 96 cyl engin fenders, front end 300 cid e 5 spd tra tor 33 wheels, front wh struts an more p alternato packs c bodys, in tors, dist and Sell trucks an no title n and de parts ne 918-471-

FIBERGL SHELL: in windo gate, da fits Dod nice co bed mat, 689-2792

Page 18 Serious Shopper, February 13 2014

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Ken Ellis 918-647-9550

#1461 – BETTER THAN RENT – This updated home in small town has living room, dining, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bath. Remodeled in 2009, has central heat/air, roof and windows replaced, vinyl siding, and a nice deck/back porch with privacy fenced yard on 1 ½ lots. $39,000.00. Kay Sullivan Real Estate, 918/647-3131. #1364 - Over 2300 s.f. in this 4 BR, 2.5 bath updated farm home. Granite countertops, beautiful tile, kitchen and baths real eye-catchers! Stainless appliances, bonus room, fireplace in LR. 35x14 outbuilding. 5 acres, m/l. $179,000. Kay Sullivan Real Estate, 918/647-3131. www.kaysullivanrealestate. com #1037 - 13 ACRES, fenced, pond, old barn. Between Poteau and Wister. $49,000.00. Kay Sullivan Real Estate. 918/647-3131. www.kaysullivanrealestate. com #1461: You won’t believe what you get for $39,000.00. Central h/air in this 2 BR, totally remodeled bath, adorable kitchen, and large back dek. New windows, vinyl siding, fenced yard. Call for appointment. Kay Sullivan Real Estate. 918/647-3131. #1822 3 bedroom, 1 bath frame home with attached 1 car carport, covered deck, metal roof for only $42,500. Visit us at to view the pictures or call Bob Hill at Alliance Realty Services, LLC 918-649-7603 for more details. Contact Bob Hill at Alliance Realty Services, LLC at (918) 6497603.

#1440 - NOT A LOT BUT 2 1/2 ACRES!! Prime building site on Cavanal. Let’s go look! $40,000.00. Kay Sullivan Real Estate. 918/647-3131. #1386 - 12 1/2 ACRES, spectacular mountain views from this hilltop location off Hwy. 128. Water, electric available. Great building site!!. $29,000.00. Kay Sullivan Real Estate. 918/647-3131 #1397 - 320 ACRES Recreation/hunting land near Poteau. Has shale pit, ponds, timber, rock, food plots. Scenic location is great for cabin. $320,000.00. Kay Sullivan Real Estate. 918/6473131. #1244 - 15 ACRE BUILDING SITE, MONROE/ HOWE AREA, utilities available, paved road frontage. A beautiful location; more land available. $59,000.00. Kay Sullivan Real Estate. 918/647-3131. #1882 Poteau: 3-bedroom, 2-bath brick home with CH&A large kitchen, fenced yard, 1-car attached carport, good neighborhood. $79,900 Contact Bob Hill for more details. Alliance Realty Services (918) 6497603. #1759 Downtown Poteau commercial building. Approximately 8000 square foot commercial building that is currently a restaurant and store. Building is in good downtown location and is offered at $80,000.00. Contact Bob Hill at Alliance Realty Services, (918) 649-7603

REAL ESTATE & M.H. #1892 Poteau: Under construction Beautiful brick home features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, wood burning fireplace, safe room, located on approx 6.72 secluded acres. Contact Bob at Alliance Realty Services (918) 649-7503 #1891 Poteau: Under construction Traditional brick home features 3-bedrooms, 2 baths, 2-car attached garage, located on approx. 1-acre. $132,500 Contact Bob Hill for more details. Alliance Realty Services (918) 649-7603. #1774 Wolf Mountain Beautiful 3 bedrm,3 bath home with open floor plan. Home has a 3 car garage, 9’ ceilings, 15’ walk in master closet, gas fireplace, built ins. With approx 2239 sq ft of living space this home and a lot of attention to details this home is ideal for the discriminate buyer. Asking $224,500 . See pictures at www.ARS2007. com or call Bob Hill at Alliance Realty (918)649-7603 for more information. #1324 BEAUTIFUL BUILDING SITE - 4 1/2 ACRES - WOLF MOUNTAIN, End of lane, Spectacular mountain view!! $45,000.00. Kay Sullivan Real Estate, 2205 N Broadway, Poteau, OK 74953. 918/647-3131 No. 7398 – 80 A. JOINS NAT FOREST: Secluded end of rd setting at base of Kiamichi Mtn. Valley to moderate slopes, good timber potential, ideal hunting headquarters, old camper on site is reported to be a bear den. $86,000. Mixon Realty at - Ph 918647-9114. No. 7452– 46 A. LAND: Mostly level to gently sloping, road frontage on West and South sides, all wooded land, good turkey and deer hunting area. Nice site for an off-grid vacation or hunting cabin with scenic views. $850 per acre. About 15 mi W. of Wister. Mixon Realty at Ph. 918-647-9114. No. 7353 – 40 A. ARKANSAS DANDY: Secluded end-of-rd setting, Nat Forest area, 29 mi to town, 3 bedrm, 2 ba, CH&A, rustic mtn home. Good well, septic, elect, pond & panoramic mtn views. If you want seclusion and privacy – this is it! $82,500. Mixon Realty at poteauok. Ph. 918-6479114. No. 7413 – 86 A. - CREEK & RV PARK: Paved rd, rural water, creek bordered, good fencing, mix of pasture and wooded land, scenic home-sites offer panoramic view of Cavanal, 4 RV hookups with water stg and elect. $174,000. Mixon Realty at Ph. 918-647-9114. MLS#690848 - Nice 2 Level Lots with water, gas and electric on Property. $4,750. Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918.647.4257


We Service Desktop Computers & Laptops

Used computers for sale. We also build custom computersCOMPUTER CORNER 8000 HWY. 271 SOUTH Ft. Smith, AR. 479-434-2332

No. 7411 – 2.4 A & 3 BEDROOM HOME: Needs finish work, but occupied now. 11 x 20 living rm, carpeting, kitchen built-ins, 5 yr old roof, nice land dotted with large shades. Lots room for chickens, garden & fruit trees. $35,000. Mixon Realty at www.unitedcountry. com/poteauok. Ph. 918647-9114. No. 7339 – 18 A & UNFINISHED HOME: 70% pasture & meadow, 30% wooded, creek runs through, 1080 s.f. frame home under construction. You finish to suit. Buck Creek location bordering paved county farm to market road. $60,000. Mixon Realty at Ph. 918-647-9114. No. 7442 – HUNTING CABIN: 9.5 acres, Nat Forest access, cabin has living rm, wood stove, kitchen cabinets, cook stove, sleeping loft, wired for elect but now uses solar panel, good well, LP tank. Perfect hunting headquarters. $39,500. Mixon Realty at Ph. 918-647-9114. No. 7388 – 160 A. ATOP POTEAU MTN: Stunning vistas 50 mi in all directions with road running through land for ½ mi. Pine tree farm, hunting, camping or investment at $600 per acre. About 5 mi E. from Heavener. Mixon Realty at Ph. 918-647-9114. No. 7451 – 80 A. HUNTING & CAMPING LAND: Gentle slopes, very scenic mountain views, ¼ mi road frontage, good tree farm, off grid cabin site or hunting headquarters. $750 per acre. Mixon Realty at . Ph. 918-647-9114. No. 7454 – 119 A. TIMBER FARM & HUNTING: Mountain foothills, studded with pine & hardwood land, Southerly slopes, nice spot for an off-grid cabin or hunting headquarters. Timber farm potential. $600 per acre. Mixon Realty at Ph. 918-647-9114. No. 7410 – COUNTRY HOME – 1.33 A: Double wide mobile, 3 bedrms, 2 baths, CH&A, country location 2 mi town. Occupied now, but needs some TLC. Washer, dryer, refrig and gas cook stove all go. $25,000. Mixon Realty at . Ph. 918-647-9114. MLS# 625892 – 4.68 ACRES ON HWY 271 This is a great investment property, for commercial or residential with very good visibility, little work to be done on the property. Near the Poteau area. $50,000 Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918-647-4257,

MLS#691770 CUTE STARTER HOME with 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1,224 SqFt. Would be a great investment home. $50,000. . Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918.647.4257 GREAT CORNER LOT, with nice storage building with a loft, underground cellar, location and house has great potential with some TLC. Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918.647.4257 MLS# 645116 - PRICE REDUCED $10,000! 8.50 Acres, Hodgen, OK, Potential for lovely home site, some out buildings, pipe fencing, rural setting. $42,500. Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918.647.4257 www. MLS#694228 - This 1,132 SqFt. mobile home is a country setting in Monroe, Oklahoma. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, central H&A, metal roof, large front porch and back porch. Comes with the dishwasher, cook top and wall oven’s. $25,000. Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918.647.4257 www. MLS # 616196 – STATE OF THE ART CHICKEN HOUSES! All of the latest equipment with several water sources on 43 acres. $1,600,000. Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918-647-4257 www. MLS# 646715 – 2.63 ACRES This is a great homestead piece of property that has city water and sewer at the street, just waiting for you to decide. Corner of Old Pike Rd. & Ruenstone Rd., Heavener. $13,000 Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918647-4257, www.cwisere. com MLS# 637538 – 2.66 ACRES ON VALLEY VIEW RD. Beautiful land in a quiet area. New homes in the area, very secluded and private. Great place to build your new home. $19,999. Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918-647-4257,

MLS# 675582 - PERFECT HOME SITE with acreage for mobile or to build, great view of mountains, just 5 minutes North of Poteau. Great location and price. $24,900. Owner Financing Available. Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918-647-4257, www. 3.08 ACRES in Stonewood Meadows $15,500. (MLS# 695833) Century 21 Homestead Realty, Poteau, OK. 918-647-2212

REAL ESTATE & M.H. MLS# 627663 – DOUBLE LOT. Large 90x200 (SqFt) lot with all utilities ready. There is a storage building at the back of the lot. Former site of a home. Kelly St., Poteau area. $10,000, Owner Financing Available. Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918-647-4257, MLS#687204 - POTEAU: This 3BR, 2BA mobile home has a large living room and kitchen with an eating area and a nice size utility area. The Master bedroom has 2 closets, one being a large walk in. The Master bathroom has both Garden tub and shower. $61,000. Call Connie Wise Real Estate today! 918-647-4257, SHADY POINT LAND for mobile or to build, fenced 1.68 m/l acres, . Utilities Available , 20x30 concrete slab, carport and storage building. (MLS# 671997) Century 21 Homestead Realty, Poteau, OK. www. 918647-2212 NICE HOME on 2 m/l acres. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick home with lot’s of nice extra’s and numerous updates. Enjoy the peace and quiet on your covered patio. Only $139,900. MLS# 682688. Century 21 Homestead Realty, Poteau, OK. 918-647-2212 MINI STORAGE UNITS on busy corner on intersection of 4 lane Hwys. Storage units are fenced. Lots of room to grow on the 4.95 m/l acre. $185,000. (MLS# 690893) Century 21 Homestead Realty, Poteau, 918-647-2212 REDUCED: 1 acre m/l, near Poteau Elementary School Only $8,000. utilities available, needs septic, close to schools and shopping. ((MLS# 677449) Century 21 Homestead Realty, Poteau, OK. www. 918647-2212 MLS #690115 1106 N. KENTUCKY AVE PANAMA $39,900. Call Don Johnston @ Town & Country Realty of Poteau. 918-647-8204 or 918-649-4966. MLS #673070 307 PARK ST POTEAU $60,000. Call Don Johnston @ Town & Country Realty of Poteau. 918-647-8204 or 918-6494966. MLS #685319 US HWY 271 HWY SHADY POINT $77,000. Call Don Johnston @ Town & Country Realty of Poteau. 918-647-8204 or 918-649-4966. MLS #685931 105 ELAINE AVE POTEAU $72,500. Call Don Johnston @ Town & Country Realty of Poteau. 918-647-8204 or 918-6494966. MLS #689561 1401 COTTONWOOD DR POTEAU $129,000. Call Don Johnston @ Town & Country Realty of Poteau. 918-6478204 or 918-649-4966.

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520 Dewey Ave. Poteau, OK 918-649-2001

Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Discover

Open: Monday - Friday 9:30 - 5 & Sat. 10-3 come see us downtown & find us on FACEBOOK: AlleyCatThriftAndSalvage

202B DEWEY, DOWNTOWN POTEAU (918) 721-3000

Easton’s Bent Can Flea Market

Vintage, Collectibles, Primitives, Rusty-Crusty SPACES AVAILABLE

21206 E. Hwy. 9, Keota, OK 918-413-3619 or 918-413-8335 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! Open: Mon.-Sat. 9-6 or Sun. by appt.




522 Dewey Ave. Poteau, OK (918) 647-3142


Vickie’s Beauty Boutique has a lot of gift items to choose from This August they will be Celebrating 7 years in Downtown Poteau COME SEE THE GREAT DEALS ON BLING PURSES & WALLETS!


A Little bit of everything!

Open Mon.-Sat. 8:30-6:00

20% off select items every Monday! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOR UPDATES ON ITEMS

7712 Hwy. 271 S. Ft. Smith 479.926.2609

Your Shop Could be Here We place all ads online as well as weekly print publication in Ft. Smith River Valley Areas & SE OK CUSTOM STITCH WORX Embroidering, Tents, Tarps, Covers, Sewing & Alterations Call Laura at 479.218.4425 or see her at TREASURE ISLAND PAWN 1700 Towson, Ft. Smith, AR

TREASURE ISLAND PAWN We Loan on Gold and More! 1700 Towson, Ft Smith 479.434.3880


Page 20 - Serious Shopper, February 13 2014 COACHES LUMBER 918-962-2701 Mon.-Fri 8 am to 4 pm and Saturday till Noon. We Don’t have Black Fridays. Our LUMBER, SHEET METAL, SQ. POLES, PLYWOOD, NAILS, SCREWS, ETC. ARE ON SALE EVERY DAY! Thanks & Do Stop, Visit and Look Around. Hwy 9 & 59 Jct. HISTORIC ROCK HOME/ SCHOOL HOUSE! 5 m/l acres, 5 Bedrooms and 3 baths. Extra large living room with high ceiling and floor to ceiling fireplace. Refinished original wood floors in kitchen & living room. If you need space send the kids to the attached Gym. Reduced: $124,500. (MLS# 662513) Call 918-6472212. Century 21 Homestead Realty, Poteau, OK. RED OAK: Edge of town 3 bedroom, 1 bath cedar and log home with nice garden spot, 30x40 shop, Storage building, fenced in back yard, 2 car detached carport & circle drive .$55,000. Poteau Valley Realty, Tonya Rivera, Broker 918-6350111.

REAL ESTATE & M.H. 20 ACRES LOCATED ON BLUE MOUNTAIN Lots of hardwood and pine, perfect hunting property, abundant deer, turkey and bear. Only 3 1/2 miles from Cedar Lake and 1/2 mile from Post Mountain Lake, great fishing. Water well on property, 5K generator included. $43,000. MLS#672043. Remax Champion Land Brokers, Poteau, 918-6490201. Poteau: A little country in town ! Close to the Bypass and town .3 bedroom 2 bath Home sits back off the road with lots of pine and hardwood ,has large outdoor living area ,30x60 Shop with 3 overhead door and electric. Asking $155,000. Poteau Valley Realty, Tonya Rivera, Broker 918-635-0111. POCOLA : Nice well kept 3 bed, 1 bath brick home on 1 1/3 acres. Eat in Kitchen with bar, ceramic tile, lots of cabinets, tile back splash, large laundry room with vanity one car garage, tilt out vinyl windows, metal roof, has two storage buildings, barn and plenty of room for a garden. $79,000. Poteau Valley Realty, Tonya Rivera, Broker 918-635-0111.

ROOFING SHEET METAL ON SALE Brown, White, Tan, Barn Red, Burgundy, Forest Green, Hunter Green, Charcoal Gray, Galvalume, All metal covers, 3 ft. $1.88 r.f Coaches Lumber at Hwy 9 & 59 Jct. 918-962-2701 CUTE INSIDE & OUT! This 3 Bedroom 1 1/4 Bath Home Has Open Kitchen And Living Area, Large Laundry Room, New Carpet, Fresh Paint, CH/A, New Roof and New Fixtures .Priced To Sale .$75,000. Owner/Broker Poteau Valley Realty, Tonya Rivera, Broker 918635-0111. 307 acres North of Talihina in the Bengal community by Gobblers Knob. This property has good access road, wet weather creek, wooded with pine and hardwood trees and would make an awesome hunting retreat. $245,600.00. Just For You Properties. Greg Acord, Broker. Office: 918-6472067 Cell: 918-647-5904

REAL ESTATE & M.H. HORSE LOVERS DREAM - 32.5 acres, 2800 sq ft home, 58X72 Horse Barn with 8 stalls, foaling stall, 5 runs off of 5 stalls, 3 large paddocks. Pipe fencing, barrel racing training area. Home is 3 bedroom 2.5 bath, beautifully built home. As a bonus, there is an established business consisting of Trailer/Tractor sales/ repairs. Great location on Hwy 64, just off I-40. A complete package all rolled into one. $669,000.00. Remax Champion Land Brokers, Poteau, 918-649-0201. WOLF MOUNTAIN HOME - RIGHT ON THE GOLF COURSE, 7TH GREEN, BEAUTIFUL VIEW, EXCELLENT LOCATION, BUILT IN 2010 THIS 2050 SQ FT HOME IS IN NEW CONDITION AND BEAUTIFULLY LAID OUT WITH TOP QUALITY LANDSCAPING. FENCED IN BACK YARD WITH THE VIEW OF THE MOUNTAINS AND THE GOLF COURSE. THIS IS A GREAT FIND WITH A GREAT PRICE. $258,800.00 Remax Champion Land Brokers, Poteau, 918-649-0201.

ALFALFA-ALFALFA HAY FOR SALE 4-4-8, Big Bales 2nd Cutting $130 ea 3rd Cutting $150 ea. You Pick We Load! Coaches Lumber, 5 miles West of Sunset Corner at Jct. 9 & 59 918-962-2701. c/1205 OLD HIGHWAY 59 RENTALS - 2.39 acres with 5 rental units--3 cabins and 2 mobile homes. Very nice and equipped with all appliances. Great location, close to Kiamichi Mountains, Blackfork and Poteau River and also Cedar Lake is nearby. Must see, very clean and in great condition. $210,000.00. Lands of America # 1177545. Remax Champion Land Brokers, Poteau, 918-6490201. Shady Point: 3 bed, 2 bath, Large Eat-In Kitchen with Lots of Storage & Cabinet Space. Wood burning stove, 2 wall heaters, nice 20x12 shop with electric and another nice storage building that would make a great hobby shop. 3 car attached carport and much more. $82,500. Poteau Valley Realty, Tonya Rivera, Broker 918-635-0111.

REAL ESTATE & M.H. 545 ACRES m/l of a very well developed ranch cross-fenced into 6 major pastures and hay meadow with paddocks and pens. The ranch is well crossfenced with 11 ponds. The holding and catch pens tie into the arena. Located just mile from Eufaula lake, as well as close proximity to several other major lakes including Tenkiller and Kerr. Remax Champion Land Brokers, Poteau, 918-6490201.

7 acres of excellent pasture land just outside Antlers, Oklahoma. This property has a small pond and is completely fenced with a combination of pipe and barbwire fence with lots of mature pine and oak shade trees. It includes with a recently built large barn and a smaller barn that would be perfect for horse and hay storage. The property has electric, septic system, water well (rural water also available) and paved road access. If you are looking for a great home site and small horse or livestock farm, this is could be your opportunity. $55,000.00. Just For You Properties. Greg Acord, Broker. Office: 918-647-2067 Cell: 918647-5904

Serious Shopper, February 13 2014. Page 21

Triple H Army Surplus Hrs: 9-5 M-F & 9-2 Saturdays



105 S. McKenna Poteau, OK

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REAL ESTATE & M.H. 19.16 acres in the Pocola area of LeFlore County, Oklahoma. This property has paved road access and would make an excellent building site. The property is all pasture with a few shady trees and is partially fenced. All utilities are on or near property. $64,500.00 owner financing available. Just For You Properties. Greg Acord, Broker. Office: 918-647-2067 Cell: 918647-5904 Two (2) acres south of Hodgen near the Black Fork River. The property has good road access with electric and water just a few feet away. Property has lots of mature pine and hardwood trees and less than a mile from the National Forest. Would make an excellent hunting/weekend retreat cabin or remote home location. $16,500.00. Just For You Properties. Greg Acord, Broker. Office: 918647-2067 Cell: 918-6475904

Great Buy! 4 bedroom 3 bath brick home on 16.7 ac road frontage on two sides with pond .Home features two living areas ,dining room, split floor plan ,two of the bedrooms have their own full baths ,walk in closets wood burning fireplace, lots of built ins. This property comes with a BONUS : 2/2 mobile home that could be used as a rental just in need some TLC. $149,000 Poteau Valley Realty, Tonya Rivera, Broker 918-6350111.

BUYING OR SELLING CALL TONYA Specializing in Leflore County and surrounding areas to advertise, list and sell new and resale homes, residential communities, home sites, undeveloped land and commercial/ investment opportunities. Poteau Valley Realty, Tonya Rivera, Broker 918-6350111. HOLSOM CREEK VALLEY HOME WITH 30 ACRES Immaculate home, 3 br, 2 ba with separate living area with 1 br, 1 ba, living room & kitchen. Country setting, out buildings, improved pasture backs up against wildlife management area. $299,000. MLS# 678984. Remax Champion Land Brokers, Poteau, 918-6490201.


REAL ESTATE & M.H. Don’t miss this opportunity to build your home on this 1 acre in the Springhill Community near the Town of Monroe, Oklahoma. This property has two (2) buildings recently constructed with metal roofs that can be finished to suit your own needs. The property comes with a nice storage building, paved road access with electric, water and gas to buildings. $25,000.00. Just For You Properties. Greg Acord, Broker. Office: 918647-2067 Cell: 918-6475904

~ Auto Parts & Truck Accessories ~

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 265/70/16 $109.99 + M/B + TAX FALKEN ZIEX S/TZ04 245/75/16 $99.99 + M/B + TAX WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!



! E L SA 11540 HWY. 71 S, FT. SMITH ~ 479-646-6000

NEW 16X52 with Porch




$29,900 NEW 16X80 CLOSE-OUT! Deluxe Inside & Out


* Raised Dining Room * Appliance Pkg * Thermo Windows

WAS: $47,900 NOW:



Over 2100 sq. ft., Large Kitchen, Huge Pantry!

WAS: $74,900 NOW:


All Prices Include * Delivery & Set-up * Steps * Central Heat & Air * Skirting * Appliances

32x80’s CLOSE OUTS (2 to choose from, #10 or #10A)



* 5 Bedroom * 3 Bath * Energy Star Home * Fireplace * Appliance Package


WAS: $81,900 NOW:

Your Choice!

$77,900 479.646.6000

CHOCTAW NATION HEALTH SERVICES Page 22, Serious Shopper, February 13 2014

Excellence in Rural Healthcare Hearing Clinic

Hearing Aid Consults Cleaning and Repair of Hearing Aids Dispensing of Hearing Aids Orientation of Hearing Aids Hearing Evaluations New Born & Head Start Screening’s

2005 John Deere 7720 w/ 746 Loader, 140 HP, 3,490 hrs, Nice Tractor

$1,000 OFF Behavioral Health Individual Psychotherapy Medication Management Crisis Intervention Substance Abuse Treatment Counseling

2008 Case IH Maxxum 115 w/ LX750 Dental115 HP, 2,440 hrs, Clean Loader,

Emergency Care Routine Dental Care Oral Surgery Dental Hygiene

Diabetes Wellness Center

Diabetic Care and Education Community Diabetes Educators Fitness Center

$500.00 OFF ALL Pro Turn Mowers in Stock,, until February 28, 2014

$300.00 OFF ALL HD Mowers in Stock, until February 28, 2014



Emergency Room


3 Cardiac/Trauma Beds 2 Observation Rooms 7 Examination Rooms 24 Hour Emergency & Urgent Care Family Practice Preventive Care General Illness Internal Medicine


Diabetic Foot Care Basic Foot Care Diabetic Wound Care Management


Mammography Tele-Radiology CT Scan Ultrasound Flouroscopy

Urinalysis Transfusion Therapy Immunoassay ® Microbiology


Asthma Treatment and Education Holter Monitor Testing Sleep Study Lab (NEW!)

$200.00 OFF ALL ZT Mowers in Stock, until February 28, 2014

Must have CDIB card to be eligible for services.

Cardiology Pulmonary ENT

Medical Nutrition Therapy Nutrition Counseling For Disease Prevention & Management Breast Feeding Education & Support Nutrition in Wound Care Weight Control


General Eye Care Diabetic, Glaucoma, Low Vision Care Cataract Surgery

Inpatient/Outpatient Services Wound Care/Wound Vac Pediatric Therapy Post Operative/Sports Medicine Chronic Pain Speech Therapy Pediatric/Adult Therapy Adult Swallow Studies Gynecological Exams Prenatal Education Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum Family Planning

Acute Care Chronic Care Minor Soft Tissue Surgery

Ages Birth to 15 Years Old Well Child Check-Ups Immunizations Developmental/Growth Delays

Talihina, OK 74571


* For commercial use only. Customer participation subject to credit qualification and approval by CNH Capital America LLC or CNH Capital Canada Ltd. See

CHOCTAW NATION HEALTH SERVICES your participating Case IH dealer for details and eligibility requirements. Down payment may be required. Offer good for a limited time. Not all customers or applicants may qualify. CNH Capital America LLC or CNH Capital Canada Ltd. standard terms and conditions will apply. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice.

CNH Capital and Case IH are registered trademarks of CNH America LLC.

Hearing Aid Consults Cleaning and Repair of Hearing Aids Dispensing of Hearing Aids Orientation of Hearing Aids


Acute Care Chronic Care Minor Soft Tissue Surgery

Behavioral Health

Mental Health/Psychiatry Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services Emphasis on Pediatric/Adolescent Issues Psychological Testing and Evaluation


Ages Birth to 15 Years Old Well Child Check-Ups Immunizations Developmental/Growth Delays

Therapy Services

Inpatient/Outpatient Services Wound Care/Wound Vac Pediatric Therapy Post Operative/Sports Medicine Chronic Pain Speech Therapy Pediatric/Adult Therapy Adult Swallow Studies


Emergency Care Routine Dental Care Oral Surgery Dental Hygiene

Diabetes Wellness Center

Women’s Health/OB

Gynecological Exams Prenatal Education Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum Family Planning

Speciality Clinic Cardiology Pulmonary ENT

Diabetes Educators Community Diabetes Educators Exercise Equipment

Emergency Room

3 Cardiac/Trauma Beds 2 Observation Rooms 7 Examination Rooms




Hearing Clinic



1100 East Main Stigler, OK 74462 918-967-4848

General Eye Care Diabetic, Glaucoma, Low Vision Care Cataract Surgery


Women’s Health/OB


One Choctaw Way


Therapy Services



Respiratory Therapy

Speciality Clinic

Choctaw Nation Health Services




Family Practice

Diabetic Care General Illness General Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine

General Eye Exam Eye Glasses Visual Screening Test Eye Glass Repair


Diabetic Foot Care Basic Foot Care Diabetic Wound Care Management



Acute Care Chronic Care Minor Soft Tissue Surgery


Mammography Teleradiography Telemedicine Spiral Cat Scan Ultrasound

Ages Birth to 14 Years Old Immunizations Well Child Check-ups

Respiratory Therapy

Physical Therapy


Speech Therapy

Asthma Treatment and Education Holter Monitor Testing Smoking Cessation Education

Urinalysis Transfusion Therapy Immunoassay Microbiology


Nutrition Supplements Breast Feeding Education and Support Medical Nutrition Therapy Diabetes Education

Sports Medicine Neck and Back Pain Inpatient/Outpatient Services One-on-one Therapy Children and Adult Evaluations

Women’s Health/OB

Gynecological Exams Prenatal Education Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum Family Planning

Must have CDIB card to be elegible for services.

Choctaw Nation Health Services One Choctaw Way Talihina, OK 74571 1-800-349-7026


Serious Shopper, February 13 2014. Page 23

WILLIAMS NEW RAM 4500 HD 11 ft. Gooseneck Bed

PW, PL, Automatic 6.7 Cummins Diesel, PTO, Prep stk#528626


$1000 Rebate $750 CCC* V6, 8 spd Auto, 3rd Row, Touch Screen stk#313811

NEW 2014 DODGE JOURNEY 7-Passenger


$1000 Rebate $750 CCC* 3rd Row, Rear Heat/Air, PW, PL, Keyless stk#134365

V6, Wheels, Rallye Appearance Pkg. stk#770421

MSRP $21,985 NOW: $19,850

MSRP $21,985 NOW: $17,990




CD, Keyless Entry, PW, PL, Automatic stk#335139

4.7 V8, Auto, PW, PL, Chrome Pkg, CD stk#673570

MSRP $53,595 NOW: $45,800

MSRP $33,980 NOW: $31,150


V6, Stk#720092

5.7 HEMI Auto, PW, PL stk#137585

MSRP $24,355 NOW: $19,990

MSRP $19,235 NOW: $16,900

MSRP $30,675 NOW: $23,900

MSRP $33,445 NOW: $28,900



2011 RAM 3500 Dually Mega Cab 4x4


31,000 Miles

74,000 Miles

V6, Automatic, stk#072965

15,000 Miles

27,000 Miles

Black out, 20” Wheels, V6, Stk#134554

WAS $13,900 NOW: $12,900

V6, Super Clean, stk#307916

WAS $12,900 NOW: $10,900

“Longhorn” 6.7 Cummins, Auto, Nav, DVD stk#635967

WAS $46,900 NOW: $43,900

WAS $28,900 NOW: $25,900

2013 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB SLT 4X4



12 RAM 3500 4X4 CREWCAB

15,000 Miles HEMI, Pwr Seat, Keyless, 8” Touch Screen 20” Chrome Wheels, Fog Lights, stk#505467

WAS $31,900 NOW: $30,000

2005 DODGE RAM 1500

8000 Miles 5.7 HEMI 1-Owner, Chrome Pkg, NAV stk#601440

WAS $32,900 NOW: $30,900

39,000 Miles

82,000 Miles Stow-N-Go, Quad Buckets, Pwr Drs, Pwr Lift Gate, 1-Owner, Local Trade, stk#596085

WAS $11,900 NOW: $10,900

6.7 Cummings Diesel, Auto. No DEF Fluid, Stk#134362

WAS $37,900 NOW: $35,900


1100 E. Main, Stigler, OK (918) 967-3394 or Toll Free: 1-800-404-3394 V6, Auto, CD, Cruise, stk#511128

WAS $12,900 NOW: $10,800 * Must Finance through Chrysler Credit to receive $750 Chrysler Capital Cash (CCC)

Page 24, Serious Shopper, February 13 2014

14-P2-WK3-FFOHome-WITHValentine.qxp_Layout 1 2/5/14 9:59 AM Page 1

Take it Ho For Onl me y


a Mo nth


With Throw Pillows

Designer Sofa



Compare at

$ 998 Compare at $1,599

Compare at $15



$498 Designer Family Sectional Deluxe Fabric, Comfy-Compare/$ 2,399

Sweetheart Deals on Quality Home Furnishings


Huge Family Sectional $

Corduroy/Bonded Leather-Compare/$1,425

All Wood Queen Bed w/Dresser & Mirror


Compare at $399



ORTHOPEDIC Plush Top Posture

Performa nce Fa bric


Rocking Recliner


298 Compa re at


Natural Elements Quilted Layer Top

Plank Top

297 $

Visit us at www. ohome .com



5 Piece Dinette


198 Supreme $498 Queen Set $898


2 59


195 Com pare at


Deluxe Recliner

Bond ed L eath er

Save on Recliners

Elite Set...


$ 298


Queen Wrought Iron Bed with Rails


Ornate $ Gift Box Compare/ 45


Where Great Quality Lives for Less

All New Homes include


2014 Legacy 32x44 3 Bed/2 Bath


Hwy. 69, Savanna, OK (Just South of McAlester, OK)

Skirting, H/Air, Delivery, Set-Up, Tied Down, Steps

1 Bed, 1 Bath, Porch Furniture Included Single Wides as Low As $27,900 We Also Have Used 12x60 Office Units

2014 Legacy 16x59 Perfect Lake House!

SPECIAL FINANCING for 575 Credit Scores 2014 Legacy 32x64 w/Porch, Fireplace

3 Bed 2 Bath All Upgrades

4 Bedroom, 3 1/2 Bath

Check out this Large Home with 2 Living Areas: Furniture Included

2014 Legacy 36x80

18x80 Motel / Apt. Model with 4 Units

Each unit has entrance bath, kitchenette. Perfect for Worksite, Apartments, Etc.


918-548-3659 ~ 918-302-5859 ~ 918-470-6939

Check out our new website at:

Seriousshopper2 13 14  

Weekly Free Shopper for the Ft. Smith River Valley areas and SE Oklahoma. Real Estate, Autos, Animals, Equipment, Antiques and More. Free C...

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