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We are an innovation firm helping businesses transform and grow. •mindset / creative confidence •process •tools & techniques

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WHO WE ARE / An innovation firm specialized in design thinking. WHAT WE DO / Facilitate the mindset, process, tools and structure organizations need in order to collaboratively navigate change, achieve constant innovation and accelerate growth.

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What makes us different Our simple, dynamic and structured approach to problem solving facilitates collaboration pushing teams to find the bolder solutions they seek, faster.

Areas We Work In:


Experience & Service Design


Organizational Change


Strategy, Research & Innovation


Employee Engagement


Facilitations + Teambuilding

Facilitations + Teambuilding

Design Projects

Design Projects

Keynotes & Engagement


The definition of madness is to keep doing the same things and expect different results. — Albert Einstein

What Drives Us

just isn’t enough In an very complex world where the pace of change is set to light speed, competition is global, technological shifts make today’s competitive advantage obsolete in an instant and where one person can challenge the dominance of a whole industry, you bet business as usual is not enough. Today’s business can no longer sit back and wait for gradual evolution of the marketplace. They can simply try and extract more efficiency from their current business model. The age of incremental change is over. It is the age of innovation where any organization that wants to thrive (or even just survive) must be willing to take the leap into the murky waters of innovation, create new value through creativity and imagination and create industry disrupting revolution. We call these organization Innovation by Design Enterprises and the people who run them Idea Engineers. We want you to be one too.

design thinking

Design Thinking A iterative, human centric approach to solving complex problems that delivers innovation. How Apple, Virgin, P&G stay ahead of the pack. (when the prescribed answers no longer work)

WHY USE DT? smoother working integrated approach collaboration dialogue throughout

All of us are smarter than any of us and you just can’t do it alone.


single function solutions

It used to be that to solve a problem we could simply pull together an expert or two, give them some time, maybe some coffee and by applying their deep knowledge of what had been done before and accomplished by others - they could arrive at the appropriate solution. Yes, challenges were complex but they were isolated to specific functions. Marketing challenges were delt with by marketers. Finance by CPAs. etc, etc, etc. Those days are over. Today’s challenge are more often more complex, more fast moving and need new solutions rather than old applications. And it means that the sole expert can’t bring you the answer - at least not by themselves. This is the new world of multidisciplinary teams with diverse thinking styles that work together much like a movie production crew experts and technicians from various and diverse areas come together for a period of time to create something new. Less department focus, less bureaucratic walls, more great work done. This is a good thing. The flip side means that in our complex and light-speed world of business we can create the solutions by sourcing the ideas from a cross section of people in our organization. Read on and we’ll explain.


solutions created by multidisciplinary teams

bigger & bolder thinking

emotional innovation

key ingredients

Should we do this?

VIABILITY (business)

Do they want this? process innovation

DESIRABILITY (human values)

Can we do this?

FEASABILITY (technology)


needs and drivers lead to bolder ideas and solutions

Meaningful, value adding, differentiated & defendable opportunity functional innovation

the design iceberg What you see graphic, interior, product

How designers think investigating problems developing ideas testing and trying launching solutions


get in your customer’s shoes

observation interaction 360 research direct immersion


human centric


making people want things


making things people want

Imaginative, Logic, adaptable, How analysis, designers creative procedural think (business as (business normal) unusual)

IDEAengineering 4 Disciplines. 6 focuses. The process of disciplined imagination through collaboration.

Design Ideas

Test with People

Accelerate Action

3 5


2 4

Understand the Problem

Reframe the Challenge

Prototype to Learn


Our Approach

IDEAengineering™ 4 phases. 8 focuses. Dozens of tools. The process of disciplined imagination.

Investigate what is… Understanding needs, customer perspective. Bring the outside in.

Design what if… Apply creativity, brainstorm ideas, identify opportunities.

Experiment what wows… Prototype to learn, test with customers, evaluate solutions.

Activate what works… Create action plans, measure results, accelerate action.

IDEA Engineering™ allows for innovation to be managed, directed and produced when needed. It is not a linear process like so much of what business are used to; but it does have rules, direction and best practices that make it practical and repeatable. It harnesses the inherent tensions that ignite innovation balancing iteration with direction, divergence and convergence, abstract and concrete, learning and creating, analysis and creativity. This tension is what makes innovation fuzzy and sometimes intimidating but also what makes it a powerful agent of change. Our framework is a theoretical understanding but a tested approach that builds upon the shoulders of great thinkers in how imagination is applied. We have learned from the best of foundation processes in innovation like OsbornParnes CPS, PDCA, AcceleratedInnovation,ThinkX and Design Thinking to produce a framework that is memorable, practical and proven in the field.

DESIGN mindsets

Iterate Throughout Process

Suspend Judgement

Show & Tell Stories

Prototype to Learn

Bias Towards Action

Be Radically Collaborative

Be Human Centric

Our Why We believe in the power & willingness of people to work together, think beyond and create products and services that drive sustainable growth bringing value to the world.

SeriouslyCreative[dot]com @SeriouslyCreative


About SeriouslyCreative and Design Thinking  

A little about us, what we do, why we do it and what drives us.

About SeriouslyCreative and Design Thinking  

A little about us, what we do, why we do it and what drives us.