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We design and lead meetings that go beyond the traditional brainstorming and produce better and bolder ideas; faster. We’re SeriouslyCreative, an innovation & creative problem solving consultancy with a talent for getting business creativity going. 1 Innovation takes diverse thinking and a little

Ideas are great but choosing between them can be hard. We get your team to create a shared criteria that takes into account the needs of the entire organization and leads them through thorough evaluation of each concept and results in greater buy in and ownership by the entire group.


2 We start at the beginning by making sure

Our method is IDEA Engineering™. It assures innovation can be managed, directed and produced when needed. It is not a linear process like so much of what business are used to; but it does have rules, direction and best practices that make it practical and repeatable.


3 Getting teams unstuck and unleashing

Sessions are carefully designed and last an average of 1-2 days. Our techniques boost participation, collaboration and engagement, while making your session more productive and memorable, guaranteed.


radical collaboration. We pull together your team and get them to collaborate in more powerful ways to make sure you get a diversity of opinions, maximize each persons talents and assure everyone is heard and listening. everyone really (really) understands the challenge and is on the same page. This makes sure that you put your efforts behind solving the right challenge and not developing ideas for possible symptoms.

everyone’s creativity is what we excel in. Through fast paced exercises we get people to push beyond the expected answers and create impactful and new value creating solutions.

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Tired of Reheating the Same Old Ideas?  

SeriouslyCreative can help. We design & lead meetings that go beyond the traditional brainstorming and produce better and bolder ideas; fas...