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children’s network

2012 annual report

mission To create opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities, always free of charge.

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global partnership program


dear friends + supporters, 2012 has been an exciting year of change and transition for our family of camps, made possible by the generosity of our donors! Thanks to the support of Newman’s Own Foundation and our Board of Directors, 100% of the funds we raise directly support camps and programs across the globe. Our 14 member camps are independently managed and financed; and the ability of the SeriousFun Board and the Network Support Center to deploy quality standards, professional assistance, benchmarking facilitation and financial support to them is instrumental to their continued progress toward sustainability. In 2012 alone, more than $5 million was distributed to member camps, much of it to be used at the discretion of camp boards. The Global Partnership Program delivered a residential camp experience to children with serious illnesses in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America with the support of our local medical and operating partners. GPP plans significant growth in the period ahead as the number of children needing our services far outstrips availability in countries not yet able to support bricks-and-mortar camps. Our family of camps and partners delivered residential camp, outreach, and family weekend programs to more than 58,000 people in 2012 – 36,000 of them children. They did so with the dedicated support of more than 18,000 volunteers and a trained and experienced camp and partner staff exceeding 2,000. Together, these staff and volunteers fulfill our collective mission – to help children and their families reach beyond illness. And the outcomes our campers achieve, according to studies completed by the Yale School of Medicine, are profound: greater resilience and self-confidence with which to overcome the challenges these children and their parents face every day. And, oh yes, this past year we also changed our name! Paul Newman, our founder, made “Hole in the Wall” famous and that phrase continues to grace our founding camp in Connecticut. It was also Paul who succinctly described our camps as “serious fun” and we are proud to ‘wear’ it in his honor. With thanks and deep appreciation for your support of SeriousFun Children’s Network. Sincerely yours,

John E. Marshall III, Chairman of the Board

John C. Read, President & CEO


Our work with SeriousFun points to the impact of the camp experience on fostering these resilience-promoting skills and facilitating children’s ability to develop and maintain more positive, social connections important to their overall health and well-being.

proof positive

- Dr. Linda Mayes, M.D., Professor and Co-Principal Investigator, Yale Child Study Center


During the summer of 2012, Yale University’s Child Study Center conducted a survey of 254 families from 12 SeriousFun Camps to understand the impact of our residential camps on the lives of campers and their families. The survey was given to participants from U.S. and European-based camps one month after camp was finished. Results of the survey show that children have increased confidence, self-esteem, maturity, independence and interest in social activities. In addition, nearly all campers reported making friends, many of which lasted beyond the camp experience. The collective data also suggests that resilience indicators, such as possessing positive coping strategies, illness-related stress, and happiness, showed significant improvement following camp. The results provide scientific support to what our staff around the world have witnessed for years: our camps do more than simply give kids a fun-filled memorable week. They make a profound and long-lasting impact on the lives of the children we serve.

meet the o’keefes At the age of 2 ½, Ella O’Keefe was running a high temperature just before Christmas and began limping with leg pains. Eventually she stopped walking altogether when the pain became too intense. Ella’s parents knew something was terribly wrong. After four visits to the hospital, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. The O’Keefe’s felt like their whole world had stopped, and life as they knew it was turned upside down. Ten exhausting months into treatment, her parents knew a break was sorely needed; not just for Ella, but for the whole family. All six family members ventured to Barretstown, the SeriousFun camp in Ireland. The O’Keefe’s didn’t know what to expect, but were greeted with a warm camp welcome upon arrival and immediately knew they had found a very special place. For the first time since Ella began treatment, she had the chance to play with children her own age under the watchful eye of a trained staff. It was a joy for Ella and a relief for her parents. Upon her return home, Ella continued to sing her favorite camp songs. Ella’s three brothers Harry, Jack and Michael also got to experience Barretstown at a special session for siblings. The boys cut loose and made fast friends with their fellowcampers over camp fun and shared circumstances. For Ella’s parents, Barretstown offered a welcome respite; a joyful place where they could laugh and forge bonds with other parents, and a place where they could rest easy knowing that their children could safely experience the joys of childhood despite the disruption the illness had created for their family.

Ella loved being the center of attention and getting up on that stage in

the dining hall and singing and dancing after every meal. - Ella’s Mother Barretstown, Ireland


2012 by the numbers


children served in 2012 including 11,570 campers 5,531 through Global Partnership Programs 19,177 through Outreach Programs


children and families experienced SeriousFun in 2012


volunteers cared for campers and families in 2012



children served since 1988

443,221 total people served since 1988


volunteers cared for campers and families since 1988

medical statistics Medical conditions served at camps and programs around the world

Immunologic Disorders 25% Cancer 22% Blood Disorders 16% Neurological Disorders 8% Gastrointestinal Disorders 4% Rheumatologic Disorders 3% Physical Disabilities 3% The top 10 condition groups represent 89% of all condition groups served

Genetic Disorders 3% Heart Disease 3% Endocrine Disorders 2%

Note: Data on medical conditions served by camps is gathered every three years.


across the globe Europe • France – L’Envol • Hungary – Bátor Tábor • Ireland – Barretstown • Italy – Dynamo Camp • United Kingdom – Over The Wall

North America • California The Painted Turtle • Colorado Roundup River Ranch • Connecticut The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp • Florida Camp Boggy Creek

Caribbean • Haiti – Kan Etwal

• Michigan North Star Reach * • New York Double H Ranch • North Carolina Victory Junction • Ohio Flying Horse Farms • Washington Camp Korey

* Provisional member camp † Threshold member camp

South America • Paraguay – Campuka

Africa • Botswana – Camp Hope • Ethiopia – Camp Addis • Lesotho – Camp ‘Mamohato • Malawi – Camp Hope • Swaziland – Sivivane Camp • Uganda – Sanyuka Camp • Tanzania - Salama Camp

SeriousFun Children’s Network continues to grow its global footprint with new programs in India, Haiti and Tanzania. Since 1988, children from more than 50 countries on five continents have been able to experience the joys of camp.

Asia • Japan Solaputi Kids’ Camp †

Middle East • Israel - Jordan River Village

Africa • South Africa – Just Footprints †

Asia • Cambodia – Camp Lotus • India – Camp Rainbow • Vietnam (Hanoi) – Camp Colors of Love • Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) – Camp Colors of Love

The SeriousFun Support Center provides technical expertise and professional development to support



member camp sustainability, and works to expand the Network with new camps. Located in Westport, Connecticut, and New York City, the Support Center also assists regional, national and transnational donors interested in providing financial support to multiple camps. In 2012, the Support Center began to lay the foundation for the future of the Network, installing the new SeriousFun brand and expanding services in support of advancement.

2012 highlights


Rebranded organization as SeriousFun Children’s Network.

Launched Team SeriousFun, an endurance training and fundraising program for participants running or walking 5K, half or full marathons.

Invested $5 million in camps and programs around the world.

Welcomed North Star Reach in Michigan as a provisional member camp.

Conducted the first-ever Network conference focused on outreach to hospitals.

Established Global Partnership Programs focused on outreach to hospitals in India, Haiti and Tanzania.

Completed outcomes evaluation in partnership with Yale School of Medicine; results were released in early 2013.

grant programs major challenge grants In 2012, more than $2.5 million in grant payments were made to camps. Camps have successfully used grant funds to enhance their organizational and financial capacity. “The Challenge Grant has provided an excellent opportunity for us to strengthen and expand our annual fundraising operations, and we are experiencing positive results with the implementation of our initiatives.” – a Camp Board Member

network improvement grants The 2012 Network Improvement Grants (NIP), issued by the Support Center, have allowed camps to address areas that needed improvement or enhancement in order to continue to deliver high quality camp programs. NIP Grants have provided for the following: • The Painted Turtle produced a video highlighting the amazing work at camp. This video was distributed to PBS stations in all 50 states. •

Camp Boggy Creek resurfaced and refurbished their swimming pool to comfortably allow for more campers to participate in fun pool activities.

Double H Ranch updated their water distribution system, which has allowed them to save over 700,000 gallons of water per month.

• Jordan River Village completed renovations to their Sports Hall, which enables them to hold year-round activities for campers.

Thanks again for your generous support. These projects will have a lasting impact

for years to come and will greatly enhance the delivery of our programs.

– a Camp CEO

global partnership program

The Global Partnership Program (GPP) works in close collaboration with other international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to serve children with serious illnesses in Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. The goal of the program is to reach children in places where resources are not available to build a year-round camp facility. GPP camps are locally designed, culturally appropriate programs that excite, inspire, and empower children to regain a sense of optimism, possibility and hope.

• In 2012, the Global Partnership Program worked with 19 international NGOs to serve 5,531 children through residential camps and outreach activities. In addition, over 685 local staff were trained in working with kids in a way that inspires confidence and resilience. • Established Global Partnership Programs in India, Haiti, and Tanzania. • 25 camp leaders from across the Network converged at Bátor Tábor, the SeriousFun Camp in Hungary, to learn new skills and share best practices on trainings, camp schedules, activities and program growth. • GPP continued its second year of impact evaluation studies with our partners in Ethiopia and Vietnam led by San Diego State University’s School of Public Health.


meet camper adam Salama Camp, Tanzania Adam is an 11 year-old camper at Salama Camp in Tanzania. To the SeriousFun staff, it seemed as if his big, beautiful, contagious smile was something of the norm. It was quite a shock when the local medical team said they had never seen him smile. Adam relies on a pair of wooden crutches for mobility, and the camp leaders figured Salama Camp was likely the first place where Adam experienced no limitations and could participate alongside his peers in every activity. The activities that Adam so positively responded to were specifically and thoughtfully designed to enable all children, regardless of physical abilities, to participate. Watching him always smiling, it was hard to tell which camp activity he enjoyed most. It was easy to see that the magical experience of Salama Camp turned Adam into a bright, smiling, Stage-Night-performing camper.


2012 financials December 1, 2011 – November 30, 2012

The below reflects financials for support services provided to the Network's camps and programs. Support and Revenue



$8,731,492 $4,983,946 $13,715,438

$4,709,979 $4,709,979

$332,297 $300,436 $632,733

$436,256 ($236,995) $1,424 $200,685



Program Services New Camps and Programs Existing Camps Contribution In-kind Expense** Total Program Services

$1,518,663 $6,887,318 $3,984,444 $12,390,425

$1,284,761 $4,977,752 $6,262,513

Support Services General Administrative Development Contribution In-kind Expense** Total Support Services

$1,115,876 $2,771,049 $999,502 $4,886,427

$1,535,918 $779,022 $2,314,940



$21,379,918 $18,451,237*

$25,046,707 $21,379,918

Support Contributions & Special Events Contributions In-kind Total Support Revenue Dividend, Interest Income Gains and Losses on Investments Other Income Total Revenue Total Support and Revenue ExPENSES

Total Expenses Net Assets at beginning of FY Ending Net Assets

*$13,891,969 of this is currently restricted for programs **$4,983,946 of this is an offset expense for in-kind contributions (program services $3,984,444 and support services $999,502)


The primary differences in year-over-year contributions result from a $5 million in gift-in-kind advertising; a one-time grant of $1.6 million from Newman’s Own Foundation to support a full-scale rebranding effort and an additional $1 million in support from Costco.


There has been significant growth in outreach programming in hospitals by SeriousFun Camps. Time in a hospital can be scary, uncertain and lonely for a child and their family. Outreach programming delivers the essence of camp to hospital-bound children so they can experience the joy, laughter and silliness of camp even from their hospital bed! This allows camp to offer added services to children during the school year and on weekends. Extending the camp experience to hospitals helps strengthen relationships with the medical facilities and impacts more children and families each year. In 2012, outreach programming in hospitals served in excess of 25,000 children and families.


our donors This list recognizes donors who made financial contributions totaling $500 or more between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012, funding directly supports the Network's camps and programs. $1,000,000+



Costco Wholesale David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation, Inc. Newman's Own Foundation

Anonymous AutoNation Belford Family Charitable Trust Mr. Claude Bernstein Cheeseboy: Grilled Cheese To Go Church & Dwight Co. Community Health Charities of the National Capital Area, Inc The Dominique Cornwell and Peter Mann Family Foundation Linda and Robert H. Forrester Mr. and Mrs. Murray Grant Richard Horvitz and Erica Hartman-Horvitz Foundation Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, PC McGladrey & Pullen, LLP Mr. and Mrs. John Read Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rukeyser Mr. Matt Sheeleigh Xerox Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ball Baxter Healthcare Corporation Mr. and Mrs. James H. Berick Mr. and Mrs. Peter Beshar Mrs. Franci J. Blassberg and Mr. Joseph L. Rice Celty Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Chonoles Mr. and Mrs. James A. Conroy Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Corr CRS Jet Spares The Devlin Foundation Mr. David Fontanilla Ms. Rhonda B. Fraas GE Energy Financial Services Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Haggett Hasbro Employee Giving Campaign Hawthorn PNC Family Wealth Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hershaft Icahn Charitable Foundation The John S. & Amy S. Weinberg Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kastory Kicks 4 Kids Mr. James S. Macpherson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Matloff Mr. and Mrs. Neil McElroy Mr. and Mrs. Knut Menshen Dr. and Mrs. Aron Neuhaus Ms. Lissy Newman Ms. Pamela Norris Ms. Tenny Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Austin Petty Mr. Joseph Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Mike Podell Mrs. Serena Porcari Ms. Kathleen Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ruscitti Scholastic Mr. Michael K. Simon Sotheby's Ambassador and Mrs. Paul W. Speltz Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stein Mr. and Mrs. David Stern Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Stern III Steven A. & Alexandra M. Cohen Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Stiles Mr. and Mrs. James F. Storey TisBest Charity Gift Cards

$300,000+ Reckitt Benckiser North America Wyndham Worldwide Charitable Foundation

$100,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Jay Langner Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McLeod Michaels Stores Phi Kappa Tau Mrs. Joanne Woodward

$50,000+ Mr. Francisco Arango August A. Busch III Charitable Trust First Eagle Investment Management Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gogel The A.L. Mailman Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Markham Newman's Own, Inc. Jill and Alan Rappaport Mr. Barry F. Schwartz Ms. Clea Newman Soderlund and Mr. Kurt Soderlund

$25,000+ Anonymous The Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation Ms. Alva G. Greenberg Mr. George Gund III The Leslie Peter Foundation LiDestri Foods, Inc. Linklaters LLP McDonald's Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Mandel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Dean Metropoulos The Mt. Brilliant Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Roth The Sage Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Schacht Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Segal Ms. Sophie Stenbeck Ms. Laura Tyson

$10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. James Dimon Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Eichner Dr. Jean-Pierre Garnier The Estelle Friedman Gervis Family Foundation Graham Rahal Foundation, Inc. GVC Lewis Trust The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kagan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. John E. Marshall III Network For Good Omnicom Group Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rockefeller Mr. Tim Rose Mr. and Ms. Jonathan Sackler Ms. Melanie Shorin and Mr. Greg S. Feldman Sony Corporation of America Ms. Beth Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Josh Weston Zunda Group LLC

We apologize for any exclusions or inaccuracies that may have occurred in acknowledging our generous donors and supporters. Please contact us at 646.356.0270 so that we can make corrections for future publications.

Tudor Investment Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John S. Weatherley, Jr. Worldwide Orphans Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yulman

$2,500+ Anonymous ACG Media Acxiom Corporation Mr. and Mrs. David J. Adelman Aetna, Inc. The Arnhold Foundation Mr. William Bachman Mr. Thomas C. Barry Mr. and Mrs. David Barse Mr. Richard Bayles Ms. Cathleen P. Black and Mr. Tom Harvey Mr. George R. Bovee Mr. Jonathan L. Brandt The Charles A. Mastronardi Foundation Mr. David Chavolla Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Cohane Ms. Angelica Companero and Mr. Jonathan Lasala Mr. William Creaser Deborah Berke & Partners Mr. and Mrs. Steven Denning Dr. and Mrs. David D'Eramo Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Dresdale Mr. and Mrs. Roger Farah Mr. David Ferguson FingerPaint Marketing, Inc. Fiskars Mr. and Mrs. John M. Forester Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Neal S. Garonzik Gartner Studios, Inc. Glencore International AG Dr. Lia Gore Dr. Frank G. Haluska Home Box Office, Inc. Ms. Vanessa Hopkins Mr. Nicholas Kabcenell Keith and Peggy Anderson Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kleinberg Ms. Catherine Klema and Mr. David Resnick Mr. and Mrs. Kim Knapp Mr. Peter Küllöi Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Lasala, Jr. Ms. Christina Mahr Ms. Florine Mark Ms. Kelley O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Richard O'Loughlin Mr. and Mrs. Doug Ostrover PointRoll, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pompei Mr. Maurice Pratt Mr. Jake Robards Ms. Liz Robbins and Mr. Doug Johnson RPM Rust Oleum Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John Sabat Schonberger Family Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Schwartz ShurTech Brands Ms. Helena Sprenger and Dr. Paolo Colombo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Standish Stony Brook Foundation, Inc. Ms. Regina Tator and Mr. John Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Tom C. Tinsley Mr. and Mrs. David Tookmanian Mr. and Mrs. Peter Treadway TruVue Warburg Pincus, LLC Ms. Carol Watkins The Whitehead Foundation, Inc. Wilton Enterprises The Wisch Family Foundation Wyndham Vacation Ownership

$1,000+ Anonymous (2) Aetna Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Antonacci Mr. and Mrs. John Ashby Mr. and Mrs. E. Boyd Asplundh Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Asplundh Mr. Souleymane Ba Barbara and David Zalaznick Foundation Ms. Reina Barcan Mr. Stanley G. Barnickel The Barry Friedberg and Charlotte Moss Family Foundation Barse Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James Bildner Mr. John P. Birkelund Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Bogle Mr. and Mrs. Brad Boyd Mr. Kenneth Brody Mr. Joseph L. Bynum Mr. Larry Cantor and Mr. Stephen Farber Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carpenter Charity Gift Certificates Charles and Margaret Levin Family Foundation China Shipping Agency Co., Inc. Colorbok, LLC Mr. and Mrs. J. Patterson Cooper Ms. Philomena M. Dane The Daniel and Estrellita Brodsky Family Foundation DecoArt, Inc. Demartini Family Foundation Mr. Steve Detter Mr. Michael Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Blair W. Effron Mr. and Mrs. G. Raymond Empson The Fadem Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Faxon Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Foley Florence Mauchant & Eric Lomas Foundation Garden Meadow Realty LLC Mr. and Mrs. Frederic B. Garonzik Mr. Jonathan Gibbons

Glad To Be Here Fund Golden State Foods Foundation Ms. Maxine Goldenson Mr. Josue Harari Ms. Jennifer Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Horvitz Hospital of Saint Raphael One for All Fund Ms. Toni Howard Ms. Jane Howell Dr. Janie Hsieh Interstate Distributor Company Iris USA, Inc. Mr. Josh Iverson J. H. Cohn LLP The Joan C. & David L. Henle Foundation Josephine C. Wilkinson Charitable Lead Trust Mr. and Mrs. David Kaplan The Katherine Lindsay Howell Fund Mr. Patrick Kelly Mrs. Sara Lahat Lake Louise Campground Ms. Aneca Lasley Mr. Frank Longobardi Ms. Susan Lyne Mr. Michael Maley The Margolis Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James R. McManus Mr. and Mrs. Richard Melton The mGive Foundation Mrs. Mindy S. Miller and Mr. Robert Rayner MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America Mr. Michael P. Moriarty Nelco Foundation Jim Neuberger and Helen Stambler Neuberger Foundation Nora Ephron and Nicholas Pileggi Foundation Ms. Georgia Nugent The Obernauer Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pantzer Ms. Julie I. Park Mr. Daniel Parsons Mr. Jess Pavlansky Dr. Edward F. Phillips Pinnacle Frames Ms. Carole S. Pittelman R&R Marketing Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Robert Ms. Anne H. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ross Ms. Emily Roth Ms. Anna Roto Russell Sage College Ms. Kris Sabel Mr. and Mrs. Frank Savage Mr. Scott Schiff Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schorin Seed of Health, Inc. Ms. Laurel Silk Silver Lining Telecom Consultants Mr. Michael Silvia The Estate of Julia T. Sloger Mr. and Mrs. Marc T. Stern Mr. Melville Straus


Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tamraz Mr. Fred W. Thomas Tri-Coastal Design Group, Inc. Mr. James L. Tyler Unique Treasures Limited Ms. Shari Vogt Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Wack, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Welch Mr. and Mrs. John Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. Avram R. Zeff

$500+ Anonymous Mr. Jay Adamczyk Mr. and Mrs. Lou Adler American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Archer Ms. Monica Arora Ms. Chelsea Baldwin Dr. Daniel Bates Mr. Daniel Bayly The Bionetics Corporation Charitable Trust Mr. Bill Bloomfield The Bodnar Family Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jay Brown Burke Beverage Inc. Ms. Ellen Cahill Caulkins Family Foundation Ms. Ellen J. Chesler and Mr. Matthew J. Mallow Mr. Peter Chifo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hill Clark Mr. Andrea Giovanni Clerici The Betsy and Alan Cohn Foundation, Inc. Mr. Andrew Cott Craig Tools Inc. Ms. Katy Derrico Mr. Bob Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dubin Dr. and Mrs. Michael Egholm Ms. Whitney L. Ellenby and Mr. Keith D. Reuben Fedway Associates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fradin Mr. Steven Fried Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Jared A. Gell Golden State Foods Mr. and Mrs. David T. Goss Ms. Sarah Gould Mr. Maneesh K. Goyal Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Greenan, Jr. Mr. Nimet Habachy


Mr. Gregory Ho Mr. Philip J. Hollinger Mr. Mark Horowitz HospiScript Mr. Mike Howard Mr. and Mrs. John P. Howitt Ms. Dorothy Hunter Ira M. Resnick Foundation, Inc. Ms. Melissa Johnson Mr. Peter Kelly Ms. Rose Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koach Mr. Donald Lambert Mr. Todd J. Lao Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Laughlin Ms. Christine Lavallee Mr. and Mrs. David F. Lavipour Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lefkowitz Mr. John Lewis Ms. Jana Limer Jordan Loeb Mr. and Mrs. Brendan C. Loughlin Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Maglathlin The Honorable Nancy Manion Lt. Brendan McCluney Ms. Jackie McConkey Ms. Ellen Meissner Mr. and Mrs. Edward Michaelson Mr. Kenneth L. Moskowitz Mr. and Mrs. David Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Troy C. Napper Mr. and Mrs. Robb Nen Mrs. Tatiana Nourissat Mr. and Mrs. Marne Obernauer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Parker Ms. Dana M. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfaff Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Polan Mr. and Mrs. Neal Pomroy

Mrs. Jessica Redman Mr. Herbert Reynolds Mr. Wallace B. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Riccardo Dr. William Roberts Mr. Tom Sarac Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Seter Mr. Scott Seydel Mr. Michael Shilling Mr. Richard Simonitis Ms. Claudia Sims Mr. Matthew J. Slosek Ms. Camilla Soegaard Jensen Ms. Jennifer Solomon Ms. Patricia A. Thiem Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Tomlinson Ms. Maria Tsitsirides Ms. Kristen Tsou Mr. Edmund S. Twining III United Business Media Community Connection Foundation Ms. Denise Walmsley Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Wisch Mr. and Mrs. Norris D. Wolff Ms. Meghan Yeager

in-kind support We would like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for their generous in-kind contribution of goods or services made in 2012. Carey Strategic Communications Dechert LLP Hasbro, Inc. Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff and Cohen McKinsey & Company Newman's Own Omnicom, Diversified Agency Services Plaid Reckitt Benckiser

a seriousfun gala On April 4, 2013, friends and supporters gathered at Pier Sixty for an extraordinary night to celebrate the entire camp family. Joanne Woodward and Harvey Weinstein served as Honorary Co-Chairs for an unforgettable evening that featured entertainment by comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon and musical performances by Stevie Wonder, Suzanne Vega and Ingrid Michaelson. The shining stars of the evening were campers from across the Network – Alyssa, Austen, Gabe, Chantel and Ciara – who emceed the evening.

The gala served as an occasion to honor Liz Robbins, an ardent supporter of the camps since her friend Paul Newman built the first camp in Connecticut. Thanks to the generosity of so many individuals and corporate partners, over $2 million was raised in support of SeriousFun camps and programs around the world! We will formally acknowledge gala donors in our 2013 annual report.



our board John E. Marshall III, Chairman

John M. Forester, Vice Chairman & Secretary Ingrid Milne, Treasurer John C. Read, President & CEO

Page Adler Francisco Arango Naomi Baigell Laura Chonoles J. Patterson Cooper Robert H. Forrester Georgia Wall Gogel Victor Hershaft David W. Horvitz Eric Karp Peter Küllöi Sara Lahat Ray Lamontagne John Lewis Tatiana Nourissat

Austin Petty Serena Porcari Maurice Pratt Jill Rappaport Liz Robbins Tim Rose Robert J. Rukeyser Henry Schacht Richard D. Segal Beth Stevens Richard Twydell

Just one week at camp taught me I can accomplish anything I want as long as I put my mind to it - no matter what my limitations are.

lifetime director Joanne Woodward

leadership team John C. Read, President & CEO Laurie Fontana, HR Manager & Executive Assistant to the President & CEO Clea Newman-Soderlund, Senior Director of External Affairs Ingrid Milne, Chief Financial Officer Steve Nagler, Director of Program Innovation & Evaluation Alyson Fox, Director of Global Partnership Program Padraig Barry, Director of Camp Support Services Kira Elbert, Senior Director of Advancement


– a Hole in the Wall Gang Camper

I don’t think there’s anything exceptional or noble in being philanthropic.

It’s the other attitude that confuses me.

- Paul Newman

SeriousFun Support Center Office 228 Saugatuck Avenue Westport, CT 06880 p 203.562.1203

SeriousFun Advancement Office 122 E. 42nd Street, Suite 2600 New York, NY 10168 p 646.356.0270

SeriousFun Annual Report 2012  
SeriousFun Annual Report 2012