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Music Video Pitch By Serife

Intro- convection O Style of the video

O Goodwin Theory= five

aspects -Interpretative: O Illustrating/Amplification/ -Narrative: Contradict/Iconography/Inter O Techniques -Good number of cuts textual -Cutting to the beat -Green screen - Lip-synching

Permission from my Artist Emailing my researched artist asking for permission; Granted or not/confirmation

No responds = social websites O Twitter O Facebook.

Lyrics O Here is the link to the song O Lyrics of the song

-‘My Way Home’ O The mood of the lyrics gives O Genre/type O Easy to lip synch

Artist Identity and Star Persona O My Artist- Cincere O Gender- Male O Genre- R&B/Hip-

hop/Pop O Location- Milwaukee (United States of America

O Appearance O Clothing - Smart causal

Visual Style O Close ups O Tracking O Lighting- (light/dark)

(Black & white) O Special effects

Target Audience O Age; 12-17 O Gender; Both

(male and female) O Ethnicity; All O Location; London

My Cast O The cast in my video would include people

such as; O Jared- Main male singer O Rachel- Extra/backing singer O Nisha- Extra

Crew and Roles O Myself – Director O Editor O Rizwana – Camera person

Locations and Settings O Suitable locations would be; O The park, school, street, photo-shoot setting

and in a house.

Equipment – Production and Post Production O Pre-production; planning -the creating artist


O Production; filming includes of equipment

-camera -tripod O Post production; editing -softwares

iMovie on the Mac

Budget O A budget of $99 equal to £62. O Equipment is included

-doesn’t effect the cost O Clothing O Props

Production Schedule O When we will film; O When we will edit;

O Permission needed;

Confirmation of song Setting or location

Limited time

music video pitch  
music video pitch  

music video pitch my idea