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-Hello there, it’s Ĺžerif EkĹ&#x;i. Industrial design, design philosophy and visual arts. I see myself as a researcher and interdisciplinary traveler rather than an industrial designer. This is because I like to deal with practical training as well as the theory of everything that interests me. Product design, architectural design, interior architecture design, graphic design, conceptual design, filmmaking, film theory, art philosophy, social philosophy and continental philosophy are my most popular areas. My goal is to combine all these and create a new and unique designer identity.

designer proďŹ le

curriculum vitae

Istanbul Eskisehir tel: 534-081 2135 E-mail:

bachelor industrial design 2015-present

Kartal Antolian High School, Istanbul mathematics



Eskișehir Technical University, Eskișehir

Design for Prototyping Anadolu FabLab 3d printing technologies

Parametric Design Sabri Gökmen, Ph.D Design Computing Grasshopper 3D


Graphic Design

Metro Cash & Carry Uplift Camp

Rauf Kösemen

digital conversion work - july 2019 Task: content guru & image magician

Asst. prof. A.G.Z. Börekçi

interactive, audio-visual project stand - april 2019 Salone Satellite - Student Projects


Visual Brainstorming Workshop on 'Development of Waste Collection Unit Design Ideas'

Salone del Mobile. Milano - group project


production intern - june - august 2017 Brief: Product family design for bathroom, sink and bathtub

Sinegazete, Youreads magazine film analysis, film criticism, film theory

Freehand drawing techniques Industrial designers association

Deutsches Sprachdiplom A2 ZFA

Diction and oratory Eskisehir Public Education Center




r&d intern - july - september 2018 Project: digital home assistant

Design Thinking Design Sketching Graphic Design Design Research Photography Clay Modelling







ATARI 3600


autonomous farming system

interactive experience design

retro game console

solutions supp

porting education

Google AIY Voice kit Ev asistanları, konuşma temelli robot asistanlardır. İnternet bağlantısı ile güncel haberleri öğrenebilir, müzik, öykü dinleyebilir veya kendi takviminize bağlanarak hatırlatıcı olarak kullanabilirsiniz.

Google, voice kit ve vision kit ile asistanları özelleştirme imkanı sunuyor.

RFID Özelleşmiş Karakterler verici Yeni yaklaşımımızda asistanlara özel uzmanlıklar katarak sevilen film karaketerlerini kazandırmak, ingilizce öğrettirmek veya yemek tarifi vermesine yardımcı olmak var.







digital home assistant

faucet design

photography, short film, drawing


march, 2019

Nodutus harvester

“stand-alone farming system for harvesting wheat� This project was carried out within the scope of university-industry cooperation with 'Hisarlar Mahindra' company.

*Nodutus He was the god of grain and wheat harvest in Roman mythology. This is a 4th grade project. 3 months for research and 1 month for ideation, prototype and design.


Project goal

Problem deďŹ nition

autonomous control

To construct a sustainable harves ting-planting-main tenance system in accordance with current agricultural practices in the field of agricultural machinery and te chnologies. Nodutus was designed to solve the security problems of farmers using

The units, which are modularly designed and built under the

agricultural machinery. As a result of the findings that 200 million

umbrella of cooperatives, are designed for easier access by

agricultural workers are exposed to toxic gases and security-free

farmers to agricultural equipment. The internal mechanism costs,

conditions and occupational accidents occupy a large place in the

which raise prices for each machine, are thus eliminated and a

distribution of occupational accidents by sectors, the idea of a

machine colonization is created in the field as in the case of ant

self-managing agricultural tool was reached. This emerged as a

colonies. As a result, the integration of each vehicle and the

mandatory result of the benefits of the sustainability approach for both

efficiency detection systems create a potential alternative for the

human and the environment. It was then decided to standardize the

cultivation and fertilization of fields.

machines to produce a general solution for the causes of these hazards.


keywords: business accidents, field gain, autonomous, compact, communication, tipping, driving, mapping, energy, modular, omniwheel, rotascope

march, 2019

Research and benchmark


environmental conditions

Strategy planning


Sustainable Environment Urban agriculture can be offered as an alternative to industrial agriculture. In this way, food production activities can be transferred to a certain number of city residents. This understanding of agriculture is based on the mutual relationship between the countryside and the city. 'Le Corbusier' s functional city idea was determined as the design criterion.

Characteristics of the potential user group Based on private property in Turkey and there is an agricultural structure dominated by small family businesses. Rural areas constitute the majority of the agricultural sector. proper farming practices in Turkey is weak compared to foreign countries. Manufacturers and operators do not have sufficient knowledge of machine use except for the young population. The majority of the rural population consists of the 'the main job is agricultural activity and the second job is not' group.


Local Problems The problem of fragmentation of agricultural land in Turkey due to the inheritance law emerges. The fragmentation of the land leads to the use of more agricultural equipment, small and unprofessional enterprises and higher costs. Because of this problem, land consolidation and cooperative practices are inevitable for a healthy agriculture. I decided to establish the system structure under this umbrella of cooperatives.

Researches were carried out within the framework of ecological agriculture.

20 ang 10 ,

.� on is po



Agricultural accidents and death statistics led to the idea of autonomous vehicle.

y nl ai m im es r ox pr ye to o “Ap plo l secsed t ra po em ultu re ex on ric a illi ag m in the

ly ate

ha su za bs rd ta ou nc s e

march, 2019

0 20


Sketches process



march, 2019

styling and mechanism


Mock-up styrofoam


Autonomous form was tried to be reached by marking and optical searches.


Although the vehicle is autonomous, the front has been designed accordingly, since it should have an aspect.

Materials: pink styrofoam, utility knife

3D model

With a 4-day effort, the prototype was printed on a 3D printer.


june, 2019



merger details

Technicial speciďŹ cations

internal mechanism - the journey of wheat

The wheeled module is connected to the drive mechanism of the combine harvester with 2 connecting parts. The automatic jacking system is activated to perform this operation.


The modules are stored compactly between the wheels. The induction motor is supplied with self-contained charging panels in this area.

The grain tank cavity is covered by a sliding cover chamber.

The module and the tool are combined with female and male detail parts. In this way, 2 pieces become monolithic. The actual load is transmitted to the suspension parts of the pallets on the side of the module.

all parts were modeled in 3D with solidworks.

march, 2019

Additional features

The discharge pipe is integrated in its specific area.

Articulated area that allows temporary storage of wheat grain and increases volume.



This is a group project

march, 2019

Simulakra Audiovisual experience design “Game design for 21st century children” Project Manager: Füsun Curaoğlu Executive assistants: Duysal Demirbaș, Gizem Eren Project developers: Șerif Doğukan Ekși Çağatay Güçlü Hüseyin Aydın Pınar Barbar

*Simulakra A simulacrum (plural: simulacra from Latin: simulacrum, which means "likeness, similarity") is a representation or imitation of a person or thing.






SIMULAKRA was created by examining many street games around the world and was designed as an alternative to the shadow play, according to the needs and desires of today's children. Thus, it is aimed to move the common values of the past to the future. Based on the behavioral development theory, SIMULAKRA, developed for alpha generation children, aims to make use of the unilateral progressive technology that make the player passive to be used as a tool, and makes the player on the scene more effective with its existence and reality.


for generative sound

for image recognition

SIMULAKRA develops around the child who manages his own orchestra. In the 3 dimensional and defined area, the person who dances with the body movements spontaneously develops his own body voice with the change of the position of the hands, arms, legs and body and sees the abstract visual expression of the sounds s/he makes with the movements on the screen in front of her/him. Technically, image detection and artistic coding technologies were used to make all of this happen.

softwares and hardwares

On my way to Italy to present our project.

-Ma ni fes to

for generative visuals


may, 2019

Field research


We exchanged information with Pieter on the sound production stages. We took advantage of his suggestions about which body movements could have which musical counterparts. As a result, we decided to break up the body movements. The pivot point was based on hand, arm, feet, head, shoulder and waist movements. These points also varied within themselves, right, left, top and bottom. Thus, we have approached our starting point of conducting the orchestra at the beginning of the project. We also got opinions about the issue of creating meaningful voices. We shared their experiences about which notes would be encoded in which sequences, and we proceeded to create music from sounds.

-Candaș Șișman, multidisciplinary artist focused on experience design, animation, audiovisual performance. In the initial phase of the project, physical and technical capabilities and limits were discussed with Candaș. Different software and hardware requirements for audio and video production were discussed through an interactive experience design. As a result, it was decided to work with Microsoft Kinect hardware for image detection. First of all, hand movements were studied with LeapMotion equipment for micro prototyping. Generative illustration drafts were created according to various parameters according to divergence-convergence, lateral movements, depth, velocity, acceleration factors. As a result of the positive results obtained from these studies, larger body movements were started to be studied.

To see the experiments with Leap Motion and Kinect, please have the barcode read to your phone.

-Pieter Snapper, Mastering engineer, producer and composer of contemporary classical and electronic music.


Spontaneous stop motion dance experiment for music and dance composition.


Role Play

The aim is to create the visual output of the body through physical movements and to turn the visual output into a cause-effect relationship to allow the user to dominate the music.

Spontaneous dance moves were developed in front of the green screen and appropriate images were added in postproduction.


Dance performance started to be considered with 2 or more people. But the hardware was not enough.

Illustrative figures were created from minimal polygonal forms.

march, 2019

The end of our first day in Milan.

in the stand area

End user

read the qr code on your phone to access the stand media.



september, 2018

Atari 3600

Retro Game Concole

“the magic of the past is reviving�

Atari 2600 is a home video game console from Atari, Inc. Released on September 11, 1977

*Retro Imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past. This is a 4th grade project. I worked 1 months for research and 3 month for ideation and design.


Project about Atari



Atari 2600 was released in 1977. I've branded the characteristic points that may change.

Distribution of competitor products by years

In the 1980s and 1990s, it aims to redesign the current (retro) version of one of your home video game systems, such as atari, super nintendo and sega megadrive.

Objects that evoke nostalgia also help to bring out memories, so they also have meanings. Based on this psychological factor, I decided to continue using cartridges in my Atari 2600 retro design. This decision also contained the idea of a cartridge that could be gifted and collected for older users at the same time. In this way, we can re-create this scenario for users to create a connection with the historical elements and memory.

september, 2018


manifesto "Yesterday's tomorrow is today." -Stephen Brown

The commitment of the consumer society to the new has created strategies in which differentiation is based on surreal values and created images. One of these strategies is retro marketing based on nostalgia. It can be stated that nostalgia forms the link between joy, happiness, satisfaction, love, commitment, love and sensuality defined in the emotional scales. Thus, products or messages that wish to emphasize Maslow's need to “belong indeki in the hierarchy of needs are particularly suitable for nostalgia.

references: retro marketing and some examples about its application in marketing

The main reason why retro marketing strategies are frequently applied today is to gain competitive advantage and differentiation. As a designer, I decided to make this factor my primary goal, and concluded that it was important for the 'right' design to approach analytically the appeal of nostalgia. As a primary target group, I was based on generation x (born between 1965-1980). This is due to the fact that the sensitivity of nostalgia in populations with certain demographic trends is assumed to be at the highest level after the middle age and retirement years. Then I decided to create a conceptual basis that I would like to reflect directly to my design.




The main premise is based on the scenario of the game tape.

brain storming


ideas on gamification during the sketch stage were developed.

march, 2019



september, 2018


Lines that reference ancestors

streamline lines were preferred for the form.


The model is made of forex and cardboard material. Laser cutting was used for some production processes.


Scenario use


The user physically buys the playing card.

Game cartridges are exaggerated to maintain cassette storage culture.

Reserves the part of the cartridge that is loaded for himself.

He/She gives the other pieces to his friends.

His friends also give alternating parts of their game cartridges.

Cartridge The cartridges engage with the magnet joint points. Spacers are made of transparent material and are illuminated. They light yellow and green depending on the online and readiness of the users. That way they can play the same game online.


Cartridge usage refers to the old Atari model. 3-piece cartridge; the part where the game is installed and the part that the user exchanges with or gives as gifts to friends.

september, 2018

Atari 3600

New game console concept adapted to the requirements of our time



This is an innovation camp project

july, 2018


Lorem ipsum customizable home assistant

“easily handle your daily tasks”

read the qr code on your phone to access the project information.

Trainers Caner Aras Developers: Ali Buğra Çetin Hakan Özer Onur Atılgan Designers: Șerif Doğukan Ekși Sibel Taylanl

*Digital assistant Assistant offers voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control, letting you complete a number of tasks after you've said the "OK Google" or "Hey, Google" wake words. This is a design camp project and carried out with 2 designers, 3 software developers and 3 mentors.



Problem deďŹ nition

-Can we do?

“Design a customizable assistant that could be involved in everyone's life.�


Can decorative products, flower pots, flowers, furniture also be smart assistant? Can the assistant check the status of both himself and other household products at the same time? How can the personalized assistant engage in dialogue with the user? How can a personalized home assistant be interpreted according to different personalities?

planning mind map

In the idea development stage, a group study was conducted.

march, 2019

Strategy Ideation



User Journey Map for persona

3 days of the week were selected and the common behaviors of the group of people we interviewed to form the staff were listed.

Murat, 28 years old Newly graduated from university Working for 3 years Art director at an advertising agency Living in a studio apartment alone


Likes to give money to emerging technological products He is happy when his friends coming to his apartment see his interesting products and comment on them. Always forgetting or skipping something Has hobbies like taking photos and videos with Drone There's brand obsession when buying devices like phones and computers He uses smart light and power outlets at home Fan of Star Wars

How it works?

july, 2018

usage scenario

Google AIY Voice Kit

Modularity studies in sketches

Home assistants are speech based robot assistants. With an internet connection, you can learn current news, listen to music and stories, or connect to your own calendar and use it as a reminder.

RFID Transmitter

In today’s setting filled with smart home assistants, Optio offers an innovative user experience and performs in-house automation services with IoT technology. Optio offers a multitude of assistant options. A foreign language tutor that can teach vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation; an Italian chef that can help you in the kitchen by providing recipes and cooking times; or your favourite TV/movie character coming to life as your personal assistant.

Dialogue designs were made with google aiy kit.

Google offers the ability to customize assistants with voice kit and vision kit.

Customized Characters As a new approach to existing technology, Optio is customizable and can be tailored to the needs of the user. With its visual interface, it delivers notifications ‘in character’.

Optio is made up of a main interior mechanism, an outer part that can be changed according to the character, and a visual interface on the front. In order to meet different needs, Optio’s character cladding can be both pre-printed or you can print it yourself with the 3d data provided.



Prototyping 3D model


For the user group, we took people who spend a significant amount of time at work or at home. With gamification and personalization, the product is shaped according to its user. Optio’s charactersitc capsule design also makes it a decorative element


The main body can be produced by plastic injection method, whereas the capsule part will be 3D printed. For the visual interface, Programmable LED panel is put behind the transparent display. The RFID chip and the speaker activates the voicekitinside

transparency paper was used for character interface attempts.

july, 2018

Thinned front surface for LED

Ventilation cavities

Speaker blanks Speaker blanks

Ventilation cavities

RFID transmitter for character

Charging output


The main body can be produced by plastic injection method, whereas the capsule part will be 3D printed. For the visual interface, Programmable LED panel is put behind the transparent display. The RFID chip and the speaker activates the voicekitinside






main module









3 Different Methods to Deliver the Specialized Assistant to the User

I 35

The character selected from the website is printed as a 3D model. The ready packet to which the RFID transmitter to identify the character is attached is delivered to the user.


If the user wants to print the character himself; 3D data of the model is presented to the user. If only the character's transmitter is to be purchased, it is delivered to the user through D&R-style markets or by mail.


In addition to the pre-built models of the same character, the customer is provided with a platform where he can design his own character. The ordered part is designed to be placed on the main module. or 3D data is transmitted over the site. The character transmitter is also received separately.


july, 2018


read the qr code on your phone to access the product introduction.

Optio also works in integration with the mobile application.



march, 2018

Artema|Som tap design “conceptual approach to water flow type� This project was designed considering the corporate identity of the 'Vitra Artema' brand.

*Som The whole structure is composed of the same material, pure. This is a 3th grade project. I worked 3 week for research and 3 month for prototype and design.


stage sequence 1


read the qr code on your phone to access the video essay.

tension Actual Virtual Actual/Virtual

Most of the images I use in video essay are associated with the 'virtual' in terms of the image it evokes in the mind. The image of the skull has a personal history of being full of spirit and soul. It also has a ritual image reflected in daily life. Therefore, this image has a mission in the video that negates the worldview that thinks that the thought is brain fluid.


A modal distinction proposed by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze as a replacement for the problematic real-possible distinction more commonly used in philosophy. For Deleuze, both the actual and the virtual are fully real—the former has concrete existence, while the latter does not, but it is no less real for that fact. -actual and virtual, in A Dictionary of Critical Theory

The image of the snake embodies a familiar dilemma. Snakes are prejudiced by communities because of their characteristics such as 'poison and medicine'. On the other hand, it was evaluated in terms of guidance and reconciliation with water. Lightning is the right response of the 'not being water' situation against water. Democratization processes, the purpose of cosmopolitan life, make their way with the desire to maintain the other power as its negative.













In the video essay, the sequence of images was associated with actual, virtual or both.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16






cinematic moodboard


joint, crimp, form, material, water flow, imaginary meaning

Mood board


user surveys


Tends to think rationally during the purchase.

He chooses with good thought.

Make comparisons with others before buying the product.

Evaluates the functional and aesthetic criteria carefully.

He thinks that he will feel valuable himself/herself by purchasing the product.

He/She is looking for a proven design product.


Key words: Rational, aesthetic, function, simple, timeless.

march, 2018


The angle of inclination was determined in the sketches. The precise balance between the body and the handle was determined according to the basic design principles.

I want to continue our historical partnership with water in modern living spaces again and in a different way. For users who are truly conscious of water, it is a priority to create a product language that will have an esoteric meaning and create a meaningful integrity for the function in the structure hierarchy in the environment.

The model is made of forex material and painted with spray paint.


The form-function relationship was created with references from nature and history. A significant causal relationship was established between the structural slope of the tap, its geometric analysis and the flow of water. The feeling of water flowing from a stagnant source was shaped in line with the expectations of the target audience.


Conceptual relations

Everything on earth bristled, the bramble pricked and the green thread bit, the petal fell until the only flower was the falling. Water is different, has no direction but beauty, runs through all dreams of color, takes bright lessons from the rock and in those occupations works out the unbroken duties of the foam.

Pablo Neruda

Physical function, cleaning in the bathroom - the act of bathing; design of bathroom fittings (washbasin and shower) for Artema, whose non-physical functions are appropriate to the corporate identity of the company and may be included in the product range.


*Pablo Neruda - Water Poetry translated by Stephen Mitchell The water image on the page is stock visual.

march, 2018

Technical specifications

body cap



escutcheon cap



perlator faucet spout handle

collar nut

back handle cartridge


22” 13.5”



All measures have been established in accordance with the standards in Turkey.

cartridge cap





mounting kit rubber gasket

*The vertical grooves in the standard cartridges have been revised horizontally in order to achieve a vertical axle handle movement.


Usage water ow



flow rate

The flow diagram between the handle lowering degree and the water flow rate ensures that the water always flows to the drain.


keywords: flow, flow type, diagram, correlation, user

A flow style that does not contradict the flow of water in nature was adopted. The on-off lever, which can easily adjust the flow rate of the water, was identified as one of the requirements. Saving usage has become one of the objectives of the project.

Design for washbasin

march, 2018

like water


47 photography by Şerif Ekşi, 2019

2010 - 2019

Side Works miscellaneous

travel photography product photography pencil drawing interface design short film video clip poster design book cover design

The works here is for hobby purposes.


Travel photography





monochrome 50

Product photography

Photographs were taken with 800 and 400 watt power supplies and 90 ° right and left angles of light installation. Exposure and some basic settings have been improved in Adobe Lightroom.


Canon 600d camera and 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS II Lens are used.

march, 2019


interface website for graduation attire


design .(<)ð1%ð/ð5 FRP *ð<ð0






–=(/*œ1/(5ð1ð=ð‡ð1 SATIN ALMA VE .ð5$/$0$3257$/,

Hemen Randevu Al xx


Since it is a specialized site for graduation, the interaction between the students is aimed primarily. The first step is to 0HNDQLVPLQL\D]ñQñ] gather the places together.




Once the invitation area is found, the venue photos are displayed with their labels.


Favorites and basket pages are linked. Because the faster the transition, the faster the decision-making habits.

.(<)ð1%ð/ð5 FRP *ð<ð0


Lorem ips.. Lorem ipsum dor amet

Beden :  38


designed for new product development lessons



9(6$L5()25'&(<%5,'$/ / .HOVH\.¼SH Beden :  ONE

Birim Fiyat :  400,00 TL




<(1ð6(=21(YHUO\.ñUPñ]ñ.RNWH\O(OELVH Birim Fiyat :  1.250,00 TL




ð 1' ð 5ð 0  .2 ' 8

Lorem ipsum dor a..



6ð3$5ðĘ723/$0, œU¼Q7RSODPñ7/ .DUJRœFUHWVL]

723/$07/ –'(0(<(*ð7


The basket section is designed to be simple and directive to eliminate the risk of giving up the user.

pencil and wacom

childhood and high school years





Short film

Levent is a young man who is about to end his life. While on a bicycle trip, the idea of suicide sprouts in Levent's mind and leaves himself in the water.


Saving himself from the water at the last moment with his instinct to live, Levent looks for a place to shelter in the deserted area and enters a hut he thinks is unattended. The next day, he wakes up in a veiled way and meets the owner of the house and a mysterious intimacy occurs between them. *young pioneers short film competition director, actor, writer


Nazlı Güneș Özsoy-Muhbir

video clips were shot and assembled.



Yusuf Öziel-Așk Adam Seçiyor

Fatih Ermetin - Yiğidim Aslanım


Book ignatius


Design Idea:

A Confederacy of Dunces Ignatius is one of the contradictory characters of the picaresque novel with his strange observations, lithe language and contradictory intelligence. He is also a non-prosperous medieval fan.


The contrast between his physical appearance, life and behavior and his intellectual world seems strange to the reader as well as the character himself. He finds his way out in an ironic life.

In the modern era, Ignatius' life, which seeks years of thought, is dominated by oddity, contradiction and irreplaceability.

All this was explained with a simple depiction of the exterior appearance, the book by the medieval philosopher Boethius, a hot dog describing his gluttony, the jacket button depicting the valve constantly exploding throughout the book, and Baskerville, a font between old and new.

visual communication design


Graduation Exhibition Portfolio Project 2018

Dadaist Poster Work Visual Communication Design Project 2018


Design Idea:

Design Idea:

I do not perceive dadaism as a movement and I think that only an action can have a dadaist character. So I designed a poster that was irrational, meaningless, disconnected from the chain of thought, and made no sense.

At the top of my 2-stage poster design, where I focus on the relationship between industrial design, production techniques and form-material-function, the main reason for the emergence of the concrete product - that is, bath slippers - as a need is stated.

The basic idea is not to make the work in a dadaist way. Dadaism gains meaning in personality and what these people do is dadaist.

In this part, the basic idea that is wanted to be formed in minds; to express the existence of cheap, ugly and pespaye plastic toilet slippers in absurd colors and dimensions in our daily lives. The obscure contradiction between the two parts aims to question the concepts of design and hate.


Istanbul Eskisehir tel: 534-081 2135 E-mail:

Thank you for your interesting

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