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By working closely with local art organizations and community partners, our gallery, Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance, fully embraces the idea of an artistic community and seeks to showcase local artists to a global audience. Since our founding, we maintain a growing supportive and philanthropic role in the greater San Diego Art Community and have hosted multiple community outreach programs outlined in our exhibition history. In 2016, we extended our alliance program by creating two new divisions that focus on multidisciplined mid-career to established artists and international photo-based artists. Our goal is to provide a format whereby our emerging artists have a platform for growth. Currently, SCAA maintains a full schedule of national Art Fairs where we have extended our connections to collectors, museums, foundations, and corporate collections. We are open by appointment only in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Cover image: Sacred Landscape III #38, 2017 Oil on canvas 84� x 48�

Exhibiting Artists

Joe Caroff

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Zeynep Dogu-Cameron

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Dario Campanile

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De La Torre Brothers

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Emily Halpern

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Peggy Hinaekian

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Beliz Iristay

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Hung Viet Nguyen

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Jeehye Shin

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Shinpei Takeda

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Joe Caroff b. U.S.A.

“Caroff’s work is about the vital inner world of the artist as well as a response to the broader world and current events. Often suggestive narrative elements seep into abstract forms. Color accents the monochromatic. Forms define negative and positive space. Lines interface and rise from the surface. Through his work, Joe Caroff strives to unify diverse aesthetics and influences to create a unique internal harmony. His intuitive process – guided by the interaction between line, color and space – defines the direction of each work as it evolves.” – Tracy L. Adler, Director of the Ruth and Elmer Wlin Museum of Art

The Matron, 2005 mixed media 29” x 24.5” x 1.25” (framed)

Zeynep Dogu-Cameron b. Turkey, lives and works in U.S.A.

Zeynep Dogu Cameron was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Her mother is a well-known painter and most of her childhood memories are at exhibitions, being attached to her mother's skirt. Her initial aspiration was to become a sculptor, but later she discovered the world of 3D animation and modeling. While pursuing a very fulfilling portrait studio career she decided to move forward with a new passion that has sparked her artistic side through travel and fine art photography. Her first project couldn't be anywhere other than her favorite spot in the whole planet, Cappadocia, in Central Anatolia. During her trip, she came to realize that travel photography is not only about taking beautiful pictures and sharing them with the world, but as much about meeting and connecting with the locals over delicious food, getting lost in the narrow streets of a foreign city, and making unforgettable memories. She displays her new line of photography in one-of-a-kind fine art displays that are delicately hand crafted using carved Turkish doors, lighting fixtures and unique Turkish ornaments.

Doors Opening to Cappadocia, 2017 78� x 56� x 26�

Dario Campanile b. Italy, lives and works in U.S.A.

“My main goal,” says the artist “is to be able to express my true soul and continue my journey by taking risks and always allowing myself to explore new visions.” “Born in Rome, Italy, Dario started painting in oil at age 14. He spent time concentrating on painting in classical style influenced by Caravaggio and other great Italian Masters. He decided to experiment and continue discovering his own techniques. At age 18 he met the Italian master of metaphysical art, Giorgio de Chirico. By age 19, Dario Campanile started showing his art in a gallery in Rome called Galleria Esedera. In 1972 Dario met Salvador Dali in his home in Cadaques, Spain. Dario was offered much encouragement and inspiration to explore new techniques and compositions. In 1973 Dario Campanile decided to move to California after being invited for a one man show at the Acosta Gallery in Beverly Hills which was very successful. He experienced great success by accepting commissions for album and book covers for distinguished artists. In 1986, he was chosen to create the 75th Anniversary logo for Paramount Studios. His beautiful design of the famous mountain scene is seen in every Paramount publication today. Dario continues to exhibit his art at various galleries within the United States and presently resides in Maui, Hawaii.” (

The Doorway, 2017 Oil on canvas 60” x 48”

De La Torre Brothers b. Mexico, lives and works in both Mexico and the U.S.A.

“Brothers Einar and Jamex de la Torre were born in Guadalajara, México (1963 & 1960), where they grew up until a sudden family move to California in 1972. They are presently living and working on both sides of the border with studios in Ensenada, Mexico and San Diego, California. Jamex started flame-working glass in 1977, attended California State University at Long Beach, and received a BFA in Sculpture in 1983. Einar started work with glass in 1980, while also attending California State University at Long Beach. In the 1980s, they ran a flame-worked glass figure business while also developing their assemblage style of work. In the early 90s, they began working collaboratively as studio artists; later in the decade, they began work in installation art with participations in Biennales such as inSITE and Mercosul (Brazil). In the year 2000, the brothers began their work in public art; they now have six major projects completed. They have exhibited their work internationally, participating in exhibits in France, Japan, Canada, Germany, Venezuela, and Brazil, as well as the US and Mexico.” –Mindy Solomon Gallery

Transdifferentiation, 2017 Lenticular print, aluminum frame 51" x 41” x 3"

Emily Halpern b. U.S.A.

“My paintings map my inner world. My process seeks to open the locked door of the unconscious through methods suggested by Surrealism. I use a square format that negates hierarchical narrative composition, whether top-to-bottom or left-to-right. As I work, I frequently rotate the canvas in order to disorient the view, helping new directions emerge and facilitating my stream of consciousness approach. Color is used to reconstruct different moods and to connect to fragmentary, cryptic narratives. My goal is to create "nowhere" spaces with an absence of horizon lines and populated by what psychoanalyst Carl Jung referred to as archetypal imagery such as flying and floating contraptions, rocks and snakes. The mark varies from heavy and textural to a light touch befitting the content of the piece. My intention is to engage by slipping away, leaving gaps for viewers to fill as a springboard for their own imaginations.” – Artist Statement

Tightrope Walking for People with Complicated Lives, 2016 Mixed media, resin 16” x 16”

Peggy Hinaekian U.S.A

Hinaekian is an internationally recognized artist whose works consist of a variety of mediums ranging from oils, acrylics, to collage, monotypes and etchings. Most notably, her etchings were distributed by Christie’s Contemporary Art, London, Edition de Francony, Nice, and Stuio Arco of Rome. Since then she has embraced abstract art and produced a great number of paintings on canvas along with collages on paper. She has exhibited extensively in Switzerland, France, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Norway, Austria, Japan, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Canada, South Africa and the United States. Before pursuing art as a profession, Hinaekian was a fashion designer in Boston and Manhattan. As an artist, she is a multi-faceted creator with a deep interest in color—indeed, her hues can be seen as allusions to the natural wonders of the landscapes she has experienced during her worldwide travels. Hinaekian has a fascination with creative imagery and considers herself as a color field artist; she describes the nostalgic character of her work as atmospheric, poetic and quiet. She tries to breathe movement into her “abstract landscapes” (blue and earth colors) and “quiet collages” (where the dominant color is red, blue or black) to guide the viewer into the paintings and making them wander into a different reality.

Red Desert Yellow Sky, 2017 Acrylic 36” x 36”

Beliz Iristay b. Turkey, lives and works in Mexico and U.S.A.

Born in Izmir,Turkey, Iristay graduated from Dokuz Eylul Fine Art University with a focus on Turkish Ceramics Arts. She moved to both USA and Mexico in 2005. In her work, Beliz often uses the venerable traditions of her home country(s) and combines them with contemporary techniques. She collects the subject materials for her work from the traditions and politics of the countries she is living in. Iristay now passes on her ceramic knowledge by teaching in her studio in EnsenadaMexico. As an artist, she continues to explore new ways to develop her work in different forms. Iristay has shown her work internationally in Usa,Turkey and Mexico. She has been nominated for several arts grants and public art projects in San Diego, CA, as well as in Izmir,Turkey. Currently, she lives in two locations: Baja California, Mexico and in San Diego, California with her family.

El Luca Libre 2017 Low fired slip cast clay, handpainted acrylics, gold leaf, la bolsa de agua caliente 7” x 7” x 14”

Hung Viet Nguyen b. Vietnam, lives and works in U.S.A.

Hung Viet Nguyen was born in Vietnam in 1957. He studied Biology at Science University in Saigon, Vietnam, then transitioned to working as an illustrator, graphic artist and designer since settlement in the U.S. in 1982. He developed his artistry skills independently, studying many traditional Eastern and Western forms, media and techniques. Nguyen’s complex, labor intensive investigations of oil paint reveal a methodical mastery of texture. While portions of Nguyen’s work suggest the influence of many traditional art forms including woodblock prints, Oriental scroll paintings, ceramic art, mosaic, and stained glass, his ultimate expression asserts a contemporary pedigree.

Sacred Landscape III #38, 2017 Oil on canvas 84” x 48”

Jeehye Shin b. South Korea, lives and works in U.S.A.

Jeehye was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1979 and spent most of her adolescence in Korea. A new chapter in her life began when she moved to the United States in January 2000. Her life as an artist began as she completed her undergraduate studies majored in Illustration at Parsons School of Design in New York in 2005 and continued her studies majored in 3D Animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2010.She realized that she was truly passionate about illustration and decided to take a courageous turn towards a different path in the Art world. Doing 3D animation served as an opportunity for her to realize that her true passion lied in Illustration.She believes simple drawing implement such as markers or pens are best materials. With this emphasis on her drawings, she creates lines even with very limited colors, black and white, and focuses on negative spaces.

Pig with Pearl Necklace Digital print (edition of 50) 20” x 17.5”

Gloomy Owl Digital print (edition of 50) 14” x 17.5”

Shinpei Takeda Shinpei Takeda is a visual artist and filmmaker. His works involve a wide range of themes regarding memories and history. He uses multi-media installations, sound interventions, documentary films, large-scale photography installations, and collaborative community projects in various public contexts. Shinpei is also a Founder and Creative Director of The AJA Project, a nonprofit dedicated to working with resettled refugee children in San Diego and displaced youth in Colombia and Thailand using a participatory photography. As a documentary filmmaker he works on films with diverse topics including pre-WWII Japanese immigration to Tijuana, Mexico and the atomic bomb survivors living in the Americas (Atopus Studio). As an artist, he creates site-specific installations / interventions such as an outdoor urban photo montage in collaboration with the community, or visual installations on floor of a gallery. As a performance artist, he directs Ghost Magnet Roach Motel, a noise performance unit from Tijuana, Mexico.

Unnamed 1, 2017 wool dimensions vary

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