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Sergey Matyushkov

12 basic exercises for the energy generation (method of Bruce Lee)

2013 Š copyright by Sergey Matyushkov

This book is devoted to the development of phenomenal strength that is many times superior to the physical capacity of a common man. Everyone knows how important for bodybuilding and martial arts the psychological orientation is. When focusing on the internal human body processes a person is able to consciously control these processes. Arnold Schwarzenegger frankly admitted in an interview that during the bodybuilding exercise he focuses so deeply thereon and actually falls into trance. Another master Bruce Lee remarked the high efficiency of these exercise, and often practiced them. We can see in his third movie some elements of exercises contained in this book, shoved by Bruce Lee. Due to the exercise contained in this book the physical body accumulates strength and energy. These exercises are operable in bodybuilding, in the practice of martial arts, as well as for the individual creative potential enhancement. The offered to the reader book allows for training and thinking of Western people and is adapted to their level. The book will be useful for high readership, both newcomers and deeply involved in bodybuilding and martial arts, and will allow them to understand the inner meaning of the exercise they do.

ISBN-13:978-1466293151 ISBN-10: 1466293152

Contents: INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 The practice of the Ch’i energy enhancement for bodybuilding Part. 1. The basic approaches Part. 2. Exercise of Bodhidharma Chapter - 2 12 exercises for the energy generation Chapter - 3 Harmonizing inner space. The secret affirmations of Bruce Lee. How do they work? Secret Affirmations of Bodhidharma

“I sincerely hope that my martial arts followers will be able to open up and become real people indeed and I wish them all the best in their search of the right direction. Search for your own way!” Bruce Lee

“When a person comes to the realization of the great spiritual forces lying within him, and begins to use these powers in science, in business and in everyday life, his progress in all areas will be unparalleled.” Bruce Lee

INTRODUCTION Throughout the ancient history different nations have developed their technologies of entering a state of deep concentration, depending on the objectives pursued. For example, in the Ancient Rus’ there existed a specific psychophysical war training system to fight with dozens, or even hundreds of enemies. These heroes in Russia were called Knights, and a small group of 10-30 Knights could scare an army of enemies and put them to flight. These are the real historical evidence. The elite warriors Knights were able to generate the energy potential of the environment, in contrast to the ordinary soldiers, which could use only the physical capacity of their trained bodies in action. In the Rus’ they were called the Varangians. The historical records about small armies of elite warriors Knights destroying the whole armies of there enemies remain. When the Knights conceived that the enemy has significant excess, they took off their armour (stripped waist-deep), entered a trance and violently destroyed the entire armies of enemies. Of course, it should be mentioned to the reader that the Knights used all the hidden reserves of the bodies in action, and the flow of

vital energy was incredible! The elite Knight using all his energy potential in action, was dying of exhaustion in 30-50 minutes, but managed to kill about a hundred of enemies. Those Knights who survived, were aging for 10 years and just turned grey in sight, so titanic the loss of vital energy was. There were real events when the enemy took flight just seeing the Knights stripping waist-deep and taking off the armour before the battle. The neighbouring tribes were afraid of mystical Knights power.

The Old Chinese system practiced by Bruce Lee is based on respiratory (imaging method) exercise in static and dynamics. Entering a trance permits conscious flow control of vital energy of a human body, which allows demonstrating the phenomenon of Chinese Wushu and Qigong, which boggle the imagination. A similar method is used by Arnold during his bodybuilding exercise. Mental and physical capabilities depend on two factors: the human vital potential and the ability to manage it. The first one involves the presence of a special human grid. All the East esoteric teachings, in addition to anatomical and physiological systems, investigate the grid system. The challenge is to consciously “enhance” the Ch’i energy flow of the human. The boundaries of human perception expand and change the one’s level of consciousness. These mind freaks are based on the ability of the practicing to consciously give “commands” to the physiological processes in the body, and demand from the body such

dazzling results, that can not always be explained from a perspective of modern knowledge. The East concept of martial arts has a quite different meaning from the west one. The objective point of martial arts is not the victory over the enemy, but the victory over oneself, and overcoming one’s own weaknesses and shortcomings. For people living in the era of science and technology progress with all the consequences of the ecological crisis, inactivity and constant stress, classes at any level can become an actual path to spiritual and physical harmony, moral purification, and mental equilibrium.

Chapter 1

The practice of the Ch’i energy enhancement for bodybuilding The exercises are divided into two types: static and dynamic. The exercises are to be performed before the main bodybuilding or martial arts exercise training (in 15 minutes) for a multiple increase of physical results and the energy potential in the muscles accumulation. Bruce Lee liked to combine dynamic exercises to strengthen the Ch’i energy with static ones. In this book I will give you an example of static exercises.

Part. 1. The basic approaches The practice of increasing the Ch’i energy circulation involves muscle groups stimulation (biceps, triceps, etc.) as long as the amount of energy starts to flow through the system of the Ch’i channels. In the static practice the trainee muscle groups being in total concentration alternately tense and relax. Some people prefer not to strain the muscles, but just imagine (visualize) its strain, and others tense the trainee muscles as far as it helps their concentration.

If you exercise any muscle group in a few minutes in that area the Ch’i energy accumulates. This manifested itself as warmth sensation in the muscles. At the same time the Ch’i energy accumulates in muscles. During the static exercises the mind is breath focused, at the same time visualizing the Ch’i energy flows to the trained muscle group. As it was already mentioned, the system of energy channels and the brain are closely connected, so that the process of concentration leads to conscious control. This in turn leads to the fact that the muscles are able to act with maximum force. Therefore, practicing the static exercises, you should be relaxed, soothed and natural.

Part. 2. Exercise of Bodhidharma Advanced level There are the advanced techniques of “internal training”, where the Ch’i is generated in the abdomen (called the center of the Will in esoteric). In ancient times the hallucinogenic plants were used to change the consciousness, but it is out of date now. Therefore Shaolin monks use breathing techniques to change consciousness.

As discussed earlier, when the muscles are exercised, the Ch’i and blood accumulate in the corresponding part of the body. Then, when the muscles relax, the channels are opening and allow the stored energy to emanate from this area and circulate throughout the body. The advanced level is performed with the concentration in the center of the Will in the abdomen, on the center just below the navel. In the respiratory practice the Shaolin monks use natural breathing, in which the stomach is pulled in on the exhale and bulges on the inhale (diaphragmatic breathing). At the advanced level, the reverse breathing called paradoxical breathing is used, in which the stomach bulges on the exhale and is pulled in on the inhale. In the martial arts it is better use paradoxical breathing. Tips to practice breathing: It is not allowed to either hold your breath, or enhance the process. Slowly inhale through your nose, do it easily and smoothly, squeeze and lift the abdomen. When the lungs are filled with air, begin to breathe easily. Yin corresponds to the inhale, and Jan – to the exhale. They have to work together like the Yin and Yang circle. Both methods (natural breathing and paradoxical breathing) use the same principle of generation of the Ch’i energy. The main difference is that the coordination of movements of the abdomen and breathing is opposite. In fact, many involved are able to use both methods, and easily switch from one to the other.

2-1. The studies of the 70’s show that after the child was born, he/she continues to breathe with the bottom of the abdomen for a few more years. With age a person are gradually shifts the emphasis of breath higher and higher over the body, so that by the end of childhood people see themselves as breathing with the chest and actually lose control of the muscles of the abdomen. The Shaolin breathing practice returns to the fetal breathing techniques. Thanks to the millenarian practice, the Chinese discovered that it is possible to develop the muscles of the abdomen, so that it generates the powerful flow of the Ch’i energy due to the fetal breathing. This exercise is called “Back to Childhood”: when the muscles of any are exercised, the nerves and the Ch’i channels begin to accumulate the energy produced by this exercises. This type of generation and energy storage is called “Light the fire”. Usually, after a month of everyday 30 minute practice, the involved with can achieve perfection in such control of the abdominal muscles. This practice provides several benefits: First, movement of the muscles of the abdomen up and down in the process of deep breathing stimulates stomach and intestines, and also exercises the muscles that support the internal organs, and increases their strength. Second, focusing on the muscles accumulates the Ch’i not only therein, but also in the organs directly supported and surrounded by these muscles, which ensures good blood circulation therein, and in the end, the health of these organs. Finally, the deep breathing allows the use full lung capacity to clear and strengthen them.

Chapter - 2

12 exercises for the energy generation

The following exercises are to be done in 15 minutes prior to the start of basic training in bodybuilding or martial arts. Follow the principles of exercise, which I’ve described at the outset, as it is necessary to prepare the muscles for a hard workout. These exercises will help you to put the muscles through for a hard workout with a bar, as well as to generate the Ch’i energy in the muscles. Follow the rules of concentration and mental control the Ch’i energy flow.

Exercise – 1 Place the hands along the body with your palms facing down and disclosed, and fingertips pointing forward. Elbows slightly bent. When you exhale mentally push your palms down (use the imaging method), and relax when inhaling. This exercise helps to generate the Ch’i energy in the wrists and hands. As a result, the wrist should feel warm. Perform for 20 times.

Exercise – 2 Without changing the position of the hands, clench a fist with the palms facing downward and thumbs extended in the direction of the body. When exhaling, mentally tense your fists, pulling the thumbs back. Relax when exhaling. During this exercise the forearms stimulate, and accumulate the energy. Perform for 27 times.

Exercise - 3 Again without changing the position of the hands, turn the fist so that the palms are facing each other, and put the thumbs up, as in a normal jam into a fist. When you exhale, mentally tense your fists. Relax when inhaling. During this exercise the muscles of the arms are stimulated and the energy is

accumulated in the forearms. Perform for 27 times.

Exercise – 4 Put out your hands in front of you with your palms still facing towards each other. Imagine that when you exhale the fists tense, and when you inhale they relax. This exercise helps to generate the energy in the shoulders and chest. Perform for 20 times.

Exercise - 5 Raise your hands vertically upward. When exhaling, mentally clench fists, and relax when inhaling. The exercise contributes to the accumulation of the energy in the shoulders, neck, and back. Perform for 20 times.

Exercise - 6 Lower your hands to the shoulders so that their top parts are situated parallel to the Ground. Elbows are bent, fists are located near the ears, and palms are facing forward. Exhale, imagine that forearm and fist are strained, and relax as you inhale. This exercise allows you to generate the energy in the hips, breasts, and upper arms. Perform for 20 times.

Exercise – 7 Stretch your arms to the sides with the palms still facing forward. Imagine that the fists tighten when exhale and relax when you inhale. This exercise contributes to the energy accumulation in the shoulders, chest and back. Perform for 10 times.

Exercise – 8 Stretch your arms forward with the fists clenched and directed towards each other and oblique to the face; elbows are bent so that your arms form a circle. Imagine that the fists compress on the exhale and relax on the inhale. As you exhale, imagine that the energy flows through the hands and fists simultaneously with the strain. Perform for 15 times.

Exercise – 9 Pull your fists in front of you, bending your elbows. Fists are in front of your face, and palms are facing forward. Exhale and mentally tense fists, and relax on the inhale. This exercise is similar to the Exercise 6, but here the fists are closer to each other and more pushed forward to highlight other muscles. This strengthens the flow of the energy in the hands. Perform for 15 times.

Exercise – 10 The fists and the palms are facing forward; the upper arms are in parallel to the body and sideways. Imagine that the fists tighten as you exhale and relax as you inhale. This will lead to the energy generated in the shoulder area circulation.

Exercise – 11 Keeping the elbows bent, lower your arms, putting the fists in the ring in the lower abdomen, palms are facing down, forming a circle with the hands. On the exhale, imagine the fists tense, and mentally lead the energy through the circle formed by the hands. Relax on the inhale. This is the first rehabilitation exercise.

Exercise - 12 Raise your arms straight in front of you, with the palms facing up and open. Imagine your hands rise holding a large bowl on the exhale; relax on the inhale, dropping the ball. This is the second rehabilitation exercise.

After the exercise stay for a moment with your arms hanging loose and better lie down and relax completely. Breathe rhythmically and feel, in a few minutes, the stored energy distributes throughout the body.

Chapter - 3

Harmonizing inner space The secret affirmations of Bruce Lee How do they work?

Technical skill should be minor in relation to mental trainings which can finally raise a pupil to a level of higher spirituality (Bruce Lee) Affirmations are assertions that help us change our way of thinking and mold the future we are striving for. The legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee was not only a superb film actor and fighter, but also a great master of Eastern philosophy. Bruce Lee was convinced that our thoughts and emotions form our life and surroundings. Remember that like attracts only like. Negative thoughts attract negative events to our life, and fears and apprehensions inevitably take shape once we have projected them ourselves. You become what you think about. What’s more, the things you think you want aren’t the ones that come true. They’re actually what your subconscious mind wants. So don’t be surprised if what you so passionately wanted, but were afraid to even think about comes true…

Bruce Lee’s affirmations aimed at achieving desired goals. Harmonizing inner space

1. Developing strength of Will. My STRENGTH OF WILL has supreme power over all my other personal qualities; therefore, every day I INTEND to train my STRENGTH OF WILL as motivation for all actions! I INTEND to form the habit of using strength of will daily! 2. Controlling emotions. As of today, I acknowledge that my emotions are both positive and negative; therefore, I intend to develop a daily habit of forming only POSITIVE EMOTIONS and transform negative emotions into a new form of useful content! 3. Prudence. As of today, I acknowledge that my unchecked emotions may be dangerous if not controlled and directed to achieving my life goals. As of today, I submit all my emotions, desires and goals to PRUDENCE and will be guided by it in achieving these desires and goals! 4. Imagination.

As of today, I intend to develop my imagination daily and call on it for help in shaping my desires and plans! 5. Memory. As of today, I intend to develop my memory daily by calling up clear recollections in it of everything I want to recall! 6. Subconscious mind. As of today, I acknowledge the enormous role of the subconscious mind in developing strength of will. I intend to make every effort daily to develop my subconscious mind and submit to it my primary life goals and all secondary goals leading to the achievement of the primary goal. 7. Consciousness. As of today, I intend to direct my consciousness toward recognizing truth and false, and I will never cast aside its decisions, no matter how much effort is required to carry out this decision.

Secret Affirmations of Bodhidharma The acquisition of boundless inner strength!

Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk who lived during the 5th/6th century CE. He is traditionally credited as the transmitter of Ch’an (Sanskrit: Dhyāna, Japanese: Zen) to China, and regarded as the first Chinese patriarch. According to Chinese legend, he also began the physical training of the Shaolin monks that led to the creation of Shaolinquan. ATTENTION! THIS Affirmation is VERY EFFICIENT AND very MUCH AFFECTS the SUBCONSCIOUS mind! OBSERVE MODERATION AND CAUTION.

Hymn of Bodhidharma!!! I have a Homeland — Earth and Heaven have become my Homeland! I have a weapon! A Steadfast Spirit is my fortress and my only weapon! I have a fortress! A directed super-will is my fortress and my main weapon! I have a Doctrine! My life is my Doctrine! I have a Law! Justice is my Law! I have a Teacher! My life is my only Teacher! I have a Lord! My super-ego is my lord! I have Magic! Inner Strength is my main and only secret giving me the strength of an omnipotent magician! I attain great inner values only by excluding everything extrinsic! I rid myself of everything and am born for my own Spirit! I am born as another being! I am born all-powerful and omnipotent!

Contents: INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 The practice of the Ch’i energy enhancement for bodybuilding Part. 1. The basic approaches Part. 2. Exercise of Bodhidharma Chapter - 2 12 exercises for the energy generation Chapter - 3 Harmonizing inner space. The secret affirmations of Bruce Lee. How do they work? Secret Affirmations of Bodhidharma

Matyushkov Sergey Vladimirovich ISBN-13:978-1466293151 ISBN-10: 1466293152

Secrets of mastery of Bruce Lee

Sergey Matyushkov

Secrets of mastery of Bruce Lee Series “Esoteric martial arts”

ISBN-13:978-1466220515 ISBN-10:1466220511

Dear friend! Are you ready to study simple and effective principles of mastering lightning-fast fighting reflexes, which helped Bruce Lee to achieve such stunning results? These principles are so simple, that after reading about them carefully you will easily understand how Bruce Lee with so little effort was able to foretell the actions of his opponent on an intuitive (highest) level. Thanks to this book you will find out how to reach a new level of understanding the system-free style. Unlike sportive and traditional martial art types, it is not based on formal techniques, but on key principles that develop a specific state of AWARENESS in a combat. High level of awareness is a vital point, especially stressed by the author, as it is this awareness that enables a person to acquire perfect knowledge into Masterhood. The method of mastering this unique psychical phenomenon is set out consistently in a manner most convenient for the reader. By practically assimilating these methods you will discover a whole world of new possibilities suitable for your real level. As your perception becomes deeper, your actual strength will grow, indicating your ascent towards the highest Masterhood. No impossible promises are made - just that you will move closer to the truth ‌ What I mean to say is that the theory set out in this book shouldn’t be treated as dogma or the divine afflation. It is meant for those who are in urgent need of PRACTICAL and SIMPLE recipes in an effort to acquire his o her OWN precious COMBAT SKILLS.

I sincerely hope that my martial arts followers will be able to open up and become real people indeed and I wish them all the best in their search of the right direction. Search for your own way! Bruce Lee

Table of contents FROM THE AUTHOR CHAPTER.1 IN SEARCH OF TRUTH Place, where the truth is Unsolved mysteries of mastery of Bruce Lee Pumping umbilical center (center “will”) CHAPTER 2 THE ANALYSIS OF JEET KUNE DO ESSENCE: THEORY AND PRACTICE Practice of the witness A little about fights without rules MMA Basic philosophical concepts Nature of combat reflexes formation Harmonizing inner space Secret Affirmations of Bodhidharma CHAPTER 3 The technique of astral combat - the Art of Eastern Masters Who controls our astral flight?

CHAPTER 4 ATHLETIC TRAINING OF A STREET FIGHTER Who is the typical amateur and whose example to follow? Exercises that multiply internal force On development of tendons and ligaments On the Development of Grasping power Art of Relaxation Strength exercises of combative type Exercises developing push strength Exercise developing pulling strength Isothermal exercises Combined method

FROM THE AUTHOR Fortune will reward only that person who can think of something that nobody and never was able to think of before him. Bruce Lee Dear Reader, Each of us, millions and millions of martial arts connoisseurs, is sure to have asked himself: and what do I need all this for? And indeed, to spend precious time on meticulous study of ancient martial arts in the age of computer technologies is to feel like a total idiot. It is against everything that is considered practical and worthy of attention in modern life. If once a martial arts master could easily spend most of his life in wild mountains tirelessly perfecting his martial and spiritual skills or fighting in severe combat where victory meant personal survival, now neither the former, nor the latter are possible. There is no doubt that in our time ancient combat arts are not what they used to be a few centuries ago. Time has taken its toll. These hollow shapes of classic combat arts are crumpling down like card castles under the relentless pressure of changeable and inconstant fashion, while exciting legends about extraordinary powers of ancient masters, surrounded by an almost glow, are often perceived by the western mind as nothing more than beautiful oriental tales.

In the course of time, our ancestors’ search for a perfect “hand-to-hand combat” system has undergone amazing transformations. The inevitable division of traditional martial arts into numerous different schools, styles and substyles (wushu alone has over 500 of them!) spawned a large variety of myths and legends similar in their ideology. The understanding of one’s uniqueness, as well as a quite strong tradition inside a clan, where the transfer of knowledge and the school’s commandments was a privilege of an individual who was not only a mentor or teacher, but also a spiritual father, prevented clans from merging under the conditions of tough competition. This way, gradually, a dogmatic approach to moral and physical training of a wrestler is built inside the clans. “No doubt you have heard that ancient martial arts have a legendary tradition. For example, the founder of some martial art secluded himself in the mountains, and after living there for a time received a revelation and thus created his own unique style. Or the inspiration to create this form of martial arts came from watching wild animals fighting. The founder of each of these styles must be more advanced than his students. If students who are less advanced than he himself later advocate this style, his art inevitably becomes overgrown with formalism… (JEET KUNE DO Bruce Lee`s Commentaries on the Martial Way. Phoenix, 2001. – 448 p.) <…> “We are those katas, those classic blocks and blows – so powerfully are we programmed by them.” (JEET KUNE DO Bruce Lee`s Commentaries on the Martial Way. Phoenix, 2001. – 448 p.)

The inevitable regression of an ancient martial art into applied combat sports is evidence of the irreversible change in the philosophical and worldly orientations of modern Homo sapiens on the one hand, and the fundamental impracticality of traditional methods today on the other. All of this shows that ancient martial arts are becoming less and less verbalized in their present form. In fact, the older the tradition, the less relevant it is; and in most cases it is unintelligible even to the direct heirs of the traditional forms of teaching, which unscrupulously profit from concealing this fact from outsiders. Because in fact, the inner side of practical knowledge is either altogether incommunicable or is presented in a rather misshapen and distorted form.

“Another shortcoming is that when clans are formed, the people belonging to each of them regard their form of martial arts as the only true one, and do not reflect on how to change or improve it. As a result, they are imprisoned in their own little world. Their students become machines that only imitate martial art forms.” <…>”Let me give you a good example of why I have no tolerance for sects and cults in martial arts. Let us take stances. See how a crane stands on one leg. What if a lame one suddenly invented this stance? And each one became lame over a period of five thousand years.” (JEET KUNE DO Bruce Lee`s Commentaries on the Martial Way. Phoenix, 2001. – 448 p.)

It is not surprising that the overwhelming majority of these close-quarter schools have now been overrun by myths and rumours. It is easy to see how these “fairy tales” come about, after all, like they say, demand stimulates supply. A lot of people, including the more “senior” and authoritarian tradition bearers understand perfectly that these myths have an important role to play in advertising and promoting their cultural heritage. They are therefore in no hurry to disprove them. After all, the traditional system of self-defence advocated by them is useless; it doesn’t work in a situation where our physical safety is genuinely threatened. What’s more, it forces one to mistakenly believe that exercising in order to automatize some ancient form or performing Kata exercises will bring the same results in an actual fight. The truth is that you will never be able to master this technique as long as you have any psychological obstacles holding you back. As I am sure you understand this requires some private work. I am trying to avoid such widespread mistakes in this book. If I can manage to do so, then I should be able to explain the reason for the frequent blunders made in relation to this topic. The author’s attention will be focused on reviewing those revolutionary methods which give the reader the chance to use their own experience to understand the many effects of perception expansion, effects which have hitherto been unexplained by modern science and carefully concealed by the authoritarian Masters of the hidden esoteric schools. The reader will become acquainted with the philosophical and psychological suppositions which have helped this theory to develop into its latest and most modern form. There are also practical martial arts methods which will produce surprising results for anyone willing to try them!

A little about fights without rules MMA Today the mixed martial arts became a very popular all around the world. Thanks to advertizing promotion, the modern MMA are one of the most quickly developing sports. The indicators of sales of the paid transmissions of fights, coverage in mass media, growth of pupils quantity and increase in sales of the goods connected with MMA show it. The mixed martial arts (often called by an English acronym MMA— Mixed Martial Arts) — are the martial arts, in the common people and show business they incorrectly called it «fights without rules», which constitute a combination great number the techniques, schools and the trends. MMA is the multiform fight with use of striking technique and the fight both in a stance (clinch), and on a floor (parterre). The term “MMA” was offered in 1995 by Rick Blum, the president of Battlecade, one of the MMA early organizations and afterwards has founded the firm adoption in non-English speaking countries.

In spite of the fact that early competitions had a minimum of rules in connection with sports criticism as «bloody carnage» the additional restrictions for increase of sportsmen safety have been brought in. Rules of modern ММА have undergone considerable changes since first Vale Tudo, shoot - wrestling and UFC 1, and greater changes since pancration. With development of technique of movements and numerous improvements in the processes of physical trainings, it became clear that it is necessary to change excessively free rules. Necessity of health protection of fighters and wish to get rid of a stereotype of

“human cockfights», typical for the beginning of 1990 became the main motivating factors. The similar perception interfered to sports development, and promoters had to change rules to softer. New rules included division into weight categories, use of special gloves, additional restrictions in the permissible holds and time limits for duels. Beginning, from some moment, it occurs the global “mix” of every possible systems of hand to hand fight conducting. In the mixed fights without rules there were representatives of all tendencies and styles. It would seem, all effective and working concepts of the fight conducting, perfectly working in the street has already calculated, but as the practice has shown, this is the erroneous opinion and everything in our life is absolutely in other way. But, why? As a matter of fact, becoming an independent sports view of single combats, MMA has never belonged to martial arts in general! The point is that the modern show “without rules” has become so simple, that if you put on your gloves and go to the ring, you MUST know RULES of the fight in a ring. But there won’t any rules in the street! You should use more effective “tools” of self-defense, otherwise you won’t survive! I urgently recommend to beat a street aggressor there, where it is effectively and with what is effectively in the given situation, for example in the eyes, a throat, a shin, a groin, a neck, etc., and with the help of weapon and all kind of makeshifts.

Dan Inosanto says: “When you approach with the opponent in a street situation, there is no any referee who would separate you. The match on a ring is not a fight. Even today the

outstanding boxer can be defeated in the street. But on a ring he is like fish in a water. The fight is really heavy. Many times it can be a rolling by the ground: it is impossible to say, whether it is choi lee foot or wing chune. The fight is awful – these are throws the person on a concrete, these are stabs with a knife. Nobody knows, whether you will be rescued by your art. Nobody knows. Everything changes, as soon as there is a weapon in a hand of the guy. That which worked in the empty-handed system, doesn’t operate now. The guy can have ten years of experience in a kickboxing, but now a situation is absolutely another”. In the early championships it was allowed to fighters to act in the clothes traditional for their style, but later on they left just boxing and kickboxing shorts, and also the special MMA shorts. If you speak about terminology, the trite name “fights without rules” absolutely doesn’t reflect the real things stand in MMA. For example, it is provided 29 forbidden holds by the UFC rules! Modern “fights without rules” became so stuffed with a large number of rules and restrictions, that it’s difficult to assume! If we assume that the mixed martial arts are some kind of free fight without any restrictions. And we, having believed in it use the methods of MMA, in the street we will inevitably behave according to limitation of this way, but it can’t be called a free fight.

Let’s enumerate the main restrictions: attack of eyes, prods, bites, a catching for hair, blows in a groin, flesh capture, blows in a nape of the head, a backbone, in a back in general, in a trachea, in a neck in general, in the knees, in a shin, feet, on joints and so on it is absolutely forbidden. Besides it’s restricted what to use for beats and how to hold. It is forbidden to cause the striking blows with fingers, to prod in a neck, eyes, ears, to beat the head, to jump with feet on a lying opponent, to beat by his head about the floor, to do the painful holds of small joints (for example, fingers), and to wring someone’s neck. And it is far from all restrictions. They can add to this list such important external factors, as a ring with a soft covering (a tatami or thin mats for wrestle), the referee watching the course of a duel, the existence of rounds or time restriction. And also the lack of extraneous subjects by the sides, about which it’s possible to hit (or with the help of which it’s possible to strike), lack of the weapon, both the improvised, and traditional. Absence of several

forwards who can also be armed, good illumination, existence of training, a warming up and psychological readiness to a fight and also the ready reanimation, so they can safely assert, that fights “without rules” aren’t they at all!

Undoubtedly, you should firmly understand that Bruce Lee was perfectly informed by what methods are better for training exactly to the street fight. Only through the true and all-round development, overcoming all restrictions of consciousness it is possible to clear and free perception of the clear and well-defined concept of your personal skill creation, conducting of the street fight effectively. Otherwise we will get in a muddle what is effective in the street and what isn’t effective. We can also argue that he didn’t tolerate traditional characters in the martial arts as he clearly understood that in time any style will be a restricted burden for the fighter. And sports competitions will only create the next illusion of a duel without rules and restrictions imitation. Therefore, the Jeet Kune Do can’t be related to one more variety of the mixed style by no means. It would be a very rough mistake.

Jeet Kune Do teaches to use not only technical, but also psychological principles which helps totally to influence the opponents surpassing them literally head and shoulders above in speed of perception and a fight evaluation. Such faultless result can be reached first of all by the correct work with consciousness. Jeet Kune Do is a high-grade vital philosophy which perfectly suited to any person.

Because its principles are universal and they don’t depend on age and genetic endowments of the person. Thanks to harmonious development both physical, and spiritual qualities the follower of Jeet Kune Do goes to qualitatively new level of development, cognizes his own way and with the years rises to the higher tops of Skill. Certainly, all this fundamentally changes the life principles of the person, improving his life in the whole. It may be the main difference from mixed types of single combats (MMA) popular today which as a matter of fact in any way don’t develop and don’t training mentality for real stressful situations, always remaining by fascinating show “without rules”.

Basic philosophical concepts

Manifestation of spontaneity and awareness both in free sparring and in real combat is the essence and basic philosophical principle in Jeet Kune Do. Simply put, the mind should generate the correct combat tactics not based on previous experience, but simply by responding in accordance with a situation. Bruce Lee used to say: “my technique is a result of your technique”. Therefore, to achieve this level of mental development, which Bruce Lee had, any interaction with the opponent should be at a high level of awareness. I mean that in a critical situation, you should not allow your mind to fall into a state of stupor and confusion, but learn to naturally switch over to a level of heightened awareness. It is only in a state of heightened awareness that you can allow your mind to freely PERCEIVE a situation, orient yourself to the changing conditions of a combat with a lightning speed, and take emergency measures that are the most appropriate for that given moment.

Bruce Lee said: “I no longer fight and resist, but completely merge with the other half (the opponent), creating a single whole and a common dance with him. By acquiring the quality of indivisibility in a fight with an opponent, where there is no room for “I”, the fight resolves itself naturally”. The most important advantage of sharper perception in any stressful situation is the achievement of hypersensitivity, which allows feeling the opponent’s biofield, instantly feeling any manifestation of his aggression, and multifold increasing of your reaction rate.

First of all, you have to understand that it is impossible to learn it following the way of rational synthesis and analysis, this state of perception has to come to you out of the blue, as if you feel an unexpected inspiration. You will feel clearly how your brain switches to a new universal mode of operation. Many of you have most likely felt something like this when found yourself in a lifethreatening situation. When I first entered the state of sharper perception in a violent street fight, I was first baffled a little. At that moment I was attacked by a powerful Dagestani fighter, who was very strong and aggressive, like a mad ox! And all of a sudden I have clearly “seen”, as if I was looking at a videotape played in a slow-motion mode, how he was dashing me a number of times, but my perception, without any interference from my mind, controlled all of his movements, and I easily repulsed his attack. I do not know how I managed to get into this mystical state of “heightened awareness”, probably my training on the accumulation of the specific awareness helped me to get into the cherished state of heightened awareness in the critical situation. It was a great revelation for me, and I realized how stupid was it, to stuff myself over the years with all sorts of sophisticated techniques, spend time and money for expensive training with the teacher. Having successfully parried his attack, I delivered him a powerful series of straight blows to the face and body, with the clear feeling, as I have broken through his “outer” aura shell. It has become a much “thinner” than before the fight. Thus, I opened another interesting revelation – using the entry into the aggressive state many of fighters in such a way unwittingly seal their aura before the fight. Of course, this is just a way to talk about these things; you need to feel all this on your own, in order to clearly understand what is it all about. It is time to revert to the topic of this part. As long as we have already led the conversation towards the very nature of perception, it is easy to trace how the most of the external sensory information is instantly weeded out irrevocably departing to the shoreless sea of the unconscious. This is why the most of the hidden potential of our psyche is inaccessible to us.

Talking about the usefulness of dynamic meditation of Chi Sao in the system of Wing Chun, Bruce Lee undoubtedly benefited from the Wing Chun exercises a lot. The major idea of this style is based on the ability to cut enemy’s actions at their climax with your own attack before enemy’s one attains its goal. It is believed to be the most economical way of making a counterblow. A block and a blow act as an inseparable technical element. This is the main concept of Wing Chun, and indeed, it seems to be an efficient approach in terms of staging a speed blow and fight strategy. However, it is only the top of the iceberg. To a large extent, fighter’s skills depend on the capability to percept the combat picture in a broader range of perception (increased awareness), but not in preponderance of force and technical arsenal. Here, the strategy of total superiority of reaction rate over any competitor is built on the capability to control the opponent’s attention, i.e. to be one level higher not in technical skills, but exactly in the ability to produce flexibility of perception unbelievable for an opponent! A competitor will not manage to keep up with your lightning punches and kicks not because he is physically slower than you are, but because his level of registration of external sensory signals by his mind is much less efficient. Here, lies the secret of speed of real Masters. On the third hand, it may seem that such an enlightened Master works miracles! An interesting fragment is described in one famous Japanese parable called “Stories about Miyamoto Musashi”:

<…> “Sometime later Master Musashi wandered to a small inn while travelling. He sat in the corner, put down his sword and ordered dinner. Some drunken men came in soon.

The strangers were dripping with weapons from head to foot and seemed to be highway robbers. After noticing a lonely visitor and his magnificent sword in precious sheath, the tramps flocked up and began to whisper. Then slowly raising the chopsticks Musashi effortlessly struck each of the four flies buzzing over the table in four quick, precise actions. The tramps watching this scene took to their heels making low bowsâ&#x20AC;?. Since the ancient times, the Master of the East practiced every day in meditation, their main goal was a profound knowledge of their inner world. Reasonably combining meditation with physical training, they learned to push the boundaries of the own consciousness through the deep concentration on the incoming external signals. That is, they tried to feel, see and hear the outside world with the whole body, moving to the higher levels of hypersensitivity - this is the secret of amazing instant reaction to any most unapparent, sophisticated and unexpected signal from the external environment. Therefore the mental training must be a necessary part of any system in martial arts. One of the books about Bruce Lee gives an example of sparring with a master of martial arts. He was very surprised by the responsiveness of arms and legs of Bruce Lee. Lee has anticipated any of his attacks. One got the feeling that he has a kind of sixth sense that helps him to read the thoughts of the opponent.

As you probably already guessed the secret of a quick response of Bruce Lee was at his highest level of mental development. Naturally, it was backed up by the excellent physical

shape and tireless search for the inner perfection. Thus, the mere ability to quickly wave arms and legs does not mean much. Bruce has often explained to his disciples that the technique knowledge alone is quite insufficient to make the Master from the disciple, if he is not imbued with the inner essence of the art he studies. Unique knowledge left us as a legacy of the great Bruce Lee, finally, is only a springboard to gain our own freedom and individual skill. Next, the own exciting journey is waiting for us, and who knows how far you will move towards your own excellence. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Your way is not my way, nor mine yours.â&#x20AC;? Bruce Lee

Unsolved mysteries of mastery of Bruce Lee

Whether or not we can get together, remember well that art “lives” where absolute freedom is. With all the training thrown to nowhere, with a mind perfectly unaware of its own working, with the “self” vanishing nowhere, real perfection can be reached. This is my short message to my brothers in martial arts. Bruce Lee

The time of legendary Bruce Lee has gone, and having shined as the brightest star in our hearts, he passed away quietly, taking with him the secrets of his unique mastery. Authentic biographical details on his methods of training and combat in real street fights, which have come down to us, are amazing examples of what is attainable by a human being who possesses clear and focused knowledge of principles for perfecting his individual martial art skills. Thus, we have approached the main question - the question which up to this day stirs imaginations of numerous followers of his Jeet Kune Do fighting styles.

What do we truly know about his path of spiritual self-improvement? Which ones of his secrets could be taken up and put to use and which ones could not? Since the answers to these questions are the most powerful weapon on the way towards your own mastery. That is, of course, if you could make these advantages serve your own ends. The section devoted to secrets of Bruce Lee mastership, will tell about his crush in ancient esoteric practices. He had rather large personal library which consisted not only of books about martial arts but also works on philosophy, occultism and meditation. Bruce Lee was on the hunt for a way to access internal “animal force”, thus entering new mastership level. And he found it… “I was with Bruce when he became a demon” - Taki Kimura tells. “And he knocked down husky fellows. But his power rested not only in his muscles. He often told a story about an old lady whose house was on fire. The most valuable thing for her was her piano installed at one of the upper floors. Without a thought she carried the piano out of the house. Later on, when the fire was extinguished, four men were needed to carry it back. Bruce was able to use this type of energy on his volition. His power was sourced from huge internal energy which he could control on his will”.

And now let’s consider more accurately how Master describes mysterious exertion of this power: “I don’t know whether it is divine gift or not but I feel enormous Power, inflexible strength, dynamic ability. This feeling cannot be described, and there is nothing similar it can be compared to. This is something like strong emotions mixed with faith but they are much stronger”. <…>“I feel that I have enormous creative and spirit Powers hidden inside. This Power of incredible force is stronger than faith, stronger than ambitions, stronger than selfconfidence, stronger than centrality of purpose, stronger than dreams. This is a complex of all mentioned. My mind is hypnotized by this dominating power I hold in my arms”. (JEET KUNE DO Bruce Lee`s Commentaries on the Martial Way. Phoenix, 2001. - 448 p). Even if you disregard these mysterious words of Bruce Lee, it is difficult to overlook display of his deep mystic experience. Undoubtedly, he realized that the top stage of internal development is in use of will - it is more important aspect than any technics. The person trained to manipulate with the own will, will have no equal in any kind of martial arts. It is the indisputable advantage – incredible in its strength. However, the will should not be confused with the manifestation of fortitude. Many strong-willed people are quite capable of deeds suggesting awe or admiration, but that all is something entirely different and not concerning the manifestation of will, which I am talking about. Will is something amazing, the gift of the gods and there is no reasonable way to explain what it is. Will is the indescribable power that comes only to those people who are trying to improve themselves not only physically but also spiritually.

Bruce Lee often liked to philosophize on this subject clearly emphasizing the tremendous opportunities which could open to the person, who has reached the release of his latent spiritual powers. “When a person comes to the realization of the great spiritual forces lying within him, and begins to use these powers in science, in business and in everyday life, his progress in all areas will be unparalleled.” (JEET KUNE DO Bruce Lee`s Commentaries on the Martial Way.“Phoenix”, 2001. – 448 p.)

In situations critical for a person, the will manifests itself clearly and powerfully by controlling our actions, sometimes rescuing people from imminent death. It just explains why a person can suddenly win the battle for his life, which he had to lose by all accounts. You can learn how to configure and control your will, feeling clearly how it pulls out through the abdomen at the site of Dien-Tien. Master, who knows how to manipulate his will CONSCIOUSLY, can stop any aggressor causing his sudden stupor and numbness very easily. Looking at the mythological tradition of the American Indians as the most ancient and also probably the most mysterious and bold form of the practice of awakening the superqualities of magical powers, we find that the powerful shamans of that time came close to fully solving this mystery. Thanks to the subtle practices of manipulating the conscious the shaman gains mystical control over his will.

What the shamans called the will is the amazing force that comes out of the lower belly as power threads bursting out. The will manifests itself mysteriously and is directly connected to the behaviors and actions we commit without thinking in our everyday lives. Strong-spirited and independent people have long and bright fibers; weak people, though, have short and underdeveloped threads. They aren’t capable of brave acts in everyday life, all their life is filled with worry and fear. Due to the special techniques, shamans were able to understand and act in the outside world by absolutely new way! In a much extended range of his personal perception and more complex. For example, it allowed them to “see” a person not as a biological object composed of flesh and blood, but as a conglomerate of energy fields with a set of strictly individual characteristics. By concentrating the will on certain areas of the human “cocoon”, you can achieve the total control over the enemy’s psyche or disappear out of sight of his usual perception of the world. Apparently here are coming from many legends about Shaolin monks, who were able to suddenly disappear from the battlefield if circumstances demanded, and materialize a few kilometers away, as if nothing had happened. Professor Emeral Mayer from the United States believes that when a person is in danger, it is “the abdominal brain” or “the navel center” (will) secretes the hormones, which configures the body, either to fight or to flee. Judging by the latest research, a person has recently discovered another nerve-center - a kind of second brain, which is located in the abdominal part of our body. It so happened that a human has neither one nor two, but three brains. The third one is

in our stomach! As of today it has been proved that there are about 100 million neurons in the abdominal brain. It is much more than in the spinal cord! And this is definitely a brain – it is able to store information, to learn by any experience, to influence our affection and well-being. Already in ancient times, many eastern mystics considered the belly as the center of equilibrium with the world around. Some techniques related to perception of the “umbilical center”, which can promote an unfledged adept far ahead on his or her way to the obliterate knowledge of the forefathers; have survived up to this day. Certainly, the beginners will find it hard to understand that slavish imitation of Bruce Lee’s training exercises would never move them closer even to his most modest achievements. Without connection to an additional source they are sure to fall short of the vital power, required for daily doing of such intensive trainings. Shortage of vital power will inevitably lead to a serious physical inanition of the body. However, we will return to this topic a bit later. And now, Dear Reader let us get to know the phenomenal physical capacities of Bruce Lee. (An alternative translation: It turned out to be that a person has not one, not two, but three brains. And the third one is located in the belly! As of today, it has been established that there are about 100 million neurons in the abdominal brain – this is more than in the spinal cord! And this is a true brain – it is able to remember information, learn from this or that experience and have an impact on our emotions and well-being. From the earliest times, a lot of Oriental mystics considered the abdominal part to be the center of equilibrium with the outside world. Some of the techniques related to the perception of the “umbilical center”, which may advance a beginner adept on his way to forgotten knowledge of the forefathers, were preserved up to our time. Of course, it will be hard for beginners to understand that without connection to an additional resource, slavish imitation of training complexes of Bruce Lee would never bring them closer even to his most modest results. Basically, they will not have enough

vital power for such intense daily trainings, which would inevitably lead to serious physical consumption. However, we shall return to this issue a little bit later, but for now, dear reader, letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s get acquainted with the phenomenal physical capacities of Bruce Lee. )

One may not believe that Bruce Lee had such supernatural abilities, but what one cannot deny is that all ancient martial arts were impregnated with esoteric practices and were primarily aimed to uncover and develop the spiritual powers of the combatants. The incredible, at first sight, legends about the miraculous abilities of the Shaolin monks and Ninjas may well be based on some real facts, if we consider that these schools have traditionally paid a lot of attention to the use of will in combats. In comparison with the physical aspects of the martial artsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; training the psychological preparation of warriors is far more complicated.

The sword warrior strikes not so much with the sword, but rather by the volition centre. This maxim holds true for each type of martial arts. The “Lubki”, the followers of an ancient Russian martial art, also pay a lot of attention to the development of the energy center located at the navel. The masters of this school often achieve very impressive results by redistribution of the body energy and by exciting the internal energy nodes. As it follows from the above, when considering the martial arts as an ANCIENT TEACHING in its integrity, we need to take into account the cultural, religious and philosophical aspects of them. The true training in the Oriental martial arts develops in a person a special state of AWARENESS and teaches to be ALERT and DETACHED not only during the fight, but also in the affairs of everyday life. A martial arts practitioner is unceasingly concentrated on the actions of the opponent and never misses anything of what is going on around him. At the same time his consciousness should always be detached so as to be able to timely and effectively ignite the will. When there is no strain and superfluous movements during the fight what comes is dynamic flexibility and relaxation. You won’t be able to control your opponent unless you get rid of strain and until you have achieved detachment. There should be no difference, whether we are facing a deadly enemy or a wild beast ready to tear us to shreds, most importantly is a sense of what our consciousness is projecting at this moment. We have to learn to develop a proper mood - it means selfcontrol, and at the same time to be detached. In a real fight, where there will be no rules, no limits, harmonious adjustment of our movements to actions of the enemy, as many eastern schools teach, is an elusive art. Your opponent is a human being, full of unexpected surprises. Therefore, learning to act in right mood in any stressful situation is more important than any technique.

Commonly, it often happens that a person in a life threatening situation is paralyzed by fear. Be sufficiently in right frame of mind means to let your will to act freely in a stressful situation. It is therefore very important to let go own obsessive mind and senses - this is the detachment and at the same time, we have to give control over own will.

To learn how to use the will – WE MUST PREPARE OURSELVES FOR SUCH A SUDDEN ACTION THAT WILL LEAD TO KNOWING THIS POWER INSIDE US. The first step to achieving this is a special state of “emptiness” of consciousness. It is important to learn deep meditation, that is, ability to listen to the sounds of world without any internal evaluation. Do not let obsessive mind create images of assessment; try to imagine that you hear all sorts of sounds for the first time, knowing nothing about their origin. To go beyond the habitual perception of the world and realize hidden opportunities of psyche, for the beginning it is necessary to rein own mind, to empty own “cup” of random thoughts and passions, to be said philosophically. Bruce Lee knew perfectly well the importance of preparatory meditation practices to achieve the emptiness of the mind: “Being empty means having no appearance, having no style or form to let opponent work on. Being tranquil means not having been created in its thusness – not being created means not having any illusions or delusions. <…> It is inexpressible because as soon as one tries to express it, what one expresses is itself a

thing, which means that by so doing one remains in the state of being linked with things.” (JEET KUNE DO Bruce Lee`s Commentaries on the Martial Way.” Phoenix “, 2001. 448.) The average person accustomed to be in a constant state of “mental noise” without even noticing it, being squeezed with mental judgments and frameworks that guide the course of his life; he cannot act spontaneously and be in the state of silent mind. This situation increases with age and can lead to the brink of mental or physical disease. Lack of proper study of the own unconscious motivation leads to the fact that people over and over again fall into the similar and unpleasant situations facing the same conflict relationships. For a student who has decided to seriously climb to the tops of Mastery, it is very important to have a high level of awareness and possess qualities such as fluidity, that is, free thinking not encumbered by any previous psychological traumas. Only in a state of mind emptiness, you can learn to trace our routines in the martial arts classes subjecting them to systematic and thorough investigation. It is very important for future progress, because the thorough analysis of our basic ideas about how our daily practice should look is the key to the real progress. So many of us not realizing it each year senselessly repeat the same pattern of behavior in training, which has become an unconscious habit, not bothering with thinking about what they really need to learn.

Pumping umbilical center (center “will”)

Stand up upright and regulate your breath, close your eyes. Breathe deeply and calmly, put your hands on your navel, legs slightly bent at the knees. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Imagine that a powerful ray that you can control goes from the center. Begin to make the rotational motion in a clockwise direction with this ray. With the exhalation through the open mouth, increase the ray intensity, and with the breath through the nose, decrease it. Further, when the feelings become clearer, direct the ray onto the floor and make the sweeping motions with it, there is no need to do deep breaths and exhalations; breathing should be natural. The meaning of exercise is the mental concentration on the umbilical center and its subsequent activation.

It suffices to repeat this exercise no more than 10 – 15 times. If you feel a little giddy and partial loss of orientation in space, rest a few minutes and repeat the exercise again. The body should get used to this unusual effect. It is important to maintain clarity of mind at that. Remember, the exercise is primarily focused on understanding of the umbilical center.

Sergey Matyushkov

Secrets of mastery of Bruce Lee Series “Esoteric martial arts”

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