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DPM II DIGITAL PORTFOLIO 2 December 2011 (amended on 13 December)

(Images by Schaffter Sahli)

The digital portfolio is an opportunity for you to compile, edit and organise the work you have produced up to this point in the Autumn Term (in both DPM and Studio). You are asked to produce an articulate and thorough account of your designs, design research, technical output, and representational work during the term and to format it digitally for online access.

TO INCLUDE IN YOUR DIGITAL PORTFOLIO Your digital portfolio should be a carefully compiled selection of work from each and every one of the DPM tasks plus your design work in Studio. You should include in the portfolio the following: 1. The results for each one of the tasks carried out as part of the DPM; i.e. ƒ Formfinding ƒ Digital image processing ƒ Praxis / drafting ƒ Technical illustration (Comparative Board) ƒ Digital Fabrication (Tectonic Board 2. Work from design studio to give a full account of your design intent and output for the housing project in Cardiff. For example: plans, sections, elevations, 3d models, renderings, photo-collage, and photos of physical models and digitally fabricated mock-ups, etc. Where possible you should present all the above mentioned work as one continuous narrative in which your DPM work is closely articulated within the rest of your studio work. Your portfolio should be structured (each item on the portfolio named, tagged, etc) and should clearly display your name in the opening section. INDESIGN To create your digital portfolio you are to use InDesign. InDesign is a software application produced by Adobe. It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and books. Architects, graphic designers and production artists are the principal users, and it is used for the creation of periodical publications, posters, and print media.

InDesign has many similarities with Illustrator, but is different in scope. While Illustrator has extra illustration tools for the production of single prints, InDesign has many in-built capabilities to deal with multiple prints in one same file, facilitating the design of a portfolio, a book, a magazine, etc. SUBMISSION (AMENDED ON 13 DECEMBER) The submission is online and has no physical component. The new submission deadline is 9 January 2012 at 17:00. To submit your portfolio follow these steps: 1. Upload your digital portfolio as a pdf on (you will need to open an account). 2. A link to your portfolio on should be submitted at the DPM II Digital Portfolio Submission Portal:

SOME EXAMPLES Use of formfinding diagrams: Full-page images: Technical process: Design Diary: Black Background: Analogue techniques: Use of unconventional formats: Use of data: Portfolio: Examples NOT to follow: Be careful to avoid: ƒ Changes of page size throughout document. ƒ Unfortunate choice of fonts / unnecessary use of too many font types. ƒ Use of black background without modifying the background of inserted images.


Digital Portfolio Brief  

Digital Portfolio Brief