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NANOMEDICINE According to statistics from the World Health Organization 16 million people die each year from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack, pneumonia, among others; this is the result of bad eating habits, virus and lack of exercise. Medicine uses some methods like medicaments and therapies that help to cure or calm the pain of diseases, nevertheless, these methods used by medicine usually cause secondary affects. For example, the medicaments contain chemicals that affect the internal organs, such as, the liver, the kidneys, among others. To help solve this problem Nanomedicine is conducting research with Nano sensors capable of detecting people’s diseases before these diseases could cause damage to diverse organs. In this document you will find the operations and benefits the N a n o

medicine could offer to medicine in the future. The Nanomedicine is part of an investigation carried out by the engineer Erick Karin Dlexer in 1970. It was discovered that by means of the Nanomedicine it is possible to manipulate atoms and molecules, and place them in a nanosensor with a device capable of detecting the viruses or the carcinogenic cells inside the body and eliminate them before the person gets sick


affects his/her internal organs.

This new research

seeks to improve the process that

medicine has used so

far, avoiding the secondary



medicaments cause. According to


nanomedicine in the future could


have three methods of

operation; in addition, this would

work by means of a nanosensors located inside the body of the people. According to the investigation, the three methods work in the following way. The first method would be called diagnosis, it occur when the nanosensor through its system detects

t h e

presence of a virus or cancer cells, activates it and eliminates it before it affects any internal organ. This method is one of the most relevant because it could prevent people from acquiring diseases. If the person is already sick and some of their organs are affected by a virus or carcinogenic cells. The second method is activated, the “Nanotherapy�. Its releases medicaments that directly attack the virus in the affected organ

without causing second effects in other organ. The third method is the Nano regenerative, which works regenerating the tissues affected by burns. In this method the Nano medicine wants to design structures that use stem cells and molecules that favor the growth of tissues in the affected area and that in a short time replace the lost tissues. These three methods could be a solution to the problems caused by diseases in people. However, Nano medicine needs to continue working to make it, given that it is necessary to verify that the system works correctly and cause no harm to the body of people. Researchers will perform initial test on animals to know if they could be applicable in humans without causing any secondary effects and obtain good results.

To conclude, Nano medicine with its three methods of operation could be a strategy in the future to help medicine to solve the problems of diseases and prevent so many people from dying, due to, cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, pneumonia among others. In addition, to prevent medicines used by traditional processes from causing secondary damage to the internal organs of people. And finally, Nano medicine can be a hope for people to enjoy a healthy life.

Mary Luz Bautista Bautista.

SMART HOUSE Can you imagine you were able to control your house from your smartphone? In fact, it is already possible with the technology called Smart House. This brand new technology turns a normal house into a house that can be controlled by means of a mobile phone. It provides a useful and efficient help to improve people quality of life, given that, Smart Houses Technology uses devices connected to the Internet to allow the supervision and manager the appliances and systems, such as lighting and heating. Also, Smart Houses is able to detect the presence of people, temperature, level of light and react to these stimuli that regulate the climate and lighting, Finally you can touch screens, PCs and mobiles, reaching high levels of confort, apart from getting energy saving. Although it is a expensive technology, it has some characteristics that in the long term can be turn into savings for your home. When you are not home, you forget something and you ask yourself: Did I turn off the coffee machine, Did I set the security alarm? Are the children doing the homework? With Smart House, you can know all these issues with a smartphone or tablet, Also, if you have a special dinner, you can transform the environments by changing the lighting levels, choosing the perfect scene, or if you just want to read a book, you can choose the optimal color and intensity of the light. Similarly if your children are sick, you can control the temperature of the room. Now. If you have to go to the hospital, the temperature is automatically reduced avoiding unnecessary heating costs. This is a good way to think about the welfare of your family, without forgetting to take care of the planet. This kind of technology helps the planet's conservation, since it proposes the use of renewable energies such as solar panels, natural lighting, wind energy, and, methane gas so as to promote the culture of conservation of the environment in the human being. It is time to start using more technology focused on facilitating the daily activities of our home and most importantly, be aware of the conservation of the planet. Johana Fisgativa


In recent years conventional surgery has been significantly improved by a new type of surgery: “The Robotic Surgery�. It is a technique in which a surgeon performs a surgery using a console that controls very small instruments fixed to a robot. Therefore, there are some important characteristics of this type of surgery such as, the reduce of the death risk during the procedure, given that the incisions are smaller than the conventional surgery. It also decreases recovery times and the intense pain after the procedure. Besides, it reduces lodging expenses in the hospital and gives more service opportunities to other patients. So, this article will talk about the main robots used nowadays, which are Zeus and Da Vinci systems.

Engineers have been working in the creation of surgical robots that allow doctors to perform many types of complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control that is not possible with conventional techniques. One of the most important advances in these robots was the Zeus system, used for cardiac interventions, especially in mammary arteries and coronary bypass. Zeus consists of two main parts: The place for the patient and the place for the surgeon. This equipment has three arms; two arms are moved by the surgeon's orders and hold the instrumental and a third arm holds two camcorders. These three arms are independent of the operating table and join the console that controls the surgeon.

Afterward, Da Vinci system was launched in 2000. It consists of a biomedical equipment that has a camera arm and three others arms with surgical instruments, managed by the surgeon from a console next to the table that gives a 3D vision and high definition of the operation area. Its main advantage in relation to the Zeus system is that its arms are much thinner and easier to handle. It has advantages very similar to the Zeus ones, which aims to guarantee better results during surgical procedures. This robot is specially used to treat prostate cancer and other urinary conditions. However, it is also applicable to other fields such as gynecology, general surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery or cardiac surgery.

In sum, “Robot Surgery� is no longer science fiction and is used in many parts of the world in minimally invasive surgeries. Every advance with the aim of ensuring patient safety and expands care capacity in medical centers. Technology has reached surprising levels in the health field, and promises even better equipment to facilitate the work of doctors and guarantee better surgical procedures. Thus, the evolution of medical technology continues bringing to the world great benefits that allows better health care and a decrease in severe procedures, proving that it is the right way to follow current medicine’s advances.

Maria Fernanda Moya Sastoque Skills 3

Climate control in greenhouses

Flores La Mana SAS cultivates a large number of export flowers of different colors, textures and varieties that are sent to the United States to satisfy the demand of customers. Flowers La Mana SAS has been working in the adaptation of greenhouses by means of an automatic control that provide the most optimal physiological conditions for the production of flowers through the monitoring of climatic characteristics that are changing at this time due to global warming. For this reason it is necessary to implement technology that allows to measure and control variables such as temperature, relative humidity and radiation.

The automatic control is a software with a special application designed to manage the climatic variables of a greenhouse that allows to take care of the crop and to prevent the diseases of the plants. One of the current aims the company has to guarantee is to obtain better harvests. Nevertheless, we cannot change the weather outside the greenhouse but it can be done inside as it happens with the temperature, that is a condition that allows the plant to accumulate the sufficient amount of degrees per day. That guarantees the opportunity of the harvest because if it is too hot, the plants would get ready before the desired date and when it is too cold the production will be delayed which generates high monetary losses. So it is necessary to control this parameter through ventilation and irrigation. The ideal temperature for a greenhouse is 18-25 ° C and additional to this, it also controls the relative humidity which is another very important factor inside the greenhouse.

Humid air contributes directly to the problems, such as root and leaf diseases, slow drying of the substrate, plant stress, loss of quality, and loss of production. If the humidity is very high or very low, the loss of quality reduces the selling price of crops and increases production costs, which consequently reduces profits. For that reason it is necessary to control the sources, to diminish the unwanted entries of water by means of the installation and adequate maintenance of polyethylene covers, use of forced ventilation and use of automatic curtains. An ideal value of relative air humidity ranges between 45 and 60%. For its control, humidity sensors are placed inside the greenhouse (hygrometer). Automation and climate control are indispensable today for any greenhouse, so it is necessary to use equipment such as fans, heaters, sprinklers, automatic curtains and thermal screens. The implementation of these systems have a high cost so it must be done in stages, approximately it has a value of 5 dollars per square meter. We have seen that the climate in our region is very variable since we can have all the seasons in the same day making the production of our crops very difficult, that is the reason why the use of new technologies, mechanization of processes and implementation of engineering is required into ours greenhouses. Therefore we could guarantee a sustainable production with healthier plants, greater profitability and less use of chemicals that contaminate water and the environment. In such a way the emphasis is on the use of information systems, automation of equipment and infrastructure for the development of agriculture. Therefore I am inviting you to believe in this field and in the technification of agriculture, both to produce flowers and to produce food. 
 Wilfredo Moya


Do you need an intelligent and safe car? Ford cars have incorporated brand-new technologies to make the driving experience adjusted with electronic support to improve safety with the vehicle stopped or in motion. Ford has incorporated in its vehicles different electronic assistants or electronic help to facilitate the conduction or to prevent accidents and improve comfort. This technology is offered for people who want to change their lifestyle due to the need to generate higher comfort, safety and to help the driver to find parking. That is called “the Assistant Recognition System to Parking�. On the other hand, this company has been adapting the best technologies and protecting the environment with its Eco boosts engines. These engines have been an important hit to differentiate Ford from the other competition brands. Nevertheless, without leaving the design of its vehicles, the company has focused with greater emphasis in developing new technologies to facilitate the interface in the vehicle and the customer such as the Assistant Keyless, that is a technology in which you don`t need the key.The latest Ford Technology is made with innovative designs to see and feel them, according to what the client wants or needs. The Assisted Parking is an electronic help activated by the driver.

This assistant is

responsible for finding parking spaces and to make and necessary turns of steering wheel.

The system monitors free spaces on the left on the right to park the car.

When detecting an available space, the system generates auditory signals to driver to change the gearshift and consequently, the assisted parking takes control of the steering wheel at this moment. The driver only has to operate the gas pedal and the brake pedal while the system makes the necessary calculations to park in the detected place. When finished parking, the driver can disactivate the assistant. This help is very important for people who find difficult to park their vehicle in small spaces, it is fast and safe, and you can keep your car and the people from shocks and damages. Eco boost engines developed by Ford are more powerful, efficient and smaller. These engines provide excellent performance and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The engines are designed with light materials that increase the torque and decrease the CO2 emissions. When the engines generate a cooler and denser load, the high pressure and direct injection system allows to reduce fuel consumption. The high torque of the turbocharger improves the overall performance

of the engine. Also, the special aluminum coatings generate less friction to reduce weight and to increase efficiency and reduce noise in the vehicle`s interior. The Keyless is an assistant that allows you to enter the vehicle and start the engine without remove the key from your pocket.

An antenna detects when the remote

control is approaching and enables the ignitions functions and accessories inside. It is possible to turn the engine on and off, use the heater, windshield wipers and audio only pressing the Ford Power button. That is located near the steering wheel and for safety the starting only occurs if the clutch or brake is pressed together with the button. Key less assistant technology is a differentiating factor to help the driver in small additional tasks and to give a better range to the vehicle. All vehicles are designed with innovative technologies that focus on facilitating driving, improving safety inside and outside the vehicle.

The designs have been

adopted to the need of comfort, power, space and for the easy interaction between the driver and the vehicle. Therefore, you can to see its internal and external design and feel when you test the engine and its accessories. Also listen to with the warning sounds when you activate the assistant that you need.

According to your

geographical location and taste there is a vehicle designed for you. Also, you can see and try the vehicle that you like most at the Ford stand, you can ask, touch and enjoy it to make the decision to buy it. This is an opportunity to buy a vehicle low in CO2 emissions. We are sure that it will be an excellent inversion for your work or to enjoy it with your family or friends.


BlazePod: A new technique to train the body and the mind

Are you tired of the traditional workout techniques to lose weight or get a healthy body? Do not you worry because now, in this article you will discover the principal characteristics about a new workout method to take care of your health. As a matter of fact, the BlazePod is a famous sports technique that helps to train your brain and your body while running and touching lights. This technique is efficient because american professionals involved in training and neuroscience from Ilion’s University have discovered that the brain is 70 % stimulated using this kind of workout. As a result, BlazePod improves mental and physical skills when working with movements and intermittent lights distributed in different places all around you. Therefore, everybody could lose weight and stimulate mental processes while using the BlazePod technique.

The first aspect to bear in mind is that BlazePod is a high technology system with lights placed on the floor where the person must run, touch and turn the light off. The BlazePod technique works as follows: Firstly, the trained will run inside an area surrounded by lights, next the trainer in his smartphone will turn the lights on intermittently, meanwhile the trained has to run where these lights are located and press the lights down to turn them on, then he will do the same movements with the other intermittent lights. The trainer can control the BlazePod system and its lights with an application from a smartphone, he can change the color, order and speed of lights. In summary the objective in the BlazePod technique is keep all the lights turned off; this method uses high technology to give a different experience in the sport.

! Now, to continue explaining the details of the Blazepod you must know the benefits. This sport’s technique gives two results, the first is the body skills and physical appearance. The second one is the mental speed and efficacy. In first place, BlazePod strengthens the body systems like muscles or bones, improves abilities of movement and lose corporal weight because you must do physical activity like running. Now in second place, BlazePod stimulates the mind and its processes because that gives a lot of fast stimulus, for this reason the brain must use the cells and nervous parts for transporting the electric and natural information. According to a study made in Naperville school at the United States, the physical activity and exercise with visual signals can develop some changes in the neurons and its structure like a dendrites and axon, getting as result the dendrites proliferation and myelinization. Basically, this process creates new dendrites and generates the covering of axon with a liquid substance. They allow to make more connections with other neurons and as a result the nervous system could transport more information and send it in less time. Therefore, they are using the brain and the body to do intelligent movements, giving fast mental and physical answers. Overall, they can experiment different kinds of workout improving the mental - learning and physical - movement skills.


This sport’s technique that has been developed with high technology called BlazePod helps you get an excellent performance in your job or school because it was created to change lives and mentalities about the workout. This technique gives you benefits, such as help to lose weight, strengthen your physical skills like speed, endurance or coordination and overall stimulate your brain or cells to improve your mental skills like attention, reasoning and orientation; Therefore, use BlazePod technique will help you be a healthy person with better body functions and mental skills.

Ramiro Eduardo Moreno Vaca

TECHNOLOGY WEAPONS TO PROVIDE NATIONAL SECURITY What the role of technology in weapons is for the security of a nation or continent? Over the years, technology has advanced in all fields, such as medicine, communications, and even in electronic devices Therefore it is the best strategy for a country, or for a nation it is persue of technify and improve its weapons as a means of security. "But, why do we have to think about the need for technological weapons, if we have instruments that we should discard for the good of humanity�. The simple reason is that each country wants to take care of its resources, for that reason they have created armed groups like ISIS or AQAEA, that follow a ideals and simply defends the security of a nation. For this reason new technologies emerge. In this article I will mention two weapons that have helped us, to control in some part the security of all of us. These weapons are known as BOEING HEL MD and ARMATRIX IP1. These two technological weapons, are a short description of the deployments and technology, in weapons that has surpassed any expectation of chemical substances, nuclear or laser weapons. Within the evolution and implementation of new technologies, we find the experience of working and interacting with weapons interesting since they can be manipulated with a command or a voice recognition, in addition, these can be easily located with the technological advance. For example, the BOEING HEL MD is one of the weapons, which for my concept is the most useful for war or for military intelligence purposes. BOEING HEL MD is designed to capture any type of artifact such as: guns, drones or missiles. This weapon has a radar that locates and intercepts through laser, enemy equipment’s or weapons. It also has an infrared camera that allows monitoring at night. In case of enemy

attacks, like drones, they act as a neutralizer blocking the drone, and taking it to the ground with a parachute, not to be destroyed by the impact and bring it in good condition to the base and explore the information of the enemies. The Boeing is just a technological weapon that brings together all the technological discoveries, such as controlled manipulation and attacks or defenses through a remote control. The advance in technological weapons, has also become a challenge to ensure safety and protection. At the time of the manipulation of some weapons, that is why the ARMATRIX IP1 was designed, to handgun "bracelet" used above all, for the armed forces. This has the advantage that it could be activated by the person to whom it was assigned; This weapon is very sophisticated, although it is very expensive in many countries. Also it’s creators are thinking of implementing it as a support for security. The Armatix iP1 is a magazine-fed, semi-automatic pistol which uses smart gun technology. The pistol is chambered for the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridges. It is designed and manufactured by the German company Armatix. The iP1 is marketed as a James Bond-style handgun that can only be fired by an authorized user. Finally, the importance of technology in weapons is very important, on this depends the security and survival of living beings; it is a reality, and just as we can use technological advances for security. It can also be used improperly or with malicious purposes, in other words, the human being is responsible for its existence or its extinction, for this reason, I invite you to use assertive communication and not weapons. peace begins with you, in your education and way of being.

Alejandro Soler

FOODINI This is a new technology that allows you to cook faster, anytime, anywhere. The invention has its own name: Foodini. Faced with the problem of lack of daily time, the company Natural Machines, based in Barcelona, has developed a revolutionary printer to use with fresh products, with the mission of ending fast food junk and eating well. By promoting cuisine with fresh ingredients,

Foodini handles the difficult and long

parts of food preparation that often

discourage people from creating

home-cooked foods. Foodini

helps create a tasty or sweet

cuisine. The food is real food,

made from fresh ingredients

prepared before printing.

Another built-in functionality

is its use as a 3d scanner, with

which to replicate existing

objects, (chocolate for example),

or use it to decorate ready-made

food. The big difference compared to other printers is that it uses fresh products, and that shows in the final taste. Your customers will go from individual users to chefs with stars, as these seconds are becoming increasingly interested in 3D cooking.

Foodini is a device connected to the Internet. It has a touch screen on the front from which the printing of food is managed, you need to fill the capsules and choose the recipe. Once the recipe you want to print has been chosen, which can also be done from another network device, such as a tablet or laptop, Foodini indicates the ingredients that should be placed in the different capsules. Then you can already be ordered to go to work. Some dishes, such as cookies, are printed in a matter of minutes. Others may take 20 minutes or half an hour, depending on the complexity of the recipe and, of course, the number of guests. Foodini performs the most laborious part of the process of making a dish, which is what often deters people who have little time to cook or lack of desire to do so and ends up choosing to eat prepared food.

Sebastian Portela

3D food printing may seem frivolous, but it would solve one of the biggest problems facing space travel: packaging and food preparation. With a printer and a series of basic foods could create countless recipes without having to prepare each food separately, package it, store it and then prepare it. Also, if printing a pizza does not make you feel like you live in the future, what will it do? 3D food printing may seem frivolous, but it would solve one of the biggest problems facing space travel: packaging and food preparation. With a printer and a series of basic foods could create countless recipes without having to prepare each food separately, package it, store it and then prepare it. Also, if printing a pizza does not make you feel that you live in the future, what will it do?

According to the CEO of Natural Machines, Emilio Sepulveda, the price of Foodini is â‚Ź 1000, and although we believe that this technology still has some development time to settle in the domestic sphere, yes that in principle can be very suitable for environments such as restaurants, wishing to surprise their customers with different and original dishes. This will also allow the chefs to unleash their creativity and allow us to create recipes and uses, which in the future can be migrated to the kitchens of our homes. What we have no doubt, is that this type of technology is here to stay and although now they are small companies with big ideas that struggle to open a hole, sooner or later some multinational food or appliance popularize and credit and the effort are in Machines and their 3d printer

end up going by the hoop, although the charge of entrepreneurs like Natural Foodini.

Sebastian Portela

IMMERSE IN THE VIRTUAL REALITY Today's virtual entertainment has been expanded with technological advances that project investments of constant and incredible changes to the sensorial fascination of the human being. The emerging new technologies such as virtual reality and its contribution as a tool in the applications and uses of different fields are the top of the entertainment industry producing continuous news in the world. Virtual reality is the perfect combination of hardware, software and sensory synergy, which achieves a sense of presence. That is, it produces a set of data that is then used to develop new models, training methods, communication and interaction. This environment is contemplated by the user through virtual reality glasses or helmet devices, gloves or special suits, which allow a greater interaction with the environment as well as the perception of different stimuli that intensify the sensation of reality. The application of virtual reality, although initially focused on the field of entertainment and video games, has been extended to other fields, such as medicine, architecture, education, simulations, among others.

Virtual reality in education is suitable for teaching, due to its ability to capture students' attention through immersion in virtual worlds related to different branches of knowledge, which can help to learn the contents of any subject. You can use this tool so that students have a new learning experience. For example, in the university it is used for practical purposes and to generate experience in different topics such as: history, biology and languages. Virtual reality includes what is necessary to teach students who have learning problems, for example high-grade attention deficit disorder, dislexya or impaired memory and auditory processing. The possibilities of virtual reality and education are endless and offer many advantages such as: it increases student, attention and improves group work skills, improves student's communicative and linguistic skills and help children with difficulties to retain information from textbooks to better process content, among others; and the best is.
 That it is of all ages.

In medicine, virtual reality can be used to develop surgical simulations or threedimensional images of the human body that students in this field can explore. The main application in this case is the "remote" interventions in which the surgeon does not operate directly, but manages a robot with which he is performing the steps of the surgery. Doctors will be able to work on 3D models created from the results of radiological data obtained from their patient, any organ, muscle or bone. In addition, virtual reality can be used to treat phobias and psychological disorders

In the field of architecture, virtual reality gives architecture companies a tool with incredible potential to visualize buildings. and estate subject to future construction. Its applications: exploration of virtual scenarios built or to be built, study of structural behavior of buildings submitted to efforts of different conditions, recreation or visualization of landscaping projects among it allows to visualize and to move through the different spaces before being built, but it also allows modifications to be made before the project is executed.

Finally, it is highlighted that virtual reality has different applications in different fields. In the education exploring, active and didactic learning; medicine as a simulator of medical practices for patients and help in the deep study of the anatomy of the human being; and in the architecture as a manufacturer of 3D graphics, surroundings, structures, colonies, prototypes and others. Virtual reality is a field of study with hundreds of applications that improve hardware and software technology, activating different programming languages, interacting through devices such as glasses or helmets. The Virtual reality provides many opportunities for development at society; it is a way of comfort, interaction and fun; that stimulates feelings and sensations. Immerse yourself in the mute of virtual reality J. Castrillรณn Gaviria


What are drones? And why this type of technology is important? A few years ago, technologies tried to create prototypes that help carry out tasks that people couldn´t, didn’t want or were very dangerous to do. Aught made one of the most outstanding advances and, that attract the attention of all in recent years. They are called Drones. The one small unmanned flying devices that can be controlled remotely. Obviously, a device of this nature would surprise anyone who raise his head and see it flying over the city ready to deliver a package to perform surveillance tasks. Developed and put into service a few years ago, drones can be used in many tasks, achieving actions that human couldn’t perform. Drones are aerial vehicles that can be controlled remotely. These devices were designed to perform dangerous tasks that people can’t do, such as scanning or cleaning up toxic waste. In addition, they are extremely useful to control forest fires, geology, agriculture, construction, control and analysis of traffic in large cities, among many other tasks, since they are very economical to operate. They don't require inputs or fuels, and don't endanger the lives of those who pilot them. Therefore, these prototypes in recent years have been very useful and quite commercial. The drone itself has a value at least 60 times lower than a helicopter. In this sense, the flexibility and the possibility of being able to control this device remotely while keeping the operator out of danger is the appropriate response to this type of situation. Not all the uses that can be given to a drone have to do with dangerous or industrial operations, since recently more simple models have been introduced in the market designed to be used for recreation and free time activities, video or augmented reality games. In fact, in the field of video and photography, drones have been used to mount cameras in such a way, they are able to take aerial photographs because, they have the advantage of flying lower and closer to the people than a real helicopter and have many more possibilities of maneuvering than a crane arm. The drones open a whole new range of possibilities to photojournalism and filmmakers.

Drones have become one of the most sought after gadgets in the world, since they can complement our work, as well as provide hours and hours of fun. In this sense, there are many activities in which we can rely on a drone. However, not all drones are suitable for all tasks, since they are differentiated by their characteristics such as autonomy, speed and

Michael AndrĂŠs MuĂąoz Pardo robustness among many others. Their uses will grow up as the years go by, to go from the extraordinary to the common life.

Technoevolution Skills 3  
Technoevolution Skills 3