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My Knowledge on Language Structure Sergio del Ojo

Unit 1

Word-building: 

Charge: Supercharge/ Overcharge/ Undercharge

Estimate: Underestimate/ Overestimate

Media: Multimedia/ Micromedia

Net: Internet/ Cybernet

Piracy: Antipiracy/ Cyberpiracy.

Pirate: Cyberpirate.

Think: Rethink.

Preposition place: Criminal

















Misprision of felony







Unit 2 Negative prefixes: 

Healthy: Smoking is an unhealthy habit.

Patient: Wait for me! Don´t be so impatient!

Humane: He thinks hunting is cruel and inhumane.

Decisive: I don´t know what to do – I´m feeling very indecisive.

Legal: The law is clear. Copying DVDs is illegal.

Honest: He´s always lying. He´s really dishonest.

Trustful: As I get older, I´ll probably become more responsible and less distrustful.

Responsible: I don´t like people who are irresponsible.

Logical: When I´m tired, I´m illogical.

Moral: In my opinion, war is immoral.

Faithful: I think that a girlfriend or boyfriend should be unfaithful.

Unit 3 Vocabulary: 

Trickle down to: Gradually benefit the poorest as a result of the increasing wealth of the richest.

Downturn: A decline in economic or other activity.

Dismal: Causing or showing gloom or depression.

Frugality: Sparing or economical as regards money or food.

Laid off: Having lost your job.

Allowances: An amount of money that can be earned or received free of tax.

Handouts: An amount of money or other aid given to a needy person or organization.

Indulgences: The state or attitude of being indulgent or tolerant.

Slump: Fail or decline substantially or over a prolonged period.

Income: Money received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments.

Hands-on experience: When someone gets to be involved and to practice something to gain experience.

Credit crunch: The ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.

Put a lot of strain on: Make a very big effort when you do something.

To instill: Gradually but firmly establish in someone's mind.

Scarce: Insufficient for the demand.

Deter: Insufficient for the demand.

Seizing on the teachable moments: Seize the opportunities that you could learn.

Unit 4 Word-building: 

This is soup made with chicken. This is chicken soup.

I´ve got an exam which lasts two hours tomorrow. I’ve got a two-hour exam tomorrow.

You can read about it in the newspaper written by students. You can read about it in student newspaper.

I caught a fish which weighed four kilos. I caught a four-kilo fish.

We need to buy tickets for the cinema. We need to buy cinema tickets.

We´re going to see a film about a war. We are going to see a war film.

Verbs:  Have a good/ a bad/ an enjoyable time/ day/ weekend.  Feel good/ bad/ sad (about something)  Take something seriously/ well/ badly  Be or get excited/ angry/ depressed/ worried (about something)  Be the funny/ sad/ bright/ dark side (of things)

My Knowledge on Language Structure  

My Knowledge on Language Structure

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