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Neo Semiotic Structuralism Neo semiotic structuralism is a method of analyzing cultural, artistic and literary. The Neostructuralism, semiotics seeks to find the symbolic relations between the work and analyzed social and cultural context. In seeking arise allegories, metaphors, and inventions intersemiotic translations that give aesthetic, poetic and meaningful to the work. The Neo semiotic structuralism has as its creator Professor and poet Jayro Luna. In the book Theory of Neo-structuralism Semiotic presents the theoretical basis of the method. The group Genes - Study Group of the Neo-Structuralism Semiotic develops research studies the application and improvement of the method. One of the fundamental concepts of the Neo-Structuralism and Semiotic is a idea of Resignification (reinterpretation, remeanig...) . In this concept the symbolic relationship between the work and socio-cultural context becomes a new symbiotic relationship that reveals the structural aspects of the figures. Another important aspect of Neo semiotic structuralism is the idea that any work of art has a symbolic nature, "the result of an ongoing series of conventions and rules about the use of language and communication system, based on a modern tension between tradition and transgression. but there are other symbols in the social space to share and sometimes compete with the work in the process of cultural formation of society. Discover the possible relationships between these symbols exterior and the interior is part of the Neo semiotic structuralism” (LUNA, 2006. p. 43.) In the opinion of the Philadelpho Menezes "Neo Semiotic structuralism comprises a theoretical arsenal sufficient for analysis of Intersign Poetry, demonstrating the multiple meanings constructed in the process of composition. Among the published works include: "The Tree of Life between God and the Devil in Milton, Goethe, and Saramago" - chapter of the book Theory of Neo semiotic structuralism (in Portuguese) - comparative analysis of works "Paradise Lost" (John Milton), "the Faust "(Goethe) and" the Gospel According to Jesus Christ "(José Saramago) which all show a relationship between these works with the structure of sephirot of Kabbalah. "Censorship in Three Stanzas to Artists of the Centuries of Nostradamus" - chapter of the book About Music, Poetry & Cinema (LUNA, 2011). "The Holographic Paradigm in a sonnet Gregorio" (LUNA, 2011) "The Neo-structuralism and Semiotic Poetry Intersign" - Philadelpho Menezes, Sao Paulo, paper, 1997. "The Genesis of a young poetry in the fight against Paupéria of Utopia" - Karl Verdi, in Revista Diálogos, n. 1, 2009. "The sign of the mystery in Dan Brown, Umberto Eco and Perez Reverte" - Cristina Marques, Revista Diálogos, no. ° 7, 2012. References: LUNA, Jayro. Teoria do Neo Estruturalismo Semiótico. São Paulo, Vila, Rica, 2006. REVISTA DIÁLOGOS: Revista de Estudos da Contemporaneidade. Recife, PE, Brasil. Números 1 e 7.

Neo Semiotic Structuralism  

a concept of neo semiotic strucutralism

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