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pproaching ladies may cause one to feel nervous. Understanding that the incorrect approach can end a possible relationship before it even has a chance to grow can add to the anxiety one goes through during this time. It can be challenging to find the right first line, staying calm when you say it and sounding confident without appearing cocky. If you want to approach a woman, here are some steps you can take. Stop worrying bout getting rejected Stop allowing this fear to mess up your chances before you even try. Women rarely respond by getting angry, being rude, or acting offended when they are approached. You are doing something that is flattering when you approach them and will likely give somewhere between a neutral and positive response. If you are approaching a girl for first time the you can use magnetic messaging free. Don't be classified to the friend-zone When approaching a lady, try to evade being classified as a friend at all costs. If you behave all shy and innocent whenever you approach girls, you might eventually find yourself in the dreaded friend zone. Don't disguise the truth that what you’re doing is trying to ask her out on a date. Saying a compliment or two can be useful, but showering her with superlatives is the quickest way to the possible friend category. When you compliment her, avoid “cute” and “pretty” and opt for “stunning” and “gorgeous” instead. Begin a conversation by asking a question If you’re at a bar or club and a woman catches your attention, asking her a casual question is a great way to begin a conversation. For example you can ask her what time 2

it is or what’s the name of the drink she ordered. If she doesn’t wish to keep the conversation going after your first question, no worries. You can move onto the next girl without a bruised ego. Approaching the girl for first time by message please go for magnetic messaging download. Text her It is common for men to ask women out on a date throgh texting. The lady that you want to go out on a date with probably receives plenty of text messages from other interested fellas. You will just fade into the background if you send her canned, uninteresting and meaningless texts. Instead, send her entertaining and playful texts that will entice her. Keep your exchanges light-hearted, so don’t ask a lot of questions. If anything, this will just make her find you too tiresome to text with, and might dissuade her from texting you back. Avoid being cheesy and try not to seem too available. Don’t reply immediately to all her messages. This makes you appear more unpredictable and mysterious, which can increase your appeal. Texting a lady is an art. Guides available for download online like Magnetic Messaging can be useful.


Pointers on approaching a lady you wish to date  

Approaching females could cause one to feel nervous. Understanding that the bad approach can destroy a prospective relationship before it ev...