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SPEED DEMON The new Aurora is available with high-speed processors Intel ® Core ™ i7 six cores on factory accelerated options MEMORY1 ² and quad channel DDR3 to help you crush your opponents. For all lovers of computer games, we recommend that MASN smart option is to purchase an Alienware Aurora, Dell brand ownership. The new Alienware Aurora comes fully loaded with high performance components and ready to support him in battle. Is he MicroATX gaming desktop ever forged stronger by Alienware.


The new Aurora is available with stunning graphics cards and multi-screen technology to make their games so absorbent that not only drag it into another world. We may never leave him again. 

Ggraphic options AMD CrossFireX ™ multi GPU1 enliven their games. All graphics cards that are offered with the new Aurora using GDDR5 graphics memory more advanced, so you can squeeze the settings and play with high intensity graphics. Connect up to six displays simultaneously with multiple display option supported by technologies such as AMD Eyefinity. You will appreciate the spacious and attractive landscape of the games and the tactical advantages that brings that vision. The new Aurora is compatible with Full HD (1080p) and the NVIDIA ® 3D Vision ², to provide a gaming experience so similar to real life than the enemy soldiers and renegade mercenaries jump off the screen to the classroom.

With 3rd generation CPU Intel ® Core i7 Six Core Extreme, with up to 15 MB of internal memory cache DDR31 quad channel configurations up to 1600 MHz, you get the speed and performance you need to dominate the gaming world. Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 can give your PC a boost in processing power when you need it most. The AlienFusion power management to manage the energy demands of the computer, so you can decide when you need maximum performance or when to retract to less intensive applications. If you need that little extra push for accelerated processing factory on the new Aurora offers an unlocked BIOS for yourself on the CPU speed to 4.2 GHz 2

POWER AND PERFORMANCE With up to four hard drives, easily updatable, and optional sound card Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi, and performance software and pre-installed games, can rise proud and enjoy the thrill of victory. 

Dual graphics capabilities and power up to 450 W dedicated graphics hardware pushed to the absolute limit. Submit your games to a high performance training to dominate the competition. Enjoy the sounds of battle sound card Creative SoundBlaster X-FI clearly designed to play audio from HD games and entertainment. Stock up software from day one. The new new Aurora comes with pre-installed Steam, plus the option of EVE Online and offers that include McAfee ® Security Center, AlienRespawn ™ and optional stage with SyncUP powered by Nero, to name a few.

Testing some games on the new Alienware Aurora.

Inside you can see how each components is better than the other.

The perfect computer

Overgrowth is an upcoming action video game under development by Wolfire Games. It was announced on September 17, 2008 for all three major computer platforms: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The game plays as a 3D thirdperson action game, set in a preindustrial world of anthropomorphic fighter rabbits, wolves, dogs, cats and rats. The game is designed by David Rosen, mainly known in the Mac game development community for having placed well in the game development contest uDevGames three years in a row.

Fight with your friends in other world of anthropomorphic fihter rabbit Overgrowth will be based on a new game engine called the 'Phoenix Engine'. The engine includes a number of useful features like an animation handler in which animations can be smoothly blended between, a scripting system using AngelScript that is tied into the game engine allowing for a lot of control over various engine features, and an ambient sound system. The game will be shipped with a fully featured level editor and the developers want to make sure that the tools required to mod the game will not be too costly or preferably free.

Build your own home. Choose the windows, the door, the material height where make their furniture or decoration and exploits your imagination

Choose from five different beings as a rabbit, wolf, dog, rat or cat. Overgrowth will build on the gameplay of its predecessor Lugaru. Its fighting system will be based around context-sensitive attacks, reversals, high mobility and reliance on environment. As of now, the game has a Sandbox mode with a level editor, animation editor,and more.

Overgrowth picks up where Lugaru left off, with the world in a state of de facto anarchy. After killing the corrupted king, Turner, the main character, refused to take his place, instead choosing to leave the monarchy headless and wander the island in search of some new purpose. The history appears to build on that premise, as concept art shows a chaotic world with tall structures overrun by vegetation, and inhabited by fierce rabbits, wolves, rats, cats and dogs, trying to survive with simple weapons and makeshift armor. Some concept art shows a city with an organic layout.

Discover extraordinary landscapes with incredible graphics

Serious Sam Double D XXL, will be the February bombing. Serious Sam may not be the most famous person in the world that is clear. But it is also worth mentioning is that he is the type that does not go unnoticed and followed the path of other tough guys like Duke Nukem brazen, for example. It is true that after a debut more interesting back in the century the franchise has been losing strength and prestige over the years (and following subsequent deliveries of questionable quality), but Mommy's Best Games has sought to rescue saga ashes and revive in a very different with this new proposal, Serious Sam DD XXL

A track and gives us his own title with the addition of "XXL", but Croteam us makes clear: apart from the 18 campaign missions and 12 original maps challenges, receive more missions, more challenges, more enemies, and local co-op mode for two people.

Progresses through levels full of enemies and give them their due with one of the many weapons that are able to wield.

The proposed new version are not very numerous but relevant. And the main one has to do with the inclusion of a cooperative mode doubles (to action adds the unspeakable Dan Huffington), option significantly increases the performance of the title ... despite its great limitation: does not support online mode, local only. Do not really know the reason for this, but in our opinion is a "but" it is not easy to ignore at this point. Also incorporated new levels (the aforementioned phases strangers aboard vehicles), unpublished rivals (such as Torcher called Kitties), dozens of newly minted weapons and half a dozen scenarios in which you may participate in races in deathmatch plan. Not that they are particularly significant additions, but at least add some freshness to the title and enjoyed in PC.

The two-player cooperative mode is one of the best assets that holds this crazy title Turning now to the technical level, the game is proving pretty basic ... but strangely attractive. On the one hand both the funds and the modeling of all the characters, including the characters, it's just okay to be generous. What happens is that some of the designs that hold the enemies (chimpanzees, giant rodents, flies, types headless skeletons ...) are quite hilarious, reaching heights exaggerated when it comes time to deal with the bosses. To this is added a colorful special effects very prominent and quite good.

Throughout the adventure is possible to use a vast assortment of weapons, both conventional and fictitious.

From the moment in which they announced new Bioshock hands of the guys at Irrational Games, the excitement and expectations were difficult to control. The reasons were related to the brilliant success of the original game, in 2007, which still numbered among the best releases of the shooter genre in recent times. So with those precedents the idea of having another product of the same studio and the same name was unusually suggestive. We can say that the script is disturbing and surprising, becoming deserving of the same virtues that the original BioShock, but taking a few steps forward that allows us to speak of a greater narrative. Now the story has more pure sense of the word. For example our hero is no longer a mere silent witness to what happens, now speaks participates, and in fact has an important role in everything we are told ... Although we can’t participate in their actions, since our choices are limited to very specific moments and story mode are fairly discreet importance compared to the options we had as to the fate of the Little Sisters or conclusion as history in the first half.

Elizabeth and Booker. The two main characters share a dimension Infinite almost identical role.

The game is set on a flying city called Columbia, a utopia similar in concept to Rapture, but whose similarities to the underwater city end there. We embody Booker Dewitt, a character that we know very little at first but we will learn more and more as advance the adventure, and to part with the simple goal of finding a young woman named Elisabeth. Everything mystical structure with a really fascinating point, based on a series of interdimensional portals in the city and find that the very young is able to manipulate to open. But the real star is religion, doing the same role as its predecessor carried out criticism of society and the obsession with beauty. The villain, Comstock, is a self-proclaimed prophet who calls for more radical faith of his people, and there is a confrontation with revolutionary activists in a kind of civil war that acts as a backdrop, and skillfully explores Infinite and sharpness.

The religious aspect of the narrative is of enormous importance. Ken Levine has this time focus on faith. There are surprises, yes, and of course we will not reveal. But we can say that they are even more powerful and are plotted smarter than the first Bioshock, and also gives some powerful program turns that make us think, and we guarantee that we will ask a few questions. At the end everything fits and all mysteries are solved conveniently with a result, for our taste, outstanding. In fact one of the best things that can be said of the program in the plot aspect is that after the game the first time most fans will enjoy looking forward to seeing the world and characters differently Columbia.

But the surprises keep Infinite is little less than blasphemy considering how well they are made all other aspects of the story. For example it was time reputed one study addressed this quality a hero for a FPS with well-planned voice and personality, a real human being finally ... but that's not all. We especially liked the relationship between Elizabeth and Booker, who is fantastic with some great dialogue between them and both featuring breathtaking moments. All we are told at any time does not abandon the subjective perspective of our protagonist, but the presence of the female character almost constantly at our side helps give momentum to what we are told. For circumstances not want to explain, despite being already well promoted by Irrational Games, Elisabeth lives in Columbia but almost all things are completely unrelated, so she is going to share our fascination with everything, something that helps us to look at aspects that perhaps would overlook, and which primarily serves to strengthen our bonds of empathy with her.

Metro: Last Light, which takes place in the year 2034, we reintroduced into the dark depths of the subway tunnels of a postnuclear Moscow. In this case we must combat the threat, with Artyom again in the title role, not only mutant character. The city-station is fighting each other, and started a civil war. Metro Last Light Continues to Demonstrate That It is more than just a shooter; you can’t doubt that this is the core mechanic. Will see many of the tools that made it unique, as the gas mask or the dynamo that recharges our flashlight. Again, we find that we can address areas of different ways, either unnoticed or clearing the area of enemies. Although the approach is very similar to their previous game, it shows that situations are smarter. It's much more satisfying to play with dark thanks greatly improved dynamic lighting system, which presents Greater contrasts Between Light and dark areas. We have the Ability to kill enemies in the back or leave them unconscious, but if you get to them Seems complicated, we use silenced weapons That Facilitate the task.

Both the console version and PC enjoy a good level, the latter being a necessary option if you have a good machine

Last night is also a much more varied. Within its atmosphere full of tunnels has print range to its stages and their situations. We'll find a host of different times, some in which we will be accompanied by an ally, relaxing moments to refuel, most "terrifying" tense situations, plot twists and choice when facing different situations. Each and every one of the scenes seems taken care of. For example, at some point in the adventure we will take a kind of vehicle adapted to rails of the tracks. We could be on our way to the final goal, but like a Half-Life 2 and its boat trip is involved, we stand by the road to get ammo or new weapons to help us in the adventure. And these secondary roads that are not marked are so carefully as the principal. In one of them find a nest of spiders mutants, difficult to remove if you do not know a strategy and in which even the boys 4A Games have stopped to introduce a couple of scares and visions.

The spacewalks will be the most colorful moment of Last Light, but no less oppressive.

They keep many of the weapons of 2033, but their accuracy has been improved.

We can’t forget the weapons. Those of Last Light is an evolution of views in 2033, but his feeling when shooting seems more accurate than in the previous game. Especially pneumatic flagship game, we will have to recharge with compressed gas and therefore will have a great firepower but a limited number of rounds before exhaustion, deepening the strategy in the shooting. We can only carry three weapons at a time, so that nothing will help us carry powerful weapons only if its rate of fire is low and high recharge time. Some weapons become practically intact, as the double barrel cut as useful for fighting with the Dark.

Army of Two series started strongly and gave us an experience perhaps predictable, but also inspired and with some mechanical management to promote the tactical component and cooperative. The second part came to offer more of the same with some interesting changes, and now we're dealing with a third episode that not only begins to show dangerous signs of exhaustion, but it is also fraught with problems, bugs and incidents of all kinds. We followed The Devil's Cartel fairly optimistic thinking what could be achieved with a backdrop as promising as the Mexican and the use of techniques of destruction guaranteed brilliance by the use of Frostbite 2, but all that remains in the background . What is important is the gaming experience, and hence the title of Electronic Arts becomes consolidated as a discrete product and uninspired that is very difficult to recommend.

The script for The Devil's Cartel is one of the only parts of the game, however, is as careless as the other facets. It is particularly puzzling decision to remove the spotlight from Rios and Salem, and leave relegated to a ridiculous and inexplicable secondary role. Not that they were the two most charismatic heroes of the world precisely, but at least had some character and personality fairly drawn. In the new Army of Two are replaced by Alpha and Bravo, whose typical names and predict the kind of surface treatment that will get his character.

Can give simple orders to our

The introduction presents within minutes to new heroes. From there he stands a bewildering flashback serves as a tutorial, but it also introduces us to some of the challenges we have to face. Our enemies will be members of the drug cartels in Mexico, and even though it uses a more serious tone to tell what we are told, the truth is that the result will not be satisfactory and just generates stupefying cinematic we have abound in narratives that do not interest us at all.

Rios and Salem give way to two new players. Far more serious and much less charisma.

The basic aspects related to the control or the action of Army of Two fall short of its two predecessors, with the same level of precision and accuracy in terms of targeted though with a serious problem to be described later. We must make it clear that perhaps lacks some alacrity when the protagonists meet placed behind a parapet or move between them, which given their obvious stupidity cost us more than one death, but otherwise there is little to object in terms of clarity of control. Yes, it should be explained that in The Devil's Cartel are doomed to use autotargeted, with no option to disable it and regardless of the difficulty level chosen: something that remains even more depth and fun to experience, and that it is totally unexplainable in full year 2013.

Alpha (left) and Bravo (rigth)

Each country can choose between 16 sets 8 ideas. Each is divided into 7 ideas. Each time you want to unlock an idea we can choose whether to put a new set or unlock the following idea of some of the sets we have. Also whenever we choose three ideas will unlock a national idea in each country. The major countries will be personalized, while the rest will have standard ideas.

Conquer the globe and forge broad alliances

The novel concept of points will monarch. Each king generate a number of points according to their ability in each of the three sections that serve both to diplomatic missions, as nuclei to create or improve technology, forget about investing in science pulp. This means that directors we hire will have to get remedy skill deficits have our monarch. Many users complained that 'Europa Universalis III' did not follow a historical pattern and it was too random. In this issue, 33 countries will receive special treatment with historical events that will occur on occasion. What will not happen is what happened in the second game, meaning that if you've been to Spain on track for 200 years, you will not lose it all in 100 for historical reasons.

Better resolution and graphics to clearly observe the geography of the areas we want to conquer.

Trade is the section that has been modified and will no longer have to send merchants to urban centers. Rather there will be some trade routes that we try to control to divert money to our coffers. The boats have much importance in getting to be a commercial empire. 33 technologies will be divided into three groups, one for each of the skills of the monarch. To advance through them to spend points will monarch and all have an effect on the kingdom.

Create trade routes will be much easier thanks to new systems previously used in other Paradox games.

Religion has not changed much, but there will be no free settlers according to our faith. The Orthodox and Muslims have no pope but have a different system that helped or penalized according to how well it goes with religion. On the online, highlight the option of joining via hot join, meaning that you will not need to save and return to create a game player whenever a fall. Still considering the AI usually rolling almost be best, and trolls can try to bust any heading.

STAR WARS 1313: In a galaxy far, far away…

LOST PLANET 3: A new world, with new creatures…

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Not all worlds are identical...

Grand Theft Auto 5: Danger in the city, the most anticipated returns

Company of Heroes 2: Relive WWII as you never have before

Dead Space 3: Fear falls short with the feelings you're having

We recently spoke with the MG Podcast of the finalists for the best game of the IGF (Indie Games Festival) and we decided to choose and discuss the games that have seemed better. What are your frames, what their mechanics, what to expect from them and what we are interested in the background, whether they deserve it or not. Among the three finalists is a bit of everything. From very experimental games, to pure action titles, to traditional adventures, daily life simulators and strategy games in real time. But let's cut the chatter and go with the finalists. Life cart

Hotline Miami

Kentucky Route Zero

We put ourselves in the shoes of a guy who calls a stall to sell on the street from newspapers to cafes. If you like simulation and management, think, Cart Life offers an interesting proposal. His look pixelated and black and white are fine, but when you get to the core of the game the story changes. Cart Life is one of those games that takes the concept of simulation to the end and makes the daily work it really is: a monotonous succession of repeated events. If Richard Hofmeier, the creator, intended to represent the gray tedium of life in a job that you like and you have to watch every penny you spend, it has managed to perfection.

It is the favorite in the betting and gaming header both the independent press as part of the mainstream press. Aerial View, pure and simple action, violence, lots of blood. All this promises Hotline Miami. It also promises a somewhat clumsy mechanical that cloud the outcome of the game. With a protagonist who dies first blow received, some enemies that jump at you at the slightest sign of your presence and at levels that are increasingly complicated, Hotline Miami can be frustrating, especially when its controls are any thing less accurate. I recognize the merits but can’t find the genius.

A game proposed under the package of old-fashioned adventure, a reinvention of the genre. If The Walking Dead pulls the concept of the video game or interactive movie, KRZ emphasizes creating atmospheres and follows his script and layers of gameplay. But if KRZ has a merit is its visuals. Worth a blockbuster noventera, reminiscent of Another World or Sword & Sworcery. It is a beauty that deserves to be tasted carefully. His wise use of scenarios, which plays with the depth to show different landscapes in the same environment, it is worthy to be among the highlights of this 2013.

The next day May 30 has convened a meeting of players of all types of consoles to test all the games and join your favorite youtubers and enjoy a great day and go alone and meet new people or with your friends. Remember, on May 30 in the hall of the manga is convened the meeting and you can’t miss.

In this section we will discuss the best games of the year real time

HABBO HOTEL: Reserve your suite at the largest virtual hotel. Meet your old friends in rooms, play games, chat, create your avatar, your rooms and thousands of other things...

SUPREMACY: Enter the virtual world of Supremacy, choose a nation and conquer the world, make alliances, searches enemies, control your economy and get yourself victory

LEGUE OF LEGEND: Make everyone know that you are the best champion and win on the battlefield hazerte other champions for the win and thus become the number one

MINECRAFT: Step into this virtual world of cubes in which you will have to build your house or other building with any materials, creates a farm with their animals or explore mines full of gold and diamonds

FUTBOL COACH: Ever dreamed of running your favorite football team? This is the opportunity you have to direct the template you like best clocking remodel or new players. Are You Waiting For get

DARK ORBIT: Become an elite space pilot! Create a large fleet of ships and conquer others sectors. Register and enjoy the galaxy.

URBAN RIVALS: Card game where you'll have to raise your character in order to win new techniques and achieve achieve victory

SEAFIGTH: Hoist your flag and fight glorious battles at sea. Sign up for real-time adventure and become the greatest pirate Internet

GRAGOPOLIS: Build sumptuous cities in ancient Greece, forging alliances indestructible, harnesses the power they offer the gods and conquer the world.

RISING CITIES: Show that you have wood mayor. Plan, build and manage your own metropolis. Create housing for the residents, collects rent and invest the money in power, transportation and buildings required for the city evolves. Enjoy this fantastic strategy game where you earn money and reach the top will be your only goal.

In this section we briefly discuss some games.

3DS 45€ 1player Multiplayer2-4

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Paper Mario: Sticker Star is often funny, thoroughly charming and a joy to play, but it is also just as often a touch too familiar, seemingly unwilling to really go out on a limb and do something crazy even if the potential to do so is immense. Despite its inhibitions, the game keeps a pace so delightful and fun that you can't help but crack a smile at the metric ton of whimsy folded into its rock-solid foundation, rendered all the more impressive thanks to beautiful use of stereoscopic 3D. Sticker Star might elicit some déjà vu, but a memory this bright is one worth remembering.

3DS 45€ 1player

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Although the 2D perspective and Metroidvania-style features call to mind past classics, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate shouldn’t be directly compared to previous games in Konami’s long-running vampirehunting series, because it tries to do things a little differently. While elements of exploration and item collection remain, they are drastically scaled back when compared to the likes of Symphony of the Night and Dawn of Sorrow — which could be a positive or a negative, depending on your personal taste. Instead, MercurySteam’s vision of Castlevania is built around a deep combat engine which tries to make each and every enemy encounter a rewarding and challenging experience. Factor in some impressive visuals, gorgeous music and taxing boss battles — not to mention a fantastic story and more replay value than you might at first imagine — and you’ve got a game which can stand proud in the Castlevania bloodline. Sometimes, a little change is a good thing.

3DS 45â‚Ź 1player Multiplayer2-4

Sonic Generations has a lot going for it: it looks good and offers plenty of content, and when it's on form it succeeds in combining Sonic's platforming and speed in a single package. Some design choices miss the mark though, and it's undeniably short and unambitious compared to super Mario recaptures the original's vibrant spirit that made it stand out 20 years ago.

3D. Most of all, it never quite

3DS 45â‚Ź 1player

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask achieves its goal of making a successful franchise transition to 3DS, retaining the charm of its predecessors and making subtle changes to improve the series standards. While solving wonderfully engineered puzzles is the meat of the gaming experience, moments of variety and a few new ideas ensure that the franchise maintains its freshness. Its greatest strength, that takes it from a top-notch puzzle collection to something more, is its story-telling. The broad range of characters, the emotional tone of the storyline and the teasing promise of more makes for an utterly engrossing experience. The question is whether this is worth your money; if you enjoy puzzles and charming tales of adventure, then you should already know the answer.

WiiU 45€ 1player Multiplayer2-4

If you load up New Super Mario Bros. U with the expectation of playing another genre-defying escapade like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy, then you’re likely to be disappointed. Mario’s first game for the Wii U plays it safe when it comes to theme and concept; like previous titles in the ‘New’ series, this is essentially a rehash of the blueprint laid down by the very first Super Mario Bros. back in 1985. The mechanics remain the same, but they have been gilded by decades of subtle refinements and enhancements, leading us to what has to be one of the most accomplished 2D platformers ever created. New Super Mario Bros. U may not offer the cataclysmic genre shift that many badly crave, but it’s the gem of the Wii U launch lineup and a must-have purchase.

Wii U 45â‚Ź 1player

t’s difficult to call Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition the definitive version of the game, but it does well to stand on its own merits. Frame rate issues aside, the incorporation of GamePad controls makes this feel like a natural experience, almost as though the game was originally made with Wii U in mind. Any fans of Batman will have a blast taking control of the Dark Knight and knocking out classic baddies, and anyone else just looking for a great action adventure game will be satisfied as well. With a relatively lengthy campaign and loads of extra content, this one ensures that gamers will practically be able to play as Batman forever.

Wii U 45€ 1player

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge plays great, with fast, fluid combat that’s gruesome and satisfying. Still, you’ll often wish there was a little more to it than just fighting waves of enemies in predetermined spots, and even with the campaign a little over five hours long (excluding cutscenes) it starts to feel a bit tired towards the end. That certainly shouldn't put you off it, though, as the game is still a worthwhile purchase and a great example of Nintendo’s willingness to shirk their “kiddy” perception.

Wii U 45€ 1player

Darksiders II is very, very good. In paying homage to the Zelda series — while adding its own unique flavour — the team at Vigil has crafted a game that will appeal to those looking for a grittier take on the action-RPG dungeon crawler, while helping Nintendo fans scratch that Hyrulian itch for the time being. It wouldn't be fair to label Darksiders II as just a Zelda substitute, though — it’s a stellar game in its own right that is absolutely worth playing.

Wii U 45€ 1player

ZombiU isn't perfect, but it sets out to do a very specific thing and succeeds with style. It’s atmospheric and horrifying and will provide plenty of sweaty palms and jump scares, proving that dark, mature games can thrive on Nintendo’s newest console. Anyone looking for a challenging and highly immersive experience with some real heft behind it is definitely going to come away pleased, despite some relatively minor niggles relating to that groundbreaking GamePad. There might not be a whole lot of choice on store shelves yet, but even if there was, ZombiU still absolutely deserves a spot in your Wii U library.

Wii U 45â‚Ź 1player

Nintendo Land is both a wonderful celebration of Nintendo's past and an exciting glimpse into its future, but more importantly it is incredibly, riotously fun. It's one of the best local multiplayer experiences ever crafted, and playing with friends is a guaranteed great time. There's also a surprising amount of depth to the single-player offerings, and Miiverse integration means you're never really on your own. It definitely taps into the nostalgia vein - and this is fan service par excellence - but it's also just pure entertainment. Nintendo Land will make you feel like a kid again. Welcome home.

Wii U 45â‚Ź 1player Multiplayer2-4

Need for Speed: Most Wanted U delivers on every level. It's fast, fun, and absolutely beautiful, with an open-world design that creates a real feeling of freedom to go with the sense of speed. There's a staggering amount of content, with races to run, cars to find and mods to unlock, and the unique online multiplayer adds heaps of replay value. This is also a perfect example of a port done right - the graphical upgrades and GamePad-specific features make this the definitive console version. Racing fans, make room at the top of that most wanted list.

3DS 45€ 1player Multiplayer2-4

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the perfect name choice, as this takes the already exceptional Wii title and adds a daunting amount of new content and a HD sheen. It's also not a game for everyone, and those that go in with eyes closed may be in for a nasty surprise at the level of commitment and skill required. If you're up for the task, however, it's hard to put down. Some elements feel a little phoned-in — such as some ugly clipping, poor textures and the 3DS touch screen ratio on the GamePad — yet they're small complaints against the whole package. While we may dream of what a fresh new entry designed ground-up for Wii U could accomplish, this does deliver an engrossing experience that is completely unique on the system. Those that missed Monster Hunter Tri but like the concept should pick this up without delay, and those that enjoyed the original should also do the same — the quest is practically never-ending, and that's absolutely fine by us.

3DS 45€ 1player Multiplayer2-4

Lugi's mansion Dark Moon Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is nothing less than an absolute triumph for Nintendo. Everything about it from its glorious visuals right through to its in-depth, incredibly fun gameplay just oozes high quality. It almost begs the question why this game wasn’t developed for Wii U; it's a home console quality experience and proof that on its day the 3DS can deliver above and beyond its competitors. The multiplayer mode is slightly disappointing, if only because it could have been much more, and the control setup is a tad awkward in places. Nevertheless, don't let these minor niggles stop you from enjoying everything else that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has to offer; namely its superb single-player adventure. It's one of the best games yet for 3DS, and evidence that 2013 is very much the "Year of Luigi".

These sections discuss quickly the best games of the year

1. SLEEPING DOGS IT could’ve been any of the top three, but Sleeping Dogs snuck it for us. Written off as “GTA-lite” prior to release, it proved anything but. Setting a high standard in the openworld stakes for GTA.

2. FAR CRY 3 Graphically luxurious, crisp game play and another open-world that you’ll be dying to get out and explore.

3. DISHONORED In a sequel-heavy year,

Çç seeing a brand new title

that brings something fresh to the table is a godsend. This mash-up of Bioshock, Deus Ex and Half-Life really encourages creativity on the part of the player.

4. THE UNFINISHED SWAN The word “different” is usually an adjective with negative connotations – but this is truly a stand-out title. Firstly, for making the player explore a blank canvas of a landscape by spraying paint to track their way and, secondly, for actually finding a use for the PlayStation Move.

5. NEED FOR SPEED: MOST WANTED This is easily the best racing game for a long time. It gets social integration spot-on, without overkill, and retains the sense of fun essential to a good racer. A surprisingly immersive game world.

6. BORDERLANDS 2 This sequel may not have shaken up the formula too much but any game that leaves you wanting more after 70 hours has to be special. With seamless transition from single-player to coop, its outlandish tone and the eternal promise of better loot – what’s not to love?

7. THE WALKING DEAD Quite simply, this episodic point-and-click title is a master class in video game storytelling. It’s harrowing and brutal and, by the time the end credits roll, you’ll find yourself taking a long hard look at yourself as person – a claim very few titles can make.

8. HITMAN: ABSOLUTION Subteler and savvier than Call Of Duty et al, Hitman is slow-paced but big on action. As graphic as they come you’ve seen the controversy – the title’s gamer freedom comes in choosing the way your foe dies. Lovely. 9. FIFA 13 Few deliver as polished a title as the FIFA series. 12 reinvented defending, 13 refines your attacking. As tactically consuming and tight as real-world football, FIFA 13 demands your full attention – and a place on this list.

10. CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 2 True, it’s not very different from last year or the year before that, but what Call Of Duty does, it does sublimely. For its army of fans, it once again delivers more than enough to satisfy their demands and that alone makes it hard to ignore.

In this section are taught the next game consoles coming out in the next few years

PLAY STATION 4 Sony's new console that has been presented in New York amid great excitement. PS4 noted for its graphical power and the social functions it incorporates. The Dualshock 4 also changes with respect to its predecessor, including a more advanced system of vibration, a touchpad and a camera capable of calculating depth.

GAME FOR PLAYSTATION 4: PANOPTICON Sony has introduced the first official trailer Panopticon, a mysterious title for Sony consoles. The game aims to become the great promise of the JRPG, binding cyberpunk elements and touches of fantasy and science fiction. In fact, could become the first major title for PS Vita or in a very solid value for PlayStation 4.

XBOX 720 Xbox 720 is the name of so-called popular Microsoft's new platform. The Company announces that, following the submission of the console, scheduled for May 21, will launch this meeting point where managers and developers write and expand the information about the device.

GAME FOR XBOX 720: RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Take-Two Interactive, the company that holds the reins of Rockstar has confirmed he prepares a powerful wave of titles for the new generation of consoles. The name Red Dead Redemption 2 sounds between players as one of the favorites.

PISTON Has the CES in Las Vegas own the venue chosen by Valve to present his rumored Steam Box, which has shown the world with Piston codename, and with support from the hardware manufacturer Xi3. Piston is a kind of mini-PC designed to complement the supply of Steam sotware, and to lay a red carpet to the media center Steam Big Picture. Created by Valve and a whole Xi3, this is a modular PC architecture halfway between a console and a PC desktop.

GAME FOR PISTON: LEFT FOR DEAD 4 It was not expected that the company will release valve continuation one of the best games for future console. Left for dead in April, according to the creators, will be full of scares and new monsters, with new graphics, even seem real.

OUYA Ouya is a new video game console that will use the Android operating system and will be 'hackable' so that everyone can develop and play for free any game. The idea is that this will be sold along with a software development kit for anyone who wants to develop and share games can.

GAMES FOR OUYA Right now is a project Ouya very underdeveloped and have not submitted the first games, but when they something we learn our readers will be the first to hear

1.MURDERS In berlin, germany, a child murderer to his parents thinking it was the protagonist of Final Fantasy. The murderer use a long, sharp knife to carry out the crime.

2.ACCIDENTS In Ireland, a young stole his father's car just as I had to play the best racing simulator Gran Turismo 5. The young man just died next to a pole, died on the spot. 3.MORE MURDERS In uk, a boy killed his family while they were celebrating a family meal, the young struck 20 shots to each family with a submachine of assault. After a psychological analysis, it was determined that the child had to play a war game that will surely try Call of Duty.

25 consoles are drawn. The first 25 that respond well the next question will be the winners. The question is:

1. What is the best football simulator in history? A. Fifa 13 B. Pes C. Call of duty.

2. In drawing the new xbox gets infinity. Whoever guesses the question will come up. What is the best game for xbox? A. Uncharted. B. Halo. C. Left for Dead.

3. In drawing gets the new play 4. Whoever guesses the question will come up. What is the best game play? A. halo B. Uncharted C.Kill Zone.

It has been a pleasure working with my colleagues, but always were discussing

We worked very well and we have noted in the final

In front of the pression of my colleagues to carry work, I think it went well

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