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Sigma Ex handheld explosion-proof gas analyzer Sigma Ex is designed to monitor the concentrations of combustible and noxious gases for providing industrial and ecological safety. Sigma Ex can be used for: • Explosion safety for oil and gas facilities; • Monitoring of the environment and industrial areas; • Underground utilities; • Fuel depots; • Sea, railway and vehicle transportation.

Operating Principle

In Sigma Ex the electrochemical or optical NDIR sensors are used

Sigma Ex provides the audible and visual alarm when the preset thresholds of gases concentrations have been exceeded.


Specific Features

Sigma Ex is equipped with 2 optical sensors and 1 electrochemical sensor


Technical data

Operating principle

NDIR or electrochemical

Application scope Monitoring of an air of the residential and industrial areas. Сertification of workplaces. Oil and gas pipelines. Oil and gas production. Livestock farms. Underground engineering networks. Chemical production and storage.

Main consumers • •

Communications companies; Industry (including chemistry, military and energy) and environmental control. Air, sea, railway and vehicle transport companies.

IR sensor

Electrochemical sensor

Detectable gases (depending on the sensor used)

CO2, CH4, C3H8, ∑CH

O2, CO, H2S, NH3, NO2, SO2, Cl2

Response time

30 s

60 s

Warm up time

10 min

3 min

Temperature range

– 20…+75 °С

– 20 …+50 °С


• •

Operating time without accumulator recharge

15 hours

Power supply

DC 3,6 V


195х106х80 мм3


0,5 kg

Built-in pump Manual sampling device

• Explosion proof mark 1ExibIIBT4 X. • Explosion proof type “i” (intrinsic safety) • Ingress Protection Rating IP54

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