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Paragraph B !   There are general changes in the nature of weather. !   It is becoming more extreme. Periods of cold and hot temperature are becoming longer. Natural hazards like hurricanes and floods are causing great damage to the earth. Consequently, there will be serious changes all over world.

Paragraph C !   Global warming and El Nino are two natural hazards that have great effects on the atmosphere, climate and weather on the earth. !   The first causes a slow warming of the planet due to the spread of gases in the atmosphere whereas the second brings droughts and long periods of low temperatures to the globe.

Paragraph D !   People’s negative behavior towards nature has a great effect on the atmospheric changes that are occurring all over the world. !   The use of different gases like carbon dioxide and the cutting down of trees in addition to other changes brought to the planet affect greatly the weather.

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Summarizing part 2 discussion