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Reading & Vocab (103) Revision Final (Quiz4) Date: 24-12-2013

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Part 1: Definitions, Word Meanings & Usage Choose the correct word(s) from the box to fill in the gaps in the exercise below. prosper- distinction-brainstorm-scholar-imagine-escape-capacity-honest-character-interview-collateral-explorepsychology-advertise-brain-consumerism-consume-pressure-success-peer-regularly-member-advice-microlendingloan-join-

1. A _____________ is money borrowed from a bank that has to be paid back. 2. When you discuss or think about something carefully, you really _____________ it. 3. To __________ something is to make something known in order to sell it. 4. The study of the mind and how it influences behavior is known as ____________________. 5. To __________ is to use time and energy. ______________ is when too much time is given to buying things. 6. The organ inside your head that controls how you think, feel, and move is called your __________. 7. A clear difference between two similar things is a _______________. 8. You ____________ when you become successful, especially financially. 9. A _____________ is a person who has done advanced study in a special field. 10. To _____________ is to develop ideas and think of ways of solving problems. 11. To ___________ from somewhere is the act of getting away from a place, or a dangerous or bad situation. 12. When you __________ something you form a picture or idea of it in your mind. 13. An _____________ is a meeting in which someone is asked questions about themselves. 14. A combination of qualities such as courage, loyalty, and honesty is also known as ______________. 15. Someone who is __________ always tells the truth and does not cheat or steal. 16. Someone's ability to do something is the _______________ he has. 17. _________________ is property or other goods that you promise to give someone if you cannot pay back the money they lend you [aka! security]. 18. Lending small amounts of money is also known as __________________. 19. When you become a member of an organization, society, or group you ________ it. 20. Something you do at the same time each day, week, month etc. is something you do _____________. 21. When someone asks you for __________ he wants your opinion about what he should do. 22. Someone who belongs to a group or organization is a ___________ of it. 23. A _________ is a person who is of the same age as you. 24. When you attempt to persuade someone by using influence, arguments, or threats you actually

____________ him. 25. When you achieve what you want or intend you have ______________.

Part 2: Similar Meanings 1. analyze

a. secondary

2. prosperous

b. no value

3. poverty

c. all

4. lack

d. to show

5. bank on

e. strategy

6. to state

f. for example

7. violence

h. demonstrate

8. to lift

i. unknown by name

9. condition

j. regulation


k. sadly

11. situation

l. connected

12. approve

m. condition

13. associated

n. establish

14. to found

o. officially accept

15. rule

p. worth a lot of money

16. unfortunately

q. raise

17. anonymous

r. announce

18. subsidiary

s. extreme force

19. primary

t. requirement

20. worthless

u. being poor

21. demonstrate

v. shortage

22. entire

w. successful

23. for instance

x. examine carefully

24. method

y. main

25. confirm

z. count on

Part 3: Gap-Fill 1. Something is (amazing/amazingly/amazement) when it is so surprising you can hardly believe it. 2. It is (effectively/effective/effect) to save 10 SAR every day, as it will be 36500 SAR in ten years, which could get you a nice Toyota Yaris. 3. He completely (eradicate/eradication/eradicated) all mosquitos within half an hour. 4. Once you’ve obtained the key you have (access v/ access/ accessed) to the money vault. 5. (respect v/respect n) is admiration for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities. 6. When you provide money for an activity, organization, event etc. you actually (fund v/ fund n) it. 7. The government gave the student a (grant n/ grant v) to buy a house for his family. 8. And after all was said and done the landlord was the (victimize/victimization/ victim) of it all. 9. The young man was sick and tired of all the (abuse v/ abuse n/ abuser) of his peers during his time at secondary school. 10. If you want a high mark for this quiz you really need to (cooperate/ coopering/ cooperator) with your teacher. 11. Savings made through greater efficiency will be (plowed/ ploughed/ ploughable) back into the service. 12. It is usually very handy to (knowable/know/knowledge/knower) about medicine when you are a doctor. 13. If I had 20.000.000 SAR, I would definitely (finance n/ finance v/financial/financials) this project you are working on. 14. I must have (mistakably/ mistakable/ mistake), (mistaken/mistake/mistakenness) you for someone else! 15. My friend Mark is really into this particular (brand v/brand n). It is called Gucci. 16. This guy is so (destructible/destructibility/ destructive), he tears down anything that comes his way. 17. His greatest (weak/weakly/weakness/weekly) is his love for children. He simply just adores them. 18. This is an extremely (excited/ exciting/excitingly) quiz so far don’t you think? 19. Saad is a very (adventurous/ adventure/ adventurously/adventurousness) person. He just loves traveling to foreign countries. 20. An old acquaintance of mine used to be (addictive/addicted/addiction/addict) to Poppers, which is a substance that makes you act funny for a while. 21. After he had admitted his dark past to his community his (popular/popularity/ popularize), surprisingly, only increased.

Part 4: More Definitions Complete the sentences below with the words given in the box. Self-image/take advantage/dental floss/outweigh/mint/gridlock/irrational/manipulate/detergent/ingredient/selffulfilling prophecy/pill/floral/compel/sneakers/well-organized/gridlock/irrational/logic/vehicle

1. A way of thinking about something that seems correct and reasonable is called _____________. 2. __________ is a small plant with green leaves that have a fresh smell and taste. 3. When something _____________ something else, it is considered to be more important then it. 4. ____________________ is a type of thin thread that you use for cleaning between your teeth. 5. The idea that you have of yourself, especially of your abilities, character, and appearance is your _________ _____________ . 6. When you ________ _________ of something you use a particular situation to do or get what you want. 7. Something is __________ when it is not based on clear thought or reason. 8. A ______________ is a situation in which streets in a city are so full of cars that they cannot move. 9. A _______________ is a machine usually with wheels and an engine, which is used for transporting people or goods. 10. Something is ________ __________ when it is arranged or ordered well and carefully. 11. _____________ are a type of light soft shoe with a rubber sole, used for sports. In England we call them trainers. 12. Anything __________ is made of flowers. 13. A ___________ ______________ _______________ is a statement or belief about what will happen in the future that becomes true because you expect it to be true and so behave in a way that will make it happen. 14. A ____________ is a strong and unreasonable desire to do something. He felt a compulsion to babble on about what had happened. 15. ______________ is a liquid or powder used for washing clothes, dishes etc. 16. A food that is used with other foods in the preparation of a particular dish is an _______________. 17. When you ___________ someone to do something you force him to do so. 18. A _________ is a small solid piece of medicine that you swallow whole. 19. Something is ____________ when it is causing or likely to cause harm. 20. When you ___________ someone or something, you control him or it to your advantage, often unfairly or dishonestly.

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