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Reading & Vocab (103) Revision MT2 Date: 25-11-2013

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Part 1: Definitions Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps in the exercise below. The first letter of each word has been given to you. 1. When something is as____________ to another thing it is related to that particular subject, activity etc. 2. An illness, which affects a person, animal, or plant, is also known as a d______________. 3. When you have a c_________ it is difficult to breathe through your nose and it often makes your throat hurt. 4. P____________ is a serious illness that affects the lungs and makes it difficult to breathe. 5. The l________ itself is one of the two organs in your body that you breathe with. 6. A r_________ is a large area of a country or of the world, usually without exact limits, like Najd here in Riyadh. 7. The force with which blood travels through your body is also known as b_______ p_________. 8. This f_______ is also known as a physical or natural power. 9. The weather today is so d______________ ing, it makes me feel very sad. 10. When someone is n_________ he is worried or frightened about something, and unable to relax.  

Part 2: Similar word meanings Connect the words, which you think have the same/ similar meaning. 1. global 2. emotion 3. sufficient 4. powerful 5. impact 6. headache 7. forceful 8. greatly 9. depressed 10. darkness          

a. influence/effect b. pain in head c. powerful d. extremely/very much e. low mood f. no light g. worldwide/universal h. feeling i. adequate j. forceful

Part 3: Fill the gaps 1. When someone is m________ he often changes quickly from being in a good temper to being in a bad temper [=temperamental]. 2. When you make something from the past exist again in a new form you are essentially r__________ing it. 3. When you d________ on someone you need his help and support, in order to live or continue as before (synonym: rely on). 4. If m__________ is the scientific study of weather conditions, then b_____________ must be a science that deals with the relationship between living things and atmospheric phenomena. 5. The a______________ in itself consists basically of a mixture of gases that surrounds the earth 6. Someone's character, especially the ways they behave towards other people are also known as ones p______________. 7. M____________ refers to the amounts of water that are present in the air. 8. Before you go on a long journey by car you have to make sure that your tires have sufficient a___ p__________, otherwise you could end up with a puncher! 9. A s_______ could be a result of damage to a blood vessel in the brain which can cause a loss of the ability to move 10. A blood v______ is a tube that carries liquids such as blood through the body.    

Part 4: Parts of Speech!!!!! 1. An illness of the mind or body is also known as a _______________. a. problem b. disorderly c. influenza d. disorder 2. In order to become a soldier, you have to undergo a ____________ test check-up to make sure you are fit for the job. a. physics b. cooking c. physically d. physical 3. My friend is ____________ with the Chinese mafia. He has many tattoos all over his body that confirm this. a. friendly b. association c. associated d. invigilated 4. A _________ is an illness, which affects a person, animal, or plant. a. deceased b. diseased c. disease d. ease

5. I believe he his just an ______________ student, nothing extraordinary here. a. averagely b. averageness c. average d. averaged out 6. ________________ rainforests are extremely humid. Many species are to be found there that benefit from this fertile environment. a. tropic b. tropically c. tropical d. trophic 7. as opposed to Riyadh, Jeddah can be extremely _____________ in summer!!! a. humility b. humidity c. humanity d. humid 8. Abdul Haadi is an ___________ smart young man. However, he doesn’t like to study much. a. extremus b. extremist c. extremeness d. extremely 9. ____________________ is a serious matter as it increases world temperatures caused by increased amounts of carbon dioxide around the earth, which, in turn, could be potentially dangerous to mankind. a. global warming b. global cooling c. globalization d. globalize 10. The __________ this bus takes takes way longer than it should. a. routine b. route (v) c. route d. routinely 11. Yesterday’s match between Manchester United and Arsenal was an epic ____________. a. battalion b. battle c. bataille d. battle (v) 12.The ________________ of this army developed very smoothly. a. formative b. formality c. formational d. formation

13. This mountain is known for its high _______________. a. attitude b. altitude c. attitudinal d. altitudinal 14. If you keep bugging me I’m gonna mash u up so badly that ur whole head will ________ . a. swell (n) b. swell (adj) c. swell (v) d. swell (adv) 15. In order to prevent the building from becoming sick (SBS), you should make sure to ___________ the air within it properly. a. circulation b. circular c. circulate d. circularly 16. Man, he is sooooo ___________. One day he is your best friend and the next day he stabs you in the back! a. predictable b. predictability c. unpredictably d. unpredictable 17. I was so annoyed by the _____________ noise when living in London. a. constantly b. Constantinople c. constant (n) d. constant (?) 18. The ____________ of the new Iphone 5 Serge edition are amazing! a. future b. feature c. features d. featureless 19. By doing this you will only _____________ the heated argument to potentially escalate. a. fuel (n) b. fuel (v) c. fuels d. Fu Man Chu

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Quiz interactions 1 ch2  
Quiz interactions 1 ch2