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Engl 111 Presentation Topics Students choose ONE of the topics below for the two in-class presentations. For example: Cancers – Students can compare two types of cancers in Presentation 1 and in Presentation 2 the student can talk about a specific cancer, explain what it is, causes, effects, and treatment. Please follow the OS guidelines points 12 – 28. Topics:

Eating disorders: e.g. Bulimia Nervosa

vs. Anorexia Nervosa 

Diet: e.g. Low Fat Diet vs. Low Carb

Sleeping disorders: Hypersomnia vs. insomnia

Traditional vs. Western medicine

Diet, or High Fiber Diet vs. High Protein Diet 


Treatments: e.g. natural vs. chemical

Hospitals today vs. hospitals yesterday

Blood pressure: high vs. low

Learning disabilities

Diabetes: types

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