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FORMAT of ENG 112 (Grammar Structures and Drills II) First Midterm Exam and Sample Questions Monday, March 17, 2014 (01: 00 p.m. – 03:00 p.m.) MIDTERM #1 (Chapters 6, 7, Sections 11-1 to 11-7) For the first part of the MC Questions, students are going to use the LONG TWENTY-CHOICE computer sheet. (This is for questions 1 – 30 Page 1) Part One [ WRITE THE ANSWERS FOR THESE QUESTIONS ON THE LONG COMPUTER SHEET. ] I. Complete the sentences below with an appropriate word from the boxes. (YOU CAN USE THE SAME WORD MORE THAN ONCE) Example: Sara is outside in the garden playing with _____her______ new toy. We asked ______ her_____ to take care of ____herself___ while ___she_____ is doing that. A. H.

I me














L. its

O. yourself

P. myself

Q. himself (1)

Mary and her parents have just given

When I got up, I found

"You need a shower, Frank. Just look at


R. itself


F. they

G. we

M. their

N. our

S. ourselves

T. themselves

___________ a lavish meal in a restaurant.

___________ sleeping on the sofa in the living room. (3)

___________ in the mirror," she whispered to


___________. (30 marks )

Part Two Students should use the USUAL FIVE-CHOICE COMPUTER SHEET to mark their answers on. This applies to the Second part of the exam ( Questions from 1 - 70 - Pages 2-6 ) Articles II. Complete the sentences with one of the following and mark your answer on the computer sheet. ( 10 marks ) A B C D





 Pollution became ( 1 )__________ popular issue after World War II. It began to draw ( 2 )__________ major public attention in the United States in the mid-1950s. III. Complete the sentences with correct forms of A.





other from the box: others

D. the other

(10 marks ) E.

the others

11. Last night, two thieves broke into the store, stole SR 2,000, and ran away. One man was arrested, but __________________ one got away.

IV. Select the best answer to each question below and mark it on the computer sheet provided. (50 marks ) 21. When I was little , I wanted to drive, but I ________ . A. wouldn't C. mustn't B. couldn't D. shouldn't 22. Sami's _____________ always ask him to tell funny _____________ and sing _____________. A. colleague ... stories ... western songs B. colleagues ... stories ... westerns songs

C. colleagues ... stories ... western songs D. colleague ... storys ... westerns songs

23. He spent _____ _____________ on his new villa. A. many money B. many moneys

C. much money D. much moneys

69. Patrick and Karen are not taking the kids to Hawaii with them next month. They are going ____________ . A. themselves C. by themselves B. to buy themselves D. theirselves 70. Mike has been making games since he was 9 years old and still has to ____________ to make sure that he is in fact lucky enough to be doing this for a living! A. blame herself C. work for herself B. pinch himself D. introduce himself SUBJECTIVE PART Part Three Error Analysis V. Each line below contains TWO errors. Find these errors and correct them. oases

have to


Do I must visit all three oasis ?

1. Lungworms are parasitic worm that migrate and hosts lungs or respiratory tracts. ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Two major phenomenons were discussed in the conference which was held in King Faisal's Hall. ______________________________________________________________________________ . 3. Sara and Lara decided to visit Nora on August, 2011 in Oman. ______________________________________________________________________________ . ( 12 Questions X 2 errors = 24 Errors X ½ = 12 marks)


/ 112 marks


Our Best Wishes ENGL 112 Coordinators Mr. Hani Al Tahrawi Mr. Mohammad Al Hamad

Ms. Sarah Mohammad Ms. Maha Al Braizat

Detailed 112 midterm 1 format 2014  
Detailed 112 midterm 1 format 2014