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ABOUT TREATMENT CENTER The treatment centre of Grand Wellness SPA is one of the largest and up-to-date treatment centres in the Baltic States, which offers treatment, rehabilitation, and wellness services under one roof. Our clients can choose from over one hundred different procedures, which are aimed not only at body care or restoration of mental balance, but also at treating complex diseases and restoring after injuries. The operation of the treatment centre of Grand Wellness SPA is based on the long treatment experience acquired by the specialists of the Lietuva Sanatorium. The new treatment centre uses treatment and SPA technologies of the new generation. The procedures carried out at the treatment centre of Grand Wellness SPA are beneficial for the treatment of different diseases, including oral cavity, heart, lung, spine, joint, gynaecological, intestine, and digestion disorders. We are delighted to offer you high-quality diagnostic services and medical consultations. • The treatment centre of the Grand Wellness SPA has a pressure chamber, where the patient’s body is provided with much needed oxygen. Oxygen treatment is especially beneficial for patients with lung, blood vessel, heart, and kidney diseases. It is also effective in patients with wound healing problems. Furthermore, this treatment is recommended for patients with excess weight, as well as for fighting premature skin aging, depression, and fatigue. • All the procedures carried out at the treatment centre, including baths, inhalations, underwater massage, oral cavity related procedures, and swimming, are carried out using natural mineral water only, which is provided to the treatment centre directly from the well. • We offer a very popular and beneficial procedure – curative physical exercise in vertical mineral water baths. This is an excellent way to fight and prevent spine problems and stress. The exercise is taught and supervised by an experienced kinesitherapist.

ABOUT TREATMENT CENTER • Only at our treatment centre will you find a swimming pool with a glass wall. There is a running track in the water, where you can control the physical parameters and set the programme complexity level. While exercising, you have to overcome the resistance of the water, which is highly effective for those who want to develop their physical strength, lose weight, or fight cellulite. • You can easily get rid of stress and tiredness in the steam chamber. The procedure also includes colour and aromatherapy and showers. During the treatment, the relaxed patient lies in a “bed”, which provides extra benefits. The sweat generated as a result of the effect of the steam is removed with water right away. The computerised steam chamber programme allows for complete relaxation. The detoxifying anti-stress programme activates the immune system; moisturises, strengthens, and rejuvenates the skin; improves metabolism; removes toxins; and fights cellulite. Gingiva peloid applications and gingiva hydro massage is provided to treat periodontitis. These highly effective treatments cure bleeding, swollen, and aching gums, and bring a smile back to your face. •

• One session at the cryosauna is sufficient to lose 500 to 2,000 kcal. A cryosauna is an artificial cold chamber, in which temperatures fluctuate in the range of –110°C to –140°C. The cryosauna helps not only in burning calories but also in improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, and preventing allergies.

DENTAL CLINIC The main feature of the clinic’s operation is personal odontology with individual admission following an assessment of your health condition and needs. Our priority is your comfort, health and safety. All the therapeutic procedures are carried out according to the requirements of aseptic and antiseptic surgery. Use of high quality anaesthetics will ensure pain free dental therapy and prosthesis, while the unique equipment, the best materials and the professional level of our personnel will ensure a treatment free of risk to your health. The odontological clinic of Grand SPA Lietuva is equipped with the most advanced equipment and renders odontological services according to the highest standards. Procedures offered at the odontological clinic: • • • • •

Odontologist and specialist consultations Dental X-ray photographs Hygiene, preventive treatment, child odontology Therapeutic endodontic treatments (ozone therapy) Aesthetic dental crown reconstruction (using the new age composite, Enamel+) • Implantation (coming soon) • Dental prosthesis

INHALATIONS Inhalations (using mineral water/pharmaceuticals) The solvents or powder to be inhaled are dispersed in the air, in oxygen, or other gas. Aerosols are categorised based on their dispersive properties, which is expressed according to the diameter of the particles dispersed. Pharmaceutical solutions, mineral water, phytoproducts, and oils are used to produce the aerosols.

 Therapeutic effect: • • • •

increase in the activity of ciliated epithelium; improvement of resorption; increase in the breathing rate; improvement of bronchi capacity.

Indications: • acute and chronic respiratory diseases; • ischemic heart disease • preparation for surgery or post-surgery period; digestive system diseases (when drugs cannot be taken internally).

HALOTHERAPY (SALT ROOMS) Treatment in an artificially prepared climate of underground salt caves. The main therapeutic factor of this microclimate is the dispersed dry sodium chloride aerosol. The salt aerosol reaches the smallest bronchi of the respiratory system and thus improves the functioning of the ciliated epithelium. Therapeutic effect: • • • •

reduction of allergic reactions; calming effect; lowering of blood pressure; promotion of mucus secretion, facilitation of expectoration.

Indications: • chronic respiratory organ diseases; • ear, nose, and throat diseases; • skin diseases (eczema, atopic and allergic dermatitis).

MINERAL BATH These are medium mineralisation sodium chloride natural mineral water baths.

 Therapeutic effect: • • • • •

widening of blood vessels; increase in body sensitivity; improvement of metabolic activity; promotion of secretion; reduction of blood coagulation.

Indications: • • • • • • • • •

diseases of the heart and blood vessels; diseases of the bone and muscle system; diseases of the peripheral nervous system; chronic gynaecological diseases; skin diseases; 1st and 2nd stage obesity; metabolic disorders; neurosis; climacteric syndrome, etc.

MINERAL IODINE-BROMINE BATH This is an individually prepared bath composed by adding iodine and bromine to natural mineral water and thus reinforcing the therapeutic effect of the mineral water. Therapeutic effect: • • • • •

calming effect; pain alleviation; reduction of inflammations; reduction of sensitivity/itching (allergic reactions); normalisation of the thyroid function.

Indications: • diseases of the heart and blood vessels; • diseases of the bone and muscle system; • diseases of the peripheral nervous system; • chronic gynaecological diseases; • skin diseases;

• 1st and 2nd stage obesity; • metabolic disorders; • neurosis; • climacteric syndrome; • central and peripheral nervous system disorders and injuries; • light forms of thyrotoxicosis; • climacteric syndrome.

MINERAL TURPENTINE BATH This is an individually prepared bath composed by adding turpentine emulsion to natural mineral water. The emulsion is produced based on a special recipe.

Therapeutic effect: • • • •

pain alleviation; an irritating effect; facilitation of peripheral blood flow; reduction of inflammations, improvement of resorption.

Indications: • • • • • • • • • •

diseases of the heart and blood vessels; diseases of the bone and muscle system; diseases of the peripheral nervous system; chronic gynaecological diseases; skin diseases; 1st and 2nd stage obesity; metabolic disorders; neurosis; climacteric syndrome; motor apparatus and peripheral nervous system disorders and injuries.

CARBON DIOXIDE BATH This bath has the same therapeutic effect as a mineral bath, and also helps to strengthen the cardiac muscle, facilitates cardiac contractile function, improves cardiac muscle nutrition, improves the adaptability of cardiac blood vessels to different loads, and normalises blood pressure. Furthermore, a carbon dioxide bath is an effective physical training measure.

Indications: • • • • • • •

diseases of the heart and blood vessels; disorders of the functional central nervous system; metabolic disorders; diabetes mellitus (light forms); thyroid function disorders; head / brain injury consequences; menopause.

MINERAL HERBAL BATH This bath is prepared by adding medicinal herb infusions to natural mineral water. The infusions are prepared based on the recipe of the famous Lithuanian herbalist Eugenija Šimkūnaitė.

 Therapeutic effect: • calming effect; • reinforcement of the body’s natural defences. 
Indications: • • • • • • • • •

diseases of the heart and blood vessels; diseases of the bone and muscle system; diseases of the peripheral nervous system; chronic gynaecological diseases; skin diseases; 1st and 2nd stage obesity; metabolic disorders; neurosis; climacteric syndrome, etc.

RESTAURANTS, CAFÉS, BARS THE PANORAMIC RESTAURANT The only panoramic restaurant with a view of the surroundings of Druskininkai is the ideal place for romantic moments. All you have to do is go to the roof of the Lietuva*** Hotel. Helpful waiters, the wide selection of gourmet dishes, the elegant interior, and magnificent views all combine to brighten your day. There is live music in the restaurants and bars on weekend evenings.

DRUSKININKAI**** HOTEL RESTAURANT (on the ground floor of the hotel) This elegant restaurant greets guests with the sounds of running water and cheerful music. The elegant interior of the restaurant is ideal for various celebrations, business lunches, or romantic evenings. Up to 100 guests can be served simultaneously. The exceptional menu of European dishes is offered by our friendly and helpful staff who will do all they can to ensure that your meal is one to remember. A super breakfast awaits hotel guests every morning. Breakfast may be served in the rooms at guests’ request. The highly qualified Restaurant Manager can suggest excellent coffee break, lunch, and dinner menus for your event, business meeting, or party. We also organise live music nights and provide event scripting and conducting services.

LIETUVA*** HOTEL RESTAURANT (on the ground floor of the hotel). The restaurant offers a buffet service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the food is freshly made and consists of hot and cold main dishes, salads, fruit, desserts, soft drinks, fresh bread and rolls.

RESTAURANTS, CAFÉS, BARS AQUA PARK CAFÉ (at the Aqua Park) This is the perfect place to rest after Aqua Park entertainment or procedures. The café welcomes both visitors to the Aqua Park as well as those who want to have lunch or a quiet dinner. It is an ideal place for celebrations, cocktail parties, and thematic events.

The café offers a wide selection of gourmet and vegetarian food, as well as children’s favourite dishes. It is the only café in Druskininkai offering such a wide choice of pancakes and soups. Guests can also cook their own favourite dish. The Aqua Park café has an elegant interior, which resembles the four elements theme featured in the interior of the Aqua Park. The panoramic windows of the café allow you to admire the picturesque surroundings; in summer food is also served on the outdoor terrace.

VITA BAR (at the Aqua Park) The Vita Bar located between the water amusement and sauna centres in the Aqua Park is an excellent place to rest after swimming, sauna, or treatment procedures. We offer fresh juice, medicinal herb infusions, beer, sparking wine, as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Children and adults with a sweet tooth can enjoy different types of ice-cream. At the Vita Bar, you can also rent towels or bathrobes and obtain information about the various after-sauna procedures and massage services provided in the Aqua Park.

PHYTO BAR (on the first floor of the treatment centre) We invite clients of the Grand SPA Lietuva treatment centre to visit the Phyto Bar after their treatment procedures or workouts. The elegant bar serves the well-known medicinal herb cocktails developed by Eugenija Šimkūnaitė, fresh juice, tea, coffee, and mineral water from the nearby well-room. You can enjoy your favourite drinks while relaxing on the chaise longues provided next to the Phyto Bar.

SWIMMING POOL WITH A GLASS WALL Swimming pool with a glass wall is a unique installation comprising a swimming pool with a glass wall and a running track inserted inside the pool. The running track ensures’ the patient’s flexibility and the water ensures stability, thus making it possible to examine the patient. Thanks to the installation, physical exercise can be performed in water, in a natural and comfortable position, while experiencing the benefit of water therapy. Due to the properties of water, the body feels lighter, and due to the floating effect doing physical exercises becomes easier. Weigh loss programmes are also available on request. Therapeutic effect: • • • •

development of muscle strength and stamina; improvement of the heart blood vessel system function; joint and muscle relaxation; stress reduction.

FRESH WATER SWIMMING POOL Kinesitherapy in water is an excellent method of physical exercise, which is intended for people of different ages and levels of physical activity. Water provides additional benefits to the body and facilitates exercising. This type of training is very effective, because the resistance of the water must be overcome as well. Physical exercise in water helps to fight depression, and is energising and beneficial for the overall health condition. Therapeutic effect: • alleviation of pain; • strengthening of joints and muscles; • tension and stress reduction; 
Indications: • joint and spinal pain; • respiratory system diseases; • artrological, injury-related diseases.

MINERAL WATER SWIMMING POOL These are energetic aerobic movements performed in a mineral water swimming pool. This treatment combines the benefits of mineral water and kinesitherapy (movement therapy). This therapy helps to improve blood flow and lymph circulation, normalises nervous system tone, and strengthens the immune system.

Therapeutic effect: • • • •

pain alleviation, muscle relaxation; improvement of blood flow and lymph circulation; normalisation of nervous system tone; immunity strengthening.

Indications: • joint inflammations; • degenerative diseases; • post-injury complications.

Therapeutic Mud – The Natural Healing Element from Nature During treatments our medical Spa uses peat mud. Peat is produced by a long process of decomposition (involving minimum contact with oxygen) of vegetative organisms. Various hypotheses exist to explain the effect mechanisms of therapeutic peat. Today it is believed that mud procedures affect the mechanical, thermal, chemical, pain and other receptors of one’s skin and provoke complex reflex reactions. The trophic (tissue nutritional) reflexes begin to function first. Biologically active substances of skin are released, through which all the bodily systems begin to react. Three phases of therapeutic mud treatment are distinguished. First is an outer reflex phase, during which the energy of the mud affects skin receptors, and through which the central nervous system is affected. In response to te first phase, the second, neurochemical, phase is initiated. As mentioned before, biologically active substances circulating in the blood are released and stimulate the nervous system. The third phase is a reaction phase and continues for the longest time (from 2 to 24 hours and longer). Changes in the organism caused by these mud applications help normalise various functions, improve tissue and organ blood flow, nutrition, increase absorption of oxygen, activate functioning of the endocrine glands, especially if it was insufficient, and improve the elimination of products of various inflammatory processes. Due to these reasons pain diminishing and anti-inflammatory effects manifest themselves, protective and adaptation mechanisms of the organism are activated, etc. Therapeutic mud is recommended to those with: disorders of musculoskeletal apparatus organs (spine, bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, etc.), nervous system disorders, digestive system disorders, peripheral vascular diseases, traumas, burns, after effects of frostbite and otolaryngological diseases.


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