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Chicago Wear Apparel

Client Manufacturer Relationship  Focus on consumer as the ultimate bottom line of relationship with Rubin Brothers, Inc.

 Use Databases  Trade Sales Promotions  Sales incentive agreement  Trade Allowances  Customer-related Promotions

Estimated Rates of Conversion and Revenue Columbia (Freshman): 10% conversion rate •

more likely to be involved with school projects

Columbia (Others) : 7% conversion rate •

still involved but may drop off due to other activities

DePaul (Law students ONLY!) : 5% •

generates some interest, but not as much as Columbia. Promotion is catered towards “law humor”

Marketing Program 


   

Create URL; Build a website Transaction website


Printed Flyers of contests posted around campuses

Use Art & Design Center to print; pricing for flyers

Gifting t-shirts to teachers

Online Marketing

  

Submit website to search engine

 

Email Marketing—Vertical Response

Traffic to website; social media Advantage of ordering at your convenience Online Design Contest

Segmenting the Target Consumer Columbia College

Chicago DePaul University

 22 departments  36 different majors  11,400 students undergraduate

 4 departments of law  23 different law majors  1,031 law students

Relationship Development  Commitment between all parties  Strong ethics  Analyze the policy and regulation specs for Rubin Brothers, Inc., Columbia College Chicago, and DePaul University

 Analyze financing and budgeting specs of Rubin Brothers, Inc.

 Discover expectations of all parties

Social Media CCC DePaul Law

Product Offering and Customization  The aim of Chicago Wear Apparel is to offer mass customization with limitations

 Chicago Wear Apparel will make available one single design, printed exclusively on crew neck t-shirts.

 A permanently affixed branding tag will appear on every t-shirt, and no option will be given for those that wish to opt out.

 Our product will be available in standard sizes S – XXL, and in a variety of colors.


Chicago Wear Apparel Event  Columbia College Chicago & DePaul Law  Events will be unique to each schools’ culture  Columbia: Design Contest, DePaul: Slogan Contest  Database building  Brand Identification on campuses  Sponsorship from Sharpie

Building Customer Database  Getting people to our website  Social Media  Special Event  T-shirt Contest

QR codes  On Print Ads link to viral videos, social media fan pages—generating data about interested audience only

 QR Codes on the outside tags will enhance engagement while providing us with consumer data which we can use to incite repeat sales

 Business Cards  EVERYWHERE


Retention Incentives  Prepaid drop ship  Highly involved customer service  On-sight for setting up/maintenance of displays  Personally pick up damaged product  Unpacking of shipment & boxes

 Create Jobs  Non-tangible Incentives

Customer Service Program  Hours  24 hours a day, 7 days a week

 Bilingual Abilities  Includes Spanish & Polish [two most common spoken languages in Chicago homes]

 Returns  Allow returns within 30 days for a full refund including shipping

 Terms  If job done wrong, we reproduce the job correctly within 48 hours, at no cost to the customer  Lead time is 1 day per 50 pieces  Free shipping on orders of 200 pieces or more  Minimum of 50 pieces required

Portfolio Center

Talent Pool: -find Columbia talent and share your talent with other Columbia students Web Agent: -free web program offered by the portfolio center to build a web based portfolio and profile VIRB: -Columbia has partnered with VIRB to offer a free year of service for seniors and students in CAPSTONE classes to build their own website.

Portfolio Review: -the portfolio center offers the option to have your portfolio reviewed by a professional to help you develop your collection of work Business Cards: The portfolio center can help you design and print business cards Through Oasis Columbia offers all students free access to and all of its online tutorials where you can learn how to use Adobe software, Final Cut, and plenty of other software and online tools.

Chicago Wear Apparel  

Class project on creating a Sales Promo plan for a mock clothing line targeted to Chicago college students.

Chicago Wear Apparel  

Class project on creating a Sales Promo plan for a mock clothing line targeted to Chicago college students.