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Script A(1) Hello B(2) Hiya guys C(3) Hey B(2) How are you guys? A(1) Not bad C(3) Alright. This is a bit weird ain’t it? A(1) Yeah, it is a bit B(2) Feels a bit claustrophobic! C(3) I’m going to go, I don’t like this (leaves box) A(1) Same, see ya (leaves box) B(2) Guys don’t leave, wait! (leaves box) B(3) Where are you guys? C(1) I’m now in A’s box? A(2) Great! B(3) Let’s just wait it out, we could be here a while… A(2) No way, I’m getting anxious, I am not a fan of small places! B(3) Fine, lets swap (leaves box) A(2) Ok (leaves box) B(2) Any better? A(2) No, not really C(1) Don’t worry just take deep breaths B(3) Ah, now I’m freaking out! C(1) Lets all calm down B(3) I want to leave, now!

C(1) Everything is going to be ok, calm down guys! B(3) I don’t understand how you can be so calm! C(1) Ok, lets all close our eyes and count to five. Maybe everything will be back to normal then? A(2) Ok *They all close their eyes* A & B & C “1, 2, 3...” *B quietly leaves the box* A & C “…4, 5” *They both open their eyes* A(2) Hey, where has B disappeared too?! C(1) This is becoming freaky now, I’m going to look for B (leaves box) A(2) Wait, don’t leave me alone! (leaves box) THE END