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Production Title: Red Bull Ad Date: 13.01.2012 Director: Seren Yavuz Producer: Seren Yavuz Pavement shot:

What will be filmed here? This is where the filming will begin. The male actor will skate towards the skating park which is in the top left hand corner in the picture above. He will be pausing and talking on the phone to his friend which is waiting for him at the skating park. He then falls over and decides to walk to the main location. Why I chose this location – I chose it becauseI thought it was a natural location. It’s also a busy area at most times which makes the filming seem more realistic. Another reason is becauseof the obvious fact that it leads to the skating area which is where the main filming will be taking place. Hazards that may occur - There are no serious hazards in this location other than the actor falling over while skating, or if others walking by accidently distract the actor. The trees in the middle of the pavement may also be seen as a hazard as

it’s set in an unexpected place. The flooring on the bottom left hand corner is rough and jumpy and this may lead to be uncomfortable for the actor while skating. The surface stable for mounting the camera support may be slightly difficult as it’s bumpy and not smooth enough for it to be moving around. This may also causea bumpy effect on the filming, though I will have a tripod to keep it still and in place. Time – I will have to be filming before five o’clock as I will be filming during the winter and the weather gets dark quite early. Sound - The location above can be very busy at times which will effect the sound in my filming. I will have to chose a suitable time which is preferably in the afternoon or earlier to shoot as in the evening, it is known to be more busy. There will be no other sound problems such as building work. Is there clean, drinkable water on site? There is a restaurant called the Giraffe restaurant which will have enough drinkable water, and also other food and drinks. There are also other restaurants and café’s near by.

location recce red bull  

red bull advert location recce

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