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MY FIRST DRAFT OF MY ESSAY In the media industry advertisers use persuasive techniques to convince the audience to purchase their product. The also use other techniques to get the audiences attention, and to make their own advert stand out from others. Here, I will be analysing different adverts from a variety of animation adverts, high to low budget adverts and others. The two adverts Crest and Honda haven chosen to use the stop-motion animation technique as their primary medium. I believe that this creates a positive theme throughout both sequences. They also both include a voice over during the adverts for example Cresta includes it at the end of the advert, and Honda comprises it throughout the advert. The to adverts both make the products stand out such as in Cresta, the drink is the only thing in the advert that is in colur as it is the main attraction, and in Honda the engine is made to be the focus of attention as the advert is about a car. There is also a close up shot used in both adverts of the products which is to clearly emphasise what it is, and possibly to show the details and how it looks like. On the other hand, the two adverts also include differences such as the Cresta advert introduces its product from the very first frame, however the Honda advert does not opt to this as the advert never shows the audience the full model of the car; we only see an engine floating around. The target audiences also dissimilar as the Cresta advert is targeted at kids and teenagers, whereas the Honda advert is targeted at adults. The adverts differ in the use of animation and the thematic emblems utilized, for example, the Cresta advert decides to use a very simple one dimensional animation structure where the only dominant colour is white, though Honda’s advert is very different as we see different colours, a variety of different characters, symbols, and movements. The bright colour scheme implies to the audience that purchasing their product is a good thing and they will benefit and it also ensures that the audience will stay focused. The vibrant colours could be used to represent nature as peaceful and full of life as apposed to the engines, which look dirty. The visuals between the two adverts are also different because the Cresta advert was made in the old times where there wasn’t many tecnology to be used. Adding on, in Cresta the audience only see’s one character speaking throughout the advert as nothing interupts or overlaps with the bears dialogue, though in Honda we actually get a thematic song being played where the visuals are directly connected with the song which contradicts itself as it is a very optimistic music talking about hate. I believe that the affect of the Cresta advert not having any background music makes the audience concentrate on what the animation is actually saying. I also think that as the animation interacts with the audience, it makes the audience feel

connected and as though they will have the same effect that the animation does after drinking the drink. The effect that the animation experiences influences the audience to buy the product. As the advert is ending, there is a voice over of the animation talking. The slogan ‘It’s frothy man’ is included when the drinks are on sight, and this is to make the audience remember the advert as the slogan is quite memorable. However, Honda does not include a slogn, instead it includes a catchy song all the way through the advert. This is again to catch the audiences attention. Honda also begins with a narrative (voice- over) to introduce the story, whereas Cresta does not do this. The two other adverts Guinness and Asda also include a variety of similarites and differences. An obvious difference between the two is that the Guinness advert visually looks intriguing and mind blowing regarding the plot, and it is also very clear that the production and postproduction would have been demanding and costly. These aspects are reflective within the quality of the advert and this inevitably influences the buyers choice. Something that looks visually effective will alter the amount of products that will be sold. However, the Asda advert is very simplistic in its setting, where we only see the employees speaking about their products. As the audience, we do not see any extra creative input within the mise-en-scene, and most probably the employees are Asda’s actual workers. Therefore the quality of the productions reflects and as stated before, this will affect the buyer. The Guinness advert also includes animation of when the actors turn into “cave” men and other different creatures which links to humour, whereas in Asda, the employees are merely getting interviewed. The emotional impact on the audience in the Guinness advert makes the audience remember the advert, however this technique is not used in the Asd advert. These differences show the dissimilarity between a high budget (Guiness) and low budget (Asda) advert. The Guinness advert is targeted more at adults, which are mainly male. We can see this because of the male actors in the advert and because of the product itself, however Asda is evidently targeted at mothers and female adults. This is because female adults are usually those who cook and spend their time in the kitchen, though male and female employes are used in the advert to widen the audience. It could also be seen as a family advert as the dinner table brings the family together. Within the Asda advert, the actors seem very positive and happy to emphasise to the audience that buying the products from their company will also make you happy. On the other hand, the actors in the Guinness advert are more serious possibly because the animation and jolly music clearly makes the audience want to buy the product. Alongside, the Guinness and Asda adverts both have background music. The background music in Guinness ’Rhythm of Life’ (from Sweet

Charity) is played throughout the advert and it is a very positive and jolly song. This influences the audience to buy the drink for the positive effect after drinking the Guinness. Asda also has a very optimistic and an enjoyable background music, which again effects the audience. The two adverts use a group of people at the beginning to emphasse that the products being advertised will bring you and your group of friends together, which means that they will be happy and will get to socialise with others. Both adverts are advertising a product to do with food and drink and this also shows the similarity between them. The Christmas Iceland advert which was made in 2008 includes Kerry Katona to persuade the audience that even the famous individuals buy products from Iceland. The advert begins with the camera pulling back from outside into the house. The shot is of the garden of children playing in the snow witch emphasises to the audience that the advert is linked to Christmas. This also means that the advert is associated with joy and happiness. It is targeted at female adults or mothers who usually cook, and I believe that it is also a family advert as people from all age groups are included. This also emphasises that Iceland brings the family together. The colours and lighting are bright and colourful to highlight the happiness which we can also see from those in the advert as they look happy. The food and deserts are carefully designed onto the plates on the table to give the audience a visual effect of the “delicious� food. Half way through the advert, the advertisers have included cheap prices of some foods at the bottom of the advert to emphasise the audience that it’s cheap, delicious, and also brings delight. It could also show that shopping at Iceland is suitable for mothers with a limited budget that want to perform a nice dinner. Adding on, the colour purple is also added as it is a luxury and royal colour which links to wealth. I believe that the advertisers are emphasising that the food is luxury. These are all persuasive techniques which are being used to convince the audience to buy the products being advertised. The camera is constanly moving in and out to show that there are lots going on with lots of people. We can see people trying to grab the food on the table and this which shows that the products are very tasty and everyone wants a bit. This advert is a high budget advert because of the celebrities included, and also because the advertisers would of have to rent the house.


My first draft essay

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