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Consult a good physician. When you are having tinnitus symptoms, you should be concerned and see a doctor to find out if these things can hurt you. They will be able to offer you ideas that can help you to deal with this annoying condition. Your physician can also perform tests to ensure that your tinnitus does not stem from another health condition. Always listen to music or TV with a moderate volume. Loud noises can worsen tinnitus, and cause permanent hearing loss. Get some earplugs, and turn the volume on your TV or radio to a reasonable level. If you are one of the unlucky people that suffer from tinnitus and you have noticed an increase in the severity of it, you may want to have your blood pressure checked. High blood pressure has proven to be one of the causes for increasing severity of tinnitus. If it is high, find ways to lower it. One sure-fire thing that will make you feel better if you are feeling down in the dumps about your tinnitus is the fact that it could be worse. Tinnitus is something t