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Why Retire to Belize • Retirement abroad becoming fast popular Seniors American citizens are increasingly choosing to retire abroad. The reasons are many. A decade back, the number of social security checks that were emailed to other countries stood at around 25,000. With the passage of time, this number has increased and is expected to continue increasing.

Main Reason behind retiring to foreign locations The main reason behind large number of Americans choosing to retire abroad is globalization brought on due to advancement in technology. Interaction has been made easy, whether they are friends, family, colleagues, or people living in other countries, a contact is only a click away. Internet has made it possible to communicate over long distances easily and at a cheaper rate. In fact, due to the advent of internet, people can view various countries and the features that they have to offer. With time, the process of retirement has not only become more and more economically feasible but also an attractive option. So those people who had never considered retiring to an exotic foreign location have now started to change their minds.

Belize as a retirement location The idea of retiring to Belize is an attractive one. Those concerned about falling prey to a tourist trap need not worry as the best part about Belize is that it stands out to be a vacation location that remains unspoiled. It remains a popular destination for retiring offering attractive natural features such as the white sandy beaches and breathtaking diving opportunities in its waters. There are many other attractive activities which can be employed for having a wonderful time such as cave tubing, exploration of the jungle and its natural beauty.

Belize is not far behind when it comes to historical sites. It has rich Mayan ruins. It beaches are filled with white sands. The tourists whom you meet are usually nice natured people. With many nature preserves that can be visited, Belize features some of the best diving places in the world. Its barrier reef is famous worldwide and so are its caving systems. The behavior of the natives is conducive to spending a relaxation time. Vendors do not harass people while most of the people visiting are retired professionals with a good code of conduct.

The cost of living Belize has a very low cost of living. The income tax stands at being only 1.75 percent. Some of the incomes such as pensions are all together free of taxes. For those of you wishing to retire in Belize, you may also import boats, cars and personal belongings duty-free. The maximum tax on any item would not exceed the amount of $15,000.

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