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Serena Ruisi

Interior Design


Hexagon pavillion The structure of the pavillion gets inspired by the architectures of Santiago Calatrava. The architecture is like a skeleton of hexagonal shape which rotates on itself creating a rythm. The metal structure is covered with Corten panels and it is exalted thanks to the lines of light. Even the furniture is custom designed for this pavillion that serves as a pub.

Rythm Industrial Skeleton


furniture collection The furniture line is for children aged from 4 to 12 years old. The simple shape of the products is characterized by the different graphics according to every cartoon and the shadows on them, which create a 3D effect. The 3d effect of the graphic changes according to the point of view from which you look the object: by one side the graphic seems coming in and by the other side it seems like coming out of the wood.

One shape for a thousand furniture 3D effect






Wall coat rack


Flagship store for Alpitour The store consists of a few items but visually striking. The environment is fully immersive technology and projects the user in various places around the world. The led wall that limited the entire store projected animations and environments according to events and occasions. In the four cylinders with led screen, where the customer can watch and create his suitable travel thanks to Kinect technology. In the relaxation area there are modular seats that can be arranged depending on your needs and locations for estimations.

No matter where you go but how you do it Te c h n o l o g y Immmersive


Seats of the relaxation area

Location for estimation

Thunderbolt 10 mt The boat is projected for an engaged couple which lead a luxurious and sporty lifestyle.

Fluidity Wraparound Aggressive

Electra 35 mt The yacht is projected for Gianluca Vacchi, a famous business man who became one of the most influencer on internet for his dandy pictures and freedom lifestyle. He is a man tied to the world of fashion, parties and luxury. Dark colors and materials used for the furniture as velvet, polished metal and marble represent his style.

Bright Elegance Geometric

Sun deck

Main deck

Lower deck

Ayaka 18 mt The yacht is projected for Kenzo Takada, a famous stylist owner of a famous fashion house. Its style is original, it joins different cultures and his style is distinguished by an innovative design. The interior environments are themed, echoing the forms of its products and the bright and extravagant colors.

Extravagant Elegance Geometric


Main deck

Lower deck

Illusion Projected as a temporary shop in a building of an old cinema, it is a space that sells a product or sponsors a brand. It makes the user experience different thanks to immersive projections. There is the Enjoy-It bar, the retail area Retail Experience and the projection room In-Projection. The environments are minimalist in style and designed as artistic installations, they create spatial illusions through the use of materials and technology.

Transformation Experience Immersive

Planimetry bar Enjoy-It

Furniture made metal structure and oak wood top

Planimetry Retail Experience and In-Projection room

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

Architectural model


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SRN Serena Ruisi Interior Designer Portfolio  

SRN Serena Ruisi Portfolio, architecture, product and interior design

SRN Serena Ruisi Interior Designer Portfolio  

SRN Serena Ruisi Portfolio, architecture, product and interior design