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Designed in Barcelona

Real affordable luxury for the little ones

High-Quality Materials Retro Fashion Style Innovating Design

The Brand Normandie was founded in Barcelona in 2000 by the designer Graziella Anton de Vez. Noticing a lack in the market she had a clear idea of what she wanted to offer as a baby clothing brand: a collection based on Design and Quality. A real “affordable luxury� brand for the little ones.

The Product Normandie always takes care of babies’ delicate skin and every Colour and Pattern is Exclusively Designed by Normandie.

COLLECTION From 0 to 5 years old. Clothing, shoes, accessories and garments.

MATERIALS 100% Natural Fabrics as pure wool, angora, linen, silk…

STYLE Classic patterns with a retro fashion style.

COLOURS Smooth but not “typical” baby colours inspired on adult fashion clothing. Slight Blue, Warm Grey, Ancient Pink, Indigo, Epoque Green, Mauve…

The Image Normandie was founded with the aim of creating a new retail concept for babies, where the charm of the product is as important as its presentation.

The Stores Exclusive Boutiques in Barcelona, Madrid (2), franchises in Girona, Málaga, San Sebastián, Sevilla and corners in “El Corte Inglés” Department Store in Madrid and Barcelona. +34 932 800 646


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