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As the animation begins with a shot of the setting, the X Factor theme tune begins to play. Voice over: “Hello and welcome to Lego factor finals. I hope you enjoy todays programme” Judge 1: (male) “The votes last week were terrible, I really hope they’re better this week” Judge 2: (male) “And todays first contestant is Kenny” Contestant begins to sing *Applauses* Judge 1: (male) “And now it’s Louis” Contestant begins to sing *Boo’s* Judge 2: (male) “Well that went bad. Finally, it’s Lucy” Contestant begins to sing *Applauses* Judge 1: (male) “This is fantastic!” Judge 2: (male) “I totally agree” Judge 1: (male) “I’m amazed, her voice is beautiful!” Judge 2: (male) “It’s great!” Judge 1: (male) “The votes have been tight, and the winner is… Lucy!”

Stop motion  

My script for my stop motion Lego

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